The French (Canadian) Teacher

A Legion of Lawndale Heroes 'Mini', by Brother Grimace

Legion of Lawndale Heroes created by James Bowman

(NOTE: This fic takes place roughly one year before 'Skunkworks'.)

Every girl in the French class - Brittany, Jodie, even Daria - felt her self-esteem sink slightly as the substitute French teacher walked in... all five-foot-ten of her.

"Bonjour, classe," ("Good morning,") the slender, stunningly beautiful woman said in perfect French, placing her books on the teacher's desk as she spoke to the students. "Mme Li m'a dit que votre enseignant habituelle ne sera pas là pendant les prouchaines deux a quatre semaines. Je suis Mme Molyneux et Je serais votre enseignant pour cette periode." ("Ms. Li told me that your regular teacher will not be there for the next two to four weeks. I am Ms. Molyneux and I will be your teacher for that period.")

"Une autre jolie marionnette sans compétences," ("Another pretty puppet with no skills.") Daria said under her breath without thinking.

Normally, she wouldn't have let something like the slip, but Daria hadn't had time for breakfast (Thanks to Quinn's latest drama) and was hungry, sleepy and annoyed.

"Vous êtes Daria Morgendorffer, oui? Un aussi grand, redoutable réputation dans une si mince fille." ("You are Daria Morgendorffer, yes? Such a large, formidable reputation in such a small girl.")

"Excuse-moi," ("I apologize,") Daria said. "Je n'arrive pas a penser cette matin - J'ai raté le petit-déjeuner, et ma petite soeur-" ("I'm not thinking right this morning - I missed breakfast, and my little sister-")

The teacher shook her head in understanding. "Je comprends, ma petite soeur peut également être ennuyeuse. Heureusement, Amorette est généralement loin au pensionnat, dans la partie du Midwest que vous appelez Indiana." ("I understand, My little sister can also be annoying. Luckily, Amorette is usually away at boarding school, in the part of the Midwest that you call Indiana.")

"Je me demande s'ils prendraient Quinn dans cet internat." ("I wonder if they would take Quinn at that boarding school.)

A knowing smile went across Rivet Molyneux's face. "J'en doute, Daria. L'Académie Americaine pour les Études Paranormaux n'accepte que... une certaine qualité d'étudiants.") ("I doubt it, Daria. The United States Academy for Extranormal Studies accepts only... a certain quality of student.")