Fan Fiction
"The Time Capsule"
by Steve Brown

PrologDaria and others must submit stories for a time capsule, which are eventually read in the future. Read how future students interpret life in Lawndale way back when as each student's story unfolds.
Daria Meets... Daria?
by Jane Lane
What if Daria didn't meet Jane when she moved to Lawndale? And what if interdimensional busybodies showed up?
The Assassin & I
by Brittany Taylor
What if Brittany wasn't as bubbleheaded as she let on? And what if she actually had ambition?
Screams in the Night
by Tiffany Blum-Deckler
What really happened the night Tiffany was alone with Mr. O'Neill... for a few minutes, anyway.
by Kevin Thompson
What if the stupid could speak? Oh, wait. He can.
Death Is No Release - For Daria
by Sandi Griffin
The Afterlife isn't all that it's cracked up to be... especially if you have to work there.
Oh, Brother...
by Charles Ruttheimer III
Larry doesn't consider birthdays a big deal, but others do. And who the hell is Larry?