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"Behind the Glasses" Unsubmitted Submission
By Brother Grimace
Category: Miscellaneous

Long ago, the trend was to do works that used the "Daria" characters to spotlight bloopers and such in fanfics! Heres my submission for the fourth episode, which was never produced.
"Gifted" From Jane's POV
By Di
Category: Miscellaneous

The episode "Gifted," from Jane's point of view. A response to Dark Kuno's Iron Chef Challenge: The POV Shift.
The "Not Another New Kid Series!" Series
By Tazzie
Category: Series & Multi-Part Stories (Miscellaneous)

Two new students arrive in Lawndale. Seems simple enough, right? Hah! When is anything EVER simple in Lawndale?
A "Sick" Daria Commercial
By Brother Grimace
Category: Miscellaneous

The Fashion Club headlines a twisted little TV spot inspired by the PPMB's Iron Chef competitions.
#10 Dream
By Rey Fox
Category: Miscellaneous

A surreal collection of vignettes involving Daria and the rest of the Lawndale irregulars. It's... well, it defies description, so you'll just have to read it for yourself.
'Ado (*)
By Nick Gaston
Category: Alternate History

An alternate world's lighter spin on "Dye! Dye! My Darling."
(Go Ahead and) Dance (*)
By The Angst Guy
Category: Miscellaneous

These are the lyrics to one of Trent Lane's better-known songs, written after Mystik Spiral's move to Boston (shortly after Jane began college there).
The 2 Sides of a Cynic
By Chris Fabris
Category: Crossovers & Parodies

Daria and Jane are heroes with James Bond-like gadgets, fighting the fiendish Mumm-ra and his plans to rule the world, in this crossover with "Thundercats."
2007: A Daria Odyssey
By Marjory Aldora
Category: Past & Future

Daria and Jane dream about the future.
3-D Chess
By Brother Grimace
Category: Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror

Based on a "Fantasy Themes" Iron Chef challenge, the Greek God of the Underworld deals with the Misery Chick of Lawndale. Shudders of fear are experienced.
300 Sips of Liquor
By Brother Grimace
Category: Miscellaneous

Set during Year Three of "Falling Into College," Daria's fiance and pet meet up in the most unusual manner.
By Type_Here
Category: Miscellaneous

Late on a sleepless night, Jake thinks about his life.
500 Vindaloos to Go
By Professor Moriarity
Category: Crossovers & Parodies

Daria and Jane encounter the cast of "Red Dwarf."
86 Bottles of Beer
By Kristen Bealer
Category: Series & Multi-Part Stories (Crossovers & Parodies)

"I'm sorry, what did you say you do? I thought I heard intelligence, but that can't be right." In this parody of the TV show "Get Smart," Kevin Thompson, CONTROL Agent 86, is all that prevents KAOS from succeeding in its many plots for world domination. God help us all.
By Angelinhel
Category: Miscellaneous

In response to Roger E. Moore's PPMB Iron Chef: Your challenge is to write a short fanfic telling what one or more of the major characters in "Daria" are doing today, September 2004.