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Holidays were rarely touched upon in "Daria" (except for "Depth Takes a Holiday," of course). How would the dour and cynical Daria handle Christmas cheer (and rampant commercialism), for example? The following stories let you see that and much more.

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All Hallows' Peeved
By Kristen Bealer

It's Halloween! Young Daria goes trick-or-treating with Helen, Quinn agonizes over finding just the right costume, and Jake prepares to wage a one-man war against pranksters. A precanon fanfic based on a photograph in "The Daria Diaries."
Anything for Jane (*)
By The Angst Guy

A Mother's Day fanfic about a girl who discovers her favorite aunt was more important in her life than she had imagined.

The Bear and the Unicorn
By Brother Grimace

A Valentine's Day-themed Iron Chef featuring Jake and Helen.

The Christmas Clip Show
By Mahna Mahna

You know how when some people completely forget about buying Christmas gifts until the night before, they go through some of their old stuff to try to wrap up and pass it off as a brand new gift? This is sort of like that...
Christmas Eve at the Lanes
By Adrienne

Her sister's pregnant. Her mother isn't talking to her. She and her best friend are having problems. And the only person Daria can talk to is the person with whom she's stuck in a snow storm: Trent.
Christmas Morning
By Robert Nowall

Early Christmas morning, Jane gets a visit...
Christmas Snow
By Di

A sequel to The Angst Guy's "April Is The Cruelest Month." It's the Christmas after the Colorado trip. How do Daria, Jane, Trent and Daryll celebrate it?

A Daria Christmas Special
By Bacner

(no description available)
Daria's Christmas Carol
By Admonisher

A reinterpretation of the Dickens classic that finds Daria at odds with her family, her friends, and the very spirit of Christmas. Can one night actually change the way Daria thinks? And will it be for the better?
Daria's Halloween Extravaganza
By Tara May

Daria humiliates Quinn at a Halloween party with Jane, Trent and Jesse.
Daria's Season of Goodwill [Artwork]
By Nemo Blank

Holiday cheer is in short supply during a Christmas season that finds a lonely Daria enduring Quinn's taunts and insults, Jane dealing with mounting depression and an oblivious father, and a band-less Trent facing the unthinkable: a real job. Followed by "The Mighty Quinn."
Death Takes a Holliday (*)
By The Angst Guy

A Halloween tale about a man, a woman, and a door across time.
The Diary of Daria Morgendorffer: A Portrait of a Young Girl
By Melissa

Daria's diary entries on her first Christmas in Lawndale.

Easter Eggs Need Color
By Brandon League

Easter weekend, 1986. Five-year-old Jane Lane gets brought home by the police. Need I say more? Written for Thea Zara's "Easter Egg Hunt."

Halloween Hellraiser
By Patrick Moore

It's Halloween in Lawndale, and the Morgendorffers are dressed up as... read and see.
Halloween in Lawndale
By Melissa

Halloween is the best time of the year, especially in Lawndale. The Fashion Club goes partying, and Daria finds out just how different the Lanes really are.
The Halloween Spirit (*)
By Jill Palmer

Only at Halloween would Brittany get the idea to have a costume party. And only on Halloween would things get as spectacularly wonky as they do...
Halloween Treats
By Brother Grimace

Jake and Helen enjoy Halloween in, oh, so many ways.
Halloween Treats
By Brother Grimace

A Halloween-themed fic finds Jake on the run from zombies that want his body... oh, boy, do they want his body.
Her Web of Sin
By Smileyfax

Trent discovers that courting an anthropomorphic representation of a holiday isn't easy.
Herself, an Elf
By John Berry

It's Christmastime in Lawndale, and as you can imagine, it's not exactly Daria's favorite time of year. When she decides to get her family decent presents for a change, she is forced to take an embarrassing job in order to afford them. In the process, she gets a lot more in return than she expected... both bad and good.
Home for Christmas
By Robin Sena

One Christmas night, Quinn discovers a sorrowful Daria fearing the worst thing in her life. Part of an Iron Chef challenge.

I'm Dreaming of A Trite Christmas
By Kristen Bealer

Helen and Jake decide to stay home for Christmas instead of visiting family, and plan to make it the best Christmas ever. They, along with their four- and three-year-old daughters Daria and Quinn, find that the task is not as easy as they'd hoped.
It's a Wonderful Misery Chick Life
By Patrick Moore

Daria goes the Jimmy Stewart route when she wishes that she was never born, in this take on Frank Capra's holiday classic "It's a Wonderful Life."

The Journal of Daria Morgendorffer
By Mystik Slacker

It's Halloween, and someone at Lawndale High is taking the holiday far too seriously. A Lovecraftian tale of madness, magic, and social events.

Mad Dog (*)
By The Angst Guy

A Halloween tale from an alternate Daria universe: "There shall be done a deed of dreadful note" (William Shakespeare, "Macbeth"). A PPMB Iron Chef short story.

Note: This story includes content (language, violence, or sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for some readers.
Meanwhile In...
By Wyvern337

Snapshots of the wandering Lanes, one day in late November.
The Mighty Quinn
By Nemo Blank

The sequel to "Daria's Season of Goodwill" finds Quinn, Daria, Jane and Stacy ushering in the new year by combining their talents to make good in an e-business, which turns out to be a lot more challenging than they imagined. All of this serves as a backdrop for the changes in Daria's life, as she fears she's slowly losing her identity in the wake of becoming Trent's girlfriend.

O Holy Nightmare
By Jill Friedman

When Tom invites Daria to the Sloane's Christmas party, Daria has to endure the ultimate humiliation: allowing Quinn and Helen to help her find an appropriate ensemble. But that turns out to be nothing compared to what happens when she actually gets there!
Observational Skills
By Brother Grimace

The Morgendorffer daughters celebrate Groundhog Day in their own loving manner.
Over the River and Through the Mood Swings
By Kristen Bealer

What could be worse than Thanksgiving dinner with a dysfunctional family? How about two Thanksgiving dinners with two dysfunctional families? The Morgendorffers learn this the hard way in a holiday story set six years prior to the series.

Padded Room of Terror
By Mike Quinn

A faux Halloween episode that thrusts Daria and Jane into three wacky tales, including takeoffs of the "Child's Play" movies and "Star Trek: Voyager," in a homage to the annual Halloween episodes of "The Simpsons."

Sappy Holidays
By Kristin Wegner

It's the Yuletide season in Lawndale, and the Daria crew is ready to do a little celebrating of their own. The Morgendorffers and the Lanes (plus Jesse) have a real-life White Christmas in Racine, WI.
Season of Hope and Blight
By MeScribble

Jake's fake Christmas tree disgusts his daughters, particularly Daria, who ends up feeling more than a little like Charlie Brown facing the crass commercialism of the Christmas holiday.
Shared XX
By Richard Lobinske

After the events of "Boxing Daria," Daria tries to find a proper Mother's Day gift for Helen.
Sowing and Reaping
By Thomas Mikkelsen

It's Halloween, and Quinn is volunteered to accompany the children. Luckily, she has a sister who can take over her duties.
A Star in the East Window (*)
By Guy Payne

A prequel to "Kadhimiya," written in answer to Thea Zara's Christmasfic challenge.

Thanks, but No Thanks-giving
By Matt

It's Thanksgiving, and Jake and Helen have the sudden realization that they're ineffective parents. So, in an attempt at parent-child bonding, they whisk Daria and Quinn away to a private resort for the holiday, and end up dragging Jane and Trent along for the ride. Meanwhile, the Fashion Club enters the school Thanksgiving pageant... for all the wrong reasons, of course. Will Daria finally have a reason to be thankful? Will Stacy finally get a little payback?
Trick or Treat
By Barry Eshkol Adelman

Daria and Jane outskirt a restriction on Halloween costumes at school and get some unexpected attention.
By Elizabeth

At a Halloween party, Daria gets convinced by Trent to get hypnotized with him. Who knows what might be revealed?
Turkey Days
By Patrick Moore

A Daria Thanksgiving story that involves a school play and a giant turkey... and no, they're not one and the same.

The Valentine Crush

It's Valentine's Day, and l'amour is in the air. Need I say more?
Valentine's Day
By Deref

Jane gets a Valentine's Day gift. An entry in one of the PPMB's "Iron Chef" contests.
A Very Cynical Christmas
By Warpedkjh13

Helen, Daria, the Mall of the Millennium, and the local supermarket. No good can come from this...

Weak at the Freeze
By Fiona Lane

Just another Christmas with presents, Jane, Tom, Helen, Jake, Quinn, and the rest! But what's with Jane?