Fan Fiction
"All My Children"
by Thea Zara and Deref
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#1: Still Wet by Moonlight

The year is 1968, and Jake Morgendorffer, normally the object of scorn and ridicule as a cadet at Buxton Ridge Military Academy, finds his life taking an unexpected turn for the better when he meets a young student from St. Agnes's School for Young Ladies by the name of Amanda Phillips. Sparks fly, but will they last?
#2: Homecomings and Honeysuckle

It's always good to get home... isn't it? Not for Jake, who has to deal with his disapproving father, nor for Amanda, who must face the consequences of her night of passion with Jake.
#3: California Dreaming

Defying her parents, Amanda leaves home in the middle of the night. Alone, scared, and four months pregnant, she has no idea what the fates have in store for her as she sets out for California.
#4: Light and Shadow

Jake finds a summer job, and tries to bridge the gulf between him and his father. Amanda, meanwhile, having faced both good and bad fortune on her journey, finds herself headed in an unexpected direction when she encounters freelance photographer Vincent Lane.
#5: Like a Diamond in the Sky

With summer ending and school fast approaching, Jake's thoughts are consumed by Amanda. Little does he know that she, having become Vincent's assistant during their journey, has come to a sobering realization about her life... a life that no longer includes Jake.
#6: Will Power

With the birth of her baby imminent, Amanda gets a clean bill of health, but as she and Vincent are drawn further into Willow and Coyote's world, she realizes she has a decision to make regarding her relationship with Vincent. Jake, meanwhile, receives some devastating news from home.
#7: The Howling

While dealing with the death of his father, Jake makes a horrible discovery that further deepens his hatred of the man. Meanwhile, a trip to the mountains to watch a meteor shower occupies Vincent, Amanda, Willow, and Coyote. Unfortunately, they don't anticipate the weather trapping them there... or Amanda going into labor!
#8: Ice and Fire

It's 1969, and a new year means new beginnings. For Amanda, a post-partum visit to the doctor gives her a clean bill of health, but unexpected news puts her in a dilemma. Jake, meanwhile, finally lets go of his memory of Amanda and resolves to move on with his life, starting with a double date that introduces him to the Barksdale sisters: Rita, Amy... and Helen.
#9: Family Business

The Lawndale Lanes are known as "the black sheep of the clan." Here, we find out why, as Vincent's highly anticipated homecoming is soured by his highbrow family's instant disapproval of Amanda. Meanwhile, the budding relationship between Jake and Helen continues to grow, despite Rita's ongoing attempts to make things as difficult as possible.
#10: Going to the Chapel

Having turned his back on his disapproving family, Vincent decides to make his marriage to Amanda legal with a clichéd "quickie Vegas wedding"... complete with two very unexpected witnesses. Meanwhile, Jake and Helen's relationship comes to a crossroads when Helen makes a major decision about her future.
#11: Different Roads

As the now-officially-married Vincent and Amanda head to New York City, Jake prepares for his long-awaited graduation from Buxton Ridge and Helen prepares for her year-long stay with Willow and Coyote. Problem is, Helen's father doesn't want her to go off on her own (and her mother disapproves completely), so he arranges a companion for her. The problem? No one thought to ask Helen what SHE wanted...
#12: I Will

Before heading off on their trip, Jake and Helen attend Willy's wedding. There, they meet various relatives, Jake confronts ghosts from the past, and both he and Helen find out just how Willy's mom got a reputation for being such a terrible cook.
#13: Expanding Horizons

Jake and Helen's trip gets off to a rocky start, but improves considerably once they meet up with Willow and Coyote. In New York, Amanda barely has a chance to get used to her surroundings before she and Vincent get caught up in a decidedly tense situation.
#14: The Moon in the Man

Against the backdrop of the Apollo 11 moon landing, the road trippers make their way to Boulder, Colorado, where they find both an abandoned puppy (good) and a whole lot of trouble (bad), while Vincent and Amanda prepare to attend a modest little music festival on a farm in upstate New York.
#15: Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Jake

Daria once asked Helen, "Why did you and Dad spend a night in jail in Boulder in August 1969?" Now find out what happened and why. How will this affect Helen's relationship with Jake, and what will she do when she gets her first taste of the legal system?
#16: Summer of Love

Vincent and Amanda find themselves a part of what would become the defining moment of the Sixties: Woodstock. As they drink in the atmosphere and meet friends both old and new, they discover that one more soul wants to join in on the fun...