Hellraiser: Pinhead's Revenge

Section: Series

Plot: It's not even a minute after Paintball Day and Pinhead decided to show up.

Author's Note: This marks the end of the series. This takes place about a week before "Is It College Yet".

Where we left off...

Chris is standing there in shock.

Chris: Well Pinhead who released you?

Pinhead: It is of no matter they're already dead. But it was some kid named Kevin.

Daria: Did he have a football uniform on?

Pinhead: Yes he did. But this isn't really about torturing him it's about revenge.

Tom: What are you talking about?

Pinhead (pointing at Chris): You killed my partners.

Chris: Who?

Pinhead: Chatterer Cenobite and Butterball Cenobite.

Chris: Oh yea there heads are on display in a secret room in my... I shouldn't have said that.

Quinn: Chris, what are you talking about?

Pinhead: Silence child.

Suddenly a pair of chains (Watch Hellraiser) swoops down at Quinn. Chris dives infront of them and the chains hook him then start pulling him stretching out his skin.

Pinhead: Victory is already mine.

Chris: Like hell it is.

Chris pulls the chains toward him and they break. Chris takes the hooks out of his face.

Chris: Where's the box?

Pinhead: This box. (Holds up the box.)(Watch the Hellraiser movies.)

Chris runs Pinhead but has a pin shoved through his arm. Chris falls to his knees and Pinhead kicks him in the face. Chris falls backwards. Pinhead pulls one of his hooked knives (Watch Hellraiser 3) and pulls it up.

Pinhead: An eye for an eye and head for a head.

Chris: Don't count on it.

Pinhead: Don't back talk me.

Pinhead brings down the knife and decapitates Chris. Chris's head then rolls right next to Quinn's feet. Quinn screams.

Pinhead: Looks as if revenge is mine.

Quinn: You're so dead.

Quinn jumps at Pinhead and does a spinning kick knocking him over. Daria knees him in the gut. Pinhead gets up and takes a swing at Quinn. Quinn grabs his arm before it hits her face. Quinn suddenly falls to the ground in pain.

Tom: What just happen?

Jane: I don't know.

Voice: I happened.

Daria, Tom, and Jane look over to see the one and only Freddy Krueger.

Freddy: Wazzzzzzzup.

Daria: Chris killed you!

Freddy: 9, 10 Freddy's back again.

Quinn (weakly): No!

Tom punches Freddy in the face but to no prevail. Freddy turns and backhands Tom. Daria notices Pinhead had dropped his hooked knife so she picks it up. Daria hurls in at Freddy like a Frisbee. Freddy not quick enough to dodge it is beheaded.

Daria: You don't mess with Tom.

During this little fight no one notices Pinhead dragging Chris's head and an injured Quinn.

Cut To: Hell.

Evil Chris is in his throne room watching this from his sphere.

Evil Chris: Damn Pinhead he has Freddy attack Quinn from behind. BRING FREDDY KRUEGER IN HERE NOW!

The doors fly open and Freddy is thrown in the room. Freddy slides to Evil Chris's throne.

Freddy: Hi Satan.

Evil Chris: You dirty motherfucker.

Evil Chris picks Freddy up and slams his head into the wall. Freddy slashes Evil Chris and kicks him onto the ledge over the lava river. Freddy is about to push Evil Chris into the lava when he is pulled away from behind. By who you ask? Why none other than Chris.

Chris: I saw what you did and I'm pissed I got my head cut off.

Freddy: What are you going to do about it Pinhead is going to torture your little girlfriend and there is nothing you can do about without the box.

Chris: That's where you are wrong again. Before he chopped off my head I grabbed that stupid box away from him and tossed it toward Daria. She should notice it soon.

Freddy: Uh oh.

Chris just grins evilly and picks Freddy up by his throat and holds him over the lava. Evil Chris then sneakily pushes Chris off. Freddy falls into the lava and Chris is hanging on a ledge.

Chris: You ass I saved you.

Evil Chris: So you are way to nice brother.

Chris: I'll show you nice.

Chris does a front flip up back onto the ground. Chris lands on the ground like "Blade". Chris gets up and kicks Evil Chris through a wall. Evil Chris flies at Chris and punches him in the face but there is no affect. Chris grabs Evil Chris and spins him around then Chris lets go of his brother sending him over the ledge. Evil Chris stops right before the lava. Evil Chris looks up and sees Chris.

Chris: You will restore my life.

Evil Chris: Over my dead body.

Chris: Oh really.

Chris drops Evil Chris waist deep into the lava. Evil Chris yells in pain.

Chris: Have you changed your mind?

Evil Chris: Tis but a scratch.

Chris: Half your body is in lava.

Evil Chris: No it isn't.

Chris: Yes it is.

Evil Chris: I've had worse.

Chris drops Evil Chris in the lava up to his chin.

Chris: Restore my life now!

Evil Chris: It's just a flesh wound.

Chris then dunks him under the lava and pulls him up quickly.

Chris: You have lost.

Evil Chris: Fine. Bring me to the throne room and I'll revive you.

Cut To: Lawndale.

We join Daria, Tom, and Jane who have noticed Quinn is missing and the box. The only problem is they don't know what to do with it.

Daria: You never know what to do with something when it's from a horror movie.

Tom: You think Chris would be here to tell us but of course he got decapitate.

Jane: Watch Hellraiser movies we should.

Daria: Not a bad idea Yoda.

Tom: Ok to the video store.

Voice: There is no need for that.

The 3 young heroes turn to see Chris.

Daria: Do you ever fucking die?

Chris: Yea I just come back.

Jane: Well you obviously know about this box right here. (Holds up the box.)

Chris: You just need to solve it and it brings Pinhead back to Hell. But I've got plans for him. Where's Quinn?

Tom, Daria, and Jane just look at each other.

Chris: Pinhead took Quinn! Well I think I know where he might have taken her to the mall.

Jane: Has anyone seen a pattern where all the villains we face are ether at our school or the mall?

Daria: Good point.

Chris: That's why I thought of it.

Tom: Exactly what are your plans for Pinhead?

Chris: You know that "eye for an eye and head for a head" thing he said?

Tom: Yea... Oh.

Chris: Lets get to the mall.

Chris, Tom, Daria, and Jane walk over to Chris's car and drive to the mall.

Cut To: The Mall of The Millennium.

Pinhead has tied Quinn up and waited for the others to show up.

Pinhead: Don't tell me they chickened out.

No less than a minute those words came out of his mouth Daria, Jane, Chris, and Tom broke through the door. Pinhead turned quickly toward them. Pinhead then got a shocked look in his eyes.

Pinhead (pointing at Chris): I killed you.

Chris: And I'm back.

Pinhead rushes at Chris with another hooked knife. Chris throws a punch and misses. Pinhead gets a slash across Chris's chest. Daria decides she has had enough and she kicks Pinhead from behind. Pinhead throws his hooked knife at Daria like Daria did to Freddy but Tom steps in and catches it. Jane is over untying Quinn. Chris elbows Pinhead sending him backwards. Chris grabs the hooked knife that Pinhead dropped. Chris flies at Pinhead and slices off his head.

Chris: That's what you get motherfucker.

Voice From Behind Chris: That's what you think.

Chris turns to see Pinhead with a new head.

Pinhead: You cannot kill that which is eternal but if it is any consolation to you that hurt like hell.

Pinhead jumps up and kicks Chris into a wall. Pinhead walks over to Chris and picks him up and slams him into the wall. Then he punches Chris repeatedly in the face. Pinhead takes a few pins out of his head and sticks it in Chris's hands and legs.

Pinhead: You will now be crucified.

Chris (very weakly): I'll see you in hell.

Pinhead: Very funny.

Chris: I'm serious.

Pinhead: What?

Jane: I've figured out the puzzle!

Pinhead turns quickly to Jane and runs at her. Suddenly orange goes through the lines on Pinhead.


Pinhead disappears in an orange ball and the box closes back up. Quinn is over taking the pins out of Chris.

Chris: Jane you saved me.

Quinn: Hey!

Chris: You did too. But Jane saved us all. Where's the head of Pinhead I chopped off?

Daria: It's over there.

Chris walks over and picks it up.

Chris: I must go home now.

Chris walks out of the mall and drives home. When he gets home he puts Pinhead's head in the display box marked "Pinhead". Chris grins evilly and walks out of the room and to Quinn's house. Quinn is there to meet Chris.

Chris: Well I have to train you on the count I'm going to college.

Quinn: That sucks.

Chris: Now let your training begin.

So in about a day Chris has trained Quinn so that she can fight anything if it comes to Lawndale.

Cut To: The day everyone is leaving for college.

Chris, Daria, and Jane all chipped in to buy a car. Weird enough Chris got accepted to Raft along with Daria. Chris, Daria, and Jane drive off while, Quinn, Trent, Helen, and Jake wave goodbye to 3 of our heroes.

The End.

Author's Note: This may not be the last fan fic Daria, Jane, and Chris is in. But I'm not done with fan fic so expect a series where Quinn is the main character. Or even a series that this the stories with Chris have never happened.