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All Good Things
Steve Mitchell

Dear Diary,
It's been two days since Quinn's death and This is still one of the few ways I can find solace. It's still as fresh in my memory as the day my world, what little of it I had, came crashing down on me in a way I never would have imagined possible. Jane has done her best to console me in my loss, strange as it may be. I never fathomed a time this soon in my life when I would mourn over the fact that I would never see Quinn again. Maria, a blind student new to the school whom I befriended not more than three weeks ago, has been as close a friend as Jane in my time of need regardless of how little we've known each other. It's strange, that in one moment you can find out just exactly how far real friendship goes, no matter how long you've known the person. I consider both Jane and Maria equally good friends but I guess in some ways, at least for the present time, I feel closer to Maria. Not because she is a better friend, or has ever been there for me as much as Jane, but because it was her seeing eye dog Cheyenne who was able to bring Quinn at least some sort of retribution for the heinous act that was committed against her. My mom has been feverishly making the preparations for the funeral but still, she finds the time to walk into Quinn's room and cry her eyes out at least twice an hour. It's strange to me as I've never seen her actually grief stricken even at her own mothers funeral, and what's worse is the fact that from time to time she turns to me as an outlet for both her sorrow and her pent up anger over the fact that there is nothing to be done legally. The person who would have been held accountable is no longer living as I mentioned before due to Maria's dog. I can't say that I hold my mom's occasional outbursts towards me against her, god knows she has good cause to be frustrated and angry, I know I am. I'm just not sure of the best way to vent these emotions. I've never been good at showing emotion toward anybody to say nothing about my family. My dad on the other hand is less composed, He just sits on the couch most of the day occasionally helping my mom with the arrangements until she starts to turn her pent up frustrations on him instead of me. But for the most part he sits there looking through all the photo albums, just staring at the pictures of his youngest Daughter. From time to time when he comes across a picture that sparks a vivid memory he breaks down into tears uncontrollably. I can't say I blame him with all the other childhood emotions he has pent up in the same cluttered space as all of his current thoughts and memories. I on the other hand...am a different story. I was there in the mall when this, what has literally became hell for me, all happened. I didn't have as much money as she was asking for but why...why didn't I just give in and let her use my mac card so she could go to the teller machine instead of the mall's own bank lobby? A thought which I have been turning over and over in my mind for the last two day's relentlessly. Of all the times I said I hated Quinn, I never thought there would be a time when I wished I could take them all back, just long enough to say either I'm sorry, or just that behind all the sarcasm and bitterness that we had shared through the years. I was still proud enough of her to be able to acknowledge her as my sister despite all the times she told her friends that I was her cousin or not even related. My god, I'm actually going to miss that.

(Daria's thought's seemed to run miles per minute as she closed her diary slowly watching the pages turn one by one. She would need a new notebook to keep her thoughts in soon, hopefully one that she would not have to keep as well hidden. Then again, who would she need to hide it from? Quinn was the only one ever really interested in reading her diary. Helen was always to busy with work to go looking for it and Jake...well, he was more oblivious than Trent ever was.)

Daria: (out loud) Oblivious...that's almost become an irony with Trent. He pays more attention to me now than I ever tried to pay to him. Why does it always take a tragedy to get someone's attention? (She shoved the diary back underneath her bed and listened as her mother padded down the hall to cry in Quinn's bedroom once more) (The Phone rings and Daria reluctantly picks up) Speak or forever hold your peace.

(Split screen)

Jane: Hey there, I just wanted to see how my partner in crime was holding up. So how are you?

Daria: (sniffs trying to hold back a few tears of her own) The same as usual, a little sarcasm, a lot of cynicism and as always everybody mistakes me for a misery chick.

Jane: (Cracks a weak smile) Hmm...for a moment there I almost believed you Daria. You feel like getting a bite to eat ? Maybe crying on the shoulder of a few friends...The last time I checked I was available for such friendly services, as well as Maria and hey if you need it, I'm sure Cheyenne wouldn't mind either. Of coarse she doesn't have much of a shoulder and the one she does have is covered with fur. But hey, it's there if you need it.

Daria: (almost laughs) Yea...Yea, I could use something to eat. For once I actually WANT to get out of my room. I've been here all day.

Jane: Doing what?

Daria: One of the things I do best and usually get mocked for.

Jane: Ah...thinking. It does the soul good.

Daria: (Takes her glasses off and places them on the night stand) Yea...it does. It also brings up a lot of pain and grief.

Jane: That's to be expected. Remember Daria, that's not something you just get over, it takes a good amount of time and support from your friends. And dammit, that's what we're here for. Now get your butt up and meet us at the pizza place, we have a lot of talking to do.

Daria: I'll see you there Jane. (Hangs up and just sits there for a moment looking at the phone) Friends...Yes, that's what I need. Welcome company.

(Daria heads down the stairs and prepares to go out the front door. Helen calls down the stairs after her just as she is about to close the door quietly behind her)

Helen: Daria? Where are you heading off to at this hour?

Daria: (sighs) I'm going to meet Jane, I just need to get out of the house for a while.

Helen: (warning) Daria, I don't want you out this late.

Daria: Mom, it's five thirty. Has my curfew suddenly been moved back?

Helen: (harshly) Daria, don't argue. I don't want you out right now, for god's sake what if there's another person like....

Daria: Like...the guy who killed Quinn. (Daria sighs) I'll be with Jane and Maria, mom. For god's sake I'll be fine.

Helen: (Starting to yell) There's no but's about it young lady, your not going out and that's final!

Daria: (glares) Final...as in that's all your going to say on the matter? Good, it's about time you stopped directing your anger toward me. I'm eighteen years old mom, I can take care of myself for god's sake. (Slams the door behind her as she leaves)

Helen: (looks down at the floor sulkingly) Good one Morgendorffer, drive your sole remaining daughter away why don't you.

(Cut to Daria driving down the road in her escort. The road is dark and at the moment Daria's mind is wandering)

(Images of Stacy being escorted out of the mall bank, a police officers coat masks her shoulders. She is crying in fear uncontrollably as blood can be seen splattered all over the front of her outfit. Apparently she had been standing just behind Quinn when it happened. Flash to another image of Cheyenne darting fiercely toward a man in a camouflage jacket wielding a gun wildly after running out of the bank. He seemed to be blinded for the moment as a exploding dye pack hidden in the money he had taken from the bank went off in his face. The dog charged at the man knocking him down and seizing his neck in her powerful jaws, piecing the jugular and killing the man in moments.)

(The honk of a car horn is heard and Daria snaps out of her daze. She is now stopped at a traffic light which has just turned green and the car behind her honking signaling for her to go.)

Daria: (panting and gripping the steering wheel as a single tear runs down her cheek) Oh god, I don't know if I can get through this. (The car behind her honks again and Daria takes her foot off the brake and continues down the road.)

(Cut to the pizza shop where Jane and Maria were waiting readily for Daria at a table with pizza ready)

Jane: (after a while, she Notices Daria staring off into space) So Daria...what have you learned from staring at your pizza?

Daria: Huh? What?

Maria: She said you haven't touched your pizza in so long, Cheyenne is starting to eye it up. (With this the hundred and fifty pound German shepherd walks up to Daria and puts her head in Daria's lap and stares up at her with those big brown sad looking eyes.)

Daria: That's okay, I don't feel like eating any more. (Cheyenne barks seemingly with joy and jumps up stealing the slice of pizza off the table and devouring it.)

Jane: What table manners that dog has.

Maria: (smirks) You should see her at home.

Jane: So should you.

Maria: Touche` Jane.

Jane: (changing the subject) I went to see Stacy today.

Daria: (looks up from the table) How is she taking all of this?

Jane: Not well, She was curled up in a corner of her room. Wouldn't speak, just kept crying uncontrollably.

Maria: Who's Stacy?

Jane: One of the four fashion fiends, and the only one out of the group who was actually Quinn's friend. She also happened to be right behind Quinn when it happened, got splattered with blood and everything.

Maria: So THAT was the person the cops escorted out. Jesus, can you imagine what something like that can do to a person?

Jane: Why yes, yes I can. I saw her first hand remember?

Maria: (Apologetically) I didn't mean it like that.

Jane: I know, I'm sorry. It just came out,....you know what? Just pass me some salt with my foot and I'll make a meal of it.

Maria: Don't withdraw from the conversation on us Daria, if you want to get past this you'll have to talk about it at some point. It might as well be while your with friends.

Daria: (extremely thoughtful) Mmm..yea, I guess. I keep having these flashbacks.

Jane: (attempting to cheer her friend up) Your not inhaling the fumes from my paints are you?

Daria: No, but that's starting to sound like a good idea, Everything I saw haunts me. I was driving over here and I kept seeing images of Stacy splattered with blood and being escorted out of the bank. Then came Cheyenne attacking that nut...and last night, it was The police unzipping the body bag so I could identify Quinn.

Maria: (shakes her head) Damn, I don't think I could have handled something like that.

Daria: I can't say I handled it all that well myself, I had to run to the bathroom to vomit.

Jane: (looks at her pizza and feeds it to the dog) Well NOW I've lost my appetite.

Daria: Yea, contagious isn't it? (Several moments of silence follow)

Maria: (bluntly) Daria, can you describe what happened for me?

Jane: Uh...Maria, you were there. So was I, remember.

Maria: I only heard the commotion before Cheyenne took off after that guy. I can't see what's going on around me, or did you forget?

Jane: No...it's uh. I didn't think about it, sorry. I've just got a lot on my mind.

Maria: It's cool, do you want pepper with your foot this time?. (beat) So are you up to it Daria?

Daria: I'll try, but if I break down, don't push the issue any further.

Maria: Deal.

(Daria begins to talk and the seen blurs and then fades back in to the interior of the mall two days ago)

(Show inside the mall of the millennium)

(Daria, Jane, Maria, and her dog Cheyenne are walking from a restaurant to a table in the mall's food court. Jane carries Maria's tray as Maria, who happens to be dressed in black jeans wearing a light blue turtleneck sweater, holds onto the leash attached to her guide dog.)

Daria: (To Maria once they've sat down at a table) I can't get over how much you can eat, don't you ever gain weight?

Maria: Not really, which is about as much to my surprise as it is to my family. I'm actually at an ideal weight for my height, according to the doctor at least.

Jane: Which is what now, about five nine?

Maria: Try six four.

Jane: (Gawks) Good god woman, you're a damned tree.

Daria: A blind tree, but a tree none the less.

Maria: (chuckles) You get used to it. The hard part is looking out for people and objects that are a lot shorter than I am.

Jane: Which for you is just about everybody, I imagine. Would you mind if I take a look at your glasses?

Maria: I don't see why not, just be careful with them, I really like that pair. (She removes a pair of small round wire framed super dark glasses from her eyes revealing the two hazel orbs that under normal circumstances would have allowed her to view the world around her and holds the glasses out to where she thinks Jane is.)

Jane: Actually I'm a little more to the left. (Maria swings her arm to the left and catches Jane's head.) OW! That's a little TOO far.

Maria: Well, if you would talk more I'd know just where you were.

Daria: (smirks) She's got you there Jane.

Jane: Yea, yea. (Examines the glasses and tries them on) How can you see with these? (Realizes what she just said) Shut up...just let me burn in my embarrassment. (Hands the glasses back to Maria)

Maria: (replaces her glasses while trying not to laugh at her) It's cool, don't worry about it. (Reaches into her pocket, withdrawals a scrunchie, and proceeds to tie back her scarlet red hair) So what do you guys do besides consume pizza and occasionally visit the mall for art supplies?

Daria: Mostly just hang around Jane's house. Occasionally we go out at night and fight crime with the "Mystery Men"(c) but that's mostly in our spare time. Right now our schedules are just too busy for any extracurricular activities.

Jane: Though her mom DOES try to encourage her to take part in those superficial activities at school, but so far Helen has been unsuccessful, Daria's quite wily like her artistic friend. (Holds her pinky finger to the corner of her lips like Dr. Evil)

Maria: (frowns) What the hell is that smell?

Jane: (Sniffs the air) I don't smell anything, other than usual stuff you smell at the food court that is.

Maria: It's not that...It's coming from that direction. (Points outside the food court to the mall) It smells like...a combination of perfume, a whole hell of a lot of hair spray and cosmetics.

Daria: (looks to where Maria pointed to see Quinn and Stacy walking out of Cashemans) Oh god, and the day was going so well.

Jane: Well I'll be damned, if it isn't the better half of the fashion club. That's Quite a sniffer you've got there.

Maria: You'd be surprised how nasty a combination of hair spray and perfume can smell like to somebody like me.

Jane: So tell me, is your hearing just as good?

Daria: Probably better than average I would imagine.

Maria: Hurry up and eat your food Daria, I can't stand the sound of your stomach growling any more. (Daria blushes as Maria smirks) The fashion club? That's that shallow group of nutcase's who go around criticizing the clothes everybody is wearing isn't it?

Daria: That's the one.

Maria: I hate those people, one of them told me my glasses went out of fashion back in the eighties.

Jane: And Daria's sister just happens to be vice president of that little band of socialites.

Maria: (shakes her head) Please accept my condolences.

Daria: Thanks, I'll need them to keep my sanity until I can leave the house and get a place of my own.

Jane: And speaking of said fashion fiends, here they come now.

Daria: (looks up at the ceiling) God, why do you torture me like this?

Maria: If he answers, ask him what he did with my vision. It wasn't included in the package when I was born. (Jane chuckles) What? Maybe I'm still under warranty or something.

Quinn: (Approaches the table) Oh HI Daria, I didn't think I'd ever see you in the mall more than once in MY lifetime.

Daria: Really? Who's life time did you think I would use to appear in the mall?

Jane: Maybe she thinks you just appear in the mall to wandering strangers like those virgin Mary sightings.

Quinn: Ha ha Jane, Very funny.

Jane: (shrugs) I thought it was.

Quinn: (looks over to Marie and see's the dog) Eww, gross! What's THAT thing doing in here.

Maria: (as her dog lets out a low growl) That THING as you call it is my seeing eye dog, who unlike YOU has a legitimate purpose for being here.


Daria: Do you have something against dogs Quinn? I'd think you would have to be an animal person to want to work in a pet store. Or did you forget the time mom made us get jobs?

Maria: Actually... There's another reason for that.

Daria: Can't wait to hear it.

Maria: Remember when I said one of the fashion club members criticized my glasses? Well, I think it was your sister.

Daria: Yea, so?

Maria: Cheyenne is very protective of me, and well...she took it upon herself to critique` Quinn's pants after her little comment.

Jane: Wait, by critique` you mean....

Maria: Oh yea, it sounded like she had been holding it for a while too.

Jane: (bursts into laughter and begins pounding on the table) And....me and my Polaroid were nowhere to be found? Oh god, that's too precious a moment to miss. I'll have to torture myself for it.

Quinn: Oh shut up weird girl! (Turns to Daria) Listen Daria, can I borrow your mac card? Mine hasn't come in the mail yet.

Daria: No way Quinn, I keep my account open by SAVING money. Not handing it all over to you to go on a shopping spree.

Quinn: God Daria, I Don't need all of it. Just enough to get this new outfit for the homecoming dance next week. I don't have anything to wear that everybody hasn't already seen me in. Come one Daria, it's an emergency.

Jane: Oh, if it's an emergency. (Pretends to dig into her pocket)

Daria: (Sighs deeply) Quinn, I'm not going to give you my MAC card...but, I MIGHT withdraw some money FOR you. You realize of coarse that any money I LEND to you is a loan repayable with a nominal interest charge.

Quinn: Um..okay, how much?

Daria: Twenty percent.

Quinn: Give me a break Daria, I'm your sis...uh cousin.

Daria: And just for that, make it twenty five percent.

Quinn: Ooh..fine, but I hope you realize your charging me money.

Daria: (Smirks) That's the best part Quinn. And how much pray tell does this outfit cost?

Quinn: That's the really great part of it all. It's on sale at Cashemans, only Four hundred dollars.

Daria: (eyes widen) WHOA!! Quinn, there's no way I'm giving you four hundred dollars. I don't even HAVE that much in my checking account. I just payed my car insurance for god's sake.

Quinn: But you've GOT to, don't you have money stashed away for some cabin or something?

Daria: Quinn, that's all locked up in savings bonds and even if I could touch...Wait a minute. How the hell did YOU know about that?

Quinn: (tries to look innocent) I sort of found that pillow of yours a few years ago and just happened to look inside.

Daria: And of coarse if I had counted it, all of it would still be there right?

Quinn: Of coarse Daria, I 'm not like that.

Daria: Well, either way Quinn I can't help you. You'll just have to go to the mall's bank and use your own money.

Quinn: Eww, but there's all those people waiting in line in there and some of them smell like construction workers.

Jane: That's probably just the cologne the bankers wear to frighten off people who want loans.

Maria: Or maybe the bank president has just worked up a sweat from rolling around in the money naked. (Daria, Quinn, and Jane all look at Maria in disgust)

Jane: That's... very nasty Maria.

Maria: What? My imagination is the only thing visual going for me at the moment.

Quinn: (turns to Daria) Anyway, thanks for nothing Daria. (Turns to Stacy) Come on Stacy, we'll just have to do this the hard way. (They both walk off toward the bank several stores outside the food court)

Stacy: By Daria.

Daria: (waves blindly as she turns back to her food) Mm..bye.

(A few minutes pass before anyone looks up from their food again)

Jane: I actually think she's mad at you Daria.

Daria: That doesn't bother me, I WAS going to help her but she wanted more than I have in my account.

Maria: So what DOES bother you? Just out of curiosity.

Daria: What bothers me is the fact that she's too shallow to even appreciate the fact that I would have helped her if I'd had the money.

Jane; AND you would have charged her interest on it as well.

Daria: Aren't you supposed to be supporting me here?

Jane: Just trying to look at it from both sides amiga. (a loud pop is heard from somewhere inside the mall which sets Cheyenne off barking wildly)

Maria: (over her dog) What the hell was that?

Daria: I don't know, it sounded like...(a second pop is heard)

Jane: Yo what the hell is going on?

(A tall man wearing a camouflage jacket quickly comes out of the mall bank holding a bag and is attempting to tuck a gun into his jacket when a dye pack in the bag goes off and covers the man in red paint blinding him. He flails about with the gun still in hand, a shot goes off fortunately hitting only the wall. At almost the same instant, Everyone in the mall is seen ducking down to the floor. Cheyenne growls fiercely and takes off toward the man and lunges at him grabbing his throat in her Jaws and dragging him to the ground. The man screams and kicks but after a minute stops moving. The mall security guards soon rush in from all parts of the mall in response to what has occurred)

Jane: What the hell was that guys problem?

Maria: Do I look like a mind reader to you? Why don't you go up and ask him.

Jane: No way, you first.

(After a long while the man's body is placed in a body bag by the coroner and carted away, Cheyenne has since returned to Maria's side. The three of them approach the scene and even though they are stopped by police officers from coming any closer but from where they are they can see that the inside of the bank's lobby doors are stained in blood.)

Jane: (slowly) Oh my... god!

Daria: (sudden realization) Oh Shit, Quinn!! Where's Quinn, she said she was going to the bank!! (begins fighting to break past the cop but he is assisted by other officers and they are returned to the food court until a detective comes to talk with them.)

(Two hours later)

(A detective comes walking up to Daria, Jane, and Maria)

Det. Morris: Which of you was looking for a Quinn Morgendorffer?

Daria: I am...where is she?

Det. Morris: May I ask your relation with her?

Daria: I'm her sister.

Det. Morris: I'll need to see some identification please. (Daria pulls out her drivers license and hands it to the detective. He looks it over and then hands it back)

Jane: All right man spill the beans, can't you see my friend is going nuts here.

Det. Morris: Ms. Morgendorffer could you walk over here for a moment? (Daria walks over and begins to talk with the detective. After a moment Jane see's Daria's Knees buckle and the detective has to catch her. Another moment passes and then He leads her back to the crime scene. Daria doesn't return for a full hour after that)

(Scene blurs and comes back into focus in the pizza shop in the present.)

Daria: (seriously begins to tear up) They asked me to identify her and when I did I had to run out of the room so I could loose my lunch.

Jane: Okay, I think story hour is over for now.

Daria: I'm okay Jane...really.

Jane: Yea, right. The Daria I know doesn't cry even when she ISN'T alright, which means your in some serious agony.

Daria: (Wipes her cheeks) (sternly) I'm all right Jane!

Maria: I'm sorry...I..

Daria: I said I'm all right, don't worry about it.

Jane: (winces) You want to get out of here Daria? We can head back to my house for a while, maybe you can talk to Trent for a while or something.

Daria: I guess I'm ready to leave, I'm not hungry anymore anyway. I think I'm going to go home though. I hope you don't mind.

Jane: Me, mind? (Sarcastically) Nah, I don't mind that my best friend wants to be alone the night before her only sisters funeral. The funeral IS tomorrow morning isn't it?

Daria: Yea, I can't wait to get it behind me either. The saying "hell is myself" has taken on a totally new meaning in the past few days.

Jane: Well, I'll be damned if I'm going to leave you alone tonight. So if you want we can stop by my place grab some formal clothes for tomorrow and I can crash over to keep you company, you know in case you wake up screaming in the night or something.

Daria: (thinks for several moments) Yea...yea, that would be good. Just don't be surprised if my mom flips once in a while.

Jane: I wouldn't expect otherwise from your family. (Attempts to cheer her up by imitating Quinn) Hey Daria, Which is my best side? I know they're both good. (Daria looks down at the floor at this) Ah hell, I'm sorry. I thought I could try to work a smile out of you.

Daria: It's okay Jane. Maria, you coming?

Maria: Sure, if I'm invited. Does your mom mind dogs?

Daria: She'll make an exception for yours, I'm sure of it.

(They all get up to leave)

Maria: Jane, what do you think happens when you die?

Jane: (Scowls) What the hell are you talking about?

Maria: I mean from...

Daria: A spiritual standpoint....like in religion or something?

Maria: Yea, I guess. I was just wondering if you actually end up somewhere like a lot of people say you do. You religious?

Daria: (thoughtfully) Not really, but I wonder sometimes... because of personal experiences. Why?

Maria: I don't know. Just curious I guess.

Jane: (nudging the two towards the door) Well now that we've got that off our chests, let's go. (They head out the door to their cars)

(cut to a different location....somewhere)

(The background is plain white, no furniture anywhere, no walls, no noise, .....nothing. Pulling back we can see Quinn...just staring, motionless)

Quinn: (blinking and squinting a little) What the....?? Where did everybody go..., Stacy are you hiding on me or something?

Voice: (from somewhere behind Quinn) Hello Quinn.

Quinn: (jumps and turns around) AHH!! (scene rotates as Quinn turns around to see who's talking to her. The person who spoke is a tall man with long dark hair tied in a pony tail, wearing Khaki's and a same color shirt along with black boots and an ankle length black duster.) What are you a stalker or something to go sneaking up on somebody? If you wanted to ask me out that ISN'T the way to approach me you know.

Man: I'm sorry to sneak up on you, but to clear things up I wasn't looking to ask you out.

Quinn: Sure, sure...deny it if you want to. I know it's hard to ask out somebody who's as attractive and popular as I am, but that's no reason to be shy about it. Who knows, maybe you'll meet the right girl or something who WILL date a guy like you,...of coarse that won't be me. Sorry.

Man: Well, that's reassuring...I think.

Quinn: So...who are you, and where did everybody go? Is Stacy anywhere around here, she was just here a minute ago?

Man: Interesting questions...both of them. You can call me (1) Paul, and as far as where everybody else went....well, they didn't go anywhere. You did, and no Stacy isn't due here for about (looks at the date on his pager) ninety years, give or take.

Quinn: (looks at Paul weirdly) What are you TALKING about? I'm talking about my friend who was just behind me two minutes ago.

Paul:(frowns) I KNOW who your talking about, and it was two DAYS ago. (Pulls a palmtop computer out of his jacket pocket and begins to call up some data on it.) Anyway, I'm glad to see you've come out of it.

Quinn: Come out of what?

Paul: T.I.S, most people in your situation take a little longer.

Quinn: What?

Paul: Trauma Induced Shock, It's not all that uncommon. Basically it's the minds way of shielding itself until it can deal with what's happened.

Quinn: Um...whatever, listen this is all really interesting and stuff but your starting to freak me out a little bit so I'm going to go.

Paul:(raises an eyebrow) Really? Where are you going to go?

Quinn: Home of coarse, where else would I go.

Paul: Hmm...Where indeed. What's the last thing you remember?

Quinn; What are you a psychiatrist or something?

Paul: Just think already, your giving me a headache and in my line of work that's really saying something.

Quinn: (tries to think for a minute) The last thing I remember was going to the bank because my sister wouldn't lend me some money to get this really cute dress for homecoming. I mean, she CAN'T expect me to wear something I already have. People I know have SEEN me in stuff like that already. I mean, what would my friends say? I'll tell you what they'd say, they'd say...

Paul: (cuts her off abruptly) WELL, That's a start at least. Do you remember anything after that?

Quinn: (thinks for a minute) No, I can't remember anything after that. (Scared) Why can't I remember anything after that?

Paul: (assumes a stoic face) The mind can be rather selective about what it does and doesn't want to have immediately available in memory. Don't try to remember it...just close your eyes and let your mind wander, It will come to you.

Quinn: (looks at Paul uneasily) look this is all really interesting but...

Paul: (voice echoes loudly on the first word) JUST...do as I ask, please.

Quinn: Um...okay. Just...don't do that anymore. Okay?

Paul: (smirks) No problem.

(Quinn closes her eyes and her mind starts to wander, the scene blurs and fades in just outside the bank as Quinn and Stacy are walking to the lobby doors)

Stacy: You would look so Cute in that dress Quinn, I hope you have enough to get it. Sandi will be SO jealous, I can't wait to see her face.

Quinn: I know, and a sale like that doesn't come along every day you know. I just couldn't live with myself if I didn't get it. Why can't Daria see that?

Stacy: I don't know....she just doesn't have much interest in fashion. It's hard to imagine somebody who doesn't care about the way she looks. And she's related to you?

Quinn: Yea, but not closely. She's my cousin, she just lives with us for the time being. It's hard enough as it is having to go to the same school with her.

Stacy: I don't know Quinn, she doesn't seem that bad. Just not fashion coordinated, that's all. Maybe we can help her with her clothes, and change her hair or something.

Quinn: Oh, she's beyond help. Believe me. (Quinn opens the doors to the bank and the two of them walk in)

(Inside the bank everyone is seen lying face down on the floor. The only person seen standing is a man in a camouflage jacket, he is turned away from Quinn and Stacy facing the teller station while a woman works feverishly at filling a bag.)

Quinn: (stops in her tracks) What's everybody doing on the floor?

(The man is startled to hear that someone has spoken and violently turns around)

Man: (pointing a gun at Quinn) I said everyone on the floor!!

(From Quinn's point of view we see the man fire but Quinn hears no noise after the man's scream. She just see's the flash from the man's .44 and everything to her just seems to be occurring in slow motion from this point. Quinn just stares for a moment, a feeling of weakness has overcome her yet she still makes an effort to turn her head toward Stacy only to see her cowering and screaming in the corner on the floor by the door while seeming to have been sprayed with a red liquid. Quinn see's Stacy's mouth moving as she screams but still hears nothing. Quinn moves to face forward again but never see's the second shot coming. This one she heard, and felt. It sounded like a cannon going off in her ears as she felt what seemed like a freight train hitting her square in the chest. Quinn reeled back a little but not much, her knees buckled from under her and she crumpled to the ground face up. The last thing she saw was the man stepping over her as her world faded to black.)

(The scene blurs again and fades back to the present only to see Paul staring into her eyes)

Quinn: (shaking a little) What happened to me?

Paul: (Solemnly) You died Quinn.

Quinn: (Nervously) Um...That's not possible, I'm still here. See... (Waves her arms back and forth to prove it) If I were dead or something I would be nowhere...right? It was all a horrible dream.

Paul: (scratching his face) This is going to be a long assignment. Listen, have you ever had a dream in your life that seemed so real you actually felt pain? A dream where you didn't just see parts of it like a normal dream, you saw the whole thing, No parts left out. (Beat) No, of coarse you didn't. Because the mind doesn't work like that, dreams always have bits and pieces left out because it takes time for the imagination to come up with every little detail.

Quinn: (really getting scared) Listen, it's been really nice listening to you but I REALLY have to be getting home. Um...my parents will be getting worried by now. (Paul sits back and watches as Quinn attempts to find a way out) Where's the door to this place?

Paul: There would have to be walls in order to have a door Quinn. As you can see, this place has neither one.

Quinn: (screams) Where are we?!!

Paul: (smirks) Well, at least that question means we're getting somewhere. (Sighs) Okay, here's the deal. You are now in what we refer to as the waiting room, the scientific description would be a little difficult to explain in a short time. However, to give you a feeling that your actually somewhere in the universe, this is a place somewhere between heaven and earth.

Quinn: What do you mean by somewhere, and how do YOU fit into all of this?

Paul: That's also complicated, I'll explain later. Anyway, this is where your brought until you've realized what's happened to you.

Quinn: Right, whatever. Isn't there supposed to be a judge somewhere like you see at those beauty pageants? I hope so because maybe THAT guy will show me how to get out of here.

Paul: You mean judgement, and that happened about two peco-seconds after you died.

Quinn: Stop saying that! Your scaring the hell out of me.

Paul: No, that would take a lot more effort. (sighs and pinches his sinuses) I can honestly say that this is the longest it's ever taken to get my point across. I can see that proof beyond what you've already seen is going to be necessary.

Quinn: What's THAT supposed to mean?

Paul: It means your going for a walk. (The scene changes in the blink of an eye and all of a sudden the both of them are standing in the middle of a highway at night in downtown Lawndale)

Quinn: What the...?

Paul: Nice change of scenery huh?

Quinn: This is the weirdest dream I've ever had, I wonder if I'll remember any of it when I wake up.

Paul: Yea? Well get ready because here comes your wake up call.

Quinn: What are you....(Turns around and Screams as a car doing about fifty passes right through the both of them and keeps on going)

Paul: (as Quinn is beginning to calm down) GOD, I love doing that to people.

Quinn: That...car...passed right through me! Oh my god, a car passed right through me!!!

Paul: (to himself) Houston we have comprehension. (Out loud) You don't have a body anymore Quinn, you died two days ago.

Quinn: (walks up to a road sign and passes her hand through it several times then starts to cry as realization sets in) But....I can't be!! Oh please god...My parents are going to KILL me!!

Paul: Now THAT would be an interesting trick all things considering.

Quinn: (begins to cry) Shut up! This isn't funny!

Paul: Do you see me laughing?

Quinn: What am I going to do? This is horrible, what are my friends going to say? My life is RUINED!

Paul: Well, unless you want another scare, I suggest we move out of the road because here comes a semi. (They move to the side as the truck goes by) Well, for the most part what we need to do has already been determined by you hasn't it. After a few formalities we can figure out what needs to be done, which brings up another question. Do you want to take care of this stuff as we walk around here or do you want to go back to the waiting room?

Quinn: I don't want to go back there, that place scares me.

Paul: No problem, as long as we're making headway. (Pulls the palmtop out of his Jacket pocket again) We have some things to discuss. (Begins calling up some data)

Quinn: What could we have to talk about?

Paul: (looks up at Quinn) You have some unfinished business to attend to.

(Cut to Jane's house)

Maria: (attempts to walk around in Jane's room but keeps stumbling on various objects around Jane's cluttered bedroom floor) Oh my god, this place is hazardous. Where is your bed Jane, or at least the closest chair? (Jane walks up to her and guides her to the bed) Ah, safety at last. If you don't mind I think I'll stay in one spot for the time being. Your room is just a little to cluttered for someone with visual limitations.

Jane: Hey, it's cool. Make yourself at home, speaking of visual limitations though, where is your dog?

Maria: How should I know? I let her off her leash when we came in the door, funny thing is I was foolish enough to think the floor would be reasonably clear of obstructions. What WAS I thinking?

Daria: Guess we better go find her then, Jane. We wouldn't want here to chew up your grand mothers old nightgown now would we?

Jane: Your just hoping you'll never have to borrow it again.

Maria: You guys are going to have to enlighten me on this little joke of yours at some point.

Jane: Oh don't worry, I'll be sure to fill you in on every little detail.

Daria: (glares at Jane) Traitor!

Jane: (Bows) Hey! I prefer the term treasonous artist thank you very much.

Maria: I'll go look for her.

Daria: No, I'll go. I need something to occupy my mind at the moment anyway. (Gets up and walks out of the room)

Maria: But...all I have to do is ....

Jane: Let her go look for Cheyenne, Maria. If it helps her to occupy her mind then let her go.(apologetically) What were you going to say anyway?

Maria: I was going to say, All I have to do is call her name and give a whistle.

Jane: Yea well, It's just as well. It's better that she's not in here because even in MY room there are things that remind her of Quinn. (Looks at Maria oddly for a moment) including YOU!

Maria: Huh? What are you talking about?

Jane: Take your glasses off for a minute.(Maria takes the glasses off) Yea, I was right.

Maria: What?

Jane: You have the same hair color and the same eye color as Daria's sister did. If we shrunk you about a foot and a half and stuffed you into a baby T-shirt, I swear to god you would be the spitting image of Quinn.

Maria: (realizing the impact this would have on Daria) Nobody's ever told me I look so much like her, Of coarse I didn't really know what Quinn looked like before now, but still.

Jane: Don't get me wrong, your not in any way identical. For one, you're a lot more top heavy then Quinn.

Maria: (blushes as she crosses her arms over her chest) Uh...thanks for noticing Jane.

Jane: (Laughs) Relax, I'm not like that. (Maria sighs in relief)

Maria: So, what's in this room that contains memories of the dearly departed?

Jane: Some paintings mostly, abstract art and stuff. Quinn's head in a guillotine is a rather prime example.

Maria: I can imagine how that would upset her. (Beat) (smirks) I wonder if she found my dog yet?

(Cut to Daria walking through the downstairs hallway)

Daria: Cheyenne? (VO) Where could that damned dog have gone to? With my luck she's deliberately hiding from me. (Hears a whimper) Well, at least she's giving me clues.

(Daria follows the sounds of the dogs whimpers down to the basement where she comes across Trent tuning his guitar. Every time he strikes a chord the dog whimpers)

Trent: What do you want dog? Why don't you go bug your owner or something? (Cheyenne places her head in Trent's lap and stares up at him)

Daria: (as she comes to the bottom of the stairs) Um..hey Trent, I didn't know you were home.

Trent: Yea, practice was canceled. Jesse and Max are both out with the flu or something. I guess it's kind of hard to practice without most of your band.

Daria: Yea, unless your planning to become a one hit one instrument wonder.

Trent: Mmm....I can't really see that happening. (Looks at Daria) Hey Daria, what's with this dog?

Daria: Oh, That's Maria's seeing eye dog. I guess she wandered off when she was let off her leash.

Trent: It's hard to tune my guitar if she keeps whining every time I play a chord. (Tightens a string a little more and plucks at it with the pick, this time Cheyenne picks up her head and instead of whimpering lets out a cheerful bark)

Daria: I guess she has a good ear for music, she can tell if the strings sound right.

Trent: Who would have thought, a music loving dog. (Gives the dog a pat on the head) (several moments pass before Trent turns to Daria with a solemn face) Listen Daria, I didn't get the chance to say anything earlier, I mean you haven't been over much with what's happened and all. Um...I just wanted to say that I'm sorry about what happened to your sister. There was no reason for it, I mean she didn't deserve it...I mean...(See's that he is upsetting Daria by making her remember everything that has happened) Aw dammit! I can't say anything right, ....let me just try to salvage this by saying I'm here if you want to talk or something.

Daria: (wipes the tears from her face but more appear faster than she can wipe them off) Thanks... Trent..... (Trent gets up and places his arms around her to extend any comfort he can, and moments later, the walls that Daria has spent years erecting just collapse under enormous emotional wight) It's Not fair!!! (pounds on Trent's chest with her fist once or twice) It's not fair, god dammit! Why did this have to happen Trent? Why couldn't I have done something, anything! I should have stopped her!

Trent: (Just lets her vent) There was nothing you could have done Daria, you can't blame yourself for this.

Daria:(buries her face in Trent's shoulder) I could have given her everything I had, but it wouldn't have been enough. It wouldn't have stopped her from going in there, But I could have. I SHOULD have stopped her. She may have hated me for it but she would still be alive DAMMIT!

Trent: You didn't know Daria. There was no way...

Daria: She's gone Trent, she was a tremendous pain in the ass but she was still my sister.

Trent: (holds her tightly) We'll help you through this Daria, Quinn wouldn't want you to dwell on her.

Daria: Yes she would Trent, she was the most vain, self absorbed person on the planet and I know she would have wanted me to remember all of the superficial things about her and I OWE it to her to remember her the way she would have wanted.

Trent: (Vo) Whoa, now that's something I never thought I would hear out of her. (Out loud) Daria, do you really think Quinn would have wanted you to remember her that way? She may have been self absorbed but there were times when she showed some rather endearing qualities.

Daria: (looks up into Trent's eyes as she wipes away some more tears) Like?

Trent: Um...uh..Well, there was...um...the time she borrowed your outfit for some party. She must have admired you deep down to want to borrow your outfit, Maybe in some respects she wanted to be more like you.

Daria: Trent, that was a fashion don'ts party. She borrowed my outfit because in her opinion it was the most unfashionable thing she could find.

Trent: (VO) Well this is going rather well. (Out loud) Oh...well there has to be something nice we can say about her that's legitimate.

Daria: I'll be impressed if you can come up with something.

Trent: Didn't you once say that she had an uncanny ability to coordinate her wardrobe with any situation at the drop of a hat?

Daria: (manages a weak smile at this) Yea, I can't say I know anybody else who can do that at a moments notice.

Trent: Well there you go. Where there's one good memory there must be more somewhere.

Daria: I guess. I'm probably just trying to think of them too hard or something. (Daria gets up to head back upstairs)

Trent: Leaving so soon, Daria? There's a whole lot more we could probably talk about, subjects like this one don't exactly get exhausted easily you know.

Daria: I know, Trent. But...um, I came down here to look for Maria's dog, she had wandered off.

Trent: Wandered off huh? I always thought these dogs were exceptionally well trained, you'd think she would know better than to stray far from her owner.

Daria: Yea well, I doubt she came down here just so I would follow her. Jane or Maria could have easily come looking for her.

Trent: Yea, I guess. But it makes you wonder though. (Daria sits back down)

Daria: I guess.

Trent: As long as your down here, we can talk to your hearts content. (Meanwhile Cheyenne has long since headed back up the steps on her way to Jane's room)

(Cut to Jane's room)

Jane: (picks an all black dress out of the closet) I think this dress would best fit the occasion. It's long, black, fits my mood perfectly. Maria, what are you going to wear?

Maria: I never really liked dresses, I'll probably wear a pant suite or something. Nothing sophisticated.

(Cheyenne comes walking into the room and parks herself right in front of Maria's feet)

Maria: Good dog, she found you.(Cheyenne responds by placing a pay on Maria's knee)

Jane: She found her? Wait a minute, Cheyenne didn't just wander off did she. You WANTED Daria to go find your dog?

Maria: The person who would have the easiest time talking with Daria would be somebody she holds as a special friend, right. Somebody whom she would feel comfortable enough with to let her guard down, given some time together. Well, I just told Cheyenne to go find Trent and stick with him until Daria came to find her.

Jane: (smirks) Thus leading them to spend some quality healing time together. Maria, you've been playing matchmaker with them, haven't you.

Maria: No, I just knew she would want to talk to him.

Jane: Sure, But how did you know Daria would be the one to go after your dog?

Maria: I figured Daria would want to get away from everybody sooner or later, so I took advantage of that by giving her a legitimate reason to leave the room.

Jane: And find Trent.

Maria: (shrugs) Is that so bad? He's a friend.

Jane: No...but,

Maria: But, your jealous for some reason. Don't deny it either, I can hear it in your voice. Why?

Jane: It's just that, I've been trying to get them together for a couple of years now and here you come and manage to pull it off in three weeks. I have to admit, you are one sneaky...

Maria: Thank you Jane, I can do without the colorful commentary. I got your point, and I appreciate the compliment.

Jane: Glad I could help. One more thing though, how did you know where Trent was?

Maria: I didn't, I sent Cheyenne on a mission to find him remember. Or did you forget that quickly?

Jane: No, Just trying to see if there was any more to your plan than meets the eye.

Maria: No such luck Jane. (Strokes the fur on her dogs head)

(Cut to two hours later)

(It's about eleven o'clock and Daria, Jane, and Maria are seen pulling up to the curb in front of the Morgendorffer residence)

(As the three of them come in the door they are greeted by Helen who has been waiting up for them)

Helen: (rushes up to Daria and gives her a bear hug.) Oh my god Daria, why didn't you call? I've been going out of my mind all night long.

Jane: (to Maria) Now this is really weird, Normally her mother is absolutely nothing like this.

Maria: I've never met the woman personally, I've just heard Daria talk about her.

Jane: You'll have to meet her again on better days then.

Daria: For gods sake mom, I 'm fine, and your crushing me. (Helen lets go of Daria and Daria stumbles back a step or two into Maria knocking her dark glasses off.)

Maria: Damn! (She stoops down and begins to search the floor for them)

Helen: Daria, you should be more careful.

Daria: (frowns) Me?

Helen: I'm sorry young lady. (Crouches down, picks up Maria's glasses and hands them to her only to stop in her tracks as she comes face to face with Maria. Helen begins to tremble, she stands up and backs a few steps away) Oh my god! Quinn? (Throws her arms around Maria as she is attempting to stand up and gives her a stiff hug)

Maria: What the hell? Ms. Morgendorffer can you please let go of me! I' m not your daughter, My names Maria, I'm a friend of Daria's.

Helen: (Lets go and steps back to take another look)I...I... I'm sorry, I just don't know what came over me. It's just that...you look so much like her.

Maria: (To Daria) I thought your sister was a lot shorter than me?

Daria: She was, but you DO look a lot like her, generally speaking.

Jane: Uh...listen, I don't mean to be rude or anything but we're all kind of tired so we're going to head to sleep.

Helen: What? Um, sure I guess. But I'd like to talk to you later Daria, about what we talked about earlier.

Daria: (glares) I thought we were through with that subject.

Helen: No Daria, we didn't quite finish that....

Daria: (frowns) Fine we'll finish it later, I'm to tired to argue with you right now. (The three of them head up to Daria's room for the night)

(cut to Daria's room)

Jane: Jeez Daria, Your mom sure wasn't herself tonight.

Daria: Tell me about it, She's taking this a lot harder than I am. I think she may need counseling or something. With her luck they may end up sticking her on something stronger than Prozac.

Jane: Yeesh, that's strong stuff. Do you think she'll be able to hold together tomorrow?

Daria: (shakes her head) There's no way.

Jane: And how about you?

Daria: I'm okay..I think. I did a fair amount of venting earlier.

Jane; You don't say, I wonder where I was when this occurred.

Maria: Where indeed.

Jane: Shut up!

Daria: Did I miss something?

Maria: (shakes her head) Nothing important.

(Cut to Stacie's house that same evening)

(Ms. Rowe is seen talking on the phone to a psychiatrist)

Ms. Rowe: No, she won't come out of her room, She just stays in there. No, she has a bathroom connected to her room thank god. Yes, she will eat but not much. I bring the food up to her but she barely touches the plate at all. She's woke up screaming every night this week, nightmares about her friend most likely but she won't talk to me about them. Yes, I thought of having her talk to some friends but her only friends are this shallow little band of socialites at school. I think her talking to them at this point would do a lot more harm than good. Her only real friend was the one who died. Are you serious? Yes, I know it would probably help her to let go but I can't get her to come out of her room, to say nothing about getting her to go to a funeral. (Sighs) I'll try my best, Thank you. (Hangs up) I swear, you waste good money on a doctor who tells you something you already know. (Heads to Stacie's room and pokes her head through the door) Stacie? (She looks around the room to see that Stacie is still sitting on the floor in front of her bed but now she is writing in a small notebook, Ms. Rowe recognizes it as her daughters diary) (sighs) At least she doesn't stay in the same spot anymore. Stacie, do you feel like eating anything? (Stacie doesn't answer) (Ms. Rowe looks down at the floor for a moment then looks at her daughter again) Listen, um..I was wondering if you felt up to going to Quinn's funeral tomorrow? It would probably be good for you, get things out in the open and all so we can work on them. (Stacie begins to cry again and at that moment her mother gets up to leave the room) I ...just don't know what else to do honey. (With that she turns and leaves the room)

(We see Stacy still writing in her diary as tear drops fall from her cheeks and land on the sheet of paper she is writing on)

(Stacie's mom walks down the hall without even seeing the two people standing next to the staircase)

Quinn: This is Stacie's house, what are we doing here?

Paul: This is the business you need to take care of, Quinn.

Quinn: Stacie's mom?

Paul: (rolls his eyes) Was Stacie's mom standing behind you in the bank? No, I don't think so. Use your head for god's sake Quinn, I know you have one.

Quinn: Okay, don't yell at me. So How can Stacy be my unfinished business?

Paul: Why don't you see for yourself. (Paul escorts her down the hall through the bedroom door and into Stacie's room where she is still writing in her diary)

Quinn: Stacy has a diary? Wow, I only thought brains kept stuff like that.

Paul: Appearances can be deceiving can't they. She was your friend Quinn, but she was also rather intelligent, and no where near as shallow as you were led to believe.

Quinn: Look at these books, "The tell tale Heart", "Of Mice and Men", You'd think Daria had been in here or something.

Paul: Or something.

Quinn: So what am I supposed to do here?

Paul: You tell me Quinn, what CAN you do? She hasn't left her room in days, barely eats, and won't talk to anybody.

Quinn: Why, What's her problem?

Paul: She saw you DIE, Quinn! Your blood got splattered all over her face, and frankly she can't deal with any of it.

Quinn: EWE, gross!

Paul: Yea, that about describes this whole mess.

Quinn: So like, I'm supposed to help her get past this?

Paul: (Pats Quinn on the head) I knew you had a mind somewhere. So the question I have for you is, how do you think you should go about this?

Quinn: How am I going to help her if she can't see or hear me?

Paul: She will if you want her to. (Quinn moves to say something to Stacy but is stopped by Paul) Not yet, for gods sake. You'll freak her out even more, Something like this requires planning so we need to do some more talking.

Quinn: She looks so alone, why aren't the rest of the fashion club members doing anything for her?

Paul: Did you really think they were her friends? They haven't come to see her once since your death. That girl Tiffany has your spot in the club now, it didn't take Sandi long to appoint her either.

Quinn: What, they made her vice president? How could they, Tiffany can barely tell lipstick from eyeshadow!

Paul: It gets worse, they Kicked Stacie out of the club for being antisocial. Now you tell me, since when is it a crime to grieve over someone's death?

Quinn: How could they DO something like that? Don't they have scruple's or something?

Paul: It must have sucked to be you Quinn, you were so shallow that you were replaceable by people just like you, FOR people just like you. All that time you thought you had all the friends in the world, and in reality you only had one. You see Quinn, (2) "the definition of a true friend is someone who knows you're an asshole, but for some reason likes you anyway". Stacy was that kind of friend to you Quinn. Kind of makes you think huh?

Quinn: Is that how Daria and her friend Jane are?

Paul: That's exactly how Daria and Jane are, true friends. It's such a rare thing to see these days.

Quinn: I can't believe it, all that time I mocked them for their friendship because they didn't want to conform to anything. And here I was all this time oblivious to something we actually had in common.

Paul: Ignorance isn't always bliss is it Quinn?

Quinn: I guess not. (Looks at Stacy) So what can I do to help her?

Paul: We'll discuss that shortly. (The scene changes to inside the Morgendorffer's house in the blink of an eye)

Quinn: What the? How do you DO that?

Paul: The speed of thought is pretty quick Quinn, makes travel a lot easier than driving a car.

Quinn: I guess it would have to. So what are we doing here? You said I had to take care of Stacy.

Paul: You do, but I figured you would want to at least see your sister again. Besides, it would be better to work your way up to that by making peace with your family first.

Quinn: Um...this isn't going to involve sucking up or anything is it?

Paul: Only if you REALLY want to stoop that low, Quinn.

Quinn: Okay, So how am I supposed to do this?

Paul: You'll figure it out when you get there.

Quinn: Get where? (Paul just rolls his eyes)

(Cut to the kitchen in the Morgendorffer household, the time is three in the morning)

(Daria is seen entering the kitchen to get glass of milk out of the refrigerator, Daria finishes her glass and turns around to put the glass into the dishwasher when suddenly she comes face to face with a tall figure and drops her glass causing it to shatter on the floor)

Daria: Gahh!! What the hell!!

Paul: Hi Daria, how have you been?

Daria: (squints in the dimly lit kitchen) Oh my god... it's YOU! What the hell are you...

Paul: (cuts her off) Yea, I seem to be getting that a lot lately.

Daria: (frowns) What are you doing in my house?

Paul: What a way to greet an old acquaintance, I wonder how you would have reacted if I'd just shown up at the door. I'm SURE Jake would recognize me...and then drop dead of a coronary.

Daria: Yea,...well last time I checked you had that effect on people.

Paul: (chuckles) What can I say, that's my job in life...and death for that matter.

Daria: So what are you doing here? (Beat) Wait...don't tell me you're here to...

Paul: No Daria, I'm not. I never break my word.

Daria: Um..okay, I guess I can say I'm relieved. Just tell me one thing...

Paul: No Daria, It wasn't me. I WAS on vacation when your sister bought it but the powers that be felt it necessary to call me back to give me a special assignment of sorts, at the moment One of the others is filling in for me. I think Simon was the one responsible for collecting your sister.

Daria: (glares) Can you stop finishing my sentences.

Paul: Sorry, just felt it necessary to make that little fact known before you went postal on me.

Daria: What makes you think....

Paul: I could see it building in you, it would have only been another minute or so.

Daria: (looks pissed) Will you stop doing that!

Paul: Okay, I'm sorry. It's become a bit of a habit after listening to stupid questions all day. You just get the urge to end the torture as soon as possible, certainly you can sympathize.

Daria: (looks at him for a moment)Yea..okay, I can. So your on some sort of special assignment? How did you get stuck with that?

Paul: Hmm...I'd have to say that the deciding factor on my temporary change of pace was right before my vacation. I went to pick up one of my appointments and managed to get there right before he got hit by a bus while crossing the street. The guy got sent flying down the road and when he landed I walked up to him and asked if he wouldn't mind doing the whole thing again because I forgot to put film in my camera.

Daria: I can see how that would be viewed as rather insensitive. But what does that have to do with you being in my house? Or with ME for that matter ?

Paul: An intriguing question Daria, but what I need to know is are you ready for the answer?

Daria: (glares) You had BETTER be going somewhere with this, I hate games. (Paul gestures for Daria to turn around) What? (Daria turns and comes face to face with none other than Quinn herself) (dumbfounded) Oh my...god! Paul what's going.... (Daria turns to talk to Paul but he is nowhere to be seen So Daria turns back to find that Quinn is still there. Daria just stares at Quinn for several minutes before gathering the courage to speak.) It....can't be. Glitter berries, that's what this is. This is all a huge nightmare caused by accidentally ingesting some glitter berries, Dad probably stuck them in the salad at dinner by accident. That's GOT to be it.

Quinn: You're not dreaming Daria, but if you were going to have a doozy of a nightmare later, I doubt it could top THIS. I know none of mine ever did.

Daria: Quinn! (begins to tear up as she lunges out to hug her sister but passes right through Quinn and falls to the floor)

Quinn: Sorry, um...I guess I should have warned you or something.

Daria: (Gets up and reaches out toward Quinn and watches as her arm passes through Quinn as if she weren't even there) How is this possible, I mean you LOOK solid. Shouldn't you be somewhere else or something?

Quinn: How should I know, why don't you ask your friend. By the way, where did you meet that guy? He's cute, in an odd straight forward sort of way. (Thinks for a moment) There is something else I have to know, Daria. What is with his outfit? Doesn't he know that long over coats have been out since that Columbine thing?

Daria: (monotone) Oh yea, your Quinn all right.

Quinn: What? Why are you looking a me like that?

Daria: Well, this isn't exactly the sort of conversation I'm used to having with you.

Quinn: What's different about it?

Daria: Your DEAD Quinn, that's what's different about it, I'm talking to the ghost of my sister. A conversation doesn't get any more screwed up than THAT you know.

Quinn: I'm not a GHOST, ghosts haunt houses and scare people while moaning a lot and stuff.

Daria: I don't know Quinn, you did a lot of moaning when you were alive. Of coarse it was more like pissing and moaning but it was a lot of unnecessary noise none the less.

Quinn: Look, I didn't come here to fight Daria. This is important.

Daria: I figured, but as long as the opportunity to get the last word in presented itself, I couldn't resist taking it.

Quinn: Just like your usual self, Daria. I have to admit your taking this whole thing pretty well.

Daria: (frowns) How do you mean?

Quinn: Well, I knew YOU wouldn't be broken up or anything. I mean it isn't like you to show much emotion toward anybody, especially me. But still, I thought you'd at least miss me or something.

Daria: I see, And the fact that I tried to give you a hug says nothing to you about how I feel?

Quinn: Is THAT what that was? I thought you were going to try to hit me or something.

Daria: Oh yea, I would try to hit you for no damned reason.

Quinn: Don't be silly Daria, of coarse you had a reason. I was stupid enough to let myself get killed, remember. (Daria's lip begins to quiver as she struggles retain her composure.) Are you okay Daria? You look like you want to cry or something.

Daria: (fights it back) No...uh, I'm okay. I just had something in my eye, that's all.

Quinn: Okay, as long as your okay. Anyway, the reason I came here is because I thought you and I could talk or something. We kind of spent most of our lives avoiding each other, and when we DID have to spend time together we just insulted or bribed each other.

Daria: Funny, I don't recall ever bribing you. Blackmailing yes, but I never bribed you.

Quinn: Whatever, what I'm getting at Daria is I thought we could talk for a while. Reconcile our differences and stuff.

Daria: Quinn, I hate to admit it but that's one of the more intelligent things I've ever heard from you.

Quinn: Yea well, you can thank your friend for that. He made sure that idea was sunk pretty deep into my head.

Daria: He used a jackhammer? Damn, he's good. I've been wanting to do that to you for years.

Quinn: Ha ha, Daria. But seriously, we need to talk.

Daria: (Moves to the kitchen table and takes a chair) (sympathetic)Yea Quinn, we do.

Quinn: So what's his story anyway? I mean, one minute I'm with Stacy and the next minute this guy is talking to me telling me that I died.

Daria: Who?

Quinn: Your friend.

Daria: Oh...Don't mind him, He's the angel of death. Or at least one of them as far as I can tell.

Quinn: (somber face) You're kidding right? This is another one of your sarcastic jokes? (Daria shakes her head no) WHOA, And he's cute too! I wonder if he's available.

Daria: (pinches her sinuses) Quinn, even in the afterlife you're hopeless. But I'm still glad you dropped by.

Quinn; Really? Daria have you been feeling okay?

Daria: No Dammit, I haven't been feeling okay. Quinn, do you have any idea what it's been like around here? Mom and dad are so stricken with grief they can barely function.

Quinn: And what about you?

Daria: I'm attempting to deal with it, but I'm not having a whole lot of success.

Quinn: And you're not ashamed to admit that? Daria, We've always hated each other.

Daria: As long as it's held in the strictest of confidence, no. And I never hated you Quinn, I just couldn't stand the way you acted like you were god's gift to humanity.

(The two continue to talk into the early hours of the morning)

(Fade to Stacy opening her eyes in the middle of the night to see Quinn looking at her from the far side of the room)

Stacy: Mmm....Hi Quinn. (Closes her eyes and rolls on her side. The she opens her eyes again in fright and bolts upright in her bed but doesn't see Quinn this time) Oh, god...the dreams are getting worse. (Starts crying and drops her face into her hands)

Quinn: (This time from the opposite side of Stacie's bed) We need to talk about what happened Stacy.

Stacy: (Turns her head to face Quinn and nearly leaps out of her bed to put some distance between them) Oh my god, oh my god...now I'm hallucinating. You can't be real, you died!

Quinn: Yea, everybody keeps reminding me of that. (Walks toward Stacy)

Stacy: (extends her arm and watches it pass through Quinn) How is this possible?

Quinn: It's kind of a long story. Anyway, we need to talk.

Stacy: (Breaks down again) Oh Quinn, I'm so sorry. I was so scared, All I could think to do was scream.

Quinn: It's okay Stacy, it wasn't your fault. Either way we have a lot to talk about, do you think you can handle it? (Stacy just looks at Quinn blankly) Right, that's what I figured. We have a long night ahead of us.

(Cut to the next morning around nine o'clock)

(Daria is seen asleep on the couch as Helen and Jake are coming down the stairs preparing for the funeral) (Helen Shakes Daria to wake her up)

Helen: (scowls) Daria, wake up. Your going to be late! Honestly how you can want to sleep in with all that this family has been going through.

Daria: Well, you're sure back to your old self. Where are Jane and Maria?

Helen: They've been up for hours, they're waiting for you in the kitchen. Now hurry up and get dressed already. (Helen heads into the kitchen)

Daria: All right mom, I just overslept that's all. (Remembers the events of the previous night) (VO) Was any of that real? Nah, it had to be a dream. (Gets up to head upstairs and notices an envelope that she was sleeping on sitting on the couch. It is addressed to Daria) What the hell?

Helen: (Calls from the kitchen) Hurry up Daria, you're going to have to rush as it is.

Daria: All right already. (She takes the envelope upstairs with her without reading it) How the hell did I get on the couch?

(After about fifteen minutes Daria comes down the stairs and joins her friends in the kitchen)

Jane: Morning Daria, Are you sure your ready for this?

Daria: Doesn't look like I had much of a choice. (Pours herself some tea)

Maria: Sounded like you were having some interesting dreams last night. Were you sleepwalking or something?

Daria: What do you mean?

Maria: I went to go looking for the bathroom last night and I heard you downstairs talking to somebody. Never heard any kind of reply, just you talking.

Jane: That doesn't sound like the Daria I know. Anything you want to talk about Daria?

Daria: (remembers what happened the previous night) No, nothing you would believe anyway.

Maria: (crosses her arms across her chest) Try us.

Daria: (thinks for a moment) Maybe later, right now I just want to survive the morning.

Jane: In that case, drink your tea. You don't look like you slept a whole lot last night.

(In the background Helen can be heard badgering Jake)

Helen: For gods sake Jake, can't you find anything on your own around here?

Jake: Get off my back Helen, Do you have any idea how much I've had on my mind lately?

Helen: How Dare you talk like you have more to worry about than I do.

Jane: Sounds like Helen is back to her old self again.

Daria; I wouldn't go that far, she's still venting her anger over this mess. My dad just happened to be the closest target this morning.

Maria: And how about you?

Daria: I'm dealing with it a lot better now.

Jane: Must have been one hell of a conversation you had with yourself last night. That is Unless Maria's hearing just suddenly got a lot worse and it was all part of her imagination.

Maria: Not likely, Jane.

Jane: In that case Daria, you'll have to fill us in. What was the dream about?

Daria: It wasn't a dream, at least I don't think it was.

Jane: Do tell? So what then?

Daria: Like I said, you wouldn't believe me.

Jane: Yea, well I still want to hear about it. So talk already.

Daria: I'll tell you later Jane, It's a long story.

Jane: (smirks evilly) Can't wait.

Helen: (calls from the living room) Daria are you ready yet?

Daria: (Yells from the kitchen) I've been ready for the past ten minutes.

Maria: I guess it's time to go then. (Gets up and pats her leg for her dog to come over. She then takes hold of the leash and they all reluctantly head for the door)

(Cut to the viewing)

(Daria is seen sitting in pews having already paid her respects along with Jane, Maria, and the rest of Daria's family. Others are seen paying their respects as they arrive. Helen and Jake as predicted are not holding up well)

Maria: It's not what I thought it would be like.

Daria: What?

Maria: I know what happens to the body after it dies, but it didn't feel like a person. It felt like she was a mannequin or something.

Jane: It's probably just the makeup they used on her. I wonder what Quinn would think of the job they did on her?

Daria: I'm sure she would find something to say about it, either they used too much or to little of this that and the other thing.

(Unnoticed by everyone in the room, Stacy meekly walks in and sits at the back of the room and watches everybody pay their respects to Quinn. Then after a short time the service begins, all the while Stacy sits quietly at the back of the room never saying a word. An occasional tear rolls down her cheek as she struggles to hold back her emotions.)

(after the service has concluded and people once again begin to console each other, Stacy manages to gather the courage to get up and walk to the front of the room to view Quinn in her casket. As she walks up to the front of the room she is finally noticed by Jane and Daria)

Jane: (after Stacy walks past) Oh my god, I can't believe it. She actually came out of her room.

Daria: Did you go to have another talk with her or something?

Jane: Not unless I've developed the ability to be in two places at once.

Daria: If you have then you'll have to show me that trick of yours. (Beat) You don't think her mom pushed her to do this do you?

Jane: I don't know, but it was probably the right thing to do if she did.

Maria: Maybe we should go talk with her, make sure she's going to be alright.

Daria: Yea, but lets wait until she's done.

Maria: Obviously, I'm not insensitive you know. (Daria just looks at her)

(As Stacy finishes and begins to return to the back of the room, her attention is caught by Daria, Jane, And Maria calling over to her in low tones.)

Stacy: Um... hey guys. It was a beautiful service, Daria.

Daria: Um..yea, thanks. So how are you holding up? The last we heard you were taking this pretty hard.

Stacy: Yea, I still am, but....Quinn was my friend and I owe it to her to be here.

Maria: It's good that you came, if anything Quinn wouldn't have it any other way.

Stacy: (thinks for a moment) Yea,.... I know. And as I think about it, and I think that helped me to make at least some peace with myself.

Maria: Really, how so?

Jane: (Nudges her) That's not important right now.

Stacy: That's okay, maybe I'll talk about it some other time. But for now, I think I should just keep working on accepting the fact that Quinn's gone.

Daria: (sighs) Your not the only one.

Stacy: Jane, isn't your brother coming to the funeral?

Jane: Yea, he'll be along. He's going to meet us at the cemetery, something about not having suitable clothes for the viewing. Go figure.

Daria: Trent was worried about his clothes?

Jane: He only worries about that for special occasions, showing up in tattered jeans just wouldn't be appropriate for something like this. Even he knew THAT.

Daria: I guess.

Stacy: Jane, I just want to thank you for stopping by my house yesterday. I heard you, I just couldn't bring myself to answer.

Maria: Because you didn't want to do anything that would acknowledge the fact that Quinn died.

Stacy: Yea, That about says it.

Jane: (places a hand on Stacie's shoulder) We'll be here if you need to talk.

Stacy: Thanks, I'm going to need you guys.

Daria: No problem.

Maria: Ditto.

(Slow fade to the cemetery)

(Everyone is gathered around the casket as the service is concluded, Trent is present but stands behind everyone else and just listens as he pays his respects. As everyone begins to disburse, Trent walks up closer to join his sister. The Morgendorffers, The Lanes, and Maria accompanied by her dog stay behind to watch the casket lowered into the ground.)

Helen: (Places her head against Jake's shoulder as she begins to cry) Oh God Jake, Our baby is gone. She's really gone.

Jake: She'll never be gone Helen. (Points to his head) Not as long as she's still up here. (He holds her close as she begins to un bottle her emotions into his shoulder)

Daria: (whispers to Jane) I think that's the most intelligent and coherent thing he's ever said to her.

Jane; You have to admit though, it was the right thing to say.

Daria: Yea,...it was. Maybe there's hope for them yet.

Maria: They say time heals all wounds Daria, neither you, nor your parents are any exception to that rule.

Trent: I hope that's true, because it looks like they're going to need a lot of it. Time that is.

Jane: Trent! So you did make it after all.

Trent: I know what all this means to Daria, and to you Jane. I couldn't oversleep for something like that.

Jane: You got up just for us Trent? That's so sweet.

Trent: Yea, well. It guess it was just something I had to do. Out of respect for Daria and all.

Daria: Thanks Trent, It means a lot to me.

Trent: It's cool.

(The four continue to talk as Jake and Helen continue to console each other. The scene pulls way back toward the cars to reveal Both Paul and Quinn watching the proceedings)

Quinn: I always wondered what this would be like. Watching my own funeral, and stuff.

Paul: Just about everybody who has ever existed has thought about that. Some people have delusions of grandeur on the subject.

Quinn: It's so weird though, I never really liked the idea of being buried.

Paul: It's either that or be cremated. Do you really want to watch yourself burned.

Quinn: Eww....that's just gross.

Paul: Then don't whine about it so much.

Quinn: Um...I don't know if this is a stupid question or not, but what happens now?

Paul: That's not a stupid Question Quinn. I have to admit, you did a pretty good job all things considering. You didn't scare Stacy nearly as much as I thought you would.

Quinn: What can I say, I'm a people person.

Paul: Yea, well.... (Paul is interrupted by the voice of someone behind them)

Voice: Hey Paul, I thought you would still be here.

Paul: (turns around to face the person) Hey Nick, where else would I be.

Nick: After the bus thing I honestly didn't know for certain.

Paul: What you've never had a bad day before?

Nick: Hey, we've all had our dog days. Yours just happened to take the cake though. However last time I checked, things are cool for you now so you should be able to get back to work as soon as your done here.

Paul: That's good, I have to admit though. This wasn't such a bad assignment.

Quinn: Excuse me, but who is THIS guy?

Paul: (looks somewhat irritated) But then again....

Nick: How's it going Quinn, I'm Nick.

Quinn: Is he an angel of death too?

Paul: No, I'm death. He's fate.

Nick: (Shakes Quinn's hand) How's it going.

Quinn: So what do YOU do?

Nick: Lets just say I get the ball rolling in life. I'm responsible for things that HAVE to happen in the world.

Quinn: So where do I fit into all of this?

Paul: We're not sure yet, you'll get some sort of job though.

Quinn: Um...okay. Could I work with cute little animals or something? That's the kind of thing I'm really good at. (Nick and Paul just look at each other and shake their heads)

Paul: So what brings you by here?

Nick: Oh, you know me.

Paul: Yea, A little to well I'm afraid. What's up?

Nick: Nothing's up, just business as usual.

Quinn: What are you guys talking about?

Paul and Nick: Shop.

Quinn: Alright! What stores are we going to first. (Nick and Paul just look at each other in pity)

(The last of the mourners are coming towards them on the way to their cars)

Nick: Hold on for just a second Paul.

Paul: I knew you were here for something, who's the target?

(Nick doesn't answer, but he walks directly into the path of Maria's dog and as soon as Both Maria and her dog are close enough Nick Jumps forward and screams at the dog. Maria's dog is startled and barks wildly as she jumps back knocking Maria backward into Trent's arms. Nick just calmly walks back to where Quinn and Paul are standing and the dog quickly calms down.)

Nick: Well, my job is done.

Quinn: What the hell was THAT about?

Nick: Just sit back and watch the magic. (The three watch as Trent helps Maria up)

Trent: Whoa, are you okay?

Maria: Yea, I'm okay. I don't know what got into Cheyenne, she never barks for no reason. (Turns to face Trent and begins to run her hand over Trent's face examining it's features)

Trent: What are you doing?

Maria: Just taking a look at who I have to thank for catching me. You have some nice facial features.

Trent: (smirks) Um...thanks, I guess. So...um, are you into music or anything.

Maria: A little bit, as long as the band believes in the music they're writing and doesn't sell out.

Trent: No sell outs here.

Maria: I take it you're a musician?

Trent: Yea, The bands name is Mystic Spiral, but we might change our name.

Maria: Sounds like a doors cover band. Sounds like something that just might be worth hearing.

Trent: You can stop over some time and listen to us practice.

Maria: (smiles) I just might do that. (They continue to walk to the cars)

Jane: (Turns to Daria) What the hell did I just miss?

Daria: I have no idea, but it looks like it might snowball into something.

Jane: You don't CARE? Daria, Trent is flirting with your friend for gods sake. Aren't you just a little mad or something?

Daria: Yea, a little bit. But you know as well as I do that Trent never really looked at me as more than a friend. Maybe it's for the best.

Jane: But all that effort I put into getting you two together, I mean...

Daria: (Glares) You mean sabotage.

Jane: (shrugs) Guilty as charged. But it still pisses me off dammit.

Daria: I got over him before, I guess I can do it again. It just isn't meant to be.

Jane: Is this going to affect your friendship with him.

Daria: God, I hope not. (Daria and Jane walk past Nick, Paul, and Quinn on their way to the cars)

Paul: (looking at his palmtop as it beeps signaling changes in progress) I REALLY hate it when you create more work for me, Nick.

Nick: (Takes a bow) Happy to be of service.

Quinn: What did he do to them?

Paul: He started something between them.

Quinn: But didn't my sister Like that guy or something? I mean, he even gave her some kind of rash.

Nick: It was just a crush, nothing more. They were never meant for each other, Quinn.

Quinn: That's so sad, why not?

Nick: Don't get worked up over it, there is somebody out there for your sister.

Paul: Yea, if you don't change anything else around here. Just make sure Daria get together with somebody decent.

Quinn Wait, isn't there somebody else who does that lovey dovey stuff?

Nick: Yea, but he only does people who wouldn't have a clue if it punched them in the groin.

Paul: (Looks at his palmtop and whistles) Fertile girl, your sister.

Quinn:EWWW, don't tell me that stuff.

Paul: I don't mean like THAT, Quinn. She has two sets of twins somewhere down the road.

Quinn: Really? Will I get to watch out for them and stuff?

Nick: Maybe, but that's not really up to us.

Quinn: So...what happens now?

Paul: Now you move on Quinn. You've done a good job here. Ready?

Quinn: Um...I guess so. Will I get to come back once in a while?

Paul: I don't see that as a problem, just watch yourself around your family.

Quinn: Um..okay, I guess I'm ready. Beam me up, ...or whatever you guys do.

(The scene slowly fades to pure white)

(Roll ending credits)

("Knocking on heaven's door" By Guns and Roses plays in the background

Special thanks to Naomi for her help when I got stuck.

Foot notes********************************************************************

1) Paul is a character first introduced In one of my previous fan fictions titled "A New Experience" Daria's familiarity with Paul is explained with that story.

2) This is a quote I obtained from my friend Zed.