Fan Fiction
"Girls Together Sarcastically"
by Dennis

#1: Imperfect Circle

Daria, Jane, and Quinn are in Boston, in college, and in a band together. But when they decide they need a fourth for the band, even they're surprised by who it ends up being.
Interlude: Dude Looks Like a Lameass

Daria, Jane, and Quinn find out just how far things can go wrong during an audition for a bassist in this ficlet expanding a scene from "Imperfect Circle."
#2: Modern Girls and Retro Rock and Roll

The Girls try to nail down a steady gig. But first they have to nail down a song without killing each other.
#3: Clashing Colors Everywhere

Pulling together a new look might pull the Girls apart.
#4: Closets Are For Hang-Ups

At a critical moment for the band, Sandi brings a new song and a raft of old issues to rehearsal.
Interlude: Impersonal Venus

After a gig, Daria learns a lesson about relaxing with the help of an old friend.