Jealously with a Capital 3 Js

Section: Series

Plot: Tired of Quinn going steady with Chris, Joey, Jeffy, and Jamie are granted supernatural powers by Evil Chris. The 3 Js use their powers to win Quinn's attention back to them even if they have to kill Chris.

It's been about 5 days since Majin Buu died and everything has returned to normal. School still sucks and the teachers are still crazy. So we find Chris in art class with Daria and Jane.

Ms. Defoe: Now I want you all to draw a picture of what you want to do today at home.

She walks around and sees Chris's picture.

Defoe: Chris, why did you draw a picture of a bed?

Chris: When I go home I'm going to bed.

Defoe: Well can't you make a picture a little more interesting?

Chris: I feel what you're making me do is hypocritical you tell us to draw what we're going to do after school and I'm just doing that... Gee, Ms. Defoe is that your purse someone just ran out of the class with?

Ms. Defoe (running out the door): YOU GET BACK HERE YOU LITTLE BASTARD!

Daria, Jane, and Chris exchange silent smiles. The bell rings and everyone leaves the class. Chris is walking in the hall along side Daria and Jane.

Daria: Smooth move, Chris.

Jane: Yes Chris, So who stole her purse.

Chris: No one I had to get her off my back. Now if you excuse me I got to get home.

Chris vanishes and is gone. A locker shuts as Daria and Jane walk away. The people behind the locker are Joey, Jeffy, and Jamie.

Joey: Man this sucks ever since Chris came around Quinn has actually gone steady with someone.

Jeffy: We got to get her back she doesn't even notice us anymore.

Jamie: I say we kill him.

Jeffy: No dude lets just out class him.

Joey and Jamie: How?

Jeffy: Ask Satan for evil powers.

Jamie: That won't work.

Joey: I guess it's worth a try.

Cut To: School the next day.

Quinn and Chris are walking to their classes when they are confronted by The 3 Js.

Chris: Hi Joey, Jeffy, and Jacky.

Jamie: It's Jamie.

Chris: Whatever. So what do you want?

Joey: We want Quinn to see this.

Joey punches a hole in the wall. Jamie rips a locker door off with 2 fingers. And Jeffy tears a door off its hinges.

Chris: Is that what you wanted to show us?

Jamie: Pretty neat huh, Quinn?

Quinn: I guess.

Chris: Oh really watch this.

Chris slices 3 lockers in half with his hand.

Chris: Quinn, Now where were we?

Quinn: So Chris want to come to the Fashion Don'ts tonight?

Chris: Well I haven't pissed any popular people off lately.

Chris and Quinn walk off.

Joey: Jamie lets go with your idea.

Cut To: Chris's house after school and 4 hours before the party.

Chris is swimming when a blast blows up in the water right next to him. Chris looks up and sees the 3 Js floating above him.

Chris: What do you guys want?

Jeffy: It's simple you break up with Quinn and leave her alone or we kill you now.

Chris: Oh, do I hear a challenge?

Joey: You bet.

Chris flies up to them. Chris stretches and elbows Jamie in the face sending him crashing into the pool. Joey and Jeffy fly at Chris but he buts out his fists and they run right into them and plummet to the ground. Chris floats down.

Chris: You said something about killing me. I have yet to die by you guys.

Jeffy: Yes we did let us demonstrate.

Jeffy walks over to Chris and punches him in the gut and then knees him in the jaw. Joey slams him into the pool and through the ground. And Jamie sends an energy beam right after him. The beam explodes and there is no sign of Chris.

Joey: Well that was easy.

Jamie: Lets go see if Quinn will go to the party with us.

So the 3 Js leave and go to Quinn's house. They ring the doorbell and Quinn answers the door.

Quinn: Oh hi, Jeffy, Joey, and Jamie.

The 3 Js: Hi Quinn.

Joey: Will you go to the Fashion Don'ts party with us?

Quinn: I thought I explained it I'm going steady with Chris.

Jamie: Well we thought about that and decided Chris wasn't good enough for you.

Jeffy: So we killed him.

Quinn: YOU WHAT?

Jeffy: Killed him.

Joey: So if you don't go to the party with us we'll kill you too.

Quinn: I'd like to see you try.

Quinn punches Joey in the face and runs up to her room but Jeffy and Jamie are already there. Jamie grabs Quinn and starts trying to take off her shirt.

Cut To: Chris's pool.

We see bubbles float to the top followed by a beaten up and bloody Chris. Chris rolls out of the pool coughing up blood. He heard The 3 Js talking about Quinn so Chris rushes or limps to Quinn's house. Chris bursts through the door and hears Quinn's screams from her room. Chris bursts in the room to see Quinn in a corner and in her bra and jeans surrounded by The 3 Js.

Chris: You fucking pussies picking on a woman. What you guys afraid to fight me.

Joey: Jamie, take care of him.

Chris cracks his next.

Chris: Bring it Blondie.

Jamie jumps at Chris but Chris grabs Jamie and throws him out the window. Jeffy proceeds toward Chris, picks up a piece of glass and stabs Jeffy in the side of the head. A beam hits Chris through the heart sending him out the window. Joey who had shot the beam looking pleased with himself turns back to Quinn. Quinn spinning kicks Joey into her bed. Joey gets back up and charges at Quinn but a stray boot sends him in into the wall breaking his neck. Quinn turns to see Daria. Quinn runs to Daria and hugs her.

Quinn (sobbing): Thank you Daria, you saved me.

Daria: Chris did most of the work though.

Quinn: When did you show up?

Daria: When I heard the glass breaking and a blast.

Quinn: What do we do about Chris?

Daria: Isn't it obvious revive him you do remember the chant.

Quinn shakes her head.

Daria: Oh no.

Cut To: Hell.

Chris is standing infront of Evil Chris.

Chris: Why am I here.

Evil Chris: Because I called for you.

Chris: What?

Evil Chris: Although I want you dead and did give evil powers to The 3 Js. They tried to rape and kill Quinn and you stopped them. So I'm reviving you out of gratitude.

Chris: Thanks.

Evil Chris: You're gone.

Suddenly Chris's eyes open and he's lying on the ground. Chris sits up. Quinn looks over and sees Daria and Quinn running toward him. Chris stands up. He hugs Quinn.

Quinn: How'd you get revived?

Chris: You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

So later that night Quinn and Chris went to the party. Chris pissed off a lot of new people and he has no idea of the future.

The End!