This is Chapter 2 in this AU fic. Overview: Daria, now Dorian, gets a visit from one of Jake's aunts. How will they react to what she reveals? Meanwhile, Dorian and Tom both ask Jane to spend Thanksgiving with them, leaving her to not only choose, but try to figure out exactly how she feels about the new form of her best friend.

Daria/Dorian Chapter 2 - Where Do We Go From Here?

Dorian woke up the next day hoping it would all be back to normal. I guess today really is the first day of the rest of my life. He stood up and headed for the closet. He stopped to look at himself in the mirror. He inspected his body. I can't believe I'm checking myself out. He hated admitting to himself that he was not bad looking. Dread soon washed over him. I don't want people looking at me because of my body. I guess I could ignore them. It wouldn't hurt if I stayed fit though. Especially after seeing Jane's reaction to that outfit yesterday. WHAT AM I SAYING? SHE'S YOUR BEST FREIND! SHE'S A-- "she" Dorian whispered. He looked down at the new pair of sneakers at the foot of the bed. Might as well break you in. He threw on a pair of sweat pants and a sweat shirt. He went downstairs. Amy was sitting at the table. Dorian looked at the clock. It was almost noon and no one else was home.

He put a pop-tart in the toaster and poured a glass of orange juice. After quickly eating, he headed towards the door. Amy had informed him that his parents had gone grocery shopping and Quinn was at Stacy's house. She told him she would tell his parents what he was doing.

Dorian decided to jog towards Lawndale High. With it being a vacation week, he figured it would be quiet and vacant. As his feet hit the pavement, his mind began to clear. I can see why Jane enjoys this soo much. As he continued down the sidewalk, he began to try to figure things out. There has to be someone I can talk to. A great aunt or uncle, somebody has to know more than mom and dad. Can't ask grandpa- he died before I was born. He became so wrapped up in his thoughts that he didn't hear the footsteps catching up with him from behind. He almost jumped when he felt the tap on his shoulder.

"Do my eye deceive me or is a Morgendorffer voluntarily exercising?" Jane smiled. "Mind if I join you?"

"I guess not." After a few minutes, Dorian looked at Jane. "So what are your plans for today?"

"I'm supposed to go out with Tom tonight. You?"

"Aunt Amy and I are going to try to get information about all of this."

"Cool. If you need my help, let me know. Tom and I are only going to the Zon."

"Don't worry about tonight. I wouldn't want to take away from your Tom time." Dorian felt himself pick up the pace. Jane followed him stride for stride. A tense silence fell between them.

They passed the high school and headed downtown. When they reached Dega Street, they turned around to head home. About halfway back, Dorian began to slow down. After a couple more blocks, they went from a jog to a steady walk. Dorian was drenched in sweat and his shirt was starting to stick to him. He tried to un-stick the shirt from his back. His annoyance caused him to zone out the fact that Jane was walking beside him. In a moment of frustration, he took the sweat shirt off. That's when he heard Jane's breath catch. He panicked and quickly put the shirt back on. Jane stopped. After a few more steps, Dorian looked back at her.

"You know it's no big deal.. remember I used to run track. Guys did that all the time."

"It's not that.. I just realized that I took my shirt off in public and for a brief moment I didn't care."

"I know you have a thing about your looks Daria. Well...I hate to be the one to tell you this but you have nothing to be ashamed off. Whether or not you want to admit it to yourself, you're built quite nice."

Dorian crossed his arms. "Jane.. how do you see me?"

"What do you mean?"

"When you look at me, do you see Daria or Dorian?"

"I see both. I see my very smart, cynical best friend who through no fault of her own, became a good looking guy. I also hope that you continue running," Jane held out her hand. "Come on. We need to get you home before your parents put out an APB."

"We can't hold hands Jane. You have a boyfriend remember?"

"Yeah that would be a little weird."

"Besides, what would you do if Tom pulled up. Oh crap what would we do if that happened?"

"We need to come up with a cover story."

"I'm going to tell you just what I told Quinn. Just say that I am Daria's cousin who is staying with them while my parents are out of the country."

"What if he asks about Daria?"

"Good question. I moved in with my aunt Amy to attend a private school." A pained look came over his face.

"Are you okay?"

"I don't want to have to lie or make you lie about who I am."

"I' know.. and you won't have to with everybody. This isn't fair."

They stopped in Dorian's driveway. His parents had returned. They leaned against his mother's SUV. Their bodies were facing each other, but their heads were lowered.

"Jane.. I'm sorry I snapped at you."

"Don't worry about it. I shouldn't have pushed you about the looks thing."

"It's okay.. I'm going to have to learn to deal with it sooner or later. So.. pizza tomorrow?"

"Sounds like a plan. I'm gonna go. I need to tell Trent about the Tom cover story. Later."

Dorian watched Jane walk away. He felt a ping of sadness form in his chest. Shaking his head, Dorian slightly slumped his shoulder as he went inside. Jane saw his movements as a twinge of guilt came over her. As she made her way home, she thought about calling Tom and cancelling their plans.

Amy, Helen, and Jake were talking in the kitchen when Dorian opened the door. Amy entered the living room and motioned for him. They all gathered around the kitchen table.

"My aunt Lillian called today. My mom told her what happened. She is coming to stay with us a few days. Lillian said she had something you needed to see."

Jane and Tom sat at their usual table in the Zon. Between the music and the image of Dorian shirtless, Jane couldn't focus. Tom stared at her sad and distant face with concern. Jane felt his hand reach for hers. Her mind replayed her conversation with Dorian just hours earlier. We can't hold hands Jane. You have a boyfriend, remember?" Jane winced slightly. Tom gave her hand a gentle squeeze. They finished listening to the first set before deciding to leave.

They walked around downtown for awhile. Unbeknownst to Tom, they took the same route Dorian and Jane had ran. Jane stopped in the same spot where Dorian had taken off his sweatshirt. She felt her breath catch yet again, and quickly shook off the image. Suddenly, she made them turn around and head back to Tom's car. Tom drove Jane back to her house. They sat in the car, not looking at each other. He would catch glimpses of her expressions as they changed.

"What's wrong Jane? You look like you lost your best friend." Like Daria would ever give you a chance to live your own life.

Jane sat for a moment. She decided to go with the cover story. "I did Tom ... Daria's gone." Jane whispered as her true emotions washed over her.

"Gone ... what do you mean gone? Did you two get in a fight?" Tom regretted his previous thought.

"No - her Aunt Amy offered to have her move in with her to attend a private school there. Her mom was thrilled with the idea. 'Anything that helps with college applications.' Besides, she gets along better with her than she does the rest of her family. So, I spent her birthday helping her pack. She left this afternoon." Jane's voice began to break.

Tom put his arm around her. "I'm sorry Jane. Why didn't she stay until the end of the week? That way you would have had some time to hang out."

"She wanted to spend some time with her aunt and get settled in before school started back. At least she promised to call and email." Jane sighed.

"Still, it won't be the same. Maybe we can all get together and hang out during Christmas break." Tom tried to cheer Jane up.

"Maybe," Jane whispered. Jane moved to get out of the car. Tom gave her a quick kiss before watching her head into her house. I just hope Daria doesn't abandon you completely. He started his car and drove off.

Jane walked into her bedroom and let her tears fall. She was hurting.. almost mourning. Daria was gone. Her mind began to drift as memories filled it. She looked at her clock. It was only eight. She picked up the phone.

"Hello Sandi.." Quinn answered with a bounce in her voice.

"This ain't Sandi. Can I speak to Dorian?"

"Hi Jane.. Sure...but make it fast.. I'm expecting a fashion club conference call to start in a few minutes." Quinn knocked in Dorian's door. She showed him her phone. She mouthed the word Jane. He grabbed his phone and clicked it on.

"Hey Jane."

"Hi Dorian." Her voice was shaky.

"Are you okay? Aren't you supposed to be out with Tom?"

"We went out but I wasn't much company. Can I come over? I need someone to talk to."

"Okay, I can update you on what's going on. Amy and my parents have gone out to eat."

"See you shortly." Jane hung up.

Dorian went over to Quinn's room. She was standing in front of her closet. She had three dates the next day and was trying to coordinate outfits. Dorian couldn't help but chuckle.

"So big brother.. what did your girlfriend want?" Quinn smirked.

"Quinn that isn't funny. Something's bothering her - she sounded upset. She's coming over so behave."

"I'll be on the phone having an intense discussion about holiday blush colors. If I don't get off the phone too late, want to watch a movie? I want to see 'The Quick and the Dead' but the rest of the fashion club won't go near it."

"Sure.. I like any movie where Leonardo Di Caprio bites the dust in it." Dorian headed downstairs to wait for Jane.

Dorian went into the kitchen to get a drink. He heard the familiar knock at the door. Opening it, Dorian was surpirsed to see an emotionally upset Jane. Her eyes were red and slightly puffy. They sat down on the couch in the living room. Dorian looked down at the floor and noticed her shoes. Why is she wearing my boots? He moved a little closer. Suddenly, She turned and buried her head in his shoulder. Out of instinct, he put his arms around her. She began to cry as he gently held her.

"It's okay.. whatever it is.. let it out," Dorian whispered.

Jane felt Dorian's embrace. It was relaxing and soothing. I don't feel this way when Tom holds me. She stayed there and began to calm down. After several minutes, she looked at him with a weak smile. Carefully, Dorian moved her bangs from in front of her eyes. She shifted to lean her head against his shoulder. He kept one arm around her.

Something must have happened between her and Tom. I would have never hugged her before. Her hair smelled good... wait.. where in the hell did that come from? Dorian blushed slightly.

There's the Daria in him coming out. I needed that. I wonder why he blushed? God, I hope it was because of me. I want to make him feel like Daria did around Trent. Jane sighed.

"What's going on in the head of yours Lane."

"I told Tom the cover story we came up with...and my emotions got the better of me. I don't want to lose you." Jane whispered. Either of you.

"You won't...I'm going to make the same promise to you that I made to Quinn."

"What was that?"

"I will never forget you." His voice was low.

Jane lifted her mouth to his ear. "Thank you." She lowered her head back on his shoulder.

Quinn hung up her phone and grabbed the movie from her collection. She was halfway down the stairs when she stopped. Looking at the scene in front of her, Quinn allowed a smile to come over her face. Daria rarely showed her caring side. Maybe this was for the best. He and Jane look so right together. They deserve this. She decided to wait a minute before letting her presence be known.

"So are we going to watch this thing or what?" Quinn said as she bounded down the stairs. "Let me get some popcorn and soda. Jane lifted her head to sit up straight. Quinn stopped her. Then she looked at Dorian. "Don't get up...I've got everything under control."

"What is your sister doing Dorian?"

"I told her that I would watch 'The Quick and the Dead' with her. Care to join us?"

"Hey Quinn.. is there butter on that popcorn?"

"Yes.. I'll even get you a non-diet Ultra Cola."

"I'm in." Jane smirked.

"Oh, speaking of food ... mom and dad want you and Trent to come over for Thanksgiving dinner."

"Is there going to be lasagna?"

"No - they even went and got a turkey. Aunt Amy is going to cook a regular Thanksgiving dinner. We don't want to scare off great-aunt Lillian."

"Who is that?"

"My dad's aunt. She found out what happened and wants to come here and talk to me."

"Cool.. you might start being able to get some answers. We'll be here."

Quinn brought the drinks in and put the movie in the DVD player. After the microwave beeped, she carried in the bowl. She sat the bowl in Dorian's lap. She pressed play and placed her head on Dorian's other shoulder.

"Hey, since when did I become a human pillow? How am I supposed to get any popcorn?" Dorian pouted.

"On Saturday morning." Quinn giggled.

Jane stuffed a handful of popcorn in his mouth. "Be quiet.. the movie is about to start."

The three finished watching that film and started another. About halfway through, Dorian realized that he was the only one awake. He slid his arm out from under Quinn and lowered the volume on the television. About thirty minutes later, his parents and Amy walked in the door. Dorian put his finger to his mouth to quit the group. They nodded as they went upstairs to head for bed. He heard his parents and the guest room door close.

Better try to wake these two up. I'll call Trent-let him know that Jane is crashing here. That's gonna be a weird conversation. He carefully slid off the couch and headed to the kitchen. After leaving a message on the Lane answering machine, Dorian headed back to the couch. He tried his best to shake the two girls awake. I could just let them crash here but they both have been pretty drained the past couple of days. They need real sleep. Dorian turned and looked at the stairs. I can't believe I am even considering this. He scooped up Quinn in his arms. Carefully, Dorian lifted her off the couched and carried her upstairs. Lying Quinn her down on her bed, Dorian covered her up with her spare blanket. Then he went into his room and unmade his bed. Walking back to the living room, he picked up Jane and headed back up the stairs. About halfway up, Jane curled and put her arms around his neck. Placing her on his bed, Dorian took off her boots. He could hear her lightly snore before he left the room. Grabbing a pillow and spare sheet out of the linen closet, Dorian went to sleep on the couch.

Jane woke up briefly around three in the morning. A quick glance of her surroundings let her know she wasn't home. Then, she saw the boots sitting on the floor. She couldn't remember how she got up there, and she was too tired to care. Reaching for the pillow, she smiled as she realized where she was. Two scents filled the air around it; Daria's and Dorian's. The smells comforted her. She re-closed her eyes and went back to sleep.

Quinn woke up around nine. Her parents and aunt were still asleep. She tried to think about how she got to bed. She decided to go ask Dorian. She opened his bedroom door to find Jane sleeping in her brother's bed. She looked down into the living room to see Dorian sprawled out on the couch. She knelt down by the bed and tapped Jane on the shoulder. After a moment, Quinn heard a low terse growl.

"I don't wake up before noon when I'm out of school so this better be good."

"Jane...wake up.. please. I have a question for you."

Jane turned to the red-head but refused to open her eyes. "What?"

"Last night.. we were watching movies. I know you fell asleep shortly before I did. How did we get up here and in bed?"

Jane opened her eyes and sat up. She began to replay the events in her head. Quinn was right.. they had both fallen asleep, leaning against Dorian. She then tried to form a mental picture from there. Then she remembered feeling like she was floating. A vision of her wrapping her arms around Dorian's neck appeared. She could feel the gentleness of his arms as he carried like a priceless masterpiece. Jane began to smile.

"What is it Jane?"

"Dorian carried us Quinn. He must have carried both of us. I remember curling up against him as we climbed the stairs."

"I think I'm going to like having my big brother around." Quinn flashed a half smile that reminded Jane of Daria. "And judging from that wide smile on your face, you're not going to be too upset either."

"That's not true Quinn. I miss Daria. I miss her alot. That's why I came over last night. Dorian and I made up a cover story to tell my boyfriend. I got so upset.. I had to come over, just to make sure that part of her was still in Dorian. Then he put his arms around me and held me. Quinn, I have never felt so safe and warm in my life." Jane's eyes widened as the truth hit her. "Quinn--I think I'm love with your brother."

Jane arrived home to see her answering machine beeping. Two were from Tom wondering if she was okay. The third was Dorian telling Trent that Jane had fallen asleep watching movies. She listened to his low monotoned voice and sighed. Thoughts about the conversation she had with Quinn filled her head. Was she falling for Dorian? Did that mean she might have had those feelings for Daria? She shook her head.

Then she remembered the talk with Dorian while they jogged that morning. "When you see me, do you see Daria or Dorian?" "I see both." That part was true. She had the best of both worlds. She still had Daria's wit and friendship while gaining Dorian's compassion. The eye candy part was a bonus. I have that with Tom as well don't I? Visions of Dorian holding her and carrying her up the stairs filled her head. Tom would have never done that. She began to pace her room. She decided to put the Tom/Dorian debate off for later.

She began to paint. A picture of Dorian looking into a mirror and seeing Daria's reflection came to life. Both faces flashed their half-smiles as though they were plotting to take over the world. She let out a small laugh at the thought. She leaned the canvas against her closet to let it dry. She set the next canvas up on the easel. Just as she was about to load her brush, the phone rang. She was going to let the answering machine get it, but changed her mind.


"Hey Jane.. how are you? I called a couple of times last night but got the machine. I was just checking on you. You hear from Daria yet?"

"Yeah.. I was over at their house when she called last night. She got settled in. Then Quinn and I hung out for awhile and I ended up falling asleep on their couch during a movie."

"Quinn.. isn't that Daria's sister. I thought you didn't care for her."

"Yeah.. we aren't exactly friends but we are both having a hard time dealing with the whole Daria thing. Besides, I promised Daria that I would keep an eye on her little sister. It's funny, I never realized how much they actually cared about each other until now."

"Absence makes the heart grow founder I guess. My parents were wanting to know if you could join us for Thanksgiving."

"I can't. The Morgendorffers invited me and Trent last night and we accepted. Sorry."

"That's okay. I didn't even think about Trent. Want to get together later? We can go watch some bad Russian cinema."

"Not today. My muse and I are going to be working most of the day. I'll call you tomorrow."

"Cool. Talk to you later." They hung up.

Dorian was right. I hate having to lie to him. Maybe I should just let him go. It's going to hurt but it would be for the best. I don't want to be alone either. I need to know if I have a chance with Dorian before I let Tom go. I just don't think Dorian is ready for that conversation just yet. Jane shook her head and went back to her empty canvas.


Dorian helped Amy bring her stuff into Quinn's room. Aunt Lillian was due to arrive later in the afternoon. Dorian walked back into his room and laid down on the bed. For awhile, he stared at the ceiling. He began to wonder what information Lillian had for them. He tried to focus on that while fighting off the picture that was forming in his mind of Jane curling up against him as he brought her upstairs the night before. He turned around to lay on his stomach. The smell of Jane's perfume was still in the bed. I need to wash this before it drives me insane. He stood up to pull off the blanket but stopped. I need to get my mind off of this. I don't feel like writing though. The jogging seem to help. I don't want to run into Jane right now either. Maybe I can do some sit-ups or push-ups. Great.. I change sexes and become a health nut. He sat down on the floor and began excercising.

After about an hour, Dorian stopped and headed for the shower. Amy and Quinn were in the kitchen making lunch when Dorian joined them. He grabbed the water pitcher and filled the largest cup in the house with it. Amy handed him a plate as he sat down. Quinn moved to her usual seat across from him. Amy joined them.

"Your mom and dad are at the airport waiting for Lillian's flight to arrive. You look a little nervous."

"Yeah - I am a little."

"Thanks for hanging out with me last night. Oh, and Jane and I greatly appreciate you making sure we made it to bed." Quinn smirked as Dorian's face turned fire engine red.

"You remembered that?"

"No.. but she did and filled me in. My big brother--you're quite the gentleman."

"I don't need to know." Amy sighed.

"We fell asleep watching movies. Dorian carried me into my room and Jane into his."

"I crashed down here on the couch." Dorian quickly chimed in.

"Good save." Amy laughed.

Dorian finished lunch and took care of the dishes. A few minutes later, they heard Helen's car pull up. The front door opened. Jake was carrying a small suitcase on top of a large box. Dorian grabbed the stuff from his dad, not wanting his dad to do anything that might trigger another heart attack. He headed upstairs with the suitcase. Helen waited at the door before entering. A few moments later, a short woman in her mid 80's walked in. Her face reminded Helen and Amy of Jake. She made her way over to where Quinn was sitting.

"You must be Quinn. Your dad talked a lot about you on the way here."

"Hi Aunt Lillian.. how was your flight?"

"It was fine dear. You remind me soo much of my sister Janette. You have her smile. She had the same warm personality. You two would have gotten along."

Quinn listened to the past tense reference. "How long ago did she pass away?"

"Janette was the youngest of us. She died during the early stages of the Vietnam War. She was an Army nurse. The field hospital she was stationed at was bombed. There were no survivors." Lillian's voice trailed off.

"I wish I could have met her." Quinn choked back the tears.

Lillian began to talking to Helen, Jake and Amy. She turned when she heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Her eyes widened as Dorian made his way to her. They stared at each other in silence. She got up to get a better look at his face. She smiled. Dorian returned the gesture.

"Dorian.. would you be upset if I asked to see a picture of you as Daria."

"Umm.. no. I'll be right back." Dorian grabbed a family picture that had been sitting on the coffee table.

Lillian held the photo as her eyes filled with tears. She looked back up at Dorian and then back at the picture. She ran her fingers over it. She then did the same to Dorian's face.

"Are you alright aunt Lillian?" Jake asked.

She nodded. "I'm sorry Dorian.. it's just.. you looked soo much like my sister, Greta. Before and after the change." She sighed.

"Wait a second.. I thought my dad was the oldest of his siblings." Jake was staring at his aunt.

"He was."

Dorian was the first of her family to recover from the bombshell Lillian had just dropped. Grandpa Morgendorffer, "Mad Dog Morgendorffer, was began life as a girl.. and yet my family was pretty much CLUELESS!! He looked at his father. The color was slowly beginning to come back to his cheeks. Lillian and Dorain sat down on either side of Jake. He searched for words.

"Greta was really smart. She made really good grades in school. Our parents knew about the wish Katherine had made. Greta had always known it was a possibility. She even prepared for it--like she knew it was going to happen to her. We tried to find out all that we could about the wish and the first person to be changed. We began to write down what little information we could get. Greta started keeping a diary when she was sixteen. She continued to write in it after the transformation. He stopped writing in it shortly after you were born Jacob. It's in the box you carried upstairs." Lillian turned to Dorian. "We can get it later."

Jake looked at his aunt. "Why didn't he tell my mom or us? Damnit- I mean we needed to know more than we were told."

"I'll be honest.. it was almost two hundred and fifty years between when the wish was made and the first change and another two hundred plus years for the second. Now it skips just one generation and happens again. I was stunned when I found out. He must have thought it would be another couple of centuries." Lillian stared directly into Jake's eyes. "Jacob-- you're father-- despite all that he did to get ready, had a really hard time accepting the change when it happened. Then, he turned eighteen and the Korean War was going on. Our father made him enlist. He got hurt and sent home in '52. He met your mom the following year and they got married. For the first time since the change he was happy. Then came his twenty-first birthday." Lillian drew a long heavy sigh before continuing.

"What happened when he turned twenty-one?" Dorian pressed.

"He was visited by another dream. He was summoned to the same woods. Instead of Katherine being there, her father was instead. Klaus had killed himself on her twenty-first birthday. He offered Gregory a choice.. he could stay who he was or go back to being Greta. He wanted to turn back into her soo bad but knew he couldn't because he was married and Ruth was pregnant... with you Jacob. He had to turn the offer down."

"So that's why dad always treated me like dirt. He saw me as taking away his chance to be Greta again. Did he ever tell my mother?"

"No. None of us told Ruth. We were sworn to secrecy by our father or risk being disowned. Gregory and I got in a huge fight when he told me he wasn't telling any of you what occurred. We didn't speak for years. We started talking again just months before he died. He told me that even though, he loved you.. he couldn't show it." Lillian squeezed Jake's hand. "I know he never said to you what I am about to say...about a month before he died.. he said that he was glad he hadn't accepted the offer."

"I just wish we had a better relationship. Now, I just rant about him."

"Before the change, Greta was a happy, outgoing person. She had a lot of friends. When she became Gregory, he started being colder, more distant. Between the change, war, and not being able to go back, his emotions were numbed."

That's the same thing that is happening to me. I used hide my emotions.. now...I'm hugging my sister. "Do you think I will be given the chance to go back to being Daria?"

"I don't know Dorian. See, your grandfather was the first to be given the option. The first person changed didn't live to see their twenty-first birthday."


Lillian turned to Dorian. She placed her hands on his shoulders. "Plan to live your life as Dorian. Don't expect a chance to go back that may or may not occur. Promise me that you will continue being a good student and that if you get the chance to fall in love, you'll do it. Don't let this kill your dreams for success either."

Dorian smiled. "You have my word."

"Great." Lillian yawned. "If you'll excuse me.. I'm going to lay down for a little bit." She stood up and hugged Dorian. "You're going to be fine. You have a good head on your shoulders and a strong family to help you out." She went upstairs.

Dorian looked over at his parents. Helen was rubbing Jake's back. Quinn got up and gave her dad a quick hug. He looked over at Dorian.

"I guess she threw us all for a loop didn't she kiddo."

Dorian nodded. Quinn walked over to him and patted his back. He gave her a quick hug.

"So.. what are you going to do with the information she gave you?" Amy asked.

"The only thing I can do with it...file it. She was right. I can't live my life waiting for some miracle that might not occur. So, I am going to do the only thing I can do...keep my promises to Jane, Lillian and Quinn."

He decided to head up to his room. The events of that afternoon fried his brain. My own grandfather. I wonder what happened to the first person who changed. I can't wait to read the diary and journals. Maybe I can find some advice or some passages that might help my dad and his feelings towards his father. He heard the knock on his bedroom door. He could tell by the sound who it was.

"Come in Quinn."

"Do you really plan on keeping your promise to aunt Lillian?"


"Even the part about falling in love?" Quinn shuffled her feet.

"If I find the right person...yes."

"I think you already have. Give her a chance to be more than just a friend Dorian." Quinn left the room.

Jake took the rest of the week off from work. He wanted to get to know his aunt better. Maybe I can learn more about my father and get to understand my son. The past three days had made him question who he was. Then he thought about Daria and that first night. How she had turned to him and relied on him to help her with it. She's, well he's, handling this better than my old man and her was ready for it. I guess I'm not doing that bad of a job as a dad. I need to start taking better care of myself. That way I'm around to help him through things. He had wished Helen would have taken some time off too. He stared at the empty space beside him and sighed.

Helen was already at work. She had contacted Ms. Li that morning. They set up a meeting with Daria's teachers for an hour before school started on Monday. Her biggest concern of them was Ms. Barch. Daria and Quinn had both told her about the male-bashing science teacher. She made a mental note to address her personally. She then began to think about Jake and his father. The shock of knowing that what happened to Daria also occurred to him was still fresh on her mind. She tried to shelf the feeling of anger over Gregory's silence. She had a meeting with a client in thirty minutes and wanted to recheck the briefs.

Quinn woke up and padded through her room. After much inner debate, she picked an outfit and went into the bathroom. After getting ready, she walked towards Dorian's room. She knocked but got no response. Deciding to torment him until he woke up, Quinn snuck into his room. She looked down at him. He was out like a light, with his blanket help up to his nose. I doubt he even realizes that he's doing that. She decided to let him sleep, opting to call the other members of the fashion club instead.

Dorian woke up and went downstairs. Jake, Amy and Lillian were talking about Jake's dad. Being the next oldest, Lillian had been very close to Greta. She told them stories of when they were growing up. Through the laughter, Dorian could see a mix of grief and regret in her face. Jake was fascinated by Lillian's tales. Dorian remembered that he hadn't called Jane to tell her what he had found out. Trent answered. He told Dorian that Jane had gone out to lunch with Tom. Dorian cringed at the thought. He hung up the phone. Lillian asked him to grab the box from the guest room. As they sorted through the stacks of letters and journals, Dorian lost concentration. All he could see was Jane with Tom.

Jane sat in the booth next to Tom. She hadn't planned on seeing him that day. As she slowly ate her slice, Tom looked over at her with concern. He placed his arm around her.

"What's wrong? Are you still upset about Daria leaving? You said you've spoken to her, so you know she's alright. Christmas break will be here before you know it." He gave her a little squeeze.

Jane heard nothing of what Tom had said. She was lost in her thoughts of Dorian holding her Sunday night. It was a lot different than the rough embrace Tom currently had her in. She lifted his arm up from around her. She thanked him for the slice and left. Tom sat in the booth wondering what he had done wrong.

Jane arrived home and saw Trent as he left for band practice. He told her to call Dorian. Jane decided to head there instead. She grabbed her headphones and put on her jogging shoes and headed towards Dorian's house. When she arrived, Dorian answered the door. He introduced her to Lillian. Lillian shook Jane's hands.

"I can feel the calluses. You must be some kind of artist...paint?"

"Mainly. I also sketch and I've done a few sculptures." Jane smiled.

"Maybe you could bring some of your work over on Thanksgiving so I can see it. I was a museum curator in Philadelphia for over twenty years. I would love to see your work."

"Sure.. I'll make sure Trent borrows the Tank so we can bring some of it." Jane's face lit up. She turned to Dorian.. can I speak to you somewhere alone?"

Dorian's face turned a light shade of red. He nodded. They headed into his room but kept the door slightly open. Dorian offered Jane the computer chair but sat up on the bed instead, leaning her back against the padded wall. He wheeled the computer chair to the bed.

"Your great aunt seems pretty cool. Has she told you anything about what is going on yet?"

"Yeah.. A lot actually."

Just as Dorian was about to tell her about his grandfather, Jane patted the bed next to her. Dorian got up and sat beside her. Jane leaned her head against him.

"Jane .. is everything alright? Tom didn't try anything when you went out today did he?" Dorian could feel the anger rising within him. He protectively put his arm around her.

"No.. I just want to sit here for a minute. Jane closed her eyes for a moment soaking in the safety she felt. She decided to call Tom later that night. "So.. what did your aunt say to you?"

Dorian began to explain about his grandfather. Jane sat stunned and speechless. He also told her that the first one affected had died young, but hadn't gotten to how or why yet. Dorian was hoping to find out more from the research Lillian and Greta had gathered. After several minutes, Jane asked him if wanted to go back downstairs. Dorian nodded. He followed Jane downstairs. They began reading a journal Gregory kept after the change. Jane's eyes widened as she read one of the passages. Then she let out a gasp. Everyone turned toward her.

"What is it Jane?"

"I think I just found out what happened to the first Morgendorffer changed by this curse." Jane turned the tattered book in her hands around for the others to read.

After years of trying to find out any information about the first Morgendorrfer cursed, I finally have an answer. Unfortunately, his outcome does not bode well for me or any other who may be affected by this wretched wish. Willemena Morgendorffer became William Morgendorffer On February 27,1692 in Salem Village. He was tried and convicted of witchcraft on May 14, 1692 and hung until dead the following day.

Dorian spent the day before Thanksgiving in his room. He thought about her grandfather and William. The curse caused one to be killed while drove the other to an early death. How can I stop this pattern? What if it can't be changed? I mean "Mad Dog" was ready for it and it still destroyed him. Dorian paced his room. He did experience the same mind flip I did. Maybe he really just couldn't enjoy his family life. He turned to the box. Lillian gave it to him to keep and use. He also wanted to add to the information inside.. mainly about William. He turned on his computer and began to search the web.

Quinn and Amy were in the kitchen. They were starting some of the prep work and desserts for tomorrow's feast. Lillian and Jake were watching "Casablanca". After the movie finished, they watched Amy teach Quinn the finer points of cake decorating. Lillian was impressed at how fast Quinn caught on. By the time the two were finished, the cake looked almost too beautiful to be eaten.

Lillian turned to Quinn. "So.. tell me about this Jane girl that came over yesterday."

"Jane is Daria, well now Dorian's best and only friend. They started hanging out the second day we were in school here. They compliment each other nicely. Jane is a really good artist and has similar tastes in TV shows and sarcasm. Sometimes I think they are the only ones that truly understand the other. I mean, my friends and I are kinda close and all, but they are on a whole different level."

"Do you think they will start dating?"

"I hope so...Dorian is well.. happier when she is around. I just don't know if the Daria in him will ever allow him to see her as a girlfriend."

"How does Jane feel about him?" Amy joined in on the conversation.

"Monday morning when I asked her how we got upstairs from the night before, she told me that she thought she was falling in love with Dorian."

"Isn't Jane dating that guy Trent?" Jake chimed in looking up from the paper.

"No dad-- Trent is her brother. He came and got Daria when he was looking for a birthday present for Jane. She's dating some guy Daria couldn't stand named Tom. I kinda hope that changes. I would never admit this to the fashion club, but Dorian and Jane look like they would make a cute couple."

"Yeah.. and I seem to recall her reaction to some of the outfits we got him on Saturday." Amy smirked.

An evil grin spread over Quinn's face. "I think you just gave me an idea to help them out."

Helen arrived home early that afternoon. Walking in with take-out chinese, she called Dorian down, but he politely refused. She fixed him a plate that he could eat later. She blushed slightly when Jake asked her if she wanted to go out fr a movie date night. They left about an hour later. With Jake gone-- Quinn, Amy and now Lillian resumed the cooking task at hand.

Jane called Tom and asked him to meet her at Pizza King. He agreed. Jane arrived first and sat at their usual booth. I can do this. The only way I have a shot with Dorian is if Tom is out of the picture. I just hope that when I get the courage to tell him, Dorian won't reject me. Jane was so lost in thought, she didn't notice that Tom was sitting across from her.

"Hey Jane. Look, I want to apologize for yesterday. I was a jerk. I should have realized that Daria's leaving was still going to bother for quite some time. Forgive me?"

Jane looked up. "Yeah, I do." Jane paused to steady herself. "Tom.. you're a nice guy but I don't think we're working out."

Tom did not seem surprised by Jane's words. He took her hand. "Jane..I really like you. You're smart and funny and a lot cooler than I could ever be. I just hope that we can still be friends." Tom stood up and left.

Jane sat for a few more minutes as she tried to forget the pain that had built up in her stomach. She got up and headed back to her house. Her mind was already battling itself over whether or not she had done the right thing. She walked in her house, closed her bedroom door and cried herself to sleep.

Quinn and Dorian woke up to the smell of turkey cooking in the air. Quinn walked over to Dorian's room. She opened the door to see Dorian hanging up the phone after talking to Jane. She and Trent would be getting over to the house around noon. Dorian reminded her to bring some of her artwork. Dorian looked up at his sister.

"Jane broke up with Tom yesterday. She sounded like she had a rough night. I hope showing her artwork to Lillian will cheer her up."

Quinn headed over to Dorian's closet. She grabbed the red shirt and black pants. "Put this on. She'll forget all of her troubles." Quinn smirked as she dodged the flying articles of clothing.

It took Jane thirty minutes to wake Trent up. She headed in the bathroom, showered, and began to get ready. She stared into the mirror. I almost look human again. I'm glad I told Dorian about the Tom thing. Opening her bedroom door, she gathered several of her paintings; including the one of Dorian and Daria, one of her sculptures, her easel, paints, brushes, and a couple of blank canvases. As she loaded the last of her stuff into the car, Trent came downstairs. Jane was impressed that he cleaned himself up. He's even wearing a new shirt and a pair of jeans without holes in them. They got into the Tank and headed to the Morgendorffers.

Jake was sitting in the living room when he heard the knock. He opened the door just in time to catch some of Jane's works from falling out of Trent's hands. Jane thanked him as she brought in the last of her works. Jane set up her pieces for display, putting the picture of Daria/Dorian behind another work. When she finished, she headed towards the kitchen.

Dorian.. Jane and Trent are here." Jake yelled up the stairs.

"I'll be down in a minute."

Helen and Quinn were setting the table. Amy and Lillian had begun cooking the side dishes. Jake and Trent were talking about old movies. Dorian walked into the dining room wearing the outfit Quinn had picked out. Everyone stopped and noticed the expression on Jane's face. Her eyes widened and she looked like she had forgotten how to breath. I never thought I would see him again with that on. How am I supposed to concentrate on my art with him wearing that?Quinn and Amy pointed at her and giggled. She made her way over to Quinn and poked her in the arm.

"I bet him wearing that was your idea wasn't it?"

Quinn nodded and flashed one her signature smiles. After everything was ready for some slow cooking, Jane led them to her display. As she showed each piece, she tried to give a little story behind them. She would pause in order for anyone to ask questions. Lillian and Amy both enjoyed her work. Lillian thought her over technique and use of color to be very good. She would make a suggestion or offer a tip here and there. Jane made sure to make mental notes of everything Lillian told her. Dorian had kept himself distant, already seeing the works and not wanting to influence opinion. Then, Jane signaled for him to come closer. She waited until he was beside her before she continued. She lifted the one work and showed him the painting of Dorian staring at Daria in the mirror. The whole group gasped at how beautiful and life-like the portrait was.

Dorian knelt down in front of it. Jane had remembered exactly what his former self looked like. His hands trembled as he ran his fingers over the image of his former face again and again. He stayed there, even after everyone else had headed back to the dining room. Jane asked if she could do portraits of them as her way of showing her gratitude for the dinner invite. They agreed. She would paint one of Lillian to give to Jake and one of the rest of the family to give to Lillian. Jane went back into the living room. Dorian had not moved since he first laid eyes on the painting.

Jane sat beside him. "I'm sorry if I upset you. I should have thought that you might not be ready to see this one." Jane was about to move the canvas when Dorian stopped her.

"I'm not upset. It's beautiful. I am just amazed at how detailed it is. Look, I know you're not big on letting others have your work, but I would really like to have this one."

Jane smiled. "Sure...but only after I make myself a duplicate. I'm glad you like it."

"I really do." Dorian turned to her. Then, out of nowhere, Dorian turned and kissed her on the cheek. Did I just do what I think I did? At least she's not wanting to hit me. Dorian quickly stood up. "Jane I'm so sorry. I didn't mean--." He was cut off by Jane.

"Don't apologize." She whispered.

They were staring at each other. Jane grinned slightly as the blush overcame Dorian's face. Quinn walked into the room and watched the two. She smiled and waited a moment to announce that dinner was ready. Jane started walking towards the dining room. She turned to see Dorian still standing in place frozen. Jane went back to him and stretched out her hand. He hesitated a moment before accepting it. They made their way to the table.

The dinner looked wonderful. As they sat down, Lillian asked that everyone close their eyes for a moment and think about what they were thankful for. Jane did so, then realized that her hand had moved to where Dorian had kissed her cheek. She opened her eyes to see Dorian staring at her and smiling. Jane grinned and looked up to the ceiling. Thank you Katherine.