Constraints: Some point between LLH 13.7 and 14.1, the night before the Halloween ball.

Synopsis: Daria is challenged to make up a story.

Play A Game.

Content: Well, it's not the worst thing I've done, but it'll probably be a bit hairy.

Legal: Figure it out yourself.


Stacy pushed open the door and entered the head to find Tom sat on one of the Pedestals, her M14 leaning against the cistern, a 20 round clip in his hand.

The maniacal grin on Tom's face unnerved Stacy somewhat.

"Hi, Stacy," Tom Drawled.

She then inserted another round into the clip.

And another.

And another.

Unsure what else to do, Stacy asked "Are those ... live rounds?"

"Seven, six two millimetre," said Tom, pausing to insert another round into the clip, before she said "Full, metal, jacket."

Stacy eventually worked up the courage to point out "Tom, if Nemec catches us, we'll both be in a world of shit."

"I am ... In a world ... of shit," said Tom. This was seriously weirding Stacy out.

Tom then stood up, dropping the clip and picking up the rifle, holding it diagonally across his chest, shouting too loudly for Stacy's comfort "LEFT SHOULDER, HUAH!" before spinning it and resting it against his left shoulder, and then shouting "RIGHT SHOULDER, HUAH!" He spun it and rested it against his right Shoulder.


He picked up the magazine and inserted it into the magazine housing of the M14, pulling the charging handle all the way back and releasing it, chambering the first round, and once again holding it diagonally across his chest.

"ORDER, HUAH!" He then Placed the stock of the rifle against the ground, and then he recited the rifleman's creed, again at a volume guaranteed to draw out Sgt. Nemec.

Nemec entered at about the 'it is my brother' line of the creed, asking what was going on.

She eventually got to why Stacy wasn't stomping Tom.

"Ma'am, it is my duty to inform the senior drill instructor that Tom has a full magazine and is locked and loaded, Ma'am."

Nemec did a double take of Tom before she slowly approached Tom, saying "Now you listen to me Sloane, and you listen good. I want that weapon, and I want it now. You will place that weapon on the deck by your feet and you will step away from it."

Tom had power as long as she had that weapon. Tom's creepy smile seemed to reflect this knowledge. Nemec was using a lower tone of voice. The instant Tom relinquished the weapon, he was in the shit. As much as Tom's actions were not making sense, it made sense that Tom was committed to wherever it was she was taking it.

Tom picked up the weapon and pointed it at Nemec.


Tom shot Nemec.

Stacy remained still, hoping she wasn't next.

Tom pointed the weapon at Stacy.

"Easy Tom," she said, "Go easy."

Tom eventually stepped back and sat down, pointing the weapon up.

He then placed the flash suppressor in his mouth and reached down to the trigger guard, lifting the weapon up.

Stacy got out a "NO!" as Tom fired.

And that was it.


Everyone coo'ed in awe at Stacy. Quinn glanced at Daria, who was slumped down, chin on hand, gazing into the campfire.

"Yeah," said Sgt Nemec, she AND Armalin had been invited along to this Legion Halloween camping trip, "not that she'd be able to slot me anyway, but since even BEFORE the era in which the film was set, Marine DIs have had a lot more sense than is portrayed in Full Metal Jacket's Sergeant Hartman."

"Okay, who's next?" asked Quinn.

"Me, me, pick me," said Charles.

"Charles it is," said Quinn, "just do what you normally do."

That got some laughs, to which Charles scowled, he then said "Okay, okay, now, this concerns-"

"OOOh, ooh, let me guess, let me guess," said Daria, her hands massaging her forehead as she slowly said "The annnnntagonist willlll ... will beeeeee ... ... ... Suicidal, homicidalllllll aaaaannnnnnnnnnnddddddd ... OH! It'll beTOM!"

Everyone scowled at Daria.

"Oh no, I killed the mood?" asked Daria, faking remorse.

"Okay, Daria, how about you contribute a story?" asked Quinn.

Daria straightened up slowly, looking straight at Quinn. "Are you sure you want me to do that? You might not like the story I have to tell."

Everyone just looked pissed off.

Armalin and Nemec looked concerned. They were reading Daria correctly.

"Come on," said Quinn, "entertain us."

Daria eventually said "Okayyyyyy, that's your final answer, listen up."


Quinn woke up.

That bare wooden floor was not a comfortable mattress.

Well, it wasn't a mattress.

Still ...


She sat up, only to notice her wrists and ankles were enclosed in heavy looking cuffs linked by heavy chains to Stacy and Sandi. They were in turn chained on their opposite sides to something on the other side of the walls the chains passed through.

There was a steel pipe penetrating the floor with steam rising from it, boiling water could be heard bubbling away in it.

There was also a TV screen set into the wall behind the pipe.

Sandi and Stacy then woke up and Stacy started panicking.

"STACY!" shouted Quinn.

Stacy looked at her.

"Okay, what's the last thing that happened?" asked Quinn.

"We asked Daria to tell us a story," said Stacy.

"Quinn, can you burn through these chains?" asked Sandi.

Quinn pulled one of her chains tight, forming her mouth into a nozzle with her tongue as an electrode, and she blew trying to direct a current through her tongue.

It wasn't happening.

"My powers aren't working," said Quinn.

The TV then turned on showing a whitened face with red rings, it was Daria's face.

"Hello Quinn, Sandi, Stacy, I want to play a game."