The Bad, Good, and Pink

Section: Series

Plot: A portal opens up in the world of DBZ during the fight between Vegito and Majin Buu. Majin Buu is sucked in the portal and he is now in Lawndale and he's after Chris!

Author's Note: Watch Dragonball Z to get a better understanding of Majin Buu.

It is about a week after "Old Enemies" and Chris, Quinn, Daria, and Jane have been resting.

Chris (to Quinn): It's weird nothing has happened in a week.

Quinn: Shut up Chris or something will happen.

Daria: Yea Quinn's lipstick may become possessed.

Jane: Or her scruchies may try to take over the world.

Cut To: A desert far from Lawndale.

We see a pink cloud forming together. All of a sudden a big pink guy with white saggy pants with an "M" on it and a long pink thing hanging off his head appears. He floats to the ground and cracks his neck.

Pink guy (deep voice): Hmmmm where is the highest power level so I can go absorb it.

The pink dude starts looking back and forth.

Pink guy: Ah, there it is.

The pink guy flies in the direction of Lawndale.

Cut To: Chris's house.

Chris and Quinn have just walked in.

Chris: Quinn, I'm going to the kitchen do you need anything.

Quinn: Could you get me a....

Chris: A soda.

Quinn: Yea.

Chris: Ok.

Cut to: Lawndale High School.

We find the pink guy looking at the Lawndale High School sign.

Pink Guy: He's in this area but where.

As he's looking around Mr. Demartino runs into him. Mr. D falls backwards on his ass.

Mr. D: Hey I WAS walking there, so if you'll MOVE I'd like to get by.

The pink guy turns and looks at him.

Pink Guy: Fool you dare speak to Majin Buu that way. You should be chocolate.

Suddenly the long thing hanging off the back of Buu's head glows and zaps Mr. D turning him into chocolate. Majin Buu picks him up and eats him.

Majin Buu: That was good need more. There's the power I sense it.

Majin Buu flies toward Chris's house.

Cut To: Chris's House.

Chris is getting the soda out of the fridge when he senses Majin Buu.

Chris: Quinn, you need to get home now!

Quinn: Why?

Chris: Just do it.

Quinn: Fine.

Chris: I'll make sure you get home.

Chris picks up one of his swords and follows Quinn outside. Quinn gets in her house but as she does Majin Buu flies down the street. Chris sees who it is and is in shock.

Chris: Majin Buu? But, how are you here?

Majin Buu stops right infront of Chris.

Majin Buu: Well I was fighting Vegito when a portal opened and I was sucked in and I ended up in a desert by here in smoke form. Now I will absorb you and with your energy I'll be able to beat Vegito.

Chris: Good luck trying.

Chris and Buu fly into the air and start fighting. Majin Buu is pummeling Chris. He elbows Chris sending him into the ground. Majin Buu fires a blast into the hole. Chris crawls out of the hole. Majin Buu lands right next to Chris and kicks Chris through the door of his house. Chris jumps at Majin Buu and kicks him through Daria's house Chris follows in pursuit. Daria and Quinn run down to see Chris fighting Buu. Chris turns and notices Daria and Quinn.


Daria: You're in our house.

Majin Buu: Chocolate!

The same pink beam comes out of the thing on his head and it heads toward Daria. Chris throws his sword in the way. Chris grabs Buu by the thing on his head and throws him out the hole in the house.

Quinn: What just happened?

Daria: Looks like there's something new we have to fight.

Quinn: Damn.

Daria: Better get Jane.

Cut To: Inside Chris's house or what's left of it.

Chris has grabbed another sword and sliced up Majin Buu. Chris powers down and starts walking away. Majin Buu reforms and stretches his arm and punches Chris through his roof. Majin Buu flies up after Chris and rams his head into Chris's gut. He then punches Chris into the distance. Majin Buu flies after Chris then knocks him back into Daria's house right next to Quinn. Majin Buu floats back into Daria's house and stops.

Majin Buu: Well Chris, it seems you're not that strong.

Quinn: He's obviously letting you win and those pants aren't you at all.

Majin Buu: Foolish girl, you are now a Milky Way.

Majin Buu zaps Quinn with the thing on the back of his head and turns her into a Milky Way. He picks her up and eats her. Chris finally gets up.

Chris: Where's Quinn?

Majin Buu: Did she have red hair and a big mouth?

Chris: Yea why?

Majin Buu: She was delicious.


Majin Buu: Oh yea and she was good.


Chris runs at Majin Buu elbows Chris in the face knocking him out. Daria and Jane arrive and find no sign of Quinn and Chris knocked out.

Jane: Where's Quinn and what's wrong with Chris?

Majin Buu floats down behind her.

Majin Buu: I ate Quinn and beat Chris like a stepchild.


Jane turns around and Majin Buu punched her in the jaw and then he kicks her through a wall.

Daria: You ass.

Daria charges at Majin Buu and starts throwing punches each leaves a mark on Buu. Buu slaps Daria away. Then he pulls some of his skin off and drops it on the ground. It slides toward Chris and covers him. The skin then shoots back onto Majin Buu. It is about to finish when a stray sword slices off Buu's head. At the other end of the sword is Daria. Buu's absorption has failed and Chris reappears and is as good as new. Chris brings back his hand and builds up a beam and fires it at Majin Buu as he's putting his head back on. It hits Buu sending him through the air. Chris clenches his hand and the beam explodes destroying Buu. Chris falls to his knees worn out.

Chris: He ate Quinn. I should have stopped him.

Daria: It's not your fault.

Chris: Yes it is if I didn't toy around with him and just killed him he wouldn't have eaten Quinn.

Daria: Just revive her.

Chris: Good point.

So Chris revives Quinn she appears.

Quinn: Ewwwwwww it was so gross inside that thing.

Chris: Well I'm glad your back but there is something I need to do. Oh yea and about the houses.

Chris repairs the house instantly. Chris flies away and then lands at the old warehouse (from "Old Enemies). He finds Freddy's glove and picks it up. He flies back to his house and goes to the kitchen and pulls on a banana in it. A secret door opens and Chris walks in it. He flips on a switch, which reveals his true love for horror. He has the heads of Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Leatherface, and Chucky in cases. He then throws Freddy's glove in a box marked "Horror Movie Weapons". In it there is Jason's machete, Freddy's glove, Michael Myers's pointed knife, and Chucky's kitchen knife. Chris heads out then looks at 5 empty head cases which are marked Pinhead, Terri Cenobite, Chatterer Cenobite, Butterball Cenobite, and Leatherface. Chris turns off the light and walks out.

Chris (muttering): Soon they will be mine for the keeping.

The End