Sandi's Payback
by Tazzie

(Episode 2 of season 1:
The "Not Another New Kid Series!" Series)

(Scene: LHS corridor. Mel, Drew, Daria, and Jane gather around Daria and Mel's lockers. They're idly chatting.)

Drew: Ms. Barch is... something.

Daria: What do you mean by that?

Mel(giggles): There were plenty of desks in the room but she made him stand in the back because "not another damn man!" Hahaha.

Jane: Don't worry. She does it to everyone. Well, all the men. (snickers)

Drew: Shaddap.

(Just then the Fashion Club walks past whispering. Mel looks at them suspiciously.)

Mel: They're...

Drew: ... up to something.

Mel: Thank you, Drew.

Jane: What do you think's going on in their puny little minds?

Daria: I'm losing brain cells just trying to contemplate...

(Scene: Girls bathroom. Fashion club is gathered around talking.)

Stacy: Maybe we should just leave her alone. It's not her fault.

Sandi: Sta-CY. That was my favorite outfit, and the stain will *never* come out.

Quinn: Yeah. It took me three *hours* to get that pudding out of my hair.

Tiffany: Whoooaaa... That is baaad.

Sandi: Someone's going to pay. Even if they're innocent. They're, like, related. Is that close enough for YOU Stacy?

Stacy: Yeah! Sorry, Sandi.

(Scene: Chez Morgendorffer. All is quiet... Until we hear a loud rumbling of a car. Seconds later, we see the Ferrari pull up containing Daria, Jane, Mel, and Drew. The car stops and they all get out and head inside.)

Daria: Mom! Dad! Quinn! Anyone home?

Jake: Hey Daria! Who's Ferrari is that?!

Mel: Mine.

Jake: Wow, you can afford that?

Drew: Her dad bought it for her.

Jake: You're lucky, missy. My father, oh no! No car for Jake. You get your own damn car!, he said. And if you can't buy one, then you take your bike or WALK! Lousy-

Daria: Dad...

Jake: Sorry, Kiddo. Who're your friends?

Daria: This is Mel, this is Drew, and you already know Jane.

Mel: What's up?

Drew: Hullo.

Jake: If you don't mind I'm going to go look at the Ferrari! (runs out)

(Daria shakes her head. All of the sudden, they hear a horn beep. They go to the window. Jake is in the driver's seat pretending to drive... like small children do. Jane snickers.)

Mel: Um... THAT kind of thing makes me happy my dad's in New York.

Jane: That kind of thing makes me happy that my parents are in another country.

Daria: Shove it, Lane.

(Scene: The padded cell. The four walk in.)

Drew: Wow, nice room...

Mel: It's very... interesting.

Daria(mona lisa smile): Look in the closet.

Drew(muffled): Um..

Jane: Exactly. A nut case used to live in her room.

Mel: Cool.

(Scene: Pizza king. Music: Metallica - Where the Wild Things Are~ Daria, Mel, and Jane share a booth. The FClub walk in.)

Daria: And I lose another braincell. (beat. mocking tone.) Which is my best side? I know they're both good.

(Jane laughs, and Mel looks at her like she has two heads. But then she realizes she's just joking, and laughs, too. But the Fashion Clubbers wear a scowl and approach the out-cast gathering.)

Sandi: Like, Mel, laugh NOW. But wait and see what happens.

(She turns and the others follow suit. They leave.)

Mel: Um..?

Jane: I wouldn't worry about it. Too many hours near open nail-polish bottles.


LHS corridor. Sandi and the FClubbers walk down a hall. They're talking and grinning. Then they see Brooke coming down the hallway. Their smiles grow still larger, yet eviller. Brooke is carrying tons of books, and as she walks by, Stacy trips her. Brooke looks up as she's gathering her books, and the FClubbers just shrug as they walk by.

O'Neill's class. The Fashion Club are sitting behind Brooke, flicking things at her, and throwing things at her. She's getting pissed. Then, as everyone is passing up their homework, Brooke drops hers and Tiffany rips it into pieces. Brooke is furious... If looks could kill, the FClub would be dead and burried.

Lunchroom. Brooke sits with Andrea. The FClubbers approach and make idle chit-chat. And then Sandi dumps a purple liquid, most likely grape juice, all over Brooke. Then, Quinn dumps pudding all in her hair. She runs off to the girls' room, crying. Daria, Jane, Mel, and Drew see it happen.

Girls' room. Daria, Mel, and Jane try to talk to Brooke, but she won't do anything but hold up her hand and tell them to leave.

Outside LHS. Daria, Mel, Drew, and Jane stand next to the Ferrari waiting for Brooke. She emerges from LHS... Covered in feathers. The FClubbers high-five eachother, and Brooke is crying tears of anger, again.


Mel: What the hell happened, Brooke?

Brooke: Fuck off, Mel.

(Drew tries to grab her arm, but she pulls away.)

Brooke: I'll walk home.

(She walks off angrily. Jane and Daria look mad at the FClub and concerned, as does Drew. But Mel... She's pure anger.)

Mel: I'm going to go catch up with Brooke. Can you guys walk? (Drew, Jane, and Daria nod. Mel jumps into the Ferrari and drives off. The three shake their head.)

(Scene: Chez Morgendorffer, later that night. Quinn's room.)

Quinn(On phone): Like, I KNOW! (pause) Yeah, her sister will defitely never mess with us again. (Daria storms into the room and gives Quinn the death-glare.) Um, Sandi, I need to go. I'll call you back. (hangs up) What do you want, Daria?

Daria: What the hell is your problem, Quinn?

Quinn: Huh?

Daria: You know Brooke didn't do anything, why did you mess with her, and not Drew or Mel?

Quinn: Brooke? Oh. That goth girl. Hah. Because Sandi said that-

Daria: I thought you had more brains, Quinn. I really did. (She lets out a sigh, and leaves, also leaving Quinn with her thoughts.)

(Scene: Waters' place. Brooke's room. Walls: black. Ceiling: Black. Everything: black. Mel is standing in there with Brooke. Brooke is busy doing something on her computer.)

Mel: Brooke, I'm your sister, I want to do something to them for you.

Brooke(not looking over): Leave me alone, Mel.

Mel: Brooke-

Brooke(finally turns around to reveal tears): Get the fuck out, MEL!

(Mel sighs and leaves. On the other side of the door, we pan right up into her face. Her eyes show pure rage.)

Mel: Sandi Griffin, you are DEAD. DEAD.



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