"Looking good, Trent," Judith purred, watching as Trent stepped out of the Tank, his guitar still slung over his shoulder. "Why aren't you running, like all of the other people?"

Trent said nothing as he brought up his guitar. "Oh, look," Judith said, her voice bubbling with mirth. "He has his guitar. Do you wanna play?"

Trent's fingers stroked lightly, almost idly, across the strings of his guitar.


The cat-suited young woman found herself blown backward, on a seemingly never-ending wave of skin-shredding vibration.

As she lifted her head - after actually blacking out for a second - she looked around... to see that she lay in a massive scoring of earth - an impact trench measuring well over a hundred feet across... and deep... and over ten miles long.

Judith glanced up to see Trent standing at the edge of the trench his guitar's vibration-shock had caused. "No, Judith," he said. "I wanna rock."

Jesse and Nick, guitars in hand, appeared to Trent's respective right and left; to Nick's left appeared max, sitting with sticks in hand as he and his drums sat atop an antigrav riser.

"We've got a special dedication for you, Judith - from some friends who are on the road, and can't go home again," Trent said, his fingers barely touching strings of his guitar - strings made from the exact same material as a Defender Ring... and possessed of their own unique endowments. "This is a little song we call... 'Muad'Dib'."

Bohemian Catastrophe

A mini-fic set in the Worldburner shared-world series, by Brother Grimace





3 Dec 2010