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December 2001
Dec 31 Looks like I was able to update a little early. :-) Happy New Year, everyone!
Dec 25 I have more fanfic that needs to go online, but the crush of the holidays didn't give me much free time. I'll have 'em online after the new year, though. Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) to you all, and let's hope that we all fare better in 2002 than we did in 2001.
  • Added fan fiction:
  • Updated more episode pages with accurate, up-to-date information.
  • Updated the IICY information on the News page (regarding MTV's "viewer favorites" episode marathon).
  • Updated the index page with a new still shot from IICY.
Dec 13 You'll notice that the main page has some new artwork, as well as a "teaser" blurb for IICY. I'll be posting a few different images between now and the premiere. I'd tell you where I got the images, but I'm afraid I'd have to kill you afterwards. <grin>

I also have some additional fanfic to post; I'll get to those on the next update. No, really. Really. REALLY!
Dec 3

November 2001
Nov 20 Yes, I know this is just one day after an update, but up-to-date IICY info is a must-have!
  • Added more information to the News page regarding "Is It College Yet?".
  • Freshened the information on the summary pages for all Season 2 episodes.
Nov 19

October 2001
Oct 31 Happy Halloween, everyone! If you want to get into the spirit, Lawndale style, I recommend the Halloween-themed fanfics in the Fan Fiction section (look under Holidays).
  • Added fan fiction:
    • "The Submariner Series: The Other Side of Things" by Wildgoose
    • "Daria's Run" by Warpedkhj13
    • "The Journal of Daria Morgendorffer" by Mystik Slacker
    • "The Passion Club (PG-13 version)" by Gystex
  • Added Mike Yamiolkoski's "advice to fanfic writers" to the Fan Fiction page.
  • Added transcript for "I Loathe a Parade" (#406).
  • Added Mike Quinn's Delayed Reaction Review for "Boxing Daria" (#513).
  • Added updated information about the video release of "Is It Fall Yet?" to the News page.
Oct 22 Sorry for the month-long gap between updates, but I'd received so few submissions that I figured I'd wait and post them all in one shot. Plus, I wanted to finish a couple of transcripts; more are on the way, so keep watching!
  • Added fan fiction:
    • "The New Teacher Series: Roasted, Prime Chuck" by Ben Breeck
    • "The New Teacher Series: Strained Relations" by Ben Breeck
    • "Blood Oath of Patriots, Part II: By Any Other Name" by Galen Hardesty
    • "Community Disservice" by Mike Yamiolkoski
    • "Fashion Victim" by Mel
    • "I Like to Read" by wyvern337
    • "Neon Night" by wyvern337
    • "Smackdown" by Galen Hardesty
    • "Special Delivery" by wyvern337
  • Removed fan fiction:
    • "Daria: The End" by Matt
    • "A Hard Dazed Night" by jak981125
    • "The Misery Senshi Neo-Zero Double Blitzkrieg Debacle" by Peter Guerin
  • Added transcripts:
    • "A Tree Grows in Lawndale" (#403)
    • "Dye! Dye! My Darling" (#413)
  • Added a link to the "new" (as in resurrected) "Chainsaw" Jane's Closet Door message board.

September 2001
Sep 22
  • Added fan fiction:
    • "The Submariner Series: The Old and the New" by Wildgoose
    • "Unseen Phenomenon: The Empty Hourglass" by Wildgoose
    • "Unseen Phenomenon: For Just a Moment" by Wildgoose
    • "Unseen Phenomenon: The Things We Put Ourselves Through" by Wildgoose
    • "Prepare for Bore" by DW Death
  • Updated summary pages for episodes #101 ("Esteemsters") through #108 ("Pinch Sitter") with additional info and expanded summaries.
  • Added to In the Media a link to the 2001 Animation Lust Excellence in Animation Award for Television, where Daria has won (and is runner-up in) several categories.
  • Changed all references to author "Rancour" in fanfic and essays to "Caira," by request.
Sep 12 Back online after my 24-hour (or so) blackout tribute to the victims of the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. Only one new addition -- a fanfic inspired by the attacks -- and a new, temporary title page graphic.

Rest assured that through the difficult times that lay ahead, Outpost Daria Reborn will be here when you need to take a break from the madness. Peace and strength be with you all.
  • Added fan fiction:
    • "Nightmare" by Erin Mills
  • Replaced (temporarily) the title page graphic with one created by Erin Mills.
Sep 10 Small update this time around, but I do have the distinction of premiering "My Favorite Enemy," the sequel to Mystik Slacker's "True Cynicism" series.
  • Added fan fiction:
    • "My Favorite Enemy" by Mystik Slacker
  • Added Daria and Jane's appearance in the online comic "The New Adventures of Bobbin" to the In The Media page.
  • Removed The Daria Reader from the Links list (site has been taken down).
  • Added local versions of (A) Mike Quinn's essays and (B) his Season 3 Delayed Reaction Review (HTML version).
Sep 3
  • Added fan fiction:
    • "The Driven Wild Universe: All But Forgotten" by Kara Wild
    • "The Time Capsule: 'Oh, Brother...' by Charles Ruttheimer III" by Steve Brown
    • "Jane on the Side" by The Alchemist
    • "A Night to Remember to Forget" by Firah
    • "The Torture of Chalkdust" by Sam Lincoln
  • Added local copies of all of Thomas Mikkelsen's fanfics.
  • Removed links to "Chainsaw" Jane's Fanfiction Closet (and its associated message board), which has been taken down by its webmaster.

August 2001
Aug 22 All submission addresses to the site have been changed back to the lawndale.net domain, as too many people have complained about the outpost-daria.com e-mail addresses being unreliable. (It's also possible that mail simply isn't getting through to those addresses, with no warning whatsoever.) You can continue to use the outpost-daria.com addresses if you like, but I urge you to switch back to the equivalent lawndale.net versions as soon as possible.

If you have attempted to submit something in the past and received a bounceback e-mail message, please feel free to do so again, only this time use the equivalent lawndale.net address. Thanks, and my sincerest apologies for the hassle!
  • Updated fan fiction:
    • "Behind the Glasses III" (fixed incorrect title)
    • "Beneath the Blue Suburban Skies" (fixed missing file)
    • "O Holy Nightmare" (fixed missing file)
    • "The Look-Alike Series: Run Away From Homecoming" (fixed incorrect title)
  • Removed the webring links on the home page, as by this point they're all but orphaned and extremely outdated. I'll restore them if/when I receive any information to the contrary.
  • Added a "Thanks and Acknowledgments" section to the home page (where the webrings used to be).
Aug 20
  • Added fan fiction:
      Episode Novelizations
    • "Boxing Daria" by Glenn Eichler (novelized by Adam Spradlin)
      Featured Authors
    • "Lawndale Beauty" by Thomas Mikkelsen
    • "Stuck in Lawndale: Party!" by Neal C.
    • "Stuck in Lawndale: A Message from Me to Me" by Neal C.
    • "Stuck in Lawndale: Road Trip" by Neal C. (with Napalm Krigbaum)
    • "Beneath the Blue Suburban Skies" by Jill Friedman
    • "Flying Colours" by C.L. Basso
    • "It's All About Respect (Ch. 1-7)" by Brother Grimace
    • "O Holy Nightmare" by Jill Friedman
    • "The Omega Cynic" by Mystik Slacker
    • "Ring Toss" by Nemo Blank
    • "Seeking Trent" by Thea Zara
    • "See You In the Funny Papers" by Firah
    • "Victory Lane" by Brother Grimace
  • Added various Daria mentions coinciding with MTV's 20th anniversary to the In The Media page.

July 2001
Jul 29
  • Added fan fiction:
      Featured Authors
    • Restored Austin Loomis' prose adapations of Canadibrit's "The Look-Alike Series" (finally!).
    • "Daria 2010: The Judgement of Quinn" by Robert Nowall
    • "Reconstructing Sandi: My House is Full of Lies" by Corvus Marinus
    • "Stuck in Lawndale: Fear and Loathing in Lawndale" by Neal C.
    • "Absolutely Crazy" by Wesley Willis
    • "Apocalypse Then" by Milo Minderbinder
    • "Blood Oath of Patriots" by Galen Hardesty
    • "Crossover" by Nemo Blank
    • "Day at the Water Park" by Jane
    • "Food Fight" by Jane
    • "Lawndale High's Picnic" by Jane
    • "Letters" by Jane
    • "A Show is Not Only a Show" by Jane
    • "The Stone" by Sam Lincoln
    • "Trent and Jane's Party" by Jane
  • Added transcripts for "My Night at Daria's" (#512) and "Boxing Daria" (#513).
  • Updated the song and oops lists.
Jul 15 Another small update this time, mainly due to lack of submissions. With the show nearing its end ("Is It College Yet?" will be its last hurrah, as we all know), this will probably be the case from now on. :-(
  • Added fan fiction:
      Featured Authors
    • Added the works of Renfield and Thomas Mikkelsen.
    • "Stuck in Lawndale" by Neal C. (*NEW* - first two stories)
    • "The Alan Spencer Series: The Generic Action Tale" by Smiley
    • "Alone" by Larne Pekowsky
    • "Everything's Cool and Froody" by Jill Palmer
    • "Lows and Highs" by Gabby
  • Removed Brian Taylor's "The Adventures of Amy Barksdale" and "Phantasmagorier," by his request.
  • Made some adjustments to the Fan Fiction section:
    • All Featured Authors are now listed on the main fanfic page.
    • A new fanfic category, "Series," indicates that the link is to the specific Series page.
    • A new fanfic category, "Horror & Suspense," has been added, and several entries have been modified to use this designation.
    • The Series entries have been added to the general fanfic pages, so that visitors looking for the works of a specific author can find them more easily.
    • Stories by the Featured Authors have been moved to the general fanfic pages, with the Featured Author links now going to these areas. This is so that all of an author's works can be grouped together.
    • Featured Authors that have created both series and stand-alone works have had their series added to the Series page.
    • Listings separated by topic have been added to the main fanfic page. Each topic page lists fanfics alphabetically by title.
  • Added Mike Quinn's Delayed Reaction Reviews for "Life in the Past Lane" (#509), "Aunt Nauseam" (#510), "Prize Fighters" (#511), and "My Night at Daria's" (#512).
  • Updated the song and oops lists.
Jul 4
  • Added fan fiction:
    • Added a page for Kemical Reaxion's "Barely Tales" series, and moved all relevant stories to it.
    • "Barely Tales: Little Green Riding Hood" by Kemical Reaxion
    • "Brush Strokes #2: Dueling Egos" by Erin Mills
    • "Boxing Quinn" by M Man
    • "Emancipation" by Galen Hardesty
    • "Holding On" by Renfield
    • "Night of the Living Doll" by Robert Nowall
  • Rearranged the Fanfic Series page to list entries alphabetically by series name.
  • Added the following entries to the Links page:
    • "Chainsaw" Jane's Fanfiction Closet (Erin Mills)
    • Daria Fanfic Song List (Rancour)
    • The Daria Reader (Thomas Mikkelsen)
    • The Daria Shrine (Larissa & Bridget Simpson)
    • Lawndale Leftovers (SUSU)
  • Removed The Daria FAQ from the Links page, as the site has effectively died (it has a main page, but no info).
  • Added essay by Peter Guerin ("Daria Fandom's Goetterdaemmerung?").

June 2001
Jun 26
  • Added fan fiction:
      Featured Authors
    • "The Look-Alike Series #412: Process of Elimination" by Canadibrit and Ben Yee
    • "The Look-Alike Series #413: FireWater Burn" by Canadibrit and Ben Yee
    • Added a new series, "Reconstructing Sandi" by Corvus Marinus
    • "Quinn at College #102: Dilemmas In Dating" by The Alchemist
    • "Reconstructing Sandi #1: A Change (Would Do You Good)" by Corvus Marinus
    • "Reconstructing Sandi #2: A Stranger In My Own Life" by Corvus Marinus
    • "The Time Capsule: Death is No Release - For Daria" by Steve Brown (aka Sandi Griffin)
    • "All in a Rowe" by M Man
    • "A Hard Dazed Night" by jak981125
    • "Just the Sun at Night" by C.L. Basso
    • "The Medallion" by Wesley Willis
    • "My Night at Tom's" by Thessalian
  • Removed all fanfics by MrAnonymous, per his request.
  • Added episode summaries for "My Night at Daria's" (#512) and "Boxing Daria" (#513).
  • Added and updated song and oops list entries.
  • Updated the song and oops list forms to include all episodes through "Boxing Daria" (#513) and "Is It College Yet?".
Jun 17 Yes! My "song list" and "oops! list" submissions folders are finally empty! Now, on to the transcripts... <groan>
  • Added fan fiction:
    • "Escape From Lawndale" by The Alchemist (Electronic Alchemy)
    • "A Change (Would Do You Good)" by Corvus Marinus
    • "The Commercial" by Wesley Willis
    • "What If" by Thomas Mikkelsen
  • Added episode summary for "Prize Fighters" (#511).
  • Added and corrected dozens of song list and "oops!" list entries.
  • Added a link to the new Writing Staff page on the Episode Guide page (under Miscellaneous).
Jun 6 Kind of a small update this week, but hey, I can only post what people submit, right? :-)
  • Added fan fiction:
    • "Reflections Before Summer" by Wildgoose (The Submariner Series)
    • "Fanning the Flames" by Renfield
    • "His Sister's Keeper" by M Man
    • "Who Loves Daria the Most?" by Wesley Willis
  • Added episode summaries for "Art Burn" (#507), "One J at a Time" (#508), "Life in the Past Lane" (#509), and "Aunt Nauseam" (#510).
  • Added Mike Quinn's Delayed Reaction Reviews for "Camp Fear" (#504), "The Story of D" (#505), "Lucky Strike" (#506), "Art Burn" (#507), and "One J at a Time" (#508).
  • Added a ton of song list entries and corrections for "Is It Fall Yet?" and seasons one, three, four, and five.

May 2001
May 30
  • Added fan fiction:
      Featured Authors
    • "TLAS #411: Kiss and Makeup" by Canadibrit and Ben Yee
    • "Upid-Stay (Kevin's Story)" by Steve Brown (The Time Capsule)
    • "Which Ever Way the Wind Blows" by Wildgoose (Unseen Phenomenon)
    • "Zenned Out" by Ben Breeck (The New Teacher Series)
    • "The Artist Formerly Known as the Frog Prince" by Kemical Reaxion
    • "Cinderfella" by Kemical Reaxion
    • "Go Folk Yourself" by Bryan McGucken
    • "Last Letters" by Katie Binko
    • "Lawndale Living Conditions" by Thomas Mikkelsen
    • "Lawntropolis" by Milo Minderbinder
    • "Mole? Somebody Get Me a Dermatologist!" by Belle Book
    • "North to Alaska, South to Lawndale" by Robert Nowall
    • "Three Contemplations and a Funeral" by Thomas Mikkelsen
    • "Welcome to the Rat Race" by Mystik Slacker
    • "The Whole Truth" by Galen Hardesty
  • Removed Peter Guerin's "Death Be Not Stacy" at the author's request.
May 16 Another micro-update, due once again to lack of free time. *sigh*
  • Added fan fiction:
    • Added The Alan Spencer Series by Smiley
      • "Episode #1: Mr. Congeniality" (moved)
      • "Episode #2: Trading Faces" (moved)
      • "Episode #3: Little Miss Patty Hearst" (new)
    • Added A Cynical Guide to the Galaxy by Jill Palmer
      • "Fit the First: Crazy Harry Plays With REALLY Big Dynamite"
      • "Fit the Second: Cyniiics iiin Spaaace!"
    • The Time Capsule by Steve Brown
      • "Screams in the Night" by Tiffany Blum-Deckler
    • "Blast from the Past" by Nemo Blank
    • "Dark Horizon" by Nemo Blank
    • "Fixing Dad" by Thomas Mikkelsen
    • "More Real Than Real" by Shinai
    • "Outage (prose version)" by Austin G. Loomis
    • "Retrograde Girl" by Nemo Blank
    • "The Song that Jane Likes" by Sam Lincoln
  • Added transcript for "Is It Fall Yet?" (finally!).

April 2001
Apr 29
  • Added fan fiction:
    • Added Quinn at College by The Alchemist
    • Added True Cynicism by Mystik Slacker
    • Added The Submariner Series by Wildgoose
      • Moved all related stories from general fanfic
      • "One Season at a Time" (new)
    • "Abruptly Amy in 'Silly Sci-Fi Crossover'" by PMC
    • "Dega's Irregulars #1: Prelude to a Dream" by Neal C.
    • "Is Summer Over Already?" by Mike Yamiolkoski
Apr 18 "Author of the Month" has been delayed, I'm afraid, due to various situations in the ol' Real Life(tm) taking up most of my time. It's also the reason for the tiny update this week. Plus, I was out of town Easter weekend... AAAARGH!!!

However, I do have a new treat for you: "general" fanfics are now available sorted by author as well as title! Have a look at the revamped Fan Fiction page for the details. I've come up with a new process for handling fanfic that makes updating trivial, so all new fanfics will be listed sorted both ways. (Yaaay!!!!)

In a future update, I hope to offer the ability for authors to upload their stories to the Outpost Daria Reborn web space via web browser (ala FanFiction.Net), as an alternative to e-mail attachments. The stories themselves won't go online immediately, of course, but this should take some of the hassle out of submitting stories for a lot of people.

Oh, and Rey Fox is now a Featured Author. Congratulations!
  • Added fan fiction:
      Featured Authors
    • Added fanfics by Rey Fox.
    • "None in the Family, Parts 1 and 2" (updated) by Kara Wild
    • The New Teacher Series by Ben Breeck
      • "Open Season"
    • The Time Capsule by Steve Brown
      • "The Assassin & I" by Brittany Taylor
    • Daria: The OAVs by Peter Guerin
      • "Daria's Slapshot" (moved from general fanfic listings)
    • The A.D. Universe by MrAnonymous
      • "Rest Stop"
    • "Afternoon at the Mall" by MrAnonymous
    • "And 'Zing, Zing, Zing' Went My... Guitar Strings" by Caitlin Duffy
    • "Citizen Lane" by MrAnonyous
    • "Daria's Mid Summer Night's Dream" by Love Gordon
    • "Finding Morgendorffer" by Thomas Mikkelsen
    • "First Meeting" by Anonymous
    • "Night of the Living Lawndale" by Amber "Sunny" Howard
    • "Quinnderella" by Mike Yamiolkoski
    • "Season of Hope and Blight" by MeScribble
  • Fan fiction stories in the "general fanfic" are can now be viewed sorted by author as well as by title. The A-Z author pages break each author into their own sections, with their e-mail addresses promimently shown.
  • Added essay by Peter Guerin ("The Beginning of the End").
Apr 1 Forgot to include a link to Outpost Amy, even though it's been online for weeks. A thousand apologies, Kara and Milo!

Also, the next update will debut a new feature on Outpost Daria Reborn: "Fanfic Author of the Month," where one author's fanfics will be singled out for recognition. I have ideas for the first few candidates, but I'm always up for suggestions for others!
  • Added fan fiction:
      Featured Authors
    • "Display Model" by Canadibrit & Ben Yee (The Look-Alike Series)
    • "In Her Own Words" by Kara Wild
    • Created page for Peter Guerin's Daria: The OAVs
    • Electronic Alchemy by The Alchemist
      • "The Games We Play"
      • "On This Night, A Star Is Born"
    • Unseen Phenomenon by Wildgoose
      • "Morality Check"
    • "Daria: The End" by Matt
    • "Death Be Not Stacy" by Peter Guerin
    • "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" by Kelly
    • "Of Farce and Tragedy" by Thomas Mikkelsen
    • "Thoughts During a Boring Speech" by D.W.I.
  • Added episode summary and transcript for "Lucky Strike" (#506).
  • Added DVDaria (the official site and the petition), Outpost Amy, and FanFiction.Net to the Links page.
  • Added banner and link to DVDaria on the home page.
  • Added screen shot to the "Camp Fear" (#504) episode page showing animated versions of Erin Mills and Michelle Klein-Häss.

March 2001
Mar 25 Update's not very big this week, due to time constraints, but I managed to get the latest episode summaries online. Not much fanfic, either, but that's probably 'cause we're too busy watching the episodes to write about them. :-)

I would, however, like to announce a new feature I'm planning for the near future. The fanfic section will get its first major overhaul in quite a while with the addition of index pages sorted by author, in addition to the pages sorted by title. This should help immensely finding stories by a particular author, so that you don't have to wade through all A-Z pages plus the Featured Author and Series pages. (Thanks to the people whose comments and suggestions were instrumental in inspiring this long-needed change; you know who you are. <grin>)
  • Added fan fiction:
      Featured Authors
    • Added Yui Daoren to the Featured Authors list
    • The Look-Alike Series - "A Dated Concept" by Canadibrit and Ben Yee
    • Added page for Steve Brown's The Time Capsule series
    • Daria: The Hunter - "All Misery Chicks Go to Hell" by Crazy Nutso
    • The Time Capsule - "Prolog" by Steve Brown
    • The Time Capsule - "Daria Meets... Daria?" by Steve Brown
    • "I May Go Pop" by M Man
  • Removed stories by Ruthless Bunny by request of the author.
  • Added episode summaries for "Camp Fear" (#504) and "The Story of D" (#505).
  • Removed Lawndale on the Edge of Forever from the Links page (the site no longer exists).
Mar 18 Sorry about the delayed update, but Real Life(tm) has been intruding more often than not lately. As a consequence, I couldn't get as much done for this update as I'd hoped, but I managed to get some fanfic and episode info to keep you going. Enjoy!
  • Added fan fiction:
    • Added page for Crazy Nutso's "Daria: The Hunter"
    • Added page for Erin Mills' "The Daria Chronicles" and "Brush Strokes: The Adventures of Jane Lane" (both are on one page at the present time)
    • "Book Learnin'" by Erin Mills (The Daria Chronicles)
    • "Courtroom Trauma" by Ben Breeck (The New Teacher Series)
    • "Fate's Twisted Sense of Humor" by Wildgoos (Unseen Phenomenon)
    • "Hello London" by Erin Mills (Brush Strokes: The Adventures of Jane Lane)
    • "Love is in the Air (Pass the Air Freshener)" by Crazy Nutso (The Senior Year Series)
    • "Chance Meeting on Dega Street: A Poem" by Robert Nowall
    • "Chocolate Girl" by M Man
    • "A Dirge for Daria" (updated) by Love Gordon
    • "The Exercise Project" by Thomas
    • "Heart's Desire: A Tale of the End of the World" by Robert Nowall
    • "Jane's Sanitary" by Smiley
    • "The Highland Invasion" by Daniel T. Dey
    • "Love's Labours Undone" by Mystik Slacker
    • "Not Your Average Jane" by Yui Daoren
    • "Outage" by Mike Yamiolkoski
    • "Remembering a Girl" by Love Gordon
    • "Requiem for a Lightweight" by Um
    • "Trading Faces" by Smiley
  • Added episode summaries, Delayed Reaction Reviews, and transcripts for "Sappy Anniversary" (#502) and "Fat Like Me" (#503).
  • Added Mike Quinn's Delayed Reaction Review for "Fizz Ed" (#501).
  • Removed The Definitive Daria from the Links page (the site no longer exists).
  • Miscellaneous site maintenance.

February 2001
Feb 25
  • Added fan fiction:
    • Added page for The Alchemist's "Electronic Alchemy" series.
    • "A Mere Formality" by Wildgoose (Unseen Phenomenon)
    • "The Emancipation of Stacy Rowe" by Yui Daoren
  • Added Mike Quinn's Delayed Reaction Review for Season 4.
  • Added transcript for "Fizz Ed" (#501).
  • Added song and "oops!" list entries for "Fizz Ed" (#501).
  • Updated the URL to Mike Quinn's Delayed Reaction Review Archive on the Links page.
Feb 21 No artwork this time, and it's a bit delayed, but that's so I could quickly put the summary for "Fizz Ed" online. More goodies to follow this upcoming Sunday!
  • Added fan fiction:
    • "Busted Stuff" by Sam Lincoln
    • "Daria, the Hunted" by Love Gordon
    • "A Dirge for Daria" by Love Gordon
    • "It's the Millennium, Stupid! (Part 1)" by Don Fields
    • "Jane Lane's Diary" by Ruthless Bunny
    • "The Statement of Daria Morgendorffer" by Brian Taylor
    • "A Warrior Maid of Lawndale" by Mystik Slacker
  • Added section to Episode Guide page for season 5 episodes.
  • Added song list and "oops!" list pages for season 5 episodes.
  • Added summary page for "Fizz Ed" (#501).
  • Updated all e-mail address references for John Berry fanfics and artwork.
Feb 11 I will probably be adding another update day -- Wednesday -- in order to accomodate the new Season 5 episodes that will begin airing on the 19th. I will still have Sunday as "major update day," however, so now you have two deadlines you can meet for new material. :-)
  • Added fan fiction:
      Featured Authors
    • "Secrets and Lies" by Canadibrit & Ben Yee (The Look-Alike Series)
    • "Homecoming Dunce" by Ben Breeck (The New Teacher Series)
    • "If I Could Tell You" by Wildgoose (Unseen Phenomenon)
    • "Attack of the Pink Bunnies" by Queen Jossie
    • "Bake Off" by Queen Jossie
    • "Falls Apart" by Queen Jossie
    • "I'm Going to Jane's" by Rancour
    • "Jane for President" by Caitlin Duffy
    • "Just Tell Him" by Queen Jossie
    • "The Other Side of the Mirror" by Queen Jossie
    • "Psychoed" by Thomas
    • "The Real Story" by Queen Jossie
    • "A Short Fic" by Queen Jossie
    • "Stinkbutt Part Two" (revised) by Robert Nowall
    • "The 2 Sides of a Cynic" by Chris Fabris
    • "When You See Me" by Queen Jossie
  • Added fan fiction illustrations for:
    • "Band Aid" by Admonisher
    • "Parental Discretion" by Canadibrit & Ben Yee
    • "Tour of Duty" by Canadibrit & Ben Yee
Feb 4 More fanfic. Some of these stories were sitting around in my e-mail directory for a long time, but had never been posted. (Alas, some links were so old that they were no longer valid. *sigh*) Also, some fanfic illustrations.
  • Added fan fiction:
      Featured Authors
    • "The Musician's New Muse" by Austin Covello
    • Created page for Wildgoose's "Unseen Phenomenon" series
    • "Family Junk Bonds" by Ben Breeck (The New Teacher Series)
    • "Shadowed Wings" by Wildgoose (Unseen Phenomenon)
    • "Strange Bonds" by Wildgoose (Unseen Phenomenon)
    • "Trouble Walking" by Wouter Jaegers (Trouble Walking)
    • "Babylon" by Sam Lincoln
    • "Beavis and Butthead Do Lawndale" by Geoffrey Roberts
    • "Boomerang" by Wouter Jaegers
    • "Dazed and Misconstrued" by Geoffrey Roberts
    • "Death Is the Maiden" by Geoffrey Roberts
    • "Egg-cept Responsability" by Hash
    • "Gnome Improvement" by Geoffrey Roberts
    • "Just Add Connor" by Hash
    • "A Kiss for Quinn" by Bryan42
    • "Melody Powers - The Death of Tommunism" by Geoffrey Roberts
    • "Mystery Usenet Theater 3000: 'The Misery Senshi Neo-Zero Double Blitzkrieg Debacle'" by Matt Blackwell, et al.
    • "Mystery Usenet Theater 3000: 'The Return of the Lawndale Militia'" by Matt Blackwell, et al.
    • "Phantasmagorier" by Brian Taylor
    • "Spaced Out" by Geoffrey Roberts
    • "The Trentsback Continuum" by Geoffrey Roberts
    • "Underrated" by Medea42
    • "Would You Like to Take a Survey?" by Kemical Reaxion
    • "Yes, Mr. Sloane" by MrAnonymous
  • Removed fan fiction:
    • "The Darkest Day of Daria" by Ria Coutinho (author's request)
    • "The Empty Padded Room" by Ria Coutinho (author's request)
  • Added fan fiction illustrations for:
    • "Banded for Life" by Canadibrit and Ben Yee
    • "Misshapen Identity" by Canadibrit
    • "Revelations" by Steven Galloway
    • "Tour of Duty" by Canadibrit and Ben Yee
    • "X Marks the Maverick" by Canadibrit and Ben Yee

January 2001
Jan 28 Oh. My. God. It can't be. It's... artwork!!! :-)
  • Added fan fiction:
    • "Outcast Castaways" by Robert Nowall
    • "7 Wishes" by Wesley Willis
    • "The Slacker Without" by Ruthless Bunny
    • "Snow Darn" by Patrick Moore
    • "Weekend at Barch's" by Patrick Moore
  • Added fan fiction illustrations:
    • "One Hundred Percent" by Kemical Reaxion
    • "Restoration" by Diane Long
  • Added makeovers for: Daria, Jane, Kevin, Quinn, Sandi, Tiffany, Trent, Ms. Li, and Miscellaneous.
  • Added miscellaneous artwork from Wouter Jaegers and Kemical Reaxion.
Jan 21 Sorry there was no update last weekend, but I couldn't exactly manage one from Las Vegas. :-) However, we've got some spiffy new fanfic for you this time, as well as a few miscellaneous odds and ends. Enjoy!
  • Added fan fiction:
    • "Abruptly Amy in 'Cops'..." by Napalm Krigbaum
    • "The Butterfly Storm" by Mystik Slacker
    • "By the Twilight" by Wildgoose
    • "The Halloween Spirit" by Jill Palmer
    • "In the End, I Can Be Only Numb" by Mystik Slacker
    • "Massive Attack" by Combatbootgrl
    • "Mr. Congeniality" by Smiley
    • "Parental Injustice" by Thomas
    • "The Setup, Part 2" by Luxa Goldmine
    • "Something Happened" by Wraith
    • "Suffering in Silence" by MrAnonymous
    • "Trent's Girlfriends" by Ruthless Bunny
    • "Trick-or-Trent" by Elizabeth
    • "What is Memory?" by Love Gordon
    • "Woosh" by Jill Palmer
    • "Working" by Elizabeth
    • "The World of Charles Ruttheimer" by Wraith
  • Removed the stories "Jackboot Horoscope," "Artistic License," and "Just Add Water... Balloons" by request of the author.
  • Reinstated the forms for adding entries to the song and "oops!" lists, and added links to the forms on the main Episode Guide page for easier access.
  • Moved the Lane family to its own Character page, and added a page for the Sloane family.
  • Moved "The (Non-)Foxing of Outpost Daria Reborn" to the FAQ page.
Jan 7 Ohmygod, another update so soon? What's this world coming to?!! :-)

Seriously, I'm going to shoot for weekly (or bi-weekly) updates once again, so that I don't fall so spectacularly behind that I procrastinate until it's an impossible job (like the last few updates have been). This may mean fewer items per update, but on the whole, I think there'll ultimately be more total items over the same period of time as previous updates. And that's always a good thing, right? Right!
  • Added fan fiction:
    • "Burnt Out" by Wildgoose
    • "Condition" by Robert Nowall
    • "Inner Demons" by Belle Book
    • "Lunch Hour in Lawndale" by Brother Grimace
    • "Sculptures" by Rancour
    • "Strange Bedfellows" by Mystik Slacker
    • "Trent's Insanity" by Smiley
    • "A Walk in the Park" by Wildgoose
  • Moved the link for the "Abruptly Amy (The Spinoff That Was)" series to the Fanfic Series page.
  • Removed fanfics "TRL" and "TRL 2" by request of the author.
  • Noted Ben Yee's co-authorship of Canadibrit's "The Look-Alike Series" (from season 3 onward).
  • Added episode summary with Mike Quinn's Delayed Reaction Review for "Is It Fall Yet?" (finally!).
  • Updated the URLs pointing to The Paperpusher's Site (from "paperpusher.simplenet.com" to "www.thepaperpusher.net"). This includes the main site, the TV listings, and Paperpusher's fan fiction.