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Note : This story is the next in the Unseen Phenomenon series. This one takes place approximately three months after "Morality Check"

Which Ever Way the Wind Blows

Commencement had ended no longer than ten minutes ago, family as well as friends had swarmed about the new graduates congratulating them on their prestigious accomplishment as scholars in whatever field it was that they had chosen to pursue. The scene is from the perspective of a young woman working her way through the crowd searching for a particular graduate. The woman pushed and shoved and ducked those who would dare to capture her likeness on film by accident marking her place in the lives of a lucky few of those people who would spend the rest of their lives wondering just who in the hell that was who had gotten caught in the picture with their own graduate. After at least ten to fifteen minutes of searching, the young woman catches a glimpse of the one for which she had spent so much time, ....at least in her eyes, searching for. As the woman comes closer, the other being sought turns around and yanks her own cap off to display a very familiar bowl haircut consisting of jet black hair.

Jane: Hey, ...hey Amiga!! I knew you'd make it.

Daria: (Continues to approach Jane until they are only a few paces apart) I had to, ..I'm you're only ride home. Remember?

Jane: Oh yea, ....Trent had to walk to the gas station after he ran out JUST as he pulled into the parking lot. Convenient huh..? (pauses for a moment) I wonder why Maria didn't come with him when he brought me up here this morning.

Daria: Because she knows better than to get in a car with your brother when the smell of gas fumes is actually fading away.

Jane: Yea, with Trent's car I guess that WOULD be a strong indicator that he's getting low on gas.

Daria: As far as the car your brother drives is concerned it is. (smirks) Do you think he'll want us to meet up with him and give him a ride back from the gas station? I imagine he's probably on his way back here with the gas can by now.

Jane: Nah, Trent can make some PRETTY good time whenever his car is in trouble. He treats that thing better than the tank.

Daria: There's a difference?

Jane: Well YEA, ....The Tank is dead remember?

Daria: (Takes a moment to appear in thought) As opposed to Trent's own car being ALMOST dead, ....yea I guess there is a slim difference. But just to be safe we should take a run by his car and see if he's back yet and in one piece. We don't need to risk the pale blue Scottish person marrying damaged goods now do we.

Jane: Pale blue, ...what is she a Smurf now?

Daria: You've never heard that expression? It's old as the hills, .....it's probably got something to do with the water being cold over there or something.

Jane: Somehow I doubt that, but no matter. All is insignificant compared to the fact that I have now graduated from art school. The college has got people lined up for each of the graduates, waiting to take a look at what they can do.

Daria: And just who do they have lined up for YOU?

Jane: (flusters just a little) Oh, ...well for students who study the actual field of arts and crafts such as myself the prerequisites for landing a career are a little um..... different.

Daria: (crosses her arms over her chest) Meaning what?

Jane: Meaning that it's not enough to simply go to college and learn how to make a better artist out of yourself. You have to show off your work publicly and pray to god that a noted art critic doesn't puke on it. Thereby sending one's career hopelessly down in flames.

Daria: Sounds like a game of Russian Roulette if you ask me.

Jane: (Laughs) Yea, only with art instead of only one chamber being loaded it's like five out of the six.

Daria: Don't you just love it how odds like that tend to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

Jane: Funny, .....when the odds are like that I always seem to get that same feeling in my underwear right about where my butt should be. It's also very often associated with a foul odor.

Daria : (rolls her eyes) Well that's a little more information than I needed at the moment. (Beat) So do you need to return the cap and gown or what?

Jane: Nope, they make you buy the damned thing at the cost of fifty bucks a head. What a jip, ...I mean what would the average person want to do with an old graduation gown. The styles and colors change pretty often anyway so it's not like somebody else would be want to use it or something. Besides, ....I thought the purpose of graduating was to put hell behind you, not to remind yourself of it for all eternity. (Sighs) BUT, ...as long as I already spent the money for the damned thing I figure I might as well hang my tassels on my rear view mirror like the rest of the world and then cut up the cap and gown and use it in one of my art projects.

Daria: (shrugs) Sounds like money well wasted if you ask me. But take it this way,...at least we can consider it a form of recycling,.. that should keep all the green peace nuts happy to see one less piece of garbage thrown away.

Jane: (Smiles) And here JUST when we thought we had branded you as an official pessimist you go and suggest something positive. (Shakes her head) What ARE we going to do with you young lady?

Daria: (frowns) Who cares, ....lets just hurry up and get the hell out of here. Being around another school only months after my own graduation gives me the CREEPS. I'm afraid somebody will show up with some sort of excuse to revoke my bachelor's degree. I think that little nightmare continued for a good week after my graduation.

Jane: (faux reluctance) Oh FINE, we can get on out of here ....but I'M driving.

Daria: Why should YOU be driving? It's MY car. Besides at least I can say that I've never hit another vehicle.

Jane: No, all you can say is that you hit a stupid defenseless animal with your car only to leave it in agony until somebody could show up to put the thing out of it's misery.

Daria: Hey, ....maybe I was just giving the state government a hand in thinning out the herds, hell they let a hoard of inbred red necks do it every fall anyway, And THEY'RE trusted to use GUNS. (Long pause) But as long as we're speaking of cars, when exactly do you plan to get around to buying another one for yourself? It's been three months since you wrecked yours you know, ...and the only reason you made it to all of your classes was because I'd carted your ass around every morning and afternoon.

Jane: (smiles) And my ass thanks you, ...but seriously, the insurance company is dragging it's feet with the check okay? As soon as it gets here, you and I can go out to pick up a car ASAP. Just be patient, already. Now toss me the keys before I forget how to drive and lose my license.

Daria: You mean that wasn't the reason you wrecked your car in the first place? (Jane flips Daria the bird as she digs into her pocket and tosses her car keys to Jane.)

Jane: Now WHERE is that lovely little chevy of yours parked.

Daria: Might I suggest that we first go to the parking lot before we actually begin to search for the aforementioned vehicle? I'm relatively certain it would cut down on the time it'll take to find it.

Jane: Now THAT would help wouldn't it.

Daria: I'd like to think so,.....and as long as we're in the process of conducting a search. Where did you're brother leave HIS car?

(Cut to the interior of Maria's house. Maria herself is seen wandering about the house anxiously looking for something to occupy herself with. As she passes by the answering machine located on the nearby wall existing as an integral part of the phone itself, the number one is steadily illuminated in bold red indicating a single message that has already been listened to and is waiting to be erased.)

Maria: ( trips over Cheyenne who has seated herself near the doorway to the kitchen) OOF! Sorry Cheyenne! (The dog gives a slight whimper and decides to relocate to another part of the house given that it's obvious that her services are not needed at the moment. After hearing the dog trot off Maria decides to look at her braille watch to note the time) I swear, .....Trent needs to get himself a watch, ...I don't care how much they depress him. How long could Jane's graduation possibly take? (Maria notices an odd odor in the air and takes the moment to try to recognize it, ....then sniffs herself) I don't believe this, ....I'm pacing so much I'm working up a sweat. (Sniffs herself again) Ew, .....I smell nasty. (Maria takes it upon herself to head upstairs for a shower figuring will that it will not only eliminate the body odor but it will serve to pass the time as well.)

(After a period of time the doorbell rings, ....and after a few minutes more it rings again. Maria eventually comes down the stairs looking as if she had just thrown some clothes on in a hurry. Her hair is still damp and her purple turtle neck shirt appears to be sticking to her skin. After several moments of negotiating her way through the downstairs living room she finds her way to the door and opens it) Hello?

Trent: (offers her a warm greeting) Hey Maria, sorry I took so long but.....you know.

Maria: (resumes her previous enthusiasm) Thank god, I've been waiting for you to show up for What seems like forever. (Almost jumps into his arms as she finds his lips with her fingers and plants a kiss. She then pulls back a bit) Ew....you smell like gasoline.

Trent: (Laughs) Yea, .....I ran out of gas and I had to walk a ways carrying a gas can.

Maria: Trent, is it that you actually forget that you have to put gas in the car every once in a while. Or is it that you forget that you actually have a job now that earns you money with which you can BUY the gas.

Trent: Hey, old habits are hard to break. I'm just used to being broke all the time. But as long as you mentioned spending, we need to look for a place to hold the wedding reception.

Maria: (Just stands there for a moment wondering what brought that up all of a sudden) Um....yea I imagine.

Trent: What's wrong?

Maria: Well, I'm certain that it might help if we actually set a date first. That way when we actually DO find a place to hold the reception, .....we'll be able to tell them WHEN we'll need the place ready by. Don't you think?

Trent: Hmm....you might have a point. I guess that should be our next order of business, huh?

Maria: (smiles) Not JUST yet, Trent. There's another matter that we may have to schedule around.

Trent: (shrugs) Um...okay, what?

Maria: The eye hospital left a message on the Machine, Trent. (1) (Pause) They've selected me to undergo the procedure, ....I'm so excited. I can't wait until my parents get home, they'll be thrilled.

Trent: (raises an eyebrow) That's cool, Maria. But.... isn't this procedure an experiment?

Maria: Yea, ...I know.

Trent: So.....they said themselves that there was only a slim chance that it would work. And even if it DOES, ...they said shadows and MAYBE shapes. I'm extremely happy for you, .....but I also don't want you to be broken hearted if things don't work out.

Maria: You're a sweet heart for wanting to look out for my best interests, Trent. And I understand what you're getting at, but I just can't help but be excited that there's even a CHANCE that I could get to see ANYTHING. And if it works, who knows how soon it will be before they can improve it to the point where I can have almost the vision that everyone else has, ....maybe it could be within my lifetime. (Plants another kiss on Trent's lips) We HAVE to celebrate, does your car have enough gas in it now to get us somewhere?

Trent: (Smiles) Yea, ....I made sure to stop and fill the tank as soon as I got the car running again. So where would you like to go?

Maria: (Searches for Trent's shoulder and then gives it a smack) You KNOW how much I love the shore, Trent. And since the summer season hasn't officially started yet, there shouldn't be very many people down there, ....giving us a little privacy. Catch my drift?

Trent: (wraps his arms about her waist) I think I've got the idea., ....let's just see what kind of day we can make this turn out to be.

Maria: I don't suppose an evening campfire on the beach would be out of the question, would it?

Trent: We might be able to swing that, ....just bring some extra clothes with you. It still gets a bit chilly down at the shore this time of year.

Maria: (smiles) All the more reason for you to keep me warm. And as far as telling my parents about my little surprise, ....they'll have to wait. I need to get out and have some fun for a bit.

Trent: (smiles) So have the doctors told you when yet?

Maria: No, ....they just said that I'd been selected to undergo the procedure and that they would stay in touch with me to iron out the details later. I'm just so excited about all of this.

Trent: Hmm....yea, ....you'll eventually get to learn to read and write all over again.

Maria: Huh...?

Trent: Sighted people don't use braille, Maria. If they ever manage to give you enough sight to read text then you'll have to learn to read and write the English Language just like the rest of us do. It's going to be back to school for you, love.

Maria: Damn....I'd forgotten about that. (Sighs) Well, it'll be worth it if I ever make it to that point.

Trent: (smiles) Now you've got ME excited, ....lets get your stuff together so we can head out.

Maria: Right then, I'll be right back. so you stay right here. I have to go upstairs and get a few things and if you follow me up then you'll just serve to distract me. And if you distract me then we'll NEVER get out of here.

Trent: (Smiles evilly) But I'm just so GOOD at it.

Maria: Yea, ...I know. That's the problem, ....I like it when you distract me. But I'd also like to get out of the house and down to the shore. So wait here and be a good boy.

Trent: (sounds insulted) A good boy...? (Maria makes her way up the stairs and the scene fades out)

(Cut to Daria's car heading down route twenty one with Jane at the wheel)

Jane: I can't believe Trent was able to walk to a gas station and back in so little time. I would have thought he'd still be on his way back to the college with the gas can.

Daria: Hey, like you said. He can be pretty quick when his car is involved.

Jane: Quicker then I had thought, apparently. He put the gas in his tank and didn't even bother to stick around to make sure I had a ride home.

Daria: He knows you, Jane. And in knowing you so well he knew that you'd know enough to call ME, ...Know what I mean? (Jane just stares at Daria blankly) But I DO have one question, .....if we didn't have to drive around looking for Trent walking down the side of the road, then why are we heading this way? Don't you usually take I-4?

Jane: We will take I-4, This road intersects it about ten miles up and it will cut our trip home short by about half an hour.

Daria: If this is such a great short cut, then why didn't you use it all the time? Or better yet, ....why didn't you tell ME about it, I could stand to save some gas you know.

Jane: I only heard about it yesterday, There was this guy in my class who loved to travel to find inspiration for his artwork and as such had just about every map imaginable in his car. He showed me this shortcut out to Lawndale while we were waiting for you to show up and pick my butt up.

Daria: And that brings up yet another question, .....if you knew you were going to graduate today, ....and you knowing THAT, you knew that AFTER today you would no longer have a NEED to travel up this way. Then why did you bother looking for a shortcut in the first place?

Jane: Does it mater? I was bored and needed something to do while I was waiting for you, ..okay?

Daria: Okay, ....I was just curious. Don't give yourself an seizure over it.

Jane: (smirks) Can you really imagine me flopping around on the floor like that? (Pauses) Hmm....that gives me an idea for a project. Maybe it'll be just the sort of thing I'll need to get somebody important to notice my work. What do you think Daria...? (Looks toward Daria to catch her reaction and then slams on the brakes and lurches the car onto the shoulder sending Daria against her seat belt) SON OF A BITCH!!! (Lurches up to look in the rear view mirror)

Daria: (scowls) What the hell is wrong with you? Did you almost hit something?

Jane: (After studying the rear view mirror for another moment and then looking behind her) The flight line airport.

Daria: (looks behind her and then off to her side before speaking in irritation) Jane, ....you act like you've never seen a local airport before. (Jane checks for traffic and then throws the car in reverse and accelerates toward the facility entrance, ...then throws it in drive and pulls through the main gate.) Jane, ...what the hell are you doing?

Jane: I'm looking for somebody, ...do you mind? Or do you have something else you need to do at the moment?

Daria: I don't think you'll find the hare Krishna's at this small of an airport, Jane. But if you like you can make an donation to ME and I'LL give you a nice little flower.

Jane: (Doesn't even look at Daria) Yea, ....you're funny old friend.

Daria: (frowns) Um...okay, I'm used to something a little wittier coming out of your mouth. But I guess everybody has their dog days. So who are you looking for?

Jane: Tim said he worked at an airport called the flight line.

Daria: (stares at Jane with a confused expression) Who the hell is.........Whoa, wait a minute. Do you mean to tell me that you stomped on the brakes and could have killed the both of us because you happened to remember some guy who totaled your car three months ago and haven't seen SINCE? I can't WAIT until you stop this car because I'm going to plant my boot right in your rear end.

Jane: Sounds messy, ....I guess I'll just have to start driving up and down the runway until you change your mind.

Daria: (Stares at Jane) You would wouldn't you? (Thinks for a moment) Yea, ....you would. (Sighs) Alright, ....we'll check the place out and see if this guy works here. Damn, ....I thought you said you were going to put him out of your mind?

Jane: I did, ....but he popped back in for some reason. I can't explain it, .....I saw the sign and I suddenly remembered.

Daria: Well, ...at least we survived that little stunt of yours. But I'm driving the rest of the way home if you don't mind.

Jane; (smirks) Sounds like an even trade. (Jane pulls up to one of the buildings and parks the car, then gets out before Daria can even bat an eye. After a moment Daria gets out and walks after Jane)

Daria: Jane, where the hell are you going?

Jane: This looks like the main office, the easiest way to find somebody would be to ask somebody in here. Don't you think?

Daria: (sighs) Yea, ...I guess that sounds logical. Answer me this though, ....after three months of not seeing or hearing from a guy you only met once, ....why are you so hell bent on finding him.

Jane: You've never had something pop into your head that you felt you just HAD to do?

Daria: I guess so, ....but I seriously don't think it was something this impulsive. Otherwise the high school wouldn't still be standing right now.

Jane: You know, somehow I can't really imprint that into my mind as being a GOOD thing. (The two of them walk up to the front door and into the building. The office they've just walked into looks like something that you would expect to find in middle of corporate America, ...or the movie "Office Space", ....you decide) . There are cubicles everywhere with people working, at the main desk there is an older man answering the phone and doing some paper work as he is talking on the phone. Jane turns to Daria and stares) You know, ....somehow I expected something a little different.

Daria: You mean like there actually being an aircraft controller somewhere around here?

Jane: Well yea, that too. I just figured a small airport like this would have red neck type people running it. (Looks around) Who knew?

Daria: Alright, ....we've seen the sights. Now go ask the nice man behind the desk if he can help you find your friend. I'd like to get this over with so I can go home while my car is still intact.

Jane: Oh you and your car,....you don't trust my driving at all do you?

Daria: After what I just saw out on the road there, .....no way in hell.

Jane: (rolls her eyes) You are SO supportive my friend. (Walks up to the front desk and the closer she comes the more the man behind the desk looks up at her) Um....excuse me?

Man: (speaks into the phone) Hold on for a moment. (Looks at Jane again) What can I help you with?

Jane: I was wondering if you could help me find somebody who works here. It's a guy about my height and age, ....dirty blond hair with blue eyes. I think he's an aircraft mechanic.

Man: (stares at her) We've got a few people around here who do that. (Looks Jane and Daria over several times) You two aren't with the FAA or something are you? They've been known to use young people to work their way around an airport.

Jane: (Daria and Jane exchange looks several times) No, ....not last time we checked. Actually I'm with the FBI and my colleague here is with the ATF. The guy I'm looking for goes by the name of Timothy Ravens. Do you know him?

Man: (rolls his eyes at Jane's use of sarcasm and leans back in his chair and scratches his forehead) Ravens......, ...oh yea I know him.

Jane: (stares at the man inquisitively) So.............can you tell us how to find him?

Man: Maybe, .....may I ask what this is in regards to?

Jane: We're old friends. My colleague and I were just passing through and we thought we'd stop by. You know how it is.

Man: (stares at them both and then hands them a clipboard) Sign this please, it's a waiver stating that you are aware of the dangers of being around active aircraft. Please do not walk across the runway while your out there. (After they both sign, the man hands them a couple of visitor badges) Tim is over in hangar eleven,....go out the door here and make a right and follow that all the way down. (Daria and Jane smirk at each other and walk back out the door)

Daria: (once outside) Is it me or is the security in this place incredibly pathetic?

Jane: Yea, ...I know. You'd think that they would have at least wanted some I.D or something. (Laughs) And people wonder why planes crash and blow up so much these days.

Daria: Thanks for restoring my faith there, Jane. It's a good thing I don't fly very often or I might actually be worried. (Sighs) Okay, ....Let's go find Mr. Ravens and get this day over with. I can only hope that you'll return to your sanity by tomorrow.

Jane: Yea, ...yea.....everybody's a critic. (They both walk off between the buildings and after about twenty minutes they happen upon hangar eleven at the far end of the field. The large hangar doors are only halfway open and the sound of floor fans are heard running near the opening in the doors)

Daria: Well, this is the place. Jeez, do you think they could have made this building even more remote?

Jane: (looks around) Well, we're almost at the end of the property so I really don't think so. Unless they intend to make the highway a part of the runway. (Chuckles) Can you imagine a plane trying to land on the highway during rush hour traffic?

Daria:: I'd rather not, ....There's no sense in ASKING for a potential accident to occur. (She motions for the two of them to continue into the hangar and get this whole thing over with.)

(Cut to the inside of the hangar, ....in the center of the hangar is a large white HU-16 Grumman Albatross seaplane with the tail painted red. The access panel on the right engine has been removed and there is a lone person who appears to be working on the aircraft. On the ground around the aircraft is a large assortment of tools collected in several tool boxes. Jane and Daria walk along side of the aircraft and start to look around )

Jane: (calls up to the person working on the plane) Excuse me, we're trying to find a guy who works here by the name of Timothy Ravens. Do you know where he might be? (No answer comes from the mechanic as he continues to work on the plane) (Jane and Daria exchange looks)

Daria and Jane: (yell as loud as they can) HEY!!!!!!!! (The mechanic is startled and bangs his head as he tries to pull himself out of the engine)

Mechanic: OW, ....son of a....!!!! (Looks up and about until he locates Jane and Daria and responds in an extremely irritated tone of voice) For gods sake, ....WHAT? (Grabs a rag and starts to clean some grease off of his hands as Jane just stares up at him in recognition)

Daria: We're looking for a mechanic who works here by the name of Timothy Ravens. (Beat) do you know him?

Mechanic: (sighs) I should, .....he's me. (Climbs down from the top of the plane and walks up to Jane and Daria) What can I do for you?

Jane: (Smirks) Hey, how's your car? Did you ever get it fixed?

Tim: (stares in thought for a moment while snapping his fingers attempting to remember her name) Jane, ....isn't it?

Jane: Aw, .....so you didn't forget me after all. I'm touched. (Tim laughs)

Tim: You know, ....I was annoyed with you for a little while.

Jane: Annoyed with ME, Why? What did I do?

Daria: I'd put my money of the face painting we did.(3) I know that would have pissed me off just a little bit.

Tim: (points his finger at Daria) No, ....actually that was kind of funny. I got a laugh out of that when I looked in the mirror of my rent a wreck. (Beat) No, Actually I was annoyed because I couldn't get Jane here out of my head for a good week. (Looks at Jane) I kept getting this urge to pick up the phone and call information to get your number.

Jane: (scowls) You jerk, ...what stopped you? I kept waiting for you to show up on my door step again. (Daria looks back and forth at them a few times and rolls her eyes)

Daria: (V.O) And here we go again.

Tim: It was too awkward for my taste, ....and I thought it was just too much of a coincidence. One minute we were ready to kick each others ass and the next we were making out. That's just weird, Jane.

Jane: (laughs) Yea, ....it left me just a little uncomfortable myself. Actually, ....I'm surprised you remember me after all this time.

Tim: Funny, ...I was thinking the same thing. But now that you mention it, ....how DID you find me?

Daria: (Cuts in) Jane here happened across your little neck of the woods and simply decided to jam on the brakes, risking our lives in the process, to come find out if you were actually here.

Tim: (smirks) Jane, ....you were willing to risk your friends life just to come find me? Wow, ...I've never had anyone risk someone else's life just to come see me,... I'm honored.

Daria: (under her breath) Jerk (out loud) Listen, I'm sure this is all well and good but you've completed your task of finding this guy, Jane. And I'm sure we're keeping Mr. Ravens from his job so why don't we get going.

Tim: You're not keeping me from anything, I finished work a while ago. I'm on my own time right now.

Daria: Of coarse you are. (Points her thumb at the plane) And I suppose that you're going to tell me that this plane is yours, right?

Tim: (pats the airframe with his palm) Oh yea, ....this is my baby alright. It's an albatross seaplane.

Daria: (looks the plane over) That's not a plane, .....it's a boat with wings and a set of tires.

Tim: (smirks) That's the general concept of the seaplane,......um....uh, forgive me. What IS your name anyway? I don't think I ever caught it.

Daria: That's because I never threw it at you.

Jane: (rolls her eyes) Tim, this is my friend Daria Morgendorffer. (Tim extends his hand to shake and after a moment Daria reluctantly does the same.)

Daria: (dryly) So tell us, how exactly did you manage to acquire such a money absorbing asset?

Jane: (scowls at Daria) Daria!!?

Tim: (shrugs) It's okay, Jane. It used to be my dads, the air force sold bunch of these to the public for a song after they were retired from service and my dad picked one up as a restoration project. He did a sweet job on it too for the most part, ....that is until he dropped dead of a massive heart attack a few years ago and this lovely bird was willed to me.

Daria: (looks ashamed of herself for asking) Oh......um, ...I'm sorry to hear that.

Tim: It's okay, Daria. We'd warned him for years about his smoking habits, ......but it just had to much of a hold on him. And for now I've pretty much finished getting her back into shape, she's FAA certified and when I'm not out for a cruise I use her to make a little money on the side. (Looks at the plane and then back at Jane and Daria) She's got a one way range of about twenty four hundred miles so I tend to get an occasional goof ball in here who needs to fly out to sea somewhere or to some remote lake up in Canada for this that or the other thing. Which tends to work out for me in other ways because the owner of the place, who happens to be one of those aforementioned goof balls, likes to fly out to this reef off of Florida once or twice a year to do some fishing. I take him and his buddies for free and he lets me keep my plane here in exchange. It saves me a heap of money in the long run which is a definite plus because maintaining this plane can tend to be rather expensive..

Daria: Well that was a little more information that we were looking for, ....thanks for the life story.

Tim: Anytime. (Turns to Jane) SO, ......you seem to have found my little hiding spot in the world by what seems to be an accident. Do you plan to stay long?

Jane: Nah, that's ok. We don't want to keep you from whatever it was that you're doing.

Tim: Actually I was already finished and was starting to clean up. I was tightening the lines on a fuel transfer pump when the two of you rang. (Looks back and forth between Daria and Jane) Do you want to take a look at her? (Jane smiles with enthusiasm while Daria wears a "I can't believe she's going to put me through this again" expression)

(Cut to that evening. Daria has since changed her clothes and is meeting Duncan at a nice restaurant outside of Lawndale. The table is outside on a covered sort of deck overlooking a wide creek that flows maybe ten yards away from the restaurant. Daria is sitting by herself at the moment while sipping a glass of wine,.. waiting for Duncan's arrival. A waiter approaches Daria)

Waiter: He's still not here, huh?

Daria: He'll be here, ....he tends to run into some overtime at work that's all.

Waiter: Can I get you anything in the meantime? We have a lovely calamari in a white wine sauce over linguine.

Daria: (smirks) No thanks, I'm pretty much set as far as alcohol is concerned. (Looks past the waiter) There you are, I was beginning to worry. (The waiter turns around to see Duncan walking up looking rather well dressed.)

Waiter: Ah ....sir, how are you this evening?

Duncan: (looks at him quickly) The building went up like a roman candle, ....we couldn't save the bloody thing, what a shambles THAT was. (Waiter looks at him with a confused expression)

Waiter: I'll uh, ...give you a few minutes and I'll be right back. (walks away to tend to someone else)

Daria: (smiles and looks at Duncan) You made yourself sound like an arsonist for a moment there.

Duncan: (shrugs) Sorry I'm late, love. (Pulls a package from somewhere behind his back) I had to stop somewhere and pick something up for you.

Daria: (takes the package and opens it) Roses....? Duncan, ....you've never been one to be seen in a florist shop. What brought this on?

Duncan: (shrugs) The shop just happened to be right across the street from the building we were working on. Besides, I figured it would be a nice surprise for you.

Daria: (raises an eyebrow) Well at least I can rest assured that these were thoroughly watered before you got here.

Duncan: Aye,...considering how much time we spend spraying the stuff on a building it seems only natural that we could spare some for a few flowers. If we can't make this place a little greener for the ones we love then what the bloody hell are we here for?

Daria: To make life a living hell for the ones we DON'T of coarse. (Moves to smell the flowers and then remembers Kevin an Brittany a few years back) Uh ...Duncan, you did check these for bees right? (Duncan bursts out laughing) (A short time later the waiter returns and takes their order and lights a candle at the center of the table) (Daria looks about at the scenery and lets out a sigh) So why the need for a romantic setting all of a sudden?

Duncan: No real NEED, ...I just thought it would be nice for a change. I'd just like to take that extra step every now and again to make sure your happy.

Daria: (raises an eyebrow) You don't need roses and a fancy restaurant to make me happy, Duncan. (Pauses) But they are appreciated, ....thank you. (Sighs) But....as long as we're on the topic of relationships, ....Do you remember me telling you about that guy who's car Jane wrecked a while back?

Duncan: (thinks for a moment) Vaguely, ....why do you ask?

Daria: Jane and I met up with him again today, ....one minute we're heading home from graduation and the next Jane is slamming on the breaks because she's suddenly decided to go off on a mission to find this guy.

Duncan: Sounds just a tad obsessive. So....did she find the guy?

Daria: (Shakes her head) As if someone had PLANNED it that way. (Sighs) The next thing I know it's Tom all over again.

Duncan: (scowls for a moment) Tom...? (The waiter returns and they pause the conversation long enough to order and the waiter leaves)

Daria: (reaches over and pats his hand) A past boyfriend who dropped Jane for me and then dropped me for someone else, .....it's nothing for you to worry about, it's long since over with. But what I was trying to get at is how fast Jane moves with guys. I swear it's going to get her into trouble someday. This guy Tim, ....the person Jane hit a while back, ..it's like they're magnets or something. They met each other only ONCE, ....didn't see each other for three months and the second they come face to face it's like I'm in the way.

Duncan: You can't possibly mean that, ....you and Jane have been friends for years. I honestly can't see her treating you like a third wheel.

Daria: Oh no, ....that came later. What I meant was it was LITERALLY like I was in the way, ....like a control rod in a reactor. The second I pulled myself out of the equation,....the sparks flew.

Duncan: (stares blankly at Daria) Um.....lass, I think you might have to simplify that one for me. What exactly ARE you getting at?

Daria: Well, ....It's like this. Jane and I are talking in the airplane hangar where Tim was working. And things were going ok, ....Jane was being annoying but it was still okay. Tim started to show us around this plane he's got,...outside and in. And there was nothing to it, ...I figure if I'm ever in the market for a cross between a boat with wings and a motor home then I'll know where to go. (Removes her glasses and starts to clean them with her sleeve) Anyway, ... I left the plane and when I turned around, ....neither of them were behind me. So I went back into the plane and the two of them are pressed against the airframe sucking down each others tonsils.

Duncan: (Again staring at Daria blankly) That has GOT to be the most I've ever heard come out of your mouth at one time. (Whistles slightly) I'm glad you don't ramble on like that all the time, ...I've kind of grown fond of the way you always get to the point of things.

Daria: (looks slightly embarrassed) Oh god, ....I was wasn't I....?

Duncan: Aye, .....but I was able to sift through it and figure out what you were getting at. And I have to admit, ....that does seem a bit on the speedy side. (Sighs) My advice is to let things run their coarse and don't let it get to you. She may be a bit distracted for a while but friends like you and Jane never forget about each other.

Daria: (raises an eyebrow) So you think I should just let her enjoy herself and hope she doesn't get hurt?

Duncan: (shrugs) It's her life, lass. Besides, people who appear to be opposites are sometimes a lot more alike than anybody may think.

Daria: (As the waiter arrives with their food) Duncan, .....at some point you're going to have to point out just how exactly those two could possibly be alike. If Jane ever has you meet the guy that is. (Duncan smirks and they both begin to enjoy their food)

Duncan: (swallows his first bite) So in the end at least you both got home okay?

Daria: (pauses for a long moment) .........Not exactly. I got a little pissed off when Jane and Tim started yapping away like I wasn't even there. I guess I decided that if she needed a way home that badly then he could take her. (Duncan looks up from his plate at Daria and smirks)

Duncan: So I take it that this was the downside of your day?

Daria: You're perceptive Mr. Macleod, in light of your recent discovery do you think you could discover the upside of my day?

Duncan: Leaving Jane at the airport...?

Daria: Funny, ...I thought you had designated that point as the downside of my day.

Duncan: No lass, ...I designated Jane turning her attention away from you as the downside of your day. If I know you as well as I think I do, ...then you probably justified leaving her at the airport with righteous indignation. Therefore you probably enjoyed it, making it the upside of your day.

Daria: (frowns) Aren't you supposed to be on my side about things like this?

Duncan: I AM on your side lass, ....I'm just telling it like I see it that's all. You're just a tad possessive about your friendship with her. And as a result you get just a little testy whenever somebody threatens to steal any of her time away from you, just like with Tom.

Daria: Wait, ...I never actually told you about Tom. I just mentioned him here and there. So how did you hear about that?

Duncan: (Laughs) Jane had filled me in on him shortly after you and I told everyone that we were together, ...why do you think I never got just a little jealous whenever you mentioned this past boyfriend of yours?

Daria: (Shrugs) I just thought that you were an extremely rare and decent guy who could deal with such things. So are you saying that I was WRONG about that?

Duncan: Not at all, ...on the whole I'm just proving that I know more about you than you think. Sometimes I even happen to know HOW you think?

Daria: (Smirks) Congratulations, ....even my mother couldn't figure that one out. You must have worked VERY hard on that one.

Duncan: Nope, ...I just cared enough to listen when you talked, ...and maybe do a background check on you here and there.

Daria: (crosses her arms over her chest) I HOPE you at least went through the CIA to do it, ...those guys in the FBI and Secret Service tend to do such a sloppy job these days. They actually want MONEY in exchange for national secrets, ....I mean how sloppy is THAT? The dollar isn't worth what is used to be you know.

Duncan: Note to self, ...never use cash to buy national secrets. (Smirks) I'm glad your not mad that I checked up on you.

Daria: (Sighs) No, ...I guess it was to be expected. And with all the weirdo's out there these days it was probably the safer thing to do.

Duncan: What, you mean you didn't do the same thing to me?

Daria: What are you nuts? I've got your entire file in my computer desk. (Duncan laughs)

Duncan: So getting back to the previous subject,....for all we know Jane's still stuck at that rinky dink little airport for the night with a guy she barely knows. (the scene flashes back to the airplane hangar. Jane and Tim are seen inside the aircraft on the floor sleeping in each others arms, and then a moment later flashes back to the restaurant.)

Daria: (Sighs) Trying to make use of that conscience I don't have are you?

Duncan: Not at all, .....I figure you'll do that all on your own sooner or later.

Daria; (sighs) And this was turning out to be such a nice evening. (Takes a bite of her food)

(Cut to the next morning, ....Daria is standing on the doorstep at Duncan's house as he opens the door. He is fully dressed and looks as if he's been expecting her)

Daria: Hey Duncan. Let's just cut to the point, ..you know that conscience that I don't have?

Duncan: It got to you, ...I thought that it might. Did you try to call Jane's house to see if she made it home at all?

Daria: Yea, ....Trent said that she called last night to let him know that she was okay. But I still can't help but feel a little guilty about it.

Duncan: So Jane didn't ask for a ride home huh?

Daria: Not unless Trent just forgot to tell me,... but somehow I don't think that he did.

Duncan: (shrugs) So what then, do you want to go back there and see what happened between them?

Daria: Yea, ...do you feel like coming with me?

Duncan: I didn't get dressed for nothing. Let's go, ...we'll take my truck. If we end up bringing Jane back with us then she can ride in the middle this time. (Daria chuckles) It's about time she got the shaft.

(Daria and Duncan leave in the truck and head out using the directions Daria remembered coming back from the airport the day before. It takes about an hour to get back up there and once they do Daria and Duncan go through the same song and dance as Jane and Daria had done the day before. They walk to the hangar only to find that it is empty and the doors are wide open)

Daria: I don't believe it, ... Jane really DID go flying with the guy? She barely knows him, ..how can she trust him to be a good pilot?

Duncan: Who knows, ...but there's not much we can do about it right now but to head on home and wait for her to call for a ride.

Daria: (scowls) This sucks, ....Jane's left me hanging because of some guy AGAIN. What is our friendship coming to?

Duncan: If I recall correctly, ....you were the one who left her here last night. So who left WHO hanging?

Daria: (scowls) Oh be quiet, ...can't you see I'm trying to justify my own stupidity?

Duncan: (Smirks) Come on, ...you can finish kicking yourself on the way back home. Do you want a bigger boot to do it with? (Daria scowls at him as they turn to head back to the truck)

(Cut to the cockpit of Tim's plane as it heads east from the airport. Tim is busy flying the aircraft while wearing a set of earphones with a hands free Mic attached. Jane who is riding shotgun just stares out the nearest window as she watches the ground and everything on it, which appears much smaller from this perspective, pass underneath)

Tim: (looks at Jane for a moment) Are you okay there, Jane? You look kind of distant, ...you're not afraid to fly or something are you?

Jane: (turns to look at him) Huh, ....oh no. I've flown countless times, ...it's just that the pilot was usually a professional that's all.

Tim: I'm not a bad pilot, Jane. I've got over five hundred hours of flight time under my belt and I'm qualified to fly by instrument and sight in all weather,....so where's the problem?

Jane: No problem, ....so long as we don't descend to the earth in a spiraling fireball that is.

Tim: (glances at her briefly) Oh well in THAT case, ...keep your eyes peeled for any missiles coming up from the ground. We don't need a repeat of flight eight hundred now do we.

Jane: (Smirks) You've got electronic countermeasures on this thing do you?

Tim: (Smiles) Not unless you count that small fridge in the back as some sort of a decoy. (Jane laughs as she turns her attention back towards the passenger side window) So we've ruled out fear of flying, ....what's on your mind then?

Jane: (tries to play it off) Nothing important.

Tim: Somehow I doubt that, come on... give. Is it really all that much of a trust thing? I thought I had done a pretty good job at proving that I could be trusted last night.

Jane: It's not a trust thing, ....I do trust you. And it's that very fact that's weirding me out, ....I barely know you.

Tim: Yea, ...and I barely know you too. But you have to admit, ...we get along pretty well.

Jane: I'll say, ....We meet by accident....literally, and we almost kick each others ass. The next thing we know we're all over each other. After that we don't see each other for months and out of the blue I'm prompted to come looking for you and then we're all over each other again, ...only this time my friend got pissed and left me behind with you only to have us end up on an airplane together.

Tim: I'm sure your friend won't hold a grudge against you for making her feel left out, ....you two have been friends this long so you've been telling me. So I don't think she's going to go anywhere.

Jane: I'm sure she'll get over it too, ...we've survived worse threats to our friendship. That's the small part of what's on my mind, ....The larger part is our unexplained spontaneous attraction to each other. I mean we have absolutely JACK in common. Where's the attraction coming from?

Tim: You've got me, ...but you have to admit it IS rather fun while it lasts. Who knows, ....maybe it's just a physical thing and if you really want it'll pass and we'll be back to trying to kick each others ass in no time flat. I can't think of a single thing that we have in common either if that makes you feel any better.

Jane: (smirks) Not really, ....but thanks anyway. I dunno, ....maybe if you had a car with a roof that was rusting through or something then maybe this would be easier to absorb.

Tim: You've got a thing for rusted out shit-boxes, huh?

Jane: Hey, ...I'm up here flying with you aren't I?

Tim: (scowls) Now that's just COLD, Jane. You won't find a bit of rust on this baby! She fly's like a dream, ....and to prove it I want you to take the yoke.

Jane: (glares) Say WHAT?

Tim: Take the yoke, ....It's easy. The hardest part is landing and the actual navigation. Neither of which you'll have to do at the moment,...just keep us from crashing into that blue green body of water that just passed beneath us that's commonly referred to as the Atlantic ocean.

Jane: Tim, ...when I said I've flown countless times I meant just as an ignorant passenger. I can't fly this thing.

Tim: (lets go of the yoke and the nose of the plane starts to dip down slightly) I guess we're going down the hard way then. Unless you feel like taking over that is.

Jane: (Stares harshly at him and then grabs the yoke and pulls back. The plane jerks upward sending Tim back into his seat and then the plane tilts steeply from side to side a few times) Dammit, ...tell me what to do!!

Tim: (holding on to something) First off take it easy, ...make slow even movements. (Grabs the yoke on his side and helps Jane even the plane out) Now, ....keep the plane level. Look at the instrument panel, ...do you see the artificial horizon?

Jane: The ball with the red and blue halves, ..right?

Tim: That's the one, ...now keep it level and center it up with the bar in the middle. Make sure the blue side is on top please.

Jane: And if it isn't?

Tim: We'd be upside down, Jane. Under the circumstances that would be bad, I've got a lot of stuff in the back that would come crashing to the ceiling. Besides, ...this thing wasn't really designed for acrobatics. (Lets go of his yoke again and lets Jane fly on her own) See, ...it's not so hard. Now you took us a bit off coarse there so look down at the console and find the digital compass. It should be in the center slightly on the left, ....got it?

Jane: Yea, ...I think that's it. What now?

Tim: We should be on coarse one five nine, ....but the compass seems to be reading zero nine zero. So I want you to turn very slightly to the left until that compass reads one five nine. (Jane begins to turn into a steep bank) I said SLIGHTLY!!!!

Jane: Don't be a back seat pilot for gods sake. (Jane tries to even the plane out again and after wagging the wings a bit trying to level off, she succeeds) There, ....hey you were right. This IS easy.

Tim: (Takes the yoke back) I'll take it from here if you don't mind.

Jane: (chuckles and then spies the gas gauge which is reading E and gawks) Oh my god, ....are we almost out of gas???

Tim: (looks at the gauge and the taps it sending the needle to the full mark) That thing seems to stick every now and then after refueling, ...I should probably replace it as soon as I get the chance.

Jane: (irritated) You THINK? Damn, ...every time I turn around I think you're about to get us killed by an act of stupidity.

Tim: Yea, ...I was having second thoughts about letting you fly too. But I lived to learn from my mistakes so there's no harm done.

Jane: Hey now, ...I didn't do such a bad job. It was actually sort of fun. (Tim laughs) What...?

Tim: I found something we have in common, ...we both like to have fun.

Jane: (smirks) Well I'll be damned, ....we do don't we. (Sighs) Well there's one strike for you, ..two more and you're out. And you know what THAT means.

Tim: Yea, ....we won't be able to risk each others lives to get a cheap thrill anymore.

Jane: ....I guess we'll just have to find all NEW cheap thrills to entertain ourselves with. (Sighs) There's got to be something else we have in common besides hormones and an occasional quest for a cheap thrill. I don't suppose you have any interest in art do you?

Tim: What you mean like abstract stuff, ....or Vangogh and Picasso?

Jane: (stares at him and smirks) Take your pick.

Tim: (scratches his chin in thought) Well in all honesty, ....I know absolutely JACK about famous artists other than a passing familiarity with some of their names. But, ......I think I've got a pretty good handle on turning airplane parts into an abstract art like substance. If you can actually call that art.

Jane: Now that's unique, most people just get lazy and stand behind the engine of a jet and let all that hot air blow paint onto a canvas. At the very least you could say that your original, ....got anything you can show me?

Tim: Nothing I can pull out of my rear end at this very moment, ...but maybe when we get back. There's this one piece I made during a prolonged bout of boredom, ....I used an old Barbie doll I found and a couple of spark plug wires to create this thing that looks like someone in the electric chair. I call it Barbie's TRUE dream. (Jane laughs)

Jane: Barbie on death row, ....now there's something I'd like to see. I always hated those dolls even when I was old enough to play with them. My mom gave me one when I was five and instead of testing makeup on it, ...I painted custom tatoo's all over it's plastic little body. Even over it's plastic little private parts.

Tim: (smirks) Now there's self expression in it's truest form. Prison inmate Barbie, ...the next in childhood evolution.

Jane: What a shame it could never be marketed, ...I bet it would have sold like wildfire.

Tim: No doubt, ....even maniacal serial killers need to have something to nurture their inner psychopath with.

Jane: (grins) Thus making the world a far better place to live in. (sighs) I guess we're more alike then we originally thought, ......who knew?

Tim: If the universe works the way I think it does, ....probably millions of people who are watching our every movement on a tv screen as we speak. You know the kind I mean, ....bored and useless people with nothing better to do with their day.

Jane: (leans toward the front windshield and looks out, waving as she does so) Hi mom! (Tim laughs)

(Cut to the shore around midday, ...Maria is sitting on a towel on the sand in a one piece grey bathing suit, ....her canine companion Cheyenne as always is sitting close by. Meanwhile Trent is standing behind Maria wrestling with a large beach umbrella as he tries to get it all the way open and then to stand upright in the sand on it's own.)

Trent: Geez, ...you'd think sugar sand would be easier to shove a pole into. (After a moment he manages to get the umbrella to stand upright on it's own.)

Maria: (chuckles) The heat on my back and shoulders disappeared, ...so I take it you got the umbrella back up.

Trent: (Uses his hand to wipe his forehead) Yea, ....I think it should stay this time.

Maria: And you managed to avoid stabbing yourself in the foot this time around, ...that's a good thing I think.

Trent: (frowns) Hey, ....I make it a point to learn from my mistakes. Besides, ...the bleeding stopped a good while ago.

Maria: It should do you some good when you go in the water, ....the salt will serve to sterilize the wound so it doesn't get infected. It's going to hurt like hell though, ..so be warned.

Trent: (lifts an eyebrow) How do you know so much?

Maria: I read everything I can get brailled, ...including medical journals. I'm just glad I can't see the things those journals describe. That stuff sounds like it could get to look pretty disgusting.

Trent: I would guess so. (Looks at the nearby surf) So when do you want to go in? I know how much you love the ocean.

Maria: In a bit, ...(pats the towel she is sitting on) Have a seat, Trent. (Trent has a seat next to her and Maria takes a deep breath of the salty air) I want to see the ocean someday, Trent. If this procedure I get to go through works, ....I want to see it. I don't care if it's only shapes and shadows, ...it'll be more than I've got now and that in itself is a memory that will last lifetimes.

Trent: (Scratches the back of his neck uneasily) So you want it to be the first thing you see if this thing works?

Maria: (Smirks and turns in his direction and begins to run her fingers over Trent's facial features) Of coarse not, ....the ocean will always be here. What I want to see first is everyone I care about gathered around me. I want to try to figure out who's who before anyone speaks. (Beat) You will be there when it happens, ...won't you?

Trent: (reaches up and runs his fingers through her long red hair that extends halfway down her back which for once Maria doesn't have tied back with a scrunchie. ) I'll camp out in your room until you come around from the anesthesia. Just be sure to describe every little sensation to me, ...I don't want to miss a moment of any of it. (Trent leans forward and gives her a kiss)

Maria: (smiles) You won't, because chances are that our wedding date will come long before my eye surgery does. Which means that since you'll be my husband, ...It's legally permissible for me to kick your ass if you do. (Beat) Speaking of said wedding date, which is I recall is but a mere six months away now that we've officially set one as of this morning. I'm going to get fitted for my dress next week, ....I think my mom's more excited about it than I am. She was talking about when we were going to set the date all last night and as soon as I told her after we settled on one this morning she was asking me where I wanted to go to get fitted. I just wanted to snap and scream for her to shut the hell up so I could think for a minute.

Trent: Whoa, ....I'm glad you warned me that you've got temper. I should make it a point never to suggest that you go out and buy a dress. Oh wait, ....you hate dresses. I guess that explains why you wanted to snap at your mom then.

Maria: (Laughs) As soon as I put that dress on I'll have to learn how to walk all over again. If I manage to make it up the aisle without tripping at least half a dozen times I'll be freaking amazed.

Trent: (Laugh/coughs) We'd better pad all of the furniture then, ...we don't want you to hurt yourself and dirty that nice white dress.

Maria: You know if anyone knew otherwise, ...I don't think I'd be getting a completely WHITE dress. I Think I lost most of my purity a long time back.

Trent: (Interested) Hey, ....I'm sure there's still a little purity left in you. You have to save SOMETHING for the wedding night you know.

Maria: (smirks) Oh shut up, ....and rub some lotion on my back while your shutting up. I burn easily even if we ARE under an umbrella. (She turns to lie face down on the towel and moves her bathing suit straps down from her shoulders)

Trent: One complimentary back rub, ...with extra lotion coming up. (Trent squirts lotion on his hands and begins to rub into Maria's back)

(Cut to Jane and Tim. Tim has since landed his plane approximately fifty miles off shore, ....the sea's are remarkably calm on this day. As they both get up out of their seats to walk about the plane, Jane stops to look out a side window and notices that there is no land in sight nor are there any other water craft around)

Jane: Um, ...how far out are we anyway?

Tim: About fifty miles or so, ...why?

Jane: I was just a little concerned, ...I can't see land anymore, and there's nobody else out here

Tim: You shouldn't be able to, ...not this far out at least. And of coarse there isn't, ...it would have been too dangerous to try to land close to pleasure boaters.

Jane: And what was your reason for landing again? I thought this was just supposed to be a short maintenance flight, ...after which we would return to the safety of the airport.

Tim: I never made mention to the duration of the flight, ....and it IS a maintenance flight. But for the moment I decided to make a stop so you could walk about the plane and we could have lunch or something.

Jane: (crosses her arms across her chest) Your kidding, ....YOU brought lunch? So I take it you had planned this little pit stop of yours?

Tim: (frowns) No, it was a spur of the moment thing, and I ALWAYS bring something to eat with me when I go flying, ....(looks Jane up and down) I never know what I might be hungry for from one moment to the next.

Jane: (Frowns) Don't you even think about getting weird on me Mr. Ravens.

Tim: (chuckles) Relax Jane,... I was just seeing what sort of reaction I'd get from you. (Walks up to a consol between the two front seats and lifts a small hatch and takes out several sandwiches as well as a couple cans of soda and hands one of each to Jane)

Jane: And just how LONG are we going to stay here?

Tim: (Shrugs) As long as you like, ...we can leave NOW if you want. I just thought it would be nice to stop for a while and get to know each other better. We've gotten off to a great start so far don't you think?

Jane: Depends on your point of view, .....my best friend left me here last night with you, ... as I mentioned before, I imagine because she got pissed that I was paying more attention to you than I was to her.

Tim: She's the Possessive type is she?

Jane; Not as much as you might think, .....she's not to the point where she would go around referring to me as her bitch or anything. So I picture that as a plus.

Tim: (makes a so..so gesture with his hand) So your friend's a little .......

Jane: STRAIGHT as they go my friend, .... I just wanted to see what sort of reaction I could get out of YOU. Although I must admit, ...I myself have been told that I give off a sort of gay vibe here and there. But don't let that fool you, ....I like GUYS.

Tim: That's always a comfort to know. Straight is great, ...Bi I can deal with, flat out gay I have a small problem with as far as relationships involving me go. Granted this applies souly to the opposite sex just to keep any deranged ideas from popping into that little head of yours.

Jane: (Winks and points a finger at Tim) Right then, ...as long as we've touched base on that.

Tim: (walks to the door on the side of the aircraft and opens it, the immediate area inside is blinded with sunlight as he does so) You want to climb up onto the wings for a bit? The view is great from up there, ...I should know. I spend a lot of time up there maintaining the engines.

Jane: Not to sound pessimistic there my friend, but if you leave that door open like that, isn't there a slight chance that the sea might opt to come in and check the place out. Thereby sending your little aircraft down to the bottom of the sea?

Tim:(Smirks) Not likely, ...We're still standing a few feet above the water and the seas are relatively calm today. Now come on, ...just follow my lead, we'll eat up on top of the wings. The worst that can happen is that somebody falls in and goes swimming.

Jane: No, the worst that can happen is that if I end up swimming I'll become an artistic feast for the inbred relatives of Jaws. It's not exactly a thought I cherish at night.

Tim: Hey, ...you said yourself that we need all new cheep thrills to entertain ourselves with. You can't get any more inexpensive than becoming a free lunch for sharks.

Jane: (Shakes her head) There's something inherently wrong with your logic. But, ...so be it. I AM in need of a new cheap thrill. (Moves to follow Tim Out the door and as she tries to climb up onto the wings. She loses her foothold and falls into the water with a large splash) (spits out some salt water as she comes back to the surface) Dammit, ....I TOLD you this would happen. Now get me the hell out of here!

Tim: (calls from on top of the wings) Hey take it this way, ...at least there are no sharks around.

Jane: Hey don't jinx me, dammit. (irritated) Well don't just stand there, ...help me out of the water. Do you have any idea how hard it is to tread water wearing boots?

Tim: So lose the boots already. (Climbs back down off the wings to the door of the plane. After a moment of acting like an injured fish Jane manages to work her boots off one at a time and throws them at Tim followed by her red jacket.) Hey uh,...not to sound like a typical guy or anything but are you going to keep that up? Because I don't think I have any sort of swim wear that you might be able to use to cover yourself. (Jane flips him off and then swims closer to the plane. As Tim reaches out to help her out of the water, Jane grabs him and pulls him in)

Jane: There, ...now we're even so start tossing your stuff before YOU sink.

Tim: (Shakes some of the water from his hair) It's a good thing we're not caught in some sort of current or the plane would be off on the horizon by now and we'd be SWIMMING home. (He goes through the same routine Jane does and pulls his sneakers off and then tosses them through the door of the plane.) So much for sunning ourselves on top of the wings I guess.

Jane: (smirks and splashes him) Just keep an eye out for sharks.

Tim: That works I guess, ... if YOU make sure the plane doesn't float too far away.

Jane: Deal.

(Fade to much later in the day. The sun is just now beginning to dip below the horizon casting an orange glow across the expanse of ocean ahead. Jane and Tim are sitting next to each other on top of the wings of the plane watching the sun as it sets)

Jane: You know I hate to admit it but it is rather nice up here.

Tim: (looks at Jane and smirks) Your not just saying that because we're both in our underwear are you?

Jane: (Laughs) Well, ...there's that too. It's a good thing you wear boxers, ....personally I think you'd look down right hilarious in tighty whities.

Tim: I think if I were wearing briefs, ...as wet as we are now, they would be transparent. Which I think would be most embarrassing don't you?

Jane: (Smiles) What's the matter, .....not well endowed?

Tim: (makes an odd facial expression) And to think earlier in the day you were questioning whether or not we had anything in common, ....now look. We're sitting on top of my plane wearing nothing but our undergarments.

Jane: (shrugs) Our clothes were made of mostly cotton, ...who knew how much water they'd soak up. (Bursts out laughing) I keep thinking of how we would swim about until something would get too heavy and then at almost the same time we'd shed a particular article of clothing and toss it into the plane, then swim around until we didn't feel like carrying something else and we'd shed another piece of our dignity.

Tim: (Shakes his head) They did get pretty heavy didn't they. But for the life of me I can't figure out why you just didn't get out of the water. If I recall you were the one fearing a shark attack.

Jane: (sighs) My guess is that deep down I was having too much fun. And so were you if I'm not mistaken.

Tim: You think we were having too much fun swimming?

Jane: Either that or too much fun watching each other get tired and strip one piece of clothing at a time.

Tim: Huh, ....well I'll say one thing. Fun sure has a nifty way of helping a person to lose any inhibitions.

Jane: Hey now, ...don't get cocky. I said I had fun watching you strip and tread water at the same time. Don't mistake that for some sort of invitation for sex!!

Tim: The thought never crossed my mind. But I do have to admit that it was fun watching you as well.

Jane: (Shrugs) Okay, I guess ....I sort of feel better about the whole thing now. BUT.... If you tell ANYBODY that we did any of that or that you saw me like this, ...I'll rip your sack off and use it for a paper towel. (Tim cringes at this)

Tim: I guess your secrets safe with me then.

Jane: (smiles and reaches over to pull him close) Keep it that way. (Looks at the sun as it continues to dip below the horizon) I have to admit, ....coming out here wasn't such a bad idea.

Tim: "Don't worry, ...I won't let it go to my head."

Jane: (Smirks) A fan of "The Princess Bride" are we?

Tim: (smirks an pretends to draw a sword) "Hello, ...my name is Indigo Montoya", ....you killed my boss. Prepare to be paid!

Jane: And an ad libber to boot I see. (Tim smiles at this and to his surprise receives a light kiss from Jane as the top edge of the sun disappears below the horizon) I like it when guys can make things up as they go.

Tim: (sighs) Hey, ..sometimes that's the only way to get ANYWHERE .

(Cut to late that same evening inside Daria's apartment, Daria is busy flipping through the channels on the Tv while Duncan is in the kitchen heating up whatever leftovers they had brought home from the restaurant earlier in the day.)

Daria: Geez, ....I can't believe how scarce airings of sick sad world have become. As far as I know they haven't canceled it yet.

Duncan: (Calls from the kitchen) Maybe they're just running out of sick sad things to tell you about.

Daria: Do you REALLY believe that this pathetic world we exist in will ever run out of brain dead idiots with which we could amuse ourselves with?

Duncan: (walks out into the living room to join Daria) No,...these days if there is one thing there ISN'T a shortage of,...it's brain dead morons. In fact I think there's a surplus of those people. (Sighs) Well then maybe people in general are just getting bored with it all and would rather just ignore the sick and sad. Hell they ignore everything else don't they? It's like people have a bloody neutral zone about their heads if you ask me.

Daria: Well, whatever the reason.... I think it sucks. That's my favorite show, ....Jane and I used to sit around for hours vegetating in front of the tube while we laughed and the stupid things people do with their lives. Damn, ....I miss those days.

Duncan: Aye, ...nothing beats the old days does it. In the new days you have to go out and go to college, ...get a job. God forbid you should have time for family, ...or to have one should you so decide. Aye, ...the days of adolescence were a lot less stressful. (Thinks for a moment) Okay, ..maybe not LESS stressful. Just stressful in a slightly more tolerable manner.

Daria; (stops to think for a moment) Isn't it weird how we're both in our twenties and yet we're already talking about the old days as if we were eighty something?

Duncan: To be honest I never really stopped to think about it that much. But I guess you're right, ..I imagine we just talk that way because so much has changed over the years from what we remember while growing up.

Daria: Changes, ....oh I could go on about changes. Everything is completely different from what it once was in high school. Jane and I used to be inseparable, ...nothing could get between us. And now look, ..she's taken off somewhere with a guy she's met maybe once or twice before.

Duncan: You have to stop worrying about that so much, lass. Jane's got her own life to live, ..as do you. That's not going to effect your friendship with her. It'll just add a few more variables to the matter. Meeting this guy seems to be one of those variables, ...maybe something will com of it like what happened with you and I. Then again maybe it won't,...the point is you can't monopolize her time the way you used to. Life just doesn't work that way.

Daria: (Scowls) You don't think I know that?

Duncan: I'm sure you're aware of it, ...I'm just saying that most of the changes wether you like them or not, you'll just have to grin and bear. Take my sister and Trent, ...at first I didn't like the idea that she was dating someone I thought would never amount to anything. But...she loves him, and as such there's nothing I can do to change it so I just have to accept it.

Daria: He has turned his life around you know. He used to sleep most of his life away while living from one gig to the next.

Duncan: Aye granted, and now he's got a good job, sleeps normal hours, and is marrying my sister. I never thought this would happen, ...but yet it's another thing I just have to accept.

Daria: Alright, ...I get the point. Whatever Jane want to do is her business and I just have to deal with it, like it or not. (Sighs) And what about us, is that something that we just have to deal with as well?

Duncan: Do you mean are we going to end up like Trent and Maria, ...eventually getting married that is.

Daria: Let's hold off on the "M" word, ...it's churning my stomach as it is.

Duncan: Then this should serve to settle the thing, ...I haven't been giving it any thought as of late. So I doubt the subject should even come up for a good while.

Daria: (sighs) That's a relief,...I have a hard enough time thinking about everyone going their separate ways as the years pass by.

Duncan: Feel better?

Daria: (mocks him) Aye... (The phone rings and Duncan moves to pick up)

Duncan: (into the receiver) Aye, what's up?

Trent: Um...hey Duncan, what's up?

Duncan: Didn't I just ask you the same bloody thing?

Trent: Whoa, ....take it easy. I was just trying to say hi, ....at least I think I was. I might have actually been posing one of those hypothetical questions to myself, ....I can never tell sometimes.

Duncan: Um...right then, .......so what did you want?

Trent: Um.....have you heard from Janie? I know she called early this morning but I figured she'd be home and all by now.

Duncan: Not a peep, ...but strangely enough Daria and I were just discussing that same subject.

Trent: Whoa, ....what a coincidence. But anyway if you guys see or hear from her before I do could you like, give me a call or something? I'm a little worried, ...it's not like her to stay out so late. You know?

Duncan: Right then, ...I think I can handle that. Drop you a line if we catch word on Jane, ...no problem. So how's my sister doing?

Trent: Pretty cool, ...we went down to the shore today for a bit. She got that call and she just wanted to do something to celebrate.

Duncan: She never mentioned anything about a phone call worth celebrating over. Who was it and what was it about?

Trent: Well uh, ...it was supposed to be a surprise. She wanted to tell you guys herself and all, ...you know how she can be.

Duncan: (slightly irritated) I'll act surprised, ....now give with the bloody info already. (Trent begins to give with the details about the phone call from the opthamologist and after Trent was finally winded enough to hang up, Duncan went back to talking with Daria and fed her the news)

Daria: Well I'll be damned, ...I hope all goes well.

Duncan; Aye so do I, lass.

Daria: (Lifts an eyebrow) So where were we again?

Duncan: We were discussing how things have changed over the years, and the fact that Jane doesn't give you as much of her time as she used to. An example being that she runs off occasionally with a guy and doesn't call for a day or so at a time because of it. .

Daria: Oh yea, ...I hate getting side tracked like that. It just ruins the whole worrying mood.

Duncan: (Smiles) You didn't get side tracked lass, ...you forget how well I know you. In an odd and twisted sort of way you were actually glad that you weren't the only one that she hadn't called. It makes it easier for you to believe that Jane isn't mad at you.

Daria: Oh COME on, you know I would never be that shallow. I'm just as concerned as Trent is, ...Jane IS my best friend you know.

Duncan: Whom you abandoned at a small airport because you felt cheated out of her time.

Daria: (scowls) Can we get PAST that please, ...I'm having a hard enough time accepting the fact that I acted that way, ....again. (Sighs) So where do you think she could be?

Duncan: (sighs) I have no idea lass, but wherever she disappeared to I doubt it had anything to do with you. Most likely she is still with that Tim guy and for all we know having the time of her life. You said yourself that there was some sort of weird attraction going on between them.

Daria: (gives Duncan an odd look) I NEVER actually thought I would hate being right. (Thinks for a moment) Funny, ...now that I think about it the thought of Jane sitting off somewhere having a lot of fun without me is actually mind settling. If they ARE getting along well, then maybe what I did was a good thing. I dunno, ....I still think it was all happening too fast though.

Duncan: Daria, ...you thought that you and I were happening too fast. And look how we turned out. It's just that you and Jane have different ideas on just what moving too fast IS.

Daria: (pulls her glasses off and begins to clean them with her sleeve) How do you manage to do that?

Duncan: What's that, love?

Daria: Manage to make sense out of everything.

Duncan: (looks smug) It's just a gift I guess, ...you know how it is with me.

Daria: (mocking him) Aye...

(Fade to Tim's plane floating with the currents in the Atlantic. It is night time and the sky is clear with an ever present full moon casting it's dull white glow over the water as far as the eye can see. Jane and Tim are still sitting on top of the wings together, they have since gotten dressed again after enough time had passed to suitably dry their clothes off.)

Tim: How long have we been sitting up here now?

Jane: That depends, ...are we counting the ten minutes we spent inside the plane checking to see if our clothes were dry yet? Or the hour we spent delaying our getting dressed by hiding pieces of each others clothing?

Tim: You're not still mad about the bra are you? I swear that was an accident, ...the hooks got caught on your shirt when I went to hide it from you.

Jane: (Laughs) Relax, ...I wasn't mad about that in the first place. Embarrassed as all hell yes, but not mad. Which reminds me, ...I should probably get even with you for that.

Tim: I thought you said you weren't mad about it.

Jane: I'm not, ...but that doesn't mean I can't get you for it later anyway. After all, ...you ARE the first guy to see me like that. I think that justifies retribution, ...don't you?

Tim: Not really, ....but then my opinion would probably hardly count in such a matter would it?

Jane: (crosses her arms about her chest) Not really.

Tim: Just checking. (Gives Jane a peck on the cheek) So are you about ready to get out of here?

Jane: Aww, ...are you sick of my company already?

Tim: (smirks) Hell no, ...I could spend days at a time with you and probably not get bored. The only problem with that train of thought is the fact that we ate all of the food in the cooler. Remember, this was originally supposed to be a routine maintenance flight. I hadn't planned on stopping so I didn't pack much food away.

Jane: Really...? Wow, ...that's the first time a guy actually wanted to spend days at a time with me. Even my former boyfriend Tom wanted to go home every now and then.

Tim: Home is wherever you choose to hang your hat for the night. Me, ..I can sleep just about anywhere and not take up much space. Oh sure, if you and I hung out together ...you might find me in your fridge every now and again and you could always introduce me to your family as the mystery guy who ties up the bathroom in the morning but I'd be in and out of your hair in a jiffy. (Jane offers no reaction) (Beat) That was a joke, ....I've got my own place so relax. Of coarse I have been known to raid the fridge of a friend once in a great while.

Jane: It's not bloody likely to be mine,....there's almost never anything in my fridge. I'm doing the starving artist thing. How else could I manage to keep my girlish figure.

Tim: Well with most women who have a figure like yours, I always seem to think that puking is involved to maintain it. Fortunately you don't appear to be like most women.

Jane: Well unlike those other women whom you were likely referring to, I actually cherish my food. Especially if it's something high in cholesterol, ...pizza come to mind now that I think about it. And if that thought popped into your head about a women's figure, how is it that you seemed to warm up to me just fine.

Tim: You crashed into my car, Jane. I had to make sure you weren't going to choke on said vomit, ...so I helped you out of your car and you clocked me for it. Besides, ..I wanted your insurance information so I could get my car fixed. You know how it is with guys and cars, ...some guys treat their car better than their own kids.

Jane : Sad,...but true. (Smiles) Wow, who knew that in order to find a decent guy I had to almost kill him with my car. Damn, ....and to think I spent my high school years looking for guys an grungy old clubs and deranged rival high schools.. What WAS I thinking, ...all I had to do was use a car as a battering ram and viola, ..I meet a guy. Thanks for convincing me to get to know you better.

Tim: Funny, ...I don't recall doing any convincing. You came to see ME, remember. After that you seemed to be convincing YOURSELF the whole way along.

Jane: (Sighs) Maybe.....

Tim: Yea, ...maybe. (Gives Jane a pat on the leg) Well, ...like it or not we should probably get going. It's getting late and your friend and family are probably wondering where you are by now.

Jane: (reluctantly) Do we HAVE to go back?

Tim: (looks at her with curiosity) Where would you prefer to go?

Jane: (looks him in the eyes) Anywhere, ....I just want some more time to think about the way things are going with my life, ..I graduated from art school today. I don't know I'd I told you about that or not. And anyway, ... being in your company seems to help the thought process along pretty well.

Tim: (amused) You're kidding......(sighs) I suppose we could head SOMEWHERE. We can figure it out once we get into the air I suppose.

Jane: (Smiles) I don't care, ....but lets head someplace fun. I need fun.

Tim: Are you sure you've got the time?

Jane: I can make the time, ....after I call home I can call work as well to let them know that I won't be in. I'll fake a family emergency or something.

Tim: Damn, ...you'd think we'd known each other for years the way you're acting.

Jane: Was I acting? Damn, ...I can be a pretty convincing actor. Maybe I should go into the movie business or something.

Tim: I wouldn't worry about it too much, ...some giant corporate conglomerate has most likely stolen your life and made a fortune off of it already. You're better off just sticking to art, ...and speaking of which. Maybe you could show me some your stuff some time.

Jane: Why? You need your plane repainted or something?

Tim: (smirks) Hey, ...if you feel up to the task.

Jane: I'll keep it mind if I ever have painters block and need something else to do.

Tim: So noted, ...Alright then. You said you need fun, ...and I feel the need to get flying and we've got plenty of fuel. What do you say we get airborne and maybe we can satisfy both of those needs.

Jane: What have you got in mind?

Tim: I dunno, ...we'll fly along the coast for a bit and we'll see what comes to mind.

Jane: Sounds like a plan. (Jane and Tim get up and begin to work their way off the wings and down to the door on the side of the plane. Once inside they close the door, start the engines and after what seems like a long bumpy ride across the water, they proceed to get airborne)

(Inside the plane as it climbs to several thousand feet, ...once the plane levels out Tim begins to punch some numbers into the G.P.S. terminal on the consol)

Jane: And just what are you up to? Not instigating some sort of plan for world domination I hope.

Tim: Nah, ...I wouldn't want this world. Too many idiots for my taste, ..I'd go mad from trying to rule people who can't expand their minds beyond their own personal lives. Anyway, ...what I'm doing is accessing our position through the global positioning system. Sure, ...I could do it the old fashioned way but it would be more time consuming.

Jane: Ah the trait of laziness, ...I guess that's one more thing we have in common. And how did you know what I was going to ask?

Tim: Seemed like an obvious question I guess. Before G.P.S. people had no choice but to work it all out on paper, ....as such it's become a stereotype. Hence the reflex question, "why not the old way".

Jane: Damn, ...I never thought that I would ever ask a question that was predictable. The idea that people would be able to figure me out was always so repugnant.

Tim: I guess that would explain the lone wolf attitude you displayed when we first met.

Jane: First impressions are always the most crucial, ...I wanted to make sure you didn't know where I stood.

Tim: Funny, ...it seemed like you stood in the kitchen while we wrestled with each other.

Jane: Oh yea, ...before the make out session began. God, that was weird.

Tim: (as he banks the plane into a southernly heading) But fun, ....you have to admit it was probably the most interesting thing to happen in a good while.

Jane: No, ...I've had a few more interesting things happen before I met up with you. They're classified of coarse, ..which means I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you.

Tim: Oh, so you mean there IS something to look forward to in life. Thank god, ....and here I was afraid that I would just end up wasting mine.

Jane: (Laughs) So where are you taking us?

Tim: I've turned us south at the moment, we'll follow the coast until we decide on where to go.

Jane: (thinks deeply for a moment) Second star to the right, ...and straight on till morning?

Tim: (Peers out the windshield at the night sky and selects a star to follow and steers the plane to center the star with the crease in the windshield) That's kind of poetic,...where have I heard that before?

Jane: I think it was in some classic novel somewhere, .....but personally I heard it mentioned in Star Trek six.

Tim: (Does a double take) You're a trekki?

Jane: (scowls) Hell no, ....I only saw the one movie. And that was only because my idiot brother lost the remote to the Tv.

Tim: Um...you did know that you could manually change the channels, ...didn't you? I mean that was just a laziness thing right?

Jane: (rolls her eyes) Actually no, ...I couldn't change the channel manually. The buttons on the Tv had been broken since before I can remember. And I am NOT lazy, ....my brother reserves any and all rights to that. (Beat) At least he used to, ...before he hooked up with the scot. Then he actually turned responsible, ...it was like he morphed into a whole new person after that.

Tim: The "scot"?

Jane: It's a long story, .. We don't want you to nod off at the wheel now do we.

Tim: It would probably make for another cheap thrill.

Jane: Yea, ...but unfortunately it also includes the potential concept of death. I'd like to avoid that until I'm old enough to no longer be able to control my bowels and am therefor required to wear depends. Then you can talk about death all you want.

Tim: Do you actually think we'll know each other that long?

Jane: How the hell do I know, ...I was speaking hypothetically.

Tim: Ah yes, ...commonly referred to as talking out of your ass. Are you going to need a breath mint as long as your talking out of that particular orifice?

Jane: (scowls) Screw you....!

Tim: (laughs) No thanks, ...I don't know you well enough. A person's got to be careful these days you know. (Jane tries to resist but eventually begins to laugh lightly)

Jane: Any chance you might let me fly this thing again as long as we're up here?

Tim: I thought you didn't want to talk about the concept of death any more. (Jane rolls her eyes and flips him off at the same time)

(Fade to the next morning. The plane has long since landed on the water and taxied it's way into a nearby harbor where Tim moored it at a pier amongst other amphibious aircraft. Jane is seen sleeping in her seat as she leans up against the airframe. A small wave rolls underneath the boat causing it to rock slightly. As this happens Jane opens her eyes slowly and looks about the plane to notice that Tim is no longer in the pilot seat but is instead sleeping on the floor towards the back of the aircraft. Jane stares at him for a long moment, smiles and opts not to wake him. But instead turns on the G.P.S. terminal on the instrument consol and begins to try to figure out just where in the world they are. After several failed attempts Jane finally get's the thing to perform some sort of diagnostic function which in the process locates itself on the globe. Jane then manages to get the thing to display co-ordinates along with the name of the nearest town.)

Jane: Key West...? We flew all the way down to the Florida Keys? (Jane stops to reflect back on the previous night and recalls Tim asking her several times is she wanted to go back or to keep flying south.) Well, ...I did always want to go here. It's a shame we couldn't have landed somewhere closer to Disney world. I swore to Daria that I would someday get a picture of me giving Mickey Mouse a wedgie. (Jane looks out one of the side windows to see that at the end of the dock is a series of payphones. She then rummages through her pockets for a phone card that still had time on it. The after finding one she opens the airplane door and heads down the dock to the payphone. After dialing Jane is distraught to find that she has gotten Daria's answering machine)

Daria's machine: Hey, ...I'm not home right now and if you're going to continue to call me like this then I may chose never to be home. Either way, just leave a message and If I deem you worthy I may actually call you back. Or I'll just sick the police on you for harassment. Take it easy. (Beep)

Jane: Hey Daria, ....It's Jane. Listen, ...I'm sorry for not calling within the last day or so but a lot of things have been happening. Right now I'm in the Florida Keys with Tim, ...we flew down here on a whim last night. I've got the weirdest feeling about this guy,....so weird it's good. ...I can't explain it better over the machine. I'll call you later on. (The machine beeps signaling the end of the message and Jane hangs up the phone. As she is walking back to the plane she spots several cans of various paints as well as brushes and a roller that was being used to paint an advertisement on the wall of a nearby building. After thinking for a moment Jane smiles evilly and moves to grab the paints and brushes and takes them back to the plane)

(Cut to sometime around midday, ...Tim stirs from his sleep finally and proceeds to get up and walk about the plane. He immediately notices that the aircraft door is open and he moves to investigate. As he approaches the door he notices the faint but distinguishable aroma of paint fumes emanating from somewhere outside the aircraft. Tim steps outside the door and to his surprise, there is Jane leaning against the aircraft painting something alongside the nose of the plane. )

Tim: ......What the hell? (Steps closer) Jane what are you doing?

Jane: What does it look like I'm doing, ...I'm painting your plane for you. (Tim is about to reply but is cut off by Jane) Hey now, ...don't get all irritated on me. You yourself invited me to paint your plane sometime and I told you I'd keep it in mind. Well, I did. And now I've accepted, ...I'm just not doing the whole plane. I'm more or less using the plane as a medium for self expression.

Tim: (Comes even closer to examen what Jane has painted. He then takes several steps back to get a wider perspective. The painting is a sort of mural, ..specifically it is a painting of Jane herself in a white one piece bathing suite, she is turned away with only her head turned to face the onlookers. Underneath is the partially completed title of "Jane's Folly") Um...........

Jane: What do you think? I'm almost done with it.

Tim: (Stares for a moment and then looks Jane over) It's a good likeness, ...but what possessed you to do this, ....AND name my plane for me?

Jane: It's a tradition that goes all the way back to world war two, ...guys used to paint pictures of the girls they liked on the side of their planes and then name it after that girl. The way I figure, ...if the plane isn't named then it had no personality of it's own.

Tim: (sighs and then smirks) Am I that obvious?

Jane: What, that you like me? Well I did sort of pick up this vibe you were sending out for a while.

Tim: Damn, ...I knew I should have had my biological frequency coded. I'll have to talk to the IT guys at work about that one. I don't suppose the feeling could potentially be mutual?

Jane: (Leans forward, kisses him and then swatches his nose with the paint brush covering it with red paint) Clean yourself up, ...and if you want we'll find some place to have breakfast. (Tim smirks and grabs a nearby rag to wipe his nose with)

Jane: And get this, ...if you take step or so back you can see one of those cool hidden pictures. Check it out, ...go on.

Tim: (takes a step back and does notice a few extra features but no hidden picture) Jane what the hell are you talking about?

Jane: You must not be far enough away, ...take another step back. (Tim Does so and having reached the edge of the dock unknowingly, he loses his balance and falls over the edge into the water. As soon as Tim comes back to the surface Jane starts laughing) I TOLD you I'd get you back. (Tim reaches out for Jane to help him out of the water) Oh no, ...we're even and it's going to stay that way.

Tim: (Manages to pull himself partially up onto the pier and then quickly grabs Jane's leg and pulls her into the crystal clear water with him) NOW we're even!

(Cut to Daria's apartment that same day. Duncan comes out of the kitchen wearing the same clothes as he had the day before. As he walks past the answering machine he notices the red light blinking indicating that a new message had been recorded. He presses play and to his surprise Jane's voice is heard over the speaker)

Duncan: (Calls towards Daria's bedroom) Hey Daria, ...you can stop worrying about your friend. She's hiding out in the florida keys! (Daria can be heard as she stumbles out of her bed and trips over whatever happens to be cluttering her floor)

Daria: Damned room is turning into a death trap. (Puts her glasses on and her vision comes into focus as she gazes at Duncan) What the hell are YOU still doing here?

Duncan: (Laughs) It's nice to see you too, love. I never left last night, ...I just crashed on the couch after you went to go kick your shoes off in your room. After you didn't come back I figured that you just didn't make it past the bed and conked on out.

Daria: Mmph....the call of the pillow must have been just too overwhelming. I laid back on the bed for minute and I don't even remember closing my eyes.

Duncan: Yea, ...I've heard that can happen to some people.

Daria: So it can apparently. So what's this I hear about Jane hiding out in the keys?

Duncan: That's about what I said, she must have called this morning. She left a message saying she'd call you back later. I told you she'd be alright, ...and by the message it sounds like she is in fact having a good time with that guy of hers.

Daria: (rolls her eyes) Oh all right, ...you were the one who was right this time. Do you want a doggie treat as a reward or something?

Duncan: "It's BACON!" (Pretends to pant like a dog)

Daria: Well at least you didn't pretend to be "Snoopy", ...Old Charles Schultz would probably roll over in his grave over that one.

Duncan: Or rise from it, ..you never can tell with people these days. Artists can be awfully crabby if their work is trod upon. (Sighs) SO........now that you know that your friend is safe and sound perhaps we could continue with our regularly scheduled lives.

Daria: Do we REALLY have to go back to our previous programming? We should probably cancel that old show and start a new one of our own.

Duncan: We're not cutting sex out of the picture are we? Not to sound like a sexist pig or anything. But between us, ...I think at least once a year is critical to the relationship.

Daria: (scowls) Are you saying you'd start eyeing up other women?

Duncan: Hell no, .....but I'd hate to have to resort to the knuckle shuffle. PLEASE don't let that happen, lass.

Daria: (Smiles and then sighs) No, ....I wasn't about to resort to that. I have needs as well you know. What I was getting at is, ....and please don't mistake this for conformity, but everybody is getting involved on a deeper level. Trent and Maria to be the prime example. But now the unthinkable is happening. My friend, ...Jane "the lone wolf artist" Lane has found this guy out of the blue. Things just CAN'T be the same anymore. And WE can't just be the same anymore, ...my friendship with Jane has changed by leaps and bounds over the years. My relationship with YOU has changed over the years, ...I'm just not sure where everything is going to go from here.

Duncan: You're not going to propose to ME are you? I think it might take me a while to get used to that.

Daria: Not likely thank you very much, ...I am DEFINITELY not ready for a step that big. Sex I can handle, ....hell you moving in with me I could handle. But not marriage, ....not right now.

Duncan: (Wipes his brow) Thank god, ...I thought I was in a deep pile for a second there.

Daria: Don't be so dramatic, .....life with each other when we're ready wouldn't be so bad. Just don't ask for kids, ...I didn't even like kids when I was a kid.

Duncan: So.....everybody is changing. What should we do about it?

Daria: The only thing I can think of is to make sure that everybody stays in touch, ....no matter what. Will you promise to help me to do that?

Duncan: Aye lass, ....that and more. (Daria steps forward and kisses him)

Duncan: (shrugs) Fair enough.... (Beat) I'll give Trent a buzz later and let him know what's up with Jane.

(Fade to black, the scene comes back up in the same room of Daria's apartment four days later, ...the phone is ringing and in the blurred distance Daria can be seen walking towards the phone. As she comes closer she comes into focus and upon reaching the phone on the wall she picks up before the answering machine does)

Daria: Hello?

Jane: Hey Daria, ...what's new?

Daria: Hey Jane, ...jeez I'd thought you'd dropped off the planet there for a while. Where are you and what have you been up to?

Jane: I'm still down at key west. God Daria, ...I'm having the best week of my life. I managed to do some spectacular portraits of some of the people around town down here.

Daria: (Faux enthusiasm) Um.. great, ....I'm happy for you. So when are you coming home, ..we miss you up here.

Jane: Aw Daria, ...are you getting all soft on me? The next thing you know you'll actually be giving a shit about people. (Sighs) I swear, ...what ARE we going to do with you amiga?

Daria: Well, whatever you do. Just make sure that the last thing includes burying me upside down for reasons I won't disclose at this time.

Jane: Gotcha, ...one burial sunny side up.

Daria: Well, now that the formalities have been taken care of. What have you, Jane Coyote Lane, been up to all week besides paining tired old people in the Carribean? And be reminded, ..you have no lifelines, ...you're already phoning a friend, ...and there's no such thing as a fifty- fifty. Unless you count a test where you guessed half the answers. Oh...and this IS your final answer, ..so make it a good one.

Jane: (long pause) I got married, Daria. (The sound of a bodily mass falling to the floor is heard over the phone followed by silence) Daria......?

The End.............

Footnotes :

1.) Reference to a previous fic in this series where Maria informed Trent that she was being considered for an experimental operation on the retina that could potentially give her SOME sight.

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