Helen Morgendorffer Full Name: Helen Barksdale Morgendorffer
Current Age: 48... make that 43... no, 38...
Season One Age: 46
Vocation: Attorney at Vitale, Davis, Horowitz, Riordan, Schrecter & Schrecter
Spouse: Jake
Children: Daria and Quinn
Siblings: Rita and Amy Barksdale
First Appearance: Esteemsters

A former flower child turned high-powered corporate lawyer, Helen is the textbook definition of "overworked parent." She's a go-getter, but rarely puts as much intensity into raising her children as she does in her job. Her world revolves around her legal briefs and her cellular phone, and her idea of parental involvement consists of sending her assistant to parent-teacher conferences. As such, she is often clueless as to what is happening in the lives of Daria and Quinn, and her attempts at parenting often fall flat. (There are occasional breaks in the clouds, however, like the time she gave advice that helped Daria overcome a case of writer's block. This and other incidents show that maybe -- just maybe -- she knows her daughter better than anyone ever suspected.)

Voice: Helen's voice is performed by Wendy Hoopes, who also does the voices of Jane and Quinn.

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