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December 2000
Dec 31 Heck, what's one more update between friends? :-)
  • Added fan fiction:
    • Created page for Medea42's The Trent Vignettes
    • Created page for Ben Yee's Suicide and Shipping
    • "Abruptly Amy: Suddenly Smoochy" by Chad Page
    • "Behind the Pom-Poms: The Brittany Taylor Story" by Love Gordon
    • "Boy Meets Girl" by Morgan Jenkins
    • "Brain Games" by Thomas Mikkelsen
    • "Family Ties" by Thomas Mikkelsen
    • "Game Theory" by Thomas Mikkelsen
    • "Girl Uninterrupted" by Medea42 and Thomas Mikkelsen
    • "Giving a Damn" by Medea42
    • "Hells Angels?" by Thomas Mikkelsen
    • "Jesse's Girl" by Jill Palmer
    • "Mother May I" by Eric Bartuska
    • "Party Favors" by MrAnonymous
    • "Past and Future Daria" by Thomas Mikkelsen
    • "Self Less" by Thomas Mikkelsen
    • "Sibling Rivalry" by Thomas Mikkelsen
    • "The Slacker Within" by Medea42
    • "The Sour-puff Girls" by traP
    • "Sowing and Reaping" by Thomas Mikkelsen
    • "The Talented Miss Morgendorffer" by Thomas
    • "Week of Hell" by Thomas Mikkelsen
    • "The Wizard of Ug" by Ken T.
Dec 30 Fanfics, fanfics, fanfics galore! True, it's a little late for a Christmas gift, but it's just in time for the new millennium!

Note that since this is a pretty huge update, don't be too surprised if there are a few broken links here or there. When you're on a roll, it's hard to keep all those plates spinning at once. :-) If you find any problems, please let me know ASAP.

  • Added fan fiction:
      Featured Authors:
    • "Abruptly Amy (The Spinoff That Was)" by Kara Wild, et al.
    • "Bare Acquaintances" by Canadibrit (The Look-Alike Series)
    • "Bouquet Too" by Austin Covello
    • "Children of the Scorn" by Canadibrit (The Look-Alike Series)
    • "A Lane in Black" by Jon Kilner
    • "Lovers' Lane" by John Berry
    • "The Prisoner of Zelda" by Canadibrit
    • "Retribution" by Diane Long
    • "The Trick's the Treat" by Diane Long
    • Created page for Robert Nowall's Daria 2010
    • Created page for Ben Breeck's The New Teacher Series
    • Created page for J's Don't Call Him "Hearing Impaired"
    • Created page for Wouter Jaegers' Let's Be In Love
    • Created page for Wouter Jaegers' Trouble Walking
    • "The Adventures of Amy Barksdale Across the Twelfth Dimension" by Brian Taylor
    • "Ann" by Danny Bronstein
    • "Bouncing 'Round the Room" by Sam Lincoln
    • "A Bouquet for the Brain" by Milo Minderbinder
    • "Breaking Strain" by Mystik Slacker
    • "Christmas Morning" by Robert Nowall
    • "Commencement" by Ruthless Bunny
    • "Crush-ing Depth" by Brian Taylor
    • "Cyber Stacy" by Kemical Reaxion
    • "The Daria Chronicles: Good-Bye Lawndale" by Erin Mills
    • "Daria's Disciples" by Liz
    • "Daria vs. the Lawndale Zombies" by Erin Mills
    • "A Day in the Married Life" by MrAnonymous
    • "Death of the Misery Chick, Next on Sick, Sad World" by Brian Taylor
    • "The Great Pretenders" by Grey Bard
    • "Guilty Pleasures" by Erin Mills
    • "Here Now..." by Anay Lewis
    • "I Love You, I Love You Not" by Ashitaka
    • "I Want Money" by Wesley Willis
    • "Intense" by Ruthless Bunny
    • "Into the Depths Once Again" by Steve Mitchell
    • "Issues" by Steve Mitchell
    • "Lawndale Abduction" by Emily Bischoff
    • "Living in the Past" by Decelaraptor
    • "Malice of Absence" by Renfield
    • "Melody Powers in 'Butcher, Baker, Cancer-stick Maker'" by Mystik Slacker
    • "MTV Mutants #1: Safest Emergency" by Rancour
    • "Pairings" by Dr Mike
    • "The Prom" by Amanda Spuckler
    • "Rebel Without a Clue" by Brian Taylor
    • "Reunion" by Ruthless Bunny
    • "Sarcasm Queen" by Christa
    • "Shoot, Damn You, Shoot!" by Robert Nowall
    • "Something to Note" by Anay Lewis
    • "Stinkbutt Part Two" by Robert Nowall
    • "Tatoo Tales" by B.J. Anderson
    • "Temple of Gloom" by Mystik Slacker
    • "Through a Closet Darkly" by Brian Taylor
    • "Tiffany Blum-Deckler" by MrAnonymous
    • "Trent Lane's Lyrics Notebook" by Ruthless Bunny and Medea42
    • "An Unerring Sense of Color" by MeScribble
    • "Venison" by MrAnonymous
    • "Welcome Home" by RangerLou
    • "White Lightning" by evergleam
  • Removed fanfic entry for Kara Wild's "Abruptly Amy (The Spinoff That Never Was)" since her new "Abruptly Amy (The Spinoff That Was)" page now includes its content (on a new server).
  • Made a few minor revisions to the fan fiction submission guidelines (mostly just to clarify "on paper" what I'm already doing in practice).
  • Added essays:
    • "The Summer of Our Discontent" by Peter Guerin
    • "Why Did It Come to This?" by Brian Taylor
  • Updated the Links page:
    • Added "The Daria-Jane Conspiracy," "Lawndale on the Edge of Forever," and "Sick, Sad World"
    • Updated the URLs for "Daria's Rubber Room," "Glitter Berries," and "Watch DARIA in French."
    • Removed "Write Where It Hurts," which is no longer being updated.
  • Added episode summaries for all remaining Season 4 episodes (not including "Is It Fall Yet?"), with Mike Quinn's Delayed Reaction Reviews for each.
  • Added new title page graphics (by John Berry) to the Characters, Episode Guide, In the Media, and Message Board pages.
  • Updated the Message Board page to point to other available Daria message boards.

November 2000
Nov 21 Yet another ultra-delayed update. (This is getting distressingly monotonous, ain't it?) No excuses; you've heard them all before. All I can do is try my best to be more timely. Expect another (minor) update in a few days, as I have more fanfic (and other stuff) to add.
  • Added fan fiction:
      Featured Authors:
    • "Charge of the Math Brigade" by Kara Wild
    • "A Stitch in Time" by Admonisher
    • "An Uneasy Marriage" by Kara Wild
    • All remaining stories by Canadibrit
      "The Senior Year Series" by Crazy Nutso:
    • "Don't Mess With My Tutor"
    • "Afterglow" by Jim Cuscutis
    • "Artificial Inspiration" by Tori
    • "Bait and Switch" by Medea42
    • "Break Out" by Wouter Jaegers
    • "Chelsea Hotel" by Jill Friedman
    • "Daria's Wedding" by Ruth Lys Margolis
    • "Feast or Famine" by SixSax
    • "In a Nutshell" by Medea42
    • "Killjoy Was Here" by Erin Mills
    • "Kiss Until" by Renfield
    • "The 'L' Word" by Medea42
    • "A Meeting of Two Minefields" by Robert Nowall
    • "A Mid-Spring Day's Delerium" by Bob Marley
    • "Passout-over" by Emily Bischoff
    • "Penny for Your Virus" by Bingo Hanis
    • "Pick a Card, Any Card" by Ruth Lys Margolis
    • "The Prom" by Jeff Cuscutis
    • "Quality Time and a Half" by MrAnonymous
    • "Seasons End" by Wildgoose
    • "Seeing Things Through" by Renfield
    • "Sew What?" by Diana Rajchel
    • "The Shadow Over Lawndale" by Michael Sears
    • "Shipping Overnight" by Brother Grimace
    • "Sisters" by MrAnonymous
    • "Survivor" by Steph
    • "TRL" by Napalm
    • "TRL 2" by Napalm
    • "True Blue" by Crazy Nutso
    • "Turning Out the Lights" by Kyra Dilston
    • "The Van Ride" by Diana Rajchel
    • "What the...?" by MrAnonymous
    • "With the Help of Her Friends" by Bob Marley
  • Removed all fan fiction stories by SBBED.D, as well as all fan artwork based on these stories. SBBED.D's stories are still available at Daria's Rubber Room (see the Links page).
  • Added essays by:
    • Jim Chittleborough ("Has It Fallen Yet?")
    • Peter Guerin ("Animation's Finest Hour")
    • Guy Wheatley ("All For One and One For None" and "Objectivity Free Landslide Victory")
  • Added wedding announcement for Rita Pietropinto to the News page.
  • Confirmed Rita Pietropinto as the voice of Aunt Amy (confirmation is from Rita's official wedding announcement; see above).
  • Performed a major update to the Links page, adding lots of new sites while removing a few others.

October 2000
There were no updates this month.

September 2000
Sep 12 Once again, an ultra-delayed update. Of course, a hospital stay followed by physical therapy and a need to catch up with several weeks of my life that were put on hold had a lot to do with it. :-)

I'll have another small update in about a week (maybe less) to add the fanfics that I've received recently, as well as some of those darn graphics (dammit, I've got to get on the ball with those!) and episode summaries, transcripts, etc (particularly "Is It Fall Yet?").

  • Added fan fiction:
    • "All You Outcasts" by Robert Nowall
    • "Another Week in Lawndale" by Wouter Jaegers
    • "Better Times Than These" by Jen
    • "The 'Daria' Fanfic Cliche Drinking Game" by Aaron Solomon (ben Saul Joseph) Adelman
    • "Daria Gets a Job" by Adam Johnson
    • "Daria 2010: Destiny Deferred" by Robert Nowall
    • "Daria's Downtown Experience" by Danielle Beach
    • "Exit Upstage Left" by wierdgrrl
    • "Imitation Is Not the Sincerest Form of Flattery" by William Gasarch
    • "Lawndale Beauty" by wierdgrrl
    • "The Logical Conclusion" by Nicole Young
    • "Matt" by Matt
    • "Money Dream$" by Wesley Willis
    • "Mystique Spiral" by M. Bruner
    • "New Nightmare" by Aaron Solomon (ben Saul Joseph) Adelman
    • "One Hundred Percent" by Kemical Reaxion
    • "Pencil-Necked Geeks" by Petrel
    • "Race to the Finish" by Mike Quinn
    • "Simplicity Itself" by Glasswing
    • "Sister-In-Law" by Nicole Young
    • "Somewhere Over the Edge" by Don Fields
    • "Spite Club" by MystikSpiralChick
    • "Stupid Is as Stupid Really Does" by Patrick Moore
    • "Troubles" by Adam Johnson
    • "Virgin Sacrifice" by Jill Friedman
  • Moved MrAnonymous' fanfic series to its own Fanfic Series page ("The A.D. Universe").
  • Removed "What Quinn Makes Go Around" at the request of the author.
  • Updated Tom's character page with his last name, and the names of his parents and sister.
  • Updated other character pages with the most current information.
  • Added Tom's voice actor (Russell Hankin) to the Tom character page, and to the Character Voices pages.
  • Added Marianne's voice actor (Katie Kingston) to the Character Voices pages.
  • Created separate Character pages for Sandi, Stacy, and Tiffany.
  • Added new images by Liliane Grenier to the Character pages for Brittany, Mack, Upchuck, Sandi, Stacy, Tiffany, and the Three J's.

August 2000
There were no updates this month.

July 2000
Jul 21 Finally, Outpost Daria Reborn is back on the air after being down for nearly two weeks. Obviously, not much has been done to the site -- I was too busy trying to get this whole mess straightened out (a mess that The (Non-)Foxing of Outpost Daria Reborn details quite well) -- but I have done a few things that should (hopefully) prevent such a situation from happening in the future. Regular updates will resume ASAP; for now, I'm just glad to be back on the air!
  • All of the e-mail addresses for submitting fanfic, artwork, etc. to Outpost Daria Reborn now use the new outpost-daria.com domain. (Note that lawndale.net still works, but I'd prefer that people start using the new domain.)
  • Removed the Daria theme song files from the Computer Add-Ons page as an "anti-Foxing" measure.
  • The message board, and the song list and "oops!" list submission forms, are currently unavailable, since the new server I'm on doesn't support MIVA. (It does support CGI-BIN, however, thus I'm currently looking into new message board software and replacement submission form scripts.)
Jul 4 Happy Fourth of July to my fellow USA-ers! To celebrate, here's a brand spankin' new update, with enough goodies to keep you busy for at least ten minutes. :-) Seriously, I'm going to try to get back to a more or less regular update schedule; the longer I take between updates, the further behind I get, and that's got to stop.
  • Added fan fiction:
    • Promoted Canadibrit to the ranks of Featured Authors. Congratulations! (Now, now, don't be shy... come out from under that table...)
      Featured Authors:
    • "A Lane in Red" by Jon Kilner
    • "Growing Cynical #3: Hail Cullen, Well Met" by Canadibrit
    • "Growing Cynical #4: Protest March" by Canadibrit
    • "Growing Cynical #5: Rock Banned" by Canadibrit
    • "To Kill a Misery Chick" by Canadibrit
      "The Senior Year Series" by Crazy Nutso:
    • "Attack of the Killer Clichés"
    • "A Bridge Over Lawndale"
    • "Welcome Back Daria"
      "Morte La Montreal" by wierdgrrl:
    • "Part 1: Morte La Montreal"
    • "Part 2: Where the River Shallows"
    • "Part 3: Quinn of Hearts"
    • "Part 4: A Blight at the Roxbury"
    • "Part 5: Morgendorffer MIA"
    • "Part 6: Horse Brutality"
    • "Part 7: Homecoming"
    • "Bearcat Hollow" by Guy Payne
    • "Diary Dearest" by Renfield
    • "Fashion Fear" by Neo Hippy Purple
    • "In Your Dreams" by Sarah Dobosh
    • "The Picnic" by Neo Hippy Purple
    • "Quinn" by MrAnonymous
    • "Return to Lawndale" by MrAnonymous
    • "The Self-Made Woman" by MrAnonymous
    • "The Sun Will Come Out, Tomorrow..." by Brother Grimace
    • "Te Nosce" by Neo Hippy Purple
  • Updated Character page for Ms. Li (added trivia about Nora Laudani's appearance as the guest of a contestant on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire).
  • Added essays by C.E. Forman ("This Show Sucks!") and Kara Wild ("It Happened to Jane").

June 2000
There were no updates this month.

May 2000
May 30 Got some makeovers and other graphics online, but ran out of time to get the rest. But, I promised you guys an update -- after a whole freakin' month <grin> -- so rather than delay it again, here it is. Fortunately, I don't have much left in the way of artwork, so I'll see about getting together another quick update just for them.
  • Added fan fiction:
      Featured Authors:
    • "The Red Maid" by Austin Covello
      The Look-Alike Series (by Canadibrit):
    • "Growing Cynical #1: Professional Help"
    • "Growing Cynical #2: A Sporting Mischance"
    • Prose adaptations (by Austin Loomis) of "Growing Cynical #1," "It's a Passable Life," "Liaisons," and "Relation-slips."
    • "Baby Lane" by M. Bruner
    • "Behind the Looking Glasses" by Aaron Solomon (ben Saul Joseph) Adelman
    • "Cheese Is The Word" by Kemical Reaxion
    • "Conned Men" by jRev
    • "The Daria Sense" by Wesley Willis
    • "The Daria Sitters Remember" by Neo Hippy Purple
    • "Fashion Victim" by Morgan Jenkins
    • "4am" by Type_Here
    • "The Haunting of Lawndale High" by Patrick Moore
    • "Hey, Hey It's a Cliche" by Pat Leland
    • "Melody Powers a.k.a. Daria Morgendorffer" by Jerry Scanlan
    • "Moonlit Visions" by Morgan Jenkins
    • "Raechael 101" by Saffron
    • "Revelations" by Steven Galloway
    • "Stupid Things" by Shawa
    • "What If..." by Professor Moriarity
  • Added new graphics by Liliane Grenier for Andrea, Brittany, Daria, Helen, Jake, Jane, Jodie, Kevin, Quinn, Tom, and Trent for the Characters pages.
  • Added artwork by Katie Cook (who now has her own page).
  • Added makeovers (Brittany, Daria, Jane, Kevin, and miscellaneous).
  • Added essay by Daniel Suni.

April 2000
Apr 30 Still backlogged on artwork (almost all makeovers, by the way). *sigh* Will be devoting every spare moment this week to getting the artwork online, as this is getting ridiculous!
  • Added fan fiction:
      Featured Authors:
    • "Abruptly Amy (The Spinoff That Never Was)" by Kara Wild
    • "Crush Object" by Paperpusher
    • "Restoration" by Diane Long
    • "Sea's Sorrow" by Diane Long
      The Look-Alike Series:
    • "The Blind Leading the Blunt" by Canadibrit
    • "The Blind Leading the Blunt" prose adaptation by Austin Loomis
    • "It's a Passable Life" by Canadibrit
    • "Liaisons" by Canadibrit
    • "Relation-slips" by Canadibrit
    • "Consequences of a Parade" by Yui Daoren
    • "Conversastion" by Professor Moriarity
    • "An Early Morning Reading" by Dr. Mike
    • "A Fate Worse Than Li" by Queen Jossie
    • "A Fork in the Road" by Ben Yee
    • "Makeup Your Mind" by Jill Palmer
    • "No More Ms. Nice Vampire" by Crazy Nutso
    • "The QB Next Door" by Kemical Reaxion
    • "Satura Tota Nostra Est" by Daniel Suni
    • "Too Late" by Professor Moriarity
  • Added a boatload of songs for all season four episodes through "Of Human Bonding" (#407).
  • Added essays by Paperpusher ("Why Bother?"), Guy Wheatley ("The Joy of Shunning Sex"), and Kara Wild ("The Moderator Is In").
Apr 13 Got a few art pieces up. Still tons more to go, though! However, I figured you'd appreciate an update some time this millennium. :-)
  • Added summary and Mike Quinn's Delayed Reaction Review for "The F Word" (#405) and "I Loathe a Parade" (#406).
  • Added fan fiction:
    • "Blackout" by Aaron Solomon (ben Saul Joseph) Adelman
    • "Daria Meets Johnny Bravo" by Patrick Moore
    • "How the Other Half Lives" by Canadibrit (The Look-Alike Series)
    • "How the Other Half Lives" prose adaptation by Austin Loomis (The Look-Alike Series)
    • "Misshapen Identity" prose adaptation by Austin Loomis (The Look-Alike Series)
    • "The Parent Crap" by Canadibrit (The Look-Alike Series)
    • "The Parent Crap" prose adaptation by Austin Loomis (The Look-Alike Series)
  • Added artwork by John Berry ("The Suffering Artist") and Liliane Grenier ("The Real-Life Daria Cast").
  • Moved the bio of Tom to the Characters page (under Other Characters).
  • Updated the FAQ page (new IRC, and updated hardware/software information).
  • Removed The Other Daria Webring and Quinn The Webring from the index page, as both webrings are now effectively defunct.

March 2000
Mar 28 Still no artwork. :-( To Wouter Jaegers and others: yes, I did receive your various artwork, but I have not been able to put it online as of yet (it's the most time-consuming part of the update). Give me time, please; it'll appear sooner or later. :-)
  • Added summaries and Mike Quinn's Delayed Reaction Reviews for "Antisocial Climbers" (#402), "A Tree Grows in Lawndale" (#403), and "Murder, She Snored" (#404). Transcripts will appear in the next update (or perhaps sooner).
  • Added song and "oops!" lists for season four, even though there's nothing in them yet (hint, hint!).
  • Added fan fiction:
    • "An Alternative to Birthday" by Erin Bartuska
    • "Balance of Power" by Jill Palmer
    • "Blind Audition" by Canadibrit (The Look-Alike Series)
    • "Blind Audition" prose adaptation by Austin Loomis (The Look-Alike Series)
    • "Damned Cheesy Fanfiction" by blah blah
    • "Daria Gets a Cat" by Dr. Mike
    • "Doctor Who Gives A Damn" by Yui Daoren
    • "A Hard Day's Write" prose adaptation by Austin Loomis (The Look-Alike Series)
    • "Heartfelt Advice" by Erin Bartuska
    • "In Dreams" by Dark_One Shadowphyre
    • "Just Add Water... Ballons" by Jill Palmer
    • "A Killer in Lawndale" by Maria Isais
    • "Lunch" by blah blah
    • "The Mighty Quinn" by Nemo Blank
    • "One Night" prose adaptation by Dark_One Shadophyre
    • "Out of the Slushpile" by Nemo Blank
    • "Please" by blah blah
    • "Quinn-tessence" prose adaptation by Austin Loomis (The Look-Alike Series)
    • "Sounding Off" by Erin Bartuska
    • "Surprise" by Maria Isais
    • "'Undone' Undid" by Crazy Nutso
    • "Why Don't You Get a Job" by J
    • "Will, Grace & Daria?" by Wesley Willis
  • Added essay by Daniel Suni ("Cynic's Complaint").
Mar 6 Still working on the summary and transcript for "Antisocial Climbers" (#402). Expect them in a few days. In the meantime, I've caught up on more of the backlogged fanfic. There's still many more left to post, as well as a lot of artwork, so stay tuned!
  • Replaced the old message board with a new version. A conversion from old to new wasn't possible, so all users will have to sign in again (and all old messages are gone). The bright spot is that multiple forums are now possible, so there's now a general discussion forum in addition to a fanfic forum (and more may be on the way in the future)!
  • Added fan fiction:
    • "Artistic License" by Jill Palmer
    • "Back to the Future! Again! Part III" by Milo Minderbinder
    • "Band Aid" by Admonisher (Featured Authors)
    • "The Castle of Count Ruttheimer" by Crazy Nutso
    • "Disaster" by Ben Yee
    • "The Flack-Jacket Mafia" prose adaptation by Austin Loomis (The Look-Alike Series)
    • "Jackboot Horoscope" by Jill Palmer
    • "Lukewarm Metal" by Peter W. Guerin
    • "Many Are Culled" prose adaptation by Austin Loomis (The Look-Alike Series)
    • "Mercedes Bends" prose adaptation by Austin Loomis (The Look-Alike Series)
    • "Miss Conception" prose adaptation by Austin Loomis (The Look-Alike Series)
    • "New Direction" by Jill Palmer
    • "No Nudes is Good Nudes" prose adaptation by Austin Loomis
    • "Rue Britannia" prose adaptation by Austin Loomis (The Look-Alike Series)
    • "The School Bands" by Wouter Jaegers
    • "A Sick, Sad Goodbye" by Daniel Suni
    • "Sweet Child of Mine" by Wouter Jaegers
    • "World Geek Show" prose adaptation by Austin Loomis (The Look-Alike Series)
  • Added Mike Quinn's Delayed Reaction Review for "Partner's Complaint" (#401).

February 2000
Feb 29
  • Added episode summary and transcript for "Partner's Complaint" (#401).
  • Updated song and "oops!" list forms to include "Partner's Complaint" (#401).
  • Added fan fiction:
    • Series:
      • "Quinn-tessence" by Canadibrit (The Look-Alike Series)
  • Added artwork:
    • John Berry's "Adventures in Shallowness" #3
    • Mouse's Super Heroes & Villians Makeovers page
    • Makeovers (Brittany, Daria, Jane)
  • Added essay by Kara Wild ("The Off-Canon Approach").
  • Added additional cast photo links (Julian Rebolledo, Marc Thompson, Jessica Cydnee Jackson, Janie Mertz, and Amir Williams) to the Voice Listings, as well as updated photos of Tracy Grandstaff, Wendy Hoopes, and Alvaro J. Gonzalez. All images were taken from MTV's Daria: Behind the Scenes.
  • Added link to "The Cast and Crew of Daria" to the Episode Guide page. This page will eventually be built up to include complete information on the cast and production staff; for now, it is mainly photos and some biographical information.
Feb 13 Another small update for you, this time to squeeze in some artwork from our premiere artists. More to come!
  • Added fan fiction:
    • Featured Authors:
      • "Primarily Color" by Kara Wild
    • Series:
      • Prose adaptation (by Austin Loomis) of Canadibrit's "And Then There Were Four," "Kiss and Tell," and "Love Him or Leave Him" (The Look-Alike Series)
    • Other:
      • "The Beautiful People" by Cryptkeeper
      • "Candy Girls" by wierdgrrl
      • "It's Not All Right, But It's Y2K" by Ben Yee
      • "A Love/Hate Relationship" by Jill Palmer
      • "Third Times's a Charm" by Dr. Mike
  • Added artwork:
    • Fan fiction illustrations for:
      • "Hero!" by Nemo Blank
    • John Berry ("Adventures in Shallowness" #1 and #2)
    • Liliane Grenier ("Cornholio Syndrome" and "Day at the Beach")
    • Makeovers (Brittany)
Feb 6 Okay, so I didn't get to the artwork (again). I'm still re-installing applications after upgrading to my Athlon, and Picture Publisher didn't get installed in time. :-( Soon, though... very soon. In the meantime, here's more fanfic for you!
  • Added fan fiction:
    • Featured Authors:
      • "A House of Cards" by Diane Long
      • "Silly Rabbit, Matrix Are For Kids!" by John Berry
    • Series:
      • "Return to Lawndale" by Crazy Nutso (The Magical Mystik Spiral Tour)
      • Prose adaptation (by Austin Loomis) of Canadibrit's "Lady and the Tank" (The Look-Alike Series)
    • Other:
      • "Absentee" by Jill Palmer
      • "Casting Call" by J
      • "Daria in Oz" by Aaron Solomon (ben Saul Joseph) Adelman
      • "Daria's Christmas Folly" by Crazy Nutso
      • "Daria's Season of Goodwill" by Nemo Blank
      • "Everything You Know Is Wrong!" by Don Fields
      • "Hero!" by Nemo Blank
      • "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Cynic" by Peter W. Guerin
      • "A Raven, Nothing More" by Lew Richardson
      • "Too Many Choices, Parts 1-7" by Nemo Blank
      • "The Way We Were Meant to Be, Parts 3-5" by Hikhali
      • "Y 2 Day? Part 2" by Queen Jossie
      • "The Year of the Cynic" by Wouter Jaegers
  • Opened the message board up again, so that newbies can post immediately and people can read the board anonymously. If this is abused, however, I WILL put the restrictions in place again! (To those who've applied and have not yet had their accounts activated: try them now, you should be all set.)
Feb 2 Whew! This is probably the longest stretch between updates in the history of Outpost Daria Reborn. But, here 'tis for your enjoyment. More fanfic and lots of artwork still to come, hopefully by this weekend (February 5-6)!
  • Fan fiction pages reorganized for easier lookup. Stories are now grouped alphabetically by title, each letter to its own page. The exceptions are Featured Authors, Episode Adaptations, and Series, which remain on their own pages.
  • Added fan fiction:
    • Featured Authors:
      • "That Stranger I Know So Well" by Jon Kilner
    • Series:
      • "Many Are Culled" by Canadibrit (The Look-Alike Series)
      • Prose adaptations (by Austin Loomis) of episodes 1-7 of Canadibrit's "Look-Alike" series
    • Other:
      • "The Blue and Yellow Submarine" by Guy Payne
      • "College" by Jared Dunham
      • "Damien's Day at Lawndale Hell" by J
      • "Daria Goes To a Sleepover" by Jane
      • "Drive" by Rey Fox
      • "The Festival" by Lord Dezz
      • "500 Vindaloos to Go" by Professor Moriarity
      • "Hey, You Look Like Jane!" by Jill Palmer
      • "The Hitch Hiker's Guide to Sarcasm" by TAFKA
      • "Home Sweet Home" by Hello Kitty
      • "How Deep It Goes" by Daniel Suni
      • "Jesse's Girlfriends" by Jane
      • "Keeping Up With the Benjamins" by Rey Fox
      • "Let's Be In Love, Part 2: Murder Was The Case" by Wouter Jaegers
      • "Let's Be In Love, Part 3: Manhunt" by Wouter Jaegers
      • "Life's Meandering" by Yui Daoren
      • "Mall Walking" by Mitch
      • "A New Student in Lawndale" by Jane
      • "No More Deviants" by J
      • "Realization" by Maeve Johnston
      • "Substitute Teacher" by Mitch
      • "Unhealthy Competition" by wierdgrrl
      • "Waiting" by Professor Moriarity
  • Added essay by Kara Wild ("The Helen/Jane/Jodie Connection").

January 2000
Jan 14 The first update of the New Millennium... and yes, I still say to all of you "2001 is the official start" maniacs: lighten up, okay? :-)

Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome fanfic authors Diane Long and Admonisher to the ranks of Featured Authors (and I'll admit, it's long overdue). Congratulations, Diane and John! You can put those 'maters down now... <grin>

Finally, I know that this isn't much of an update -- more fanfic, and the ever-present artwork, is waiting in the wings -- but I promise to have more online when I get back from my trip. Viva Las Vegas!

  • Added fan fiction:
    • "All Good Things" by Steve Mitchell (Miscellaneous A-L)
    • "AMBUSHED!" by Yui Daoren (Miscellaneous A-L)
    • "Behind the Glasses II" by Canadibrit (Miscellaneous A-L)
    • "Crossing the Line" by Andrea Griva (Romance)
    • "Cynic Wars Episode VI: Return of the Cynical" by Matt (Crossovers & Parodies)
    • "Daria's Christmas Carol" by Admonisher (Featured Authors)
    • "Erin the Head" by Kara Wild (Featured Authors)
    • "It's a Wonderful Life, Not" by Thomas Mikkelsen (Miscellaneous A-L)
    • "Kind of Blue" by Don Fields (Miscellaneous A-L)
    • "North Star" by Wouter Jaegers (Miscellaneous M-Z)
    • "Touchdown Jane" by Mike Quinn (Miscellaneous M-Z)