Daria Morgendorffer Full Name: Daria Morgendorffer
Current Age: 18
Current Vocation: Freshman at Raft College
Season One Age: 16
Season One Vocation: Sophomore at Lawndale High
Parents: Jake and Helen Morgendorffer
Siblings: Quinn
First Appearance: Esteemsters

Daria, the title character, is the poster child for "teen misfit," and holds in high contempt what she sees as the shallowness and superficiality of the world around her (qualities which are exemplified by her sister, Quinn). She is also cynical -- though she'd say she's "realistic" -- and mistrustful of authority, and doesn't hesitate to make her opinions known when she sees fit. She has a talent for writing, a sharp intellect, an even sharper tongue (her sarcasm could cut tempered steel), and a wit so dry it makes the Sahara look like a rain forest.

In spite of all that, however, she does have her vulnerable spots. For several years, one of those soft spots used to be Jane's brother, Trent. And why not? A dark, moody musician, who just also happens to be a "total hottie"... his very presence would leave her speechless, and a mere look from him would convince her to do almost anything (even get a navel ring). However, Trent's lackadasical attitude and his inability to stick to commitments eventually overcame her crush, and she and Trent are now good friends.

Daria is now dating Tom Sloane, who's her intellectual equal as well as a member of one of Lawndale's wealthy elite, though it didn't come about easily (see "Dye! Dye! My Darling" (#413) and "Is It Fall Yet?"). It's a stormy relationship -- both are hampered by a lack of experience with relationships, particularly Daria -- but a good one overall. Whether their relationship will survive graduation, however, remains to be seen.

Status at end of series: Graduated from Lawndale High, receiving the Dian Fossey Award for "dazzling academic achievement in the face of near-total misanthropy." Accepted into the freshman class at Raft College. Broke up with Tom after they both realized that they were headed in opposite directions in life, though they vowed to remain friends and keep each other updated on their lives. Will undoubtedly continue to have more adventures with Jane, who was accepted into the freshman class at nearby Boston Fine Arts College.

Daria on herself: Born alienated. The world is my oyster... but I can't seem to get it open.

Voice: Daria's voice is performed by Tracy Grandstaff, who did the same when Daria was on Beavis and Butt-head.

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