Pinch Sitter 2: A Hellish Occasion

Section: Series

Plot: Quinn can't get Daria to baby-sit The Guptys again and she can't get Chris to do it ether so it looks like Quinn will have to spend a night with Tad and Tricia.

This is a day after the clone ordeal. We start off at Quinn's house. Quinn is on the phone with the Guptys.

Quinn: Uh did you say Saturday I don't think I can make it I'll check and get back to you. Ok bye.

Quinn hangs up the phone and goes to Daria's room.

Quinn: Daria.

Daria: No Quinn not this time.

Quinn: I'll give you $11 an hour.

Daria: Back off Quinn besides I have plans for Saturday.

Quinn: Oh really what is that?

Daria: Well I'm going to spend the night in my room, watch TV, and count the cracks in the ceiling.

Quinn: You suck. I'm going to ask Chris.

Cut To: Chris's room.

Chris: Hell no I hate kids.

Quinn: Please Chris Please.

Chris: No.

Quinn: I'll pay you.

Chris (raising eyebrow): How much?

Quinn: Well it's $6 an hour but I'll give you an $11 an hour surplus.

Chris: Tempting but I'll have to say no. Why don't you get one of your Fashion Fools to do it for you?

Quinn: They all have baby-sitting jobs that night.

Chris: That's strange. Besides I got plans for Saturday and I thought you were going with me.

Quinn: What were your plans?

Chris: Child's Play 5 in theaters* (Note Child's Play 5 is actually coming out in 2003 so don't think it's coming out on Friday.)

Quinn: Blech, another horror movie.

Chris: For dissing a Chucky movie I'm defiantly not going to baby-sit for you.

Quinn: You're so mean sometimes.

Chris (starting to get angry): I'm mean! You were trying to kill me at one point. Good thing my evil twin tied me up right now or I wouldn't be here right now.

Quinn: Ok I'm sorry about that and trying to kill you but I hate it over there.

Chris: Here's the most I'm going to do call me while you're there or play Cemetery with them.

Quinn: What's Cemetery?

Chris: Talk to Daria she knows.

Chris's alarm goes off and he looks at the clock.

Chris: Damn 5:00 already Quinn I got to go.

Quinn: Why?

Chris: Well Tony (1) found out I'm alive and apparently he's going to show up in 5 minutes and some legs are going to be broken so I don't want to be here.

Quinn gets up and leaves and goes back home. Quinn picks up the phone and dials in a number.

Quinn: Hello Mrs. Gupty, Yes I can make it on Saturday.

Quinn hangs up the phone and goes to her room.

Cut To: Saturday afternoon at Chris's house.

Quinn is begging Chris to at least come with her to the Guptys.

Quinn: Chris, will you at least come with me to their house?

Chris: Well I guess I will.

Quinn: Thanks Chris.

Chris: They better at least have cable.

Quinn (worried look): Uh sure they do. Oh and Chris It told them my crazy cousin is coming with me so you have to act crazy for the Guptys.

Chris: That's not cool.

Cut To: The Gupty's house.

Quinn knocks on the door and Mr. And Mrs. Gupty answer it.

Mrs. Gupty: Hello Quinn nice to see you. (Looks at Chris who is biting his arm) You must be Chris.

Chris: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Quinn: Sorry about him but tonight is my night to watch him but the kids are in no danger.

Chris: Woohoo.

After 5 minutes of Chris's insane act Mr. Gupty gets Chris and Quinn inside. Mr. And Mrs. Gupty brings out Tad and Tricia and leave.

Tad: Hi Quinn.

Tricia: Yea hi Quinn. Who's that? (Points at Chris)

Quinn: That's uh my cousin.

Tad: Your cousin or your brother. Remember what you said about Daria.

Quinn: Ok so he's my boyfriend.

Tricia: You lied to our parents!

Chris: Oh like your parents never lie to you.

Tad: I don't like him.

Chris: Oh my feelings are hurt.

Tricia (To Tad): I'm going to call Mom and tell her Quinn lied.

Quinn: Don't do that.

Tad: Fine.

Chris: So what do we do now?

Quinn (reading the list): Discuss current event.

Tad: Is it time to floss.

Chris: No.

Tricia: Then lets talk about current events.

Chris: Ok Tricia and Tad did you know yesterday you were cloned.

Tad: Mom and Dad just said those people were are twins.

Chris: Well time for more current events. Your parents lied.

Quinn: Chris is telling the truth.

Tricia: How do we know you're telling the truth?

Chris: Did you happen to see from where you were locked away a red monster looking thing drop a man, 6 stories?

Tricia: Mom and Dad said it was just our imagination.

Chris is about to curse out the little kids but Quinn gives him a look and he stops.

Chris: Well look at that snack time is now.

Chris, Quinn, Tad, and Tricia walk into the kitchen and Quinn pulls out a tray. It has dried fruit like in "Pinch Sitter".

Chris Raisins.

Tad: Raisins are nature's candy.

Chris: I don't like nature's candy do you have some chocolate.

Tad: Chocolate is bad.

Tricia: Chocolate makes you hyper.

Tad: Chocolate rots your teeth.

Tricia: Chocolate is messy.

Tad: Hitler ate chocolate.

Chris: Well that was a good snack time and now it's time to floss.

Tad: What about our snacks?

Chris: Take them to bed with you.

Tricia: You mean we can.

Chris: Why not?

Tad and Tricia: Cool.

Quinn: After flossing you can play a game called cemetery.

Tad: We played that with Daria.

Chris: Well now you get to play it with us.

Tricia: Ok.

So the Gupty children lay on the floor and Chris and Quinn go down to the living room to watch TV.

Quinn: Chris this won't work they have blocks.

Chris: Don't worry I have my ways.

Chris messes with the remote and a commercial is on.

Announcer: Tomorrow only in Lawndale everyone that is younger than 10 and older than 26 are being kicked out of Lawndale for PAINTBALL PERLIL! The city limits will be blocked off and a paintball war will be held in Lawndale. The bounds are the city limits but no worries they will be blocked off. Be there or you will be hunted down anyway.

Quinn: Sounds fun.

Chris: Finally something without fighting and babysitting.

Suddenly Tad and Tricia come out into the living room.

Tad: I won.

Quinn: That's great but it's bedtime.

Tad and Tricia stay there.

Tricia: Oh and Chris one of your friends came to us in a dream.

Chris (now paying attention): Did he have a brown hat?

Tad: No he had pins in is head and he had two other guys with him.

Tricia: He said he's coming for you someone already has the box.

Chris: That can't be good.

Quinn: What should we do?

Chris: Simple paintball war tomorrow and after that we'll find the box.

The night passes The Guptys come home Chris and Quinn leaves then they both go to bed and wake up at 7:00 am in the morning.

Chris: Paintball day.

The End!

Chris: You know there is another one.