Fan Fiction
"God Save the Esteem"
by Charles RB

#1: God Save the Esteem

Crude, rude, bad attitude, and messily eating food--and that's just Jake! The Morgendorffers come to Lawndale, while Daria watches all with detached amusement.
#2: Fight For Your Invite to Party

Brittany's throwing a party--Quinn's not invited, but is preparing to crash it and make some noise. Daria is tasked to back up her little sis and has to face her greatest horror: actually meeting her classmates.
#3: Family Devalued

The extended family is coming to town! Aunt Amy is investigating a local legend, Erin and Brian are moving in... and then there's the reason why Jake wants both girls out of the house that Friday...
#4: Melody Powers to the People

Daria's fed up with the draconian rule at school, and a comment by Mr. O'Neill inspires her to take action. After a clash with the far-right Jodie, the incident inspires Daria to write Melody Powers. What could possibly go wrong?
#5: And the Mall Won

The Mall of the Millennium is dying on its feet in the recession, but thanks to bribes, Daria's class have a field trip there whether they like it or not. Pity the trip coincides with one of Jake's more creative bits of consulting...