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Jacob Morgendorffer, Esq.
Category: Series & Multi-Part Stories (Alternate History)

In this alternate history series based on a PPMB Iron Chef challenge, the history of Jake Morgendorffer is subtly altered when he decides to become a lawyer instead of a marketing consultant.
Jake's Pet
By Bacner
Category: Miscellaneous

Jake brings home a souvenier from his vacation.
Jake's Therapy
By Mitch
Category: Crossovers & Parodies

Jake undergoes therapy with Dr. Katz to get a handle on his stress.
By Paperpusher
Category: Miscellaneous

During Christmas break, Daria attends driving school and gets her license, and as a reward, Helen and Jake decide to get her a car. Daria, however, is less than thrilled with the prospect, due to all the money required to take care of a car... which would mean getting a job! Can she accomplish the daunting task of both fulfilling AND sabotaging her parents' wishes?
By Jon Kilner
Category: Past & Future

In times of trouble, Daria often turns to her writing for solice. But this time, the pain may be too great for mere words to heal as she attempts to cope with the loss of the closest person in her life.
Jane Doe?
By Blaze842
Category: Past & Future

A 24-year-old Jane meets someone amazing, but is she going to risk all those years with Jesse to see if this person is "the one"?
Jane for President
By Caitlin Duffy
Category: School Situations

When Jane starts riding the school campaign trail, the Lawndalians get frazzled. Can Daria save the day and pull Jane out of her obsessive route?
Jane Gets a Job
By Robert Kelly Reilly
Category: Miscellaneous

Jane has to get a job with Upchuck.
Jane on the Side
By The Alchemist
Category: Alternate History

Seemingly minor events can sometimes have major consequences, as we see here when the Morgendorffers' move from Highland to Lawndale is delayed by one day. The new and the familiar combine to show us how Daria's life might have unfolded had that one minor difference prevented her from meeting a cynical, artistic loner named Jane Lane.
Jane Unchained [Artwork] (*)
By The Angst Guy
Category: Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror

During a sensory deprivation experiment, Jane Lane reveals a remarkable talent for getting her freedom--in a very unexpected way.
Jane's Addiction
Category: Miscellaneous

Jane becomes hooked on Internet fan fiction, forcing Daria to intervene... maybe.
Jane's Crisis
By The Unknown
Category: Miscellaneous

When Jane is attacked, the cast must deal with feelings of sadness and hatred. A new character is introduced that helps Jane through the ordeal.
Jane's Devious Plot
By Nemo Blank
Category: Romance

A misunderstanding between Daria and Trent forces Jane to go on an all-out yenta offensive, using Daria's heretofore unknown musical talents to bring her and Trent together.
Jane's Fame
By Maspero15
Category: Miscellaneous

Jane enters a painting in Sick, Sad World's "Sickest, Saddest Painting" contest, and winds up going up against the Fashion Club!
Jane's Sanitary
By Smileyfax
Category: Miscellaneous

Jane goes on a cleaning rampage. A semi-sequel to "Trent's Insanity."
Jane's Theme
By Angelinhel
Category: Miscellaneous

In response to Manha Manha's Iron Chef: Why is Jane's favorite song a sappy 70's love song?
Jane's Theme
By Raven
Category: Romance

Jane brings Daria and Trent together (sort of), then pulls them apart.
Jane's World - "Ice Box Woman"
By George K. Abraham
Category: Past & Future

Jane during college, four years after the Daria time line of today.
Janet Barch: My Life as a Tween Queen
By Di
Category: Past & Future

A little tale about a young Janet Barch and her quest to find a Davy Jones lunchbox.
Janey's Dilemma
By Jenna
Category: Romance

Jane faces a moral dillema.
Jeffy's Choice
Category: Past & Future

Jeffy contemplates his future in the wake of Kevin's failure to graduate, but he doesn't exactly have a receptive audience in his friends Joey and Jamie. A post-IICY tale written in response to a PPMB Iron Chef challenge to flesh out the Three J's.
By Mitch
Category: Romance

Jesse overhears Daria and Jane talking, and becomes convinced that Daria likes him.
Jesse's Girl (*)
By Jill Palmer
Category: Romance

An "alternate universe" take on the events of "Jane's Addition."
Jesse's Girlfriends
By Jane
Category: Romance

Jesse's girlfriend dumps him, Jane has no friends when the story starts, Daria has just moved in, and Trent finds Jesse in love (guess with whom!).
Jodie and Mack's Visit
By Mitch
Category: Past & Future

'Living together' couple, Jodie and Mack, visit their old high school friend, Daria.
Jodie's Moment
By Mitch
Category: Past & Future

Jodie has an accident and is hospitalized. Mack and Daria learn about each other, and Daria shows Jodie that they aren't all that different.
John Lane [Artwork]
By Richard Lobinske
Category: Series & Multi-Part Stories (Alternate History)

A gender-bending alternate history series that explores how things might have been if Vincent and Amanda Lane's youngest child had been a boy.
Jormungandr (*)
By The Angst Guy
Category: Series & Multi-Part Stories (Crossovers & Parodies)

When the unlikeliest group of heroes imaginable encounters the unlikeliest alliance of evil, it's winner take all--with the entire world at stake. An epic crossover with "Beavis and Butt-head" and "The Head."
The Journal of Daria Morgendorffer
By Mystik Slacker
Category: Holidays

It's Halloween, and someone at Lawndale High is taking the holiday far too seriously. A Lovecraftian tale of madness, magic, and social events.
Journey to the End of the Fashion Club
By Scissors MacGillicutty
Category: Miscellaneous

A cautionary tale about skin care.
Judith Strikes!
By Various Authors
Category: Series & Multi-Part Stories (Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror)

In this series, an alternate universe version of Daria, Judith, travels from world to world in search of information and artifacts related to cross-dimensional travel... and leaves a vast amount of corpses behind. Completely sociopathic and armed to the teeth with a variety of high-tech & magical weaponry, her secondary objective is to cause as much pain & suffering to the multiverse's Daria's as possible.
Just Add Connor
By Hash
Category: School Situations

Daria and Jane befriend a new student at Lawndale High. But, after Daria spends a day with him, the old feud with Jane over Tom resurfaces. Will this new student tear apart Lawndale's strongest friendship? Or will our favorite cynics take him under their wings?
Just Another Beautiful Story
By Cassie Murphy
Category: Romance

Andrea returns, the Seven Dwarfs get addicted, and Hansel and Gretel have Witch Flambe, all in the last fic of the author's kinda-trilogy.
Just Another Day [Artwork]
By Diana Morgan
Category: Miscellaneous

Daria decides to tell us her typical day in a journal entry.
Just Another Day In Paradise
By Brandon League
Category: Past & Future

Two little girls meet for the first time in a day care center. A two-part story.
Just Desserts (*)
By The Angst Guy
Category: Miscellaneous

Timothy O'Neill cooks a marvelous dinner for Janet Barch, right after she made him quit taking that silly psychiatric medication.
Just One Drink
By Tazzie
Category: Miscellaneous

Daria drinks a foul liquid and looks death in the face. Will she come out of it alive?
Just Tell Him (*)
By Queen Jossie
Category: Miscellaneous

Daria recognizes her feelings about Tom. Definitely not what it sounds like.
Just Us Two and the Devil Makes Three
By The Ranting Klown
Category: Miscellaneous

(no description available)