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      Links to Daria Sites

This list is by no means exhaustive; rather, it represents the "cream of the crop," so to speak... sites that have proven to be the most popular, or contain features that distinguish themselves from the average Daria site. It is provided as a starting point to your Daria experience on the Web.

If you wish to submit your Daria web site (or a site you happen to find) for consideration, please send me e-mail at Fair warning: Any site that is submitted has a much better chance of being included here if (as stated above) it contains features that make it stand apart from the average Daria site.

Updated: 9/18/2014

Most of the sites listed below feature information about the show, fan fiction and artwork (generally with an emphasis on the webmaster's own work), and other goodies.

Active sites:

Daria Fan Club
The Daria Fandom Blog II - by The Angst Guy
The Daria Wiki
DVDaria - by Kara Wild
Lawndale Sun-Herald - by The Eccles

Inactive sites (no longer updated):

The Contrarian's Corner - by Kara Wild
Daria By Numbers - by Um and A.J.
The Daria Character Database - by Mike Yamiolkoski
The Daria Encyclopedia 0.0 - by James "Cincgreen" Bowman
The Daria Fandom Blog - by James "Cincgreen" Bowman
Daria Fanfic Song List - by Caira
The Daria Shrine - by Larissa & Bridget Simpson
Glitter Berries - by Kemical Reaxion
Lawndale Leftovers - by SUSU
Outpost Amy - by Amy Terwilliger
Planète Daria - by Didier
The Sh33p's Fluff - by Thea Zara
Sick, Sad World - by Wraith

Daria Message Boards

You wanna talk? These are the places to do it! Chat with your fellow Daria fans on any of these message boards. Conversations will range from the intellectual to the irrelevant, from the sublime to the ridiculous... just like real life, only without all the noise and body odor!

The Daria Shrine's Message Board - hosted by Larissa & Bridget Simpson
The Paperpusher's Message Board - hosted by Kara Wild
The Rubber Board - hosted by Crazy Nutso
The Sh33p's Fluff Message Board - hosted by Thea Zara