Send In The Drones

Plot: An evil Wizard has made identical clones of everyone in Lawndale except two small factor all the clones have red eyes and they are a lot smarter... wait the real Chris has red eyes too!

It has been a week since the Massacre. Chris decided to revive Stacy and Tiffany.

Cut To: Daria's house.

Chris knocks on the door and Daria answers.

Daria: Hi Chris, Quinn went out to the mall.

Chris: Ok Daria, thanks.

Chris walks to his car and drives to the mall. He finds Quinn and The Fashion Club in Cashmans. Chris waits outside of Cashmans because he can't stand the place. After 45 minutes The Fashion Club walks out and Chris pulls Quinn aside to talk to her.

Quinn: Oh hi Chris don't you see I'm at a Fashion Club meeting.

Chris: I know but I'm getting lonely.

Quinn: No you're not.

Chris: I know I'm just bored.

Then an announcement comes over the speakers.

Voice: Everyone report to the center of the mall for a blood sample.

So everyone in town got a blood sample.

Cut To: That night in a lab.

A wizard-looking guy is working on the blood samples.

Wizard Guy: I the evil wizard Marvin will make clones out of these blood samples and take over the world. Yes one of the clones is ready.

Marvin opens a tank and a clone of Quinn pops out.

Marvin: Ok her name is...

Clone Quinn: My name is Quinn Morgendorffer.

Marvin: Well good. By tomorrow night clones will over run the town of Lawndale. Now go destroy your boyfriend if you have one.

Clone Quinn: Yes master.

Cut To: Chris's room.

Chris is standing on his bed playing "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath. When there is a knock on his door. Chris puts his guitar down and answers the door. The Clone Quinn is at the door (but Chris doesn't know this.).

Chris: Hey Quinn, What's happening? Hey why are you're eyes red?

Clone Quinn: Kill my boyfriend.

Clone Quinn lunges at Chris but he jumps out of the way. Chris is not going to kill her until he sees the real Quinn walk through the door.

Chris: Wait Quinn if your there how can you be right here?

Quinn: Who's that?

Chris (ducking a punch): I thought it was you.

Quinn: It must be a clone.

Chris: I don't think cloning is possible

Clone Quinn: I'm no clone, whore.


Quinn lunges at her clone but Clone Quinn runs out the door.

Chris: What the hell was that?

Quinn: What if those blood samples at the mall today are being used to clone everyone.

Chris: Yea and next you're going say the guy taking the blood samples was an evil wizard.

Cut To: Marvin's Lab.

Marvin: Yes all my clones are finished but...

He looks at his clones in disappointment seeing all of them have red eyes.

Marvin: Fuck everyone will be able to tell the difference they got red damn eyes! Wait that one kid with the girl named Quinn I think he already had red eyes. Well I guess I can make the clone of him the strongest.

Marvin calls Chris over and uses his evil magic to make Chris more powerful.

Cut To: The next day.

Quinn is walking to Sandi's house when, she is Clone Chris stops her (of course she doesn't know he's a clone.).

Quinn: Hi Chris, I'm going to Sandi's but Daria's home.

Clone Chris: You fool I'm going to kill you now.

Quinn: What are you talking about?

Clone Chris punches Quinn in the face. Quinn stumbles backwards and starts to run when the clones of Stacy, Sandi, and Tiffany get infront of her (She doesn't know there are now clones all over Lawndale clones.).

Quinn: Have you 3 been crying your eyes are red? Plus Chris is trying to kill me.

Clone Sandi: You moron that's because he's a clone, I'm a clone, and everyone else has been cloned.

Quinn gets up and starts running then she realizes a bunch of clones have surrounded her.

Chris: Everyone the formation.

About 19 clones get behind Chris.

Chris: Hit it.

Suddenly a song plays Quinn recognizes it. It's "Thriller" by Michael Jackson. Chris and his clones start dancing and Chris starts singing.

Chris: It's close to midnight something evil is lurking through the door under the moonlight a shock so quick it almost stops your heart you try to scream but you cannot take the sound before you make it you start to breathe as horror looks you right between the eyes you're paralyzed because of a THRILLER... (Get the song if you want to listen to the rest of it.)

Voice Inside Quinn's head: Run Luke Run!

Quinn: What!

Voice: Sorry wrong mind.

Quinn: Whatever.

Quinn turns to run when Clone Chris (who is stilling singing) blasts an energy ball next to her. Suddenly a huge explosion takes out 5 of the clones and knocks all of them out but Chris. Quinn turns to see the real Chris with a bazooka.

Quinn: All right Chris.

Chris: Run Quinn Run! I'll take care of my clone.

Chris jumps down and Quinn starts running. Then she sees the real Chris fly by her lying back right into a house and then she sees the clone walking toward them. Chris gets up and walks toward his clone. Chris swings at the clone and hits him right in the face. Clone Chris is unfazed and then punches Chris into the air and then he puts his fist up and Chris lands right on it when he lands. Chris coughs up blood and falls to the ground.

Clone Chris: I'm cloned off a weakling.

Suddenly The Tank rams Clone Chris from the back. Daria and Jane get out and help Chris in and then they go get Quinn. Chris comes to his senses and sees Quinn, Daria, and Jane.

Quinn: How'd you 3 know where to find me?

Daria: Well we ran into the clone of Kevin and Brittany.

Jane: They were smarter than usual. We found out that they were clones when we noticed they had red eyes. They weren't very strong.

Daria: But they let us know...

Jane: Where the real Daria and Jane were.

Daria: So we beat the hell out of them and through them out of Daria's window. Came here and now were going to kill you.

Chris: Oh shit.

They turn and start driving to the cliff where they threw F.L.V off. Clone Daria drives The Tank right off the cliff. Clone Daria and Jane open and jump out of the doors they pull a chord of their backs and a parachute opens. Chris not having much time grabs Quinn and jumps out the door. Wings burst out of his back and he flies away with Quinn in his hands. Clone Daria and Jane float to the ground and see Chris and Quinn flying away.

Clone Daria: Clone Chris is not going to be happy at least you killed the real Daria and Jane.

Clone Jane: uh about that I don't think they're dead. You see I through them out of the window but when I got to it they were gone.


Clone Jane: When you asked.

Clone Daria: I hate you.

Cut To: Chris's house.

Chris lands on the doorstep and puts Quinn down.

Chris: This sucks there are clones of everyone in town it may be hard to tell who's who.

Quinn: I know I mean you could be a clone right now.

Chris: What are you implying?

Quinn: Take a joke Chris. You see you've been fooled.

Chris: What are you talking about?

Clone Quinn: There are no real people in Lawndale they're all held prisoner in the Mall Of The Millennium and I'm not Quinn. (Removes contacts revealing her red eyes.) I'm a clone we set you up Chris. In your house should be some more clones ready to kick your ass.

Clone Quinn kicks Chris through the door to his house. Chris gets up and is jumped by the clone of Upchuck, Brittany, Kevin, Stacy, and Tiffany. Chris tries to fight them off but they have more power than the real version. Kevin punches Chris into the kitchen. Chris takes this opportunity to get to his secret room. He gets in and closes it before the clones find him.

Clone Kevin: Where'd he go?

Clone Quinn: He ran out the kitchen door.

The 6 clones run out the kitchen door. Chris flips on the light and looks around.

Chris: Time to improvise.

Voice: You'll never beat them.

Chris turns around and sees Daria.

Chris: I thought your clones killed you and Jane.

Daria: No they captured Jane and Quinn. I quickly ran here and found the banana in your fridge that opened this door. That reminds me you have neglected telling us about this room.

Chris: It's a hobby but that's not important right now. Wait I fell for this before and you turned out to be a clone. How do I know you're not a clone?

Chris walks over to Daria and tries to remove contacts if she has any. It is the real Daria.

Chris: Sorry but I almost got killed twice today by clones that I thought were real.

Daria: No problem. But we have to find out how to save everyone. But if you and your clone fight I may get mixed up.

Chris: I can take Freddy' glove.

Daria: Yea that's a good idea.

Chris goes to the box and pulls out Freddy's glove and Jason's machete.

Daria: Why are you taking that?

Chris: I like it.

Chris hooks the machete to his jean loop. Chris drops his trenchcoat and Daria and Chris walk out of the secret room.

Chris: Daria, you never saw that room.

Daria: What room?

Chris and Daria start walking to the mall. When the clones of The Fashion Club (exclude Quinn) stop them.

Clone Sandi: So 2 we haven't captured.

Chris: Rephrase that you mean here's two we won't capture.

Clone Stacy: Don't get your hopes up.

Clone Stacy jumps at Chris and Chris stabs her in the chest with the glove. He does a spinning slice and slashes Tiffany across the face. Clone Sandi sneaks up behind Chris put is stopped by Daria. Daria tackles Sandi and drives her boot through Sandi's chest. Chris and Daria start walking toward the mall when a bunch of clones surround them. Chris and Daria quickly take them out. Our 2 heroes finally get to the mall and Clone Chris is waiting for them.

Clone Chris: Well I'm surprised that you 2 made it.

Chris: Where's all the real people.

Clone Chris: I decided to make a game out of this you see they're all at the top floor but you have to go through clones on each level and at the top floor you will face me. Until then I bid you ado. Oh and by the way 1st level you'll be fighting Brittany and Kevin.

Daria: Oh the jock is going kill Chris.

Clone Kevin and Brittany walk out from The Sport Shorts. Chris and Daria prepare to fight. Chris takes a swipe at Kevin with his glove but misses. Brittany uses her cheerleader moves to beat up on Daria. Kevin jumps up and kicks Chris in the jaw sending him into glass. Daria grabs Brittany's legs when she is about to kick her with a handspring. Daria spins Clone Brittany around and tosses her into a fountain. Chris gets out of the store and gets the glass out of him. Chris takes a piece of glass and throws it at Clone Kevin hitting him right in the face. Clone Brittany gets out of the fountain only to get her head smashed against the statue behind her by Daria.

Chris: Come on Daria there's the elevator.

Chris and Daria get in the elevator and go up to the next floor. When they arrive the clones of Upchuck and Andrea are waiting. Chris and Daria quickly breeze through them and advance to floor 3. This is where Clone Mack and Jodie are their opponents.

Chris: Well this may be harder than the first two floors.

Daria: Or we may just beat them without trying which ever comes first.

Chris charges at Clone Mack and is thrown into the railing. Daria punches Clone Jodie in the face but to no affect. Jodie elbows Daria in the jaw knocking her on her ass. Clone Mack picks Chris up by the shirt and gives him a bartender's throw. Chris gets up and slashes Clone Mack's arm and Chris takes advantage. Chris slams Clone Mack's head on the pole Chris then hold's Clone Mack over the railing. Chris pulls out his machete and decapitates Clone Mack and drops him to the 1st floor. Chris turns to see Daria almost running into him he stops her. Clone Jodie jumps at Chris and Daria they both duck and she flies over the railing.

Chris: That's 3 of 6 we've gotten through.

Daria: Someone would say we are half finished. Others would say we have failed half way.

Chris and Daria walk up the stairs this time only to run into Clones of Mystik Spiral. Daria stops to look at Clone Trent. Chris has already ran in and killed Clone Max and Nick. Chris is now fighting Clone Jesse. Clone Trent starts walking toward her.

Chris: Kill him he's not the real Trent.

Daria comes to her senses and grabs Clone Trent then slams him into the wall. Chris throws Jesse into a sword place then Clone Jesse comes out with a sword and Chris is fighting back with his machete. Daria knees Clone Trent in the balls and throws him down the stairs. Chris uppercuts Jesse and then stabs him in the air.

Chris: 2 more to go.

Chris and Daria get to 5th floor to find Clone Daria and Jane. The 2 clones have battle-axes they got out of the medieval store.

Daria: My clone has a battle-axe. But it isn't as good as a scythe.

Daria runs to the weapons store and walks out with a scythe.

Chris: Am I the only one with a weapon.

Chris then remembers the glove and machete. Chris throws machete like a boomerang and slices Jane in half run to pick her sword. Clone Daria takes a swipe at Chris before he can reach. The blade nearly hits Chris's head. Daria runs at her clone with the scythe and slashes her in half. Chris picks up Clone Jane's sword.

Chris: Go up the stairs I'll go for a sneak attack.

Daria heads up the stairs. Chris goes to the rail and jumps to the next one and starts climbing up. He gets up there and Clone Chris is waiting at the stairs and Clone Quinn is waiting at the elevator. Chris sneaks up behind his clone and grabs him. Chris goes to throw Clone Chris off the edge when the clone elbows him in the jaw. Daria get up there and is attacked by Clone Quinn. Clone Chris steals Chris's glove and throws him over the rail. Daria too busy fighting Quinn doesn't notice. Clone Chris walks over to Clone Quinn and stabs her in the back.

Clone Chris: They're dead Daria both my clone and Quinn's. Lets go find everyone else.

Daria: Ok.

Clone Chris walks up to Daria slashes her arm with his glove.

Clone Chris: foolish girl none of the people are here cargo planes have taken them to another state they just left though.

Voice from the stairs: That's bullshit.

Daria and Clone Chris turn to see the real Chris.

Clone Chris: How are you alive? I threw you over the rail. I WANT ANSWERS!

Chris: Bite me asshole. The people are over there.

Chris points to the other end of the mall to see about 3 dozen, stores filled with people. Chris walks over to Clone Chris and pulls out his machete puts it through his throat. Chris takes his glove back and pulls the machete out of Clone Chris's throat. Clone Chris backs up into the rail Chris gives his clone a shove off the rail onto a statue on the first floor.

Daria: How'd you live? Didn't he throw you off the rail?

Chris: Yea but lucky I grabbed on a rail 2 floors down.

Voice: But I'll make sure you fall to your death.

Chris and Daria turn to see Marvin (remember him the guy who started this whole thing). He is tall with long black hair and all black clothes.

Chris: Who the hell are you?

Marvin: I'm the guy who made the clones I'm a wizard.

Chris: Lets see your powers.

Marvin shoots lighting bolts out of his hands zapping Chris into a wall and the bolts keep electrocuting him. (Remember Cartman fighting Saddam in South Park movie.) Chris fights off the lighting and charges at Marvin. Marvin puts his arm out like a clothesline and Chris runs into it. Marvin puts Chris in a headlock and snaps his neck. Marvin turns to see Daria. Marvin raises Daria up into the air and starts slamming her into walls. He holds her over the hole in the middle of the mall. He he's about to drop her when a red flash swipes her out of his grasp. He sees the red flash turns out to be Chris in his demon form. (Read Lawndale Goes To Hell, Live The Movies, Or Old Enemies.)

Marvin: How'd you live I broke your neck?

Chris: I'm a good actor aren't I? You should have finished the job better.

Marvin tries his magic on Chris but it doesn't work. Chris flies at him and headbutts Marvin through a wall. Chris picks him up by the neck and flies over the hole in the middle of the mall.

Marvin: So you like Quinn Morgendorffer.

Marvin snaps his fingers and the real Quinn is hanging by her arms from a rope over Chris and Marvin.

Marvin: Drop me I drop her.

Chris: Don't threaten me sorcerer.

Chris drops the wizard and grabs Quinn before she falls without any difficulty. Marvin hits the ground dying on impact. Chris floats down and returns to regular form. Daria, Quinn, and Chris unlock every store letting the people out. They also find more clones walking around but Chris removes them all within an hour. So life returns to normal in Lawndale for the next few days.

The End.