Outpost Daria Reborn
A Daria Fan Site by Kevin Bess - NeonHomer
Original concept and site by Martin J. Pollard

The site known as Outpost Daria is no more. It was taken down on June 4, 2013.
It was one of the largest and longest running Daria sites on the Internet.

This site is based off of the last version, as offered for download by Martin. As time
goes along, this site will be transformed and updated, while trying to maintain and
uphold the legacy of the original Outpost Daria..

As Martin had here before, if there is anything on this webpage that belongs to you
and you wish it to be removed, please feel free to email me and I will remove it
as soon as possible! Thank you! ~ Kevin (neonhomer)

Fan-created stories and artwork are still gladly accepted! Read the
Fan Fiction Submission Guidelines and Artwork Submission Guidelines
for the who-what-where-when-why on submitting your work.

Last Updated
August 2021
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Other fine sources for Daria info:
The Daria Fandom Blog II and The Daria Wiki
and The Daria Subreddit

It is NOT affiliated with MTV in ANY way!

Site Contents

News All of the latest news regarding Daria and related topics.
Characters Complete information on all the major characters.
Episode Guide Episode summaries, transcripts, and behind-the-scenes information.
Fan Fiction Original stories based on the series written by Daria fans.
Art Gallery Images from books, episodes, and other stories, plus original artwork based on the series created by Daria fans.
Essays & Rants Essays and commentary regarding any and all aspects of Daria.
In the Media Articles, reviews, and other information about Daria from the national and international media.
Computer Add-Ons Various Daria-themed goodies for your computer, such as icons, wallpaper, themes, and more.
Frequently Asked Questions Got a question about Daria? Here's where you can find some answers.
Links Other places to visit in cyberspace to satisfy your Daria cravings.

Thanks and Acknowledgments

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the following people, without whose efforts the whole Daria experience (both on-screen and off) would not exist. So, without further ado, heartfelt thanks go to... (These are the original Outpost Daria credits.. I'll be adding to it! - NH.)

... C_N, Kara, Katherine, Kem, Michelle, Mike, Naomi, Rich, Rowena, Wraith, and all other Daria webmasters, past and present, for their previous and continued hard work and dedication to Daria's presence in cyberspace;

... Austin, Ben Y., C.E., CB, Deref, Diane, Erin, Jill, John B., John T., Jon K., Kara, Katherine, Kem, Michelle, Nemo, Peter, Rey, Richard, Robert N., T.A.G., Thea, Wouter, Yui, and all of the other Daria fanfic writers -- past, present, and future -- for keeping us entertained through thick and thin, drought and deluge;

... A.J., Anne, Chris, Dan, Glenn, Jacquelyn, Jill, Larry, Laura, Neena, Peggy, Peter E., Peter G., Rachel, Rachelle, Ron, and Sam, for putting all those wonderful words in the characters' mouths;

... Andrea, Brittany, Daria, Helen, Jake, Jamie, Jane, Jeffy, Jesse, Jodie, Joey, Kevin, Mack, Max, Nick, Quinn, Sandi, Stacy, Tiffany, Tom, Trent, Upchuck, and all of our other favorite characters, for performing all those scripts the people above you wrote for five years. Yeah, I know, you're fictional characters, but you still did a great job of "keeping it real";

... Alvaro, Amir, Amy, Ashley, Geoffrey, Janie, Jessica, John W.L., Julian, Marc, Nora, Paul, Rita, Russell, Sarah, Tracy, Wendy, Willy, and all the other voice actors, for giving life to those scripts and a voice to those characters;

... MTV, for having the generosity to take a chance on a cartoon about a surly, cynical, unpopular teenaged girl (and a big, wet, smelly raspberry for subsequently treating the show like a three-headed bastard stepchild);

... The N (aka TeenNick) and all of the other media outlets across the globe that gave Daria a second life in syndication (even if their treatment of the show often wasn't any better, and sometimes worse, than MTV's);

and last, but certainly not least:

... Glenn, Susie, and the rest of the Daria staff, for bringing us such a wonderful show for five glorious years.

Kudos to you all!

Those Boring Disclaimers...

Information used to create this site comes from various sources, including the television episodes, MTV's Daria web page, The Daria Diaries by Anne D. Bernstein, The Daria Database by Peggy Nicoll, and the participants of the alt.tv.daria Usenet newsgroup and the #daria+ IRC channel.

In addition, this site incorporates material obtained from the now-defunct Planet Daria and alt.lawndale.com web sites, with the kind and gracious permission of their former webkeepers (Rowena Stubbs and Katherine Goodman, respectively).

Due to an epidemic of people grabbing whatever they like from this site without giving due credit, I must now insist that nothing from this site be taken and used without express permission from me (and if anything is used, you must specifically credit Outpost Daria Reborn for it). Sorry to have to do this, but I'm sick and tired of having my hard work ripped off by people who don't even have the morals and conscience of a dung beetle.

MTV Music Television, Daria, Beavis and Butt-head, and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks of MTV Networks, a division of Viacom International, Inc. All other titles, logos, and characters are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective copyright holders. This site was created solely for entertainment purposes, and neither the webmaster or any other entity profits (or makes any money at all) from this site.