The Lawndale Chainsaw Massacre

Section: Series

Plot: Chris is on vacation but all is not well when Leatherface shows up in Lawndale and without the help of Chris is Lawndale doomed?

Author's Note: I have not seen any of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" movies so Leatherface in this story may not be as accurate as in the movie.

A day has passed since the battle with the 3 Js. Chris decided a vacation would help before he has a heart attack at the age of 18. So Quinn and Daria end have ended up spending time together. This is where the story begins.

Quinn: I miss Chris.

Daria (sarcastically): I know an hour has gone by where is he.

Quinn: I'm going to Sandi's.

Quinn gets up and walks out the door. Daria walks to the phone and calls Jane.

Jane (on the phone): Hello.

Daria (deep voice): Hello Neo, I would like to tell you about the Matrix.

Jane: Hi Daria.

Daria: Damnit. How'd you know it was I?

Jane: I didn't you just gave it away.

Daria: Damnit.

Jane: Let me guess you're bored out of your damn mind and you want to know if you can head over.

Daria: Yea that's basically it.

Jane: Sure head over I'm not doing anything ether.

So Daria gets up and leaves to Jane's house.

Cut To: Secret room in Chris's house.

The floor starts to crack and Leatherface bursts out of the ground. He picks up a chainsaw that was buried next to him. He walks to where the trapdoor opens and he slices it open. He walks to the front door and kicks it down. He starts walking in the direction of Sandi's house.

Cut To: Sandi's House.

Sandi: Ok the Fashion Club emergency meeting has begun. Today's emergency: Quinn's boyfriend. Get rid of him.

Quinn: I can't do that.

Tiffany: Why... not?

Quinn: What I've learned from our relationship is he gets pissed off real easy.

Sandi: So?

Quinn: If I broke his heart he'd probably destroy half the town.

Sandi: So you're willing to get fired from the Fashion Club for him.

Quinn: Let me think about.

Sandi: What's there to think about your cousin or whatever will probably go out with him?

Quinn: She already did that didn't work out.

They suddenly hear a chainsaw going through the door. Sandi glares at Quinn.

Quinn: That can't be Chris he's on vacation.

Sandi: Stacy, go check it out.

Stacy: Fine.

Stacy goes downstairs almost a second later Quinn, Sandi, and Tiffany hear her scream. The 3 girls run to see blood and body parts all over the place. They all scream Tiffany tries to run out the door but when she's in the door way a chainsaw comes out of nowhere and slices her in half. Sandi and Quinn run upstairs and jump out the window. The 2 remaining members of the Fashion Club head to Quinn's house. Meanwhile, Leatherface is heading toward Jane's house.

Cut To: Jane's room.

Daria and Jane are watching Sick Sad World.

SSW Announcer: Are new hit songs possessing you to buy more cake? Baby I'm hungry one more time next, on Sick Sad World.

Daria: Looks like a rerun.

Jane: You have anything better to do?

Daria: Well when you're right you're right.

They both suddenly hear a chainsaw cut through the door.

Jane: I thought we paid the bills.

Daria: I don't think tax collectors use chainsaws lets go check it out.

They are about to walk down when they hear Trent struggling. They run down and see Trent fighting Leatherface. Trent grabs a broken leg of a table and starts beating Leatherface down. Leatherface takes a swipe with his chainsaw at Trent, but Trent dodges it and kicks Leatherface out of the window. Trent, Jane, and Daria run to the window but there is no sign of Leatherface. The Trent, Daria, and Jane walk away and, Leatherface is now heading toward Daria's house. Quinn and Sandi are in Quinn's room when they hear the front door open.

Quinn: That can't be the murder on the count he used a chainsaw to cut through the door.

Sandi: Gee Quinn, Chris must have realized we know he's coming if he does that.

Quinn: Sandi, for once in your life shut the fuck up.

Sandi (stammering): G... uh... but...

Quinn: Now lets go check it out.

Quinn pulls a sword Chris left over her house out from under the bed. Sandi seeing the sword gets a little more courage and stands up.

Quinn: Come on.

Sandi: Fine.

The 2 remaining Fashion Club members make their way down the stairs. Quinn and Sandi start looking around. Then Quinn sees a dark figure creeping up behind Sandi. Quinn throws the sword and hits him right in the arm. Sandi turns around and Quinn runs over to see Trent with the sword stuck in his arm.

Trent: Get this fucking sword out of me.

Quinn: Oops sorry about that.

Daria and Jane run out from the kitchen. Daria glares at Quinn. Jane pulls the sword out of Trent's arm.

Daria: What the hell happened?

Quinn: Someone killed Tiffany and Stacy at Sandi's house and we thought Trent was the guy.

Daria: Well it appears he's not.

Trent: Oh you mean the guy with a chainsaw and a Leatherface.

Sandi: Maybe we never saw him.

Trent: Well, he's right behind you.

Quinn: Huh.

Suddenly Quinn hears a chainsaw rev up behind her. She rolls to the side and kicks Leatherface into the fireplace. Daria runs over and turns it on.

Daria: Does anyone have a lighter?

Everyone shakes his or her heads when Leatherface starts to get up. Unexpectedly a match lands in the fireplace burning Leatherface. Everyone turns to see Chris standing in the background.

Chris: Well, I guess it's a good thing I forgot my swimming trunks at home.

Quinn: How'd you know where to find him?

Chris: It's simple really. I went home to get my swimming trunks when I saw chainsaw marks through some of my stuff I went down and found a open hole in one of my rooms I saw a clump of hair that looked familiar.

Daria: How'd you know to come here?

Chris: Where do all the evil things go if I'm not around?

Jane: They go after Quinn, Daria, and I.

Chris: Exactly and I noticed chainsaw marks through the side of the house.

Everyone: Oh.

Sandi: Well Chris looks like I missed judged you. Oh and by the way Tiffany and Stacy are dead would you mind reviving them.

Chris: Let me think about it.

Sandi: What!

Chris is about to answer back when they hear a chainsaw and a maniac scream. They all see Leatherface and then they notice a sword fly out of nowhere and slice off his head. Chris notices Daria is looking pleased with herself.

Chris: So that's where my good sword went.

Chris walks over to Leatherface and drags him out of the door.

Quinn: Where are you going with Leatherface?

Chris: I uh have to go burn his body.

Chris walks to his house and then goes to the now fixed secret room. He gets rid of Leatherface's body; he puts his chainsaw in the box, and his head in the case that reads "Leatherface".

The End!