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The Physics of Drowning
Category: School Situations

Daria and Jane have to make a boat.

Fernando Santoianni
Daria/X-Men Evolution: Sealed With A Mutant
Category: Crossovers & Parodies

The school of Bayville has been destroyed, and all the X-Men have moved to a new city... guess wich one! The events taking place among the regular and the new students of Lawndale are too numerous to list.

Fiona Lane
Weak at the Freeze
Category: Holidays

Just another Christmas with presents, Jane, Tom, Helen, Jake, Quinn, and the rest! But what's with Jane?

A Night to Remember to Forget
Category: Miscellaneous

Stacy goes on a date with Upchuck, but is totally unprepared for what awaits her.
See You In the Funny Papers
Category: Miscellaneous

Daria becomes very interested in a new comic strip in the Lawndale Sun-Herald... but she has no clue as to where that interest will ultimately take her.

Foo Fighter
Scream in the Life of Daria
Co-written by Nessy Thompson
Category: Crossovers & Parodies

Someone's killing off the students of Lawndale High, in this parody of the film "Scream."

Freya Torvaldsland
To Swim Against the Tide
Category: Miscellaneous

When Daria's conscience gets the better of her, she finds herself on a fashion rollercoaster ride through hell.