By Wouter Jaegers


It was a dark and stormy night. Such a cliché but yet it was. The rain kept on gushing down as Michelle Preston was walking through the almost empty bar searching for a person she could take home and have some fun with. Man or Woman she didn't mind as long as there was someone she could use as a toy.

There, a young woman who was all by herself would be the perfect victim. Michelle rubbed her hands in anticipation as she eyed the girl who had a sore look on her face. Michelle figured that this girl had to be an artist, after all artistic types were frequent in places like this, probably to find inspiration or something like that. Michelle checked herself one last time before stepping up to the girl.

"Hi, is this seat taken?" She asked the girl, who looked up revealing two pale blue eyes underneath her raven black hair.

"No, it isn't, go sit down." The girl replied.

Michelle felt the excitement race through her body. This girl was even more beautiful than she could imagine, that pale skin, those ruby red lips it would almost be a shame to put it all to waste considering what she had in mind. Michelle had to act with care, win her confidence first and then persuade her to come along.

"That's some fine jewelry you've got there." Michelle said eyeing the bracelet the girl had on her arm.

"Thanks." The girl replied, bringing up a small smile. Michelle felt her blood getting hot, the first barrier had been broken. "I made it myself." The girl continued showcasing the bracelet.

"So you are an artist then?" Michelle asked sounding as neutral as possible "That's a funny coincidence, because I am too."

"I am Jane Lane." The girl smiled while extending her hand. "What kind of works do you do?" Michelle shook Jane's hand with a smile.

"Michelle Preston, pleased to meet you. I'm a sculptor." Which wasn't far from the truth, Michelle did like to sculpt using living humans as her clay, disposing of them after she had her pleasure for the night. "Want to see my gallery?"


Michelle smiled triumphant, her arrow had hit the target, now all she had to do is haul her prey in.

Michelle and Jane talked further about art and the way of losing oneself in creation while they were making their way to Michelle's apartment. Michelle smiled, what a foolish girl, she's just like the others before her, waiting to be humiliated like never before. Michelle checked her pocket, good the paralyzer was there. She carefully lifted it out and held it ready for use.

"Here we are." Michelle said while opening the door of her apartment "Come inside, make yourself at home."

"Thanks." Jane replied while walking in. "Wow, that's some workshop you've got there." Jane said impressed by the huge room with as yet unused pieces of marble.

"Yes and I'm about to use my workshop." Michelle laughed while suddenly grabbing Jane in a headlock and zapping her. Michelle felt how Jane's muscles relaxed. Splendid, now the fun could begin. Michelle brought Jane to her bedroom and laid her down. Michelle then took out a dog collar and put it around Jane's neck.

After changing to her red leather attire, Michelle laid down next to Jane's unmoving body. Michelle let her hands drift over Jane's chest, shivering in excitement when she grabbed Jane's breasts, which were feeling even more tightly than she would have imagined they would be.

"Come on cutie, let's get these off." Michelle whispered while opening up Jane's fly and beginning to strip her pants off. But then something caught her eye. A huge slash mark was running down Jane's left upper leg.

"Oh what happened there?" Michelle whispered, while making her way back to Jane's face. "Did somebody hurt you, aawwww, I feel so sorry for you." Michelle spoke in a sing-song voice while pushing her lips onto Jane's. But suddenly Michelle noticed something was wrong, the kiss was being answered, which could only mean that Jane was awake.

"Thanks for caring." Jane growled while pushing Michelle away from her, and punching her knock out. "But I'll survive."


Michelle had no idea how long she had been out. But when her lights came on again, she was met by Jane's glaring eyes. Michelle tried to move but her hands were cuffed behind her back.

"Twelve times." Jane growled "Twelve times have I been with people such as you, twelve times in a row have I been humiliated, raped and tortured. For no apparent reason whatsoever." Jane opened up her blouse showing several more huge slash marks. "You predecessor had a knack for razors, thanks to him I carry the reminders of what people are willing to do with me when they see my cute face." Jane spat.

"But, but I was just…" Michelle blubbered but her attempts were in vain, Jane had hit the nail right on the spot. "Come on, we were just starting to have a good time, didn't we?"

"Try to kid someone else, zapping me and then touching me indecently. You are no better than all your psycho predecessors." Jane growled while clothing herself again. "When I joined the police, I learned that your previous victims were left with worse scars than the ones I have. So I went undercover to get an opportunity to snatch you."

"Wait a minute are you a cop? " Michelle spoke up and tried to stand up only to be choked and falling down on he knees again. It was at that point that she realized the seriousness of her situation. Jane had cuffed her and put the dog collar around her neck, which was tied to the bedpost. "Hey, tie me loose right now!"

"If I would have asked you the same thing, would you have done it?" Jane replied darkly while turning away.

"Damn you, you cop. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TREAT ME LIKE THIS!" Michelle shouted.

"I don't? May I remind you that every police officer is qualified to hold his criminal until reinforcements arrive?" Jane replied coldly while walking out of the door.


"As a matter of fact, I won't. I will wait with that for a few hours, while I go home and take a rest, tomorrow I will come back and arrest you." Jane replied with a smile.

"Hey, you can't just leave me here!"

"What's wrong, you aren't afraid of being in the comfort of your own house, are you?" Jane walked in with a roll of tape. "The only reason I leave you here is so you can feel the hopelessness your victims had felt while you sought perverse satisfaction in making them suffer." Jane spoke while putting a piece of tape over Michelle's mouth.

Jane closed the door and walked out. Michelle Preston was finally caught. She had been wanted in five states. Jane didn't feel compassion at all when she retrieved a broken down Preston the next morning. Since compassion was something she lost a long time ago when she had her encounter with her first rapist.

The end.