Paintball Day

Section: Series

Plot: This starts off from the end of Pinch Sitter 2. The paintball match has begun and a various cartoon characters from different shows arrive in Lawndale it's all out war.

Author's Note: This is the around the end of the 5th season. The Chris Series started around the 3rd season. The reason I haven't mentioned Tom is because I haven't got around to it but in the next few stories I do he plays a good role.

It's 7:00 am in Lawndale the city limits have been blocked off every child under 8 and adult over 26 have left. Chris wakes up and goes outside a guy on a podium is up there along with every teen in Lawndale. On second thought whoever is here is in the paintball match.

Guy: Well hello everyone you will be participating in a paintball war there are no teams and there will be a prize if you win. Cash prize of $5,000.

Chris (VO): That's a lot of DVDs.

Quinn (VO): That's a lot of clothes.

Daria (VO): I can pay off the Montana cabin.

Jane (VO): Whoa I got get some good amounts of paint.

Guy: In the next 10 minutes you all should have a paintball gun and unlimited supply of paintballs. If you get hit once your gun will break in half. That gives a signal you're out of the game. And I may mention not only you people are participating characters from shows such as The Simpsons, Dragon Ball Z, South Park, over shows, and some cartoon movies. I will warn you though these paintballs can hurt you or even knock you out for a long period of time.

10 minutes pass and everyone has a paintball gun and paintballs.

Guy: After I say start give everyone a 5 minutes head start to scatter. START!

Everyone scatters and in 5 minutes Chris already got 6 people.

Cut To: Lawndale High School.

Daria is sneaking around the school when a paintball hits the wall next to her. (Note Daria, Chris, Quinn, Jane, and Tom haven't teamed up yet.) Daria turns around and rapidly shoots the person behind her.

Person behind Daria: Ah.

Daria turns to see Aladdin. Aladdin's gun has broken in half since she got hit.

Aladdin: Damn.

Daria: Cool.

Daria starts walking inside the school. She gets inside the school Daria finds herself face to face with Shrek

Daria shoots him with a paintball and walks on.

Cut To: Mall of The Millennium.

Quinn is inside on the 2nd floor. Quinn hears someone behind her so she turns to shoot but it is just Jane.

Quinn: What are you doing here?

Jane: I was going to sneak up and shoot you but you ruined the surprise. Lets find Daria, Chris, and Tom and form an alliance.

Quinn: Fine.

Quinn and Jane start walking out when Mr. Burns and Smithers cuts them off.

Mr. Burns: Smithers, shoots them now I have no time to waste.

Smithers: Yes sir.

Smithers raise his paintball gun but he gets hit with a paintball in the side of the head.

Mr. Burns: What the...

A red paintball pelts Mr. Burns in the forehead. Quinn and Jane see Tom and Chris with paintball guns.

Chris: HaHa they didn't know who they were messing with.

Tom: Well now we know who shot Mr. Burns.

Chris: I didn't do it.

Quinn and Jane walk over to Chris and Tom.

Chris: Hi Quinn Hi Jane.

Jane: You guys saved us from being eliminated.

Chris: No problem lets find Daria we can be a team.

Cut To: Lawndale high.

Daria has taken out a few more cartoons such as Roger Rabbit and Scooby Doo. Daria is now behind a locker trying not to get hit by Kenny (South Park). Daria jumps out and starts firing. Kenny dodges the paintballs Matrix style. Daria walks up to him and puts the gun at point blank range.

Daria: Oh my god I shot Kenny.

Daria fires and hits Kenny in the face.

Daria starts to turns when a paintball whizzes past her ear. She turns to find it was Stan (South Park) who fired the shot. Daria fires at him but Stan ducks out of the way. Stan fires again and Daria jumps behind the locker.

Daria: Great, a 4th grader is shooting at me and I'm hiding from him.

Voice: There he is.

Another Voice: Get him.

Stan: Shit dude.

Daria hears paintballs firing and then Stan's gun breaks. Daria peeks her head up. She sees Kevin, Upchuck, Brittany, and The Fashion Club standing over Stan.

Sandi: That's what you get for wearing such out of season clothes. Come on lets try to find some other people to eliminate.

Daria (VO): Hmmmm maybe I should try to get out of here or I could stay.

Voice Inside Daria's Head: Run Luke Run.

Daria (VO): This isn't Luke.

Voice: Sorry.

Daria stands up and starts to sneak away. She is quickly spotted.

Sandi: Get her!

Daria: You're taking orders from her.

Kevin: Hmm you're right Daria. Sandi, I'm not helping you anymore.

Sandi: Well then Kevin.

Sandi fires a paintball into his gut. Kevin falls to the ground. Daria fires a shot and hits Upchuck in the arm.

Upchuck: No $5,000 gone because of my stupidity.

Daria: Shut Up Upchuck.

Upchuck: Grrrrrr Feisty.

Sandi: Fire!

Stacy, Tiffany, and Brittany start shooting at Daria. But right before they hit Daria 3 stray paintballs burst the other 3 paintballs. Daria looks to see Tom, Quinn, and Jane.

Jane: Well Daria it's a paintball war and you're in school.

Daria: Maybe we should start leaving Brittany and the Fashion drones are going to start shooting.

Tom: It's already taken care of.

Daria looks to where Brittany and them were and she sees Chris standing over them with his paintball gun.

Daria: I was wondering when Chris would show up. Wait where's Sandi.

Chris: She must have got away.

Quinn: I guess weren't the only ones who formed a team.

Brittany: You nerds are nothing compared to the group we're in.

Chris: Repeat that please.

Brittany: We have a whole army of paintball fighters.

Quinn: So Sandi's the leader.

Stacy: No some guy from the Simpsons named Fat Tony.

Chris: Fat Tony is behind this huh? Damn all this for money.

Daria: Well how many people aren't in this group?

Tiffany: About... 20.

Tom: So out of about 1,000 people 20 are not on Fat Tony's side.

Stacy: Yea basically.

Jane: What are their names?

Stacy: Well The Simpsons Family, Goku (Dragon Ball Z), Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z), Android 18 (Dragon Ball Z), Cartman (South Park), Kyle (South Park), Gohan (Dragon Ball Z), Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and some others.

Chris: Well there's our mission we have to get these people if we stand a chance in Fat Tony's lair. That reminds me where is Fat Tony's lair?

Stacy: That old warehouse.

Chris: Well...

Suddenly Goku floats in from above.

Goku: Stacy I have come to tell you no one is against Fat Tony. Everyone is on his side.

Stacy: Cool but I'm out I've been shot.

Chris: Oh really Goku.

Chris aims at Goku and shots at him. Goku dodges it and flies away.

Quinn: That's not good.

Chris: Give me 5 minutes I'll have this whole town against each other again.

Cut To: Lawndale High 5 minutes later.

Chris floats down.

Chris: To my house we'll be safe there.

Daria: What happened?

Chris: Apparently they all had a truce but when I took out Fat Tony everyone started fighting each other and it's not safe to be outside.

Tom: Then come on.

Chris: Hold on. We'll go separately.

Chris, Quinn, Tom, Daria, and Jane head off in different ways to Chris's house.

Cut To: Daria's way.

Daria starts walking off and as son as she gets out of the school The Simpsons drive by and start shooting people. Daria pulls out her gun and hits Lisa in the arm. Bart shoots at Daria but she ducks and starts shooting while running. To Daria's misfortune see didn't hit any of them.

Daria: Maybe I should work on my aim and not talking to myself.

Daria then accidently drops her gun and bends down to pick it up just in time because a paintball went zooming over her head. Cartman is behind Daria.

Cartman: Stay still asshole.

Daria: Don't we have a mouth?

Cartman: Fuck you.

Cartman fires another paintball at Daria. Daria tilts her head sideward and dodges it. Daria shoots Cartman and hits him in the eye.

Cartman: That hurt god damnit.

Daria: Kids.

Daria returns to her route to Chris's house.

Cut To: Tom's way.

Tom had gone out the back door and had been faced with Moe (Simpsons). The 2 are having a gun down. They are both hiding behind trashcans.

Moe: I'm going to gut you like a fish.

Tom: Shove it.

Tom shoots upwards and his paintball bounces off the wall behind Moe hitting Moe.

Moe: Damnit.

Moe gets up and walks away. Tom sneaks over to the other side of the school and starts walking toward Chris's. Tom suddenly hears a battle call.

Tom: What the fuck.

Tom turns around to find out that 5 cartoons are chasing him. The cartoons are Spongebob Squarepants, Vegeta, Bart, Homer, and Kyle. Tom zips around and pegs off 4 of them with only Bart not hit. Bart and Tom fire at the same time. Both paintballs hit both targets in the head. Tom and Bart fall unconscious to the ground.

Cut To: Mall Of The Millennium aka, Quinn's Way.

Quinn is now in the food court she has not found anyone. Quinn starts walking out of the food court when she hears a trigger pull. Quinn ducks and spins and shoots the person in behind her, which turns out to be Jane. Jane falls to the ground knocked out.

Quinn: Uh oh.

Quinn: Walks over to Jane to realize she's not Jane. It turns out to be Shaggy (Scooby Doo). Quinn shrugs her shoulders and walks off. Suddenly she is pushed over the railing but is grabbed. Quinn looks up to see Sandi holding her by the arm.

Sandi: Well Quinn, It seems we finally meet in this game.

Quinn: I'm going to kick your ass for pushing me over the railing we're on the 4th floor.

Sandi: Right now is not a time to threaten me I have your life in my hands.

Quinn: Chris will revive me if you kill me.

Sandi: Gee Quinn, confident you are Chris will come to your aid. I decided I'm going to kill him.

Quinn: You're going to kill him with a paintball gun?

Sandi: No I replaced the paintballs with bullets.

Chris's voice from behind: You know Sandi that might be a good idea if I wasn't behind you.

Sandi: Shit. Well Chris you shoot me with the gun I can't hold Quinn.

Chris So that's who you were talking to.

Sandi: Yes Chris that's who I was talking to.

Chris: Right now is the part I say let her go and you drop her to her death but we're going to skip that part.

Sandi: No we're not.

Chris: Do you want to win the tournament that bad?

Sandi: Yes.

Chris: You just had to say so. Now give Quinn back to me and I'll let you eliminate me.

Sandi: Fine.

Sandi pulls Quinn back up. Quinn runs to Chris and Chris shoots Sandi in the gut with a paintball.

Quinn: Why'd you do that?

Chris: I have my reasons.

Chris and Quinn start walking toward Chris's house.

Cut To: Chris's house.

Daria and Jane arrive at Chris's house unharmed. 5 minutes later Chris and Quinn show up.

Daria: Have you guys seen Tom?

Quinn: No.

Chris: Can't say that I have.

Chris gets done saying that and sees Tom limb to the house. Tom gets to where everyone is.

Tom: I've been hit.

Jane: Man down.

Daria: Just to get the numbers right how many more people are left?

Chris: My guess would be around 50.

Quinn: Still that much.

Tom: Too bad I'm out.

Chris: There is no need to worry you think I didn't prepare for this day last night when I got home. Follow me.

Chris, Jane, Quinn, Tom, and Daria walk into Chris's house. Chris walks over to his computer and types in a few numbers and suddenly a wall rises up. In the wall is a secret room with many paintball guns.

Chris: I've got automatics, bazookas, grenades, and mini handguns you can put in your pockets or strap on your legs. Take what you need.

Quinn, Daria, and Jane grab different types of guns and walk away.

Quinn: We meet at my house when this is over or you get hit.

Everyone agrees and walk out the door. As soon as they walk out the door 5 characters are waiting for them. Gohan (Dragon Ball Z), Ren, Stimpy, Rocko (Rocko's Modern Life), and Goten (Dragon Ball Z.)

Chris: This could be bad.

Chris fires at Gohan but misses.

Chris: Get out of here you 3.

Chris jumps backwards and is followed by the cartoons. Quinn, Daria, and Jane run off in separate directions. Ren lunges at Chris, and Chris puts a paintball down Ren's throat. Stimpy is next to fall to Chris's paintball skills. Rocko didn't stand a chance in hell. So now it faced off to Chris against Gohan and Goten.

Goten: That's it you bully.

Goten jumps at Chris but is shot.

Gohan: You monster.

Chris: Chill out its just a paintball.

Gohan suddenly turns Super Saiyan (watch the show). Chris shoots a paintball at him but misses again. Chris throws the gun down and punches Gohan in the face. Chris picks the gun back up and shoots Gohan in the face.

Cut To: An hour later in front of Daria's house.

Everyone is infront of Daria's house. Homer Simpson has shot Jane and is the only one left.

Daria: We have to find Homer.

Chris: HaHa what is this we shit? I'm going find Homer after I eliminate you two.

Quinn: Why you hate us?

Chris: No I just need the 5,000 dollars.

Daria: Don't count on it.

Daria takes her gun and shoots Chris in the head. Chris falls to the ground. Quinn then turns and shoots Daria in the gut. Suddenly a paintball hits Quinn and she also falls.

Homer: Woohoo I won!

Chris (laying face down on the ground): WHAT!

Chris gets up.

Chris: You know I haven't killed anyone for the last 2 stories and I need to get into practice.

Chris walks to Homer and punches a hole through his chest.

Chris: You cost me my DVDs.

Then a car pulls up and the guy responsible for the tournament steps out of the car.

Guy: You want to try that on me I'll tear your soul apart.

Chris (eyes widen): So you've been released.

Suddenly the guy transforms and a cloud of smoke blinds Chris. When the smoke clears Chris sees Pinhead.

The End!