Character Voices
Alphabetical by Character

Daria humiliates Quinn in front of the school

The information in this list comes from various sources, including Planet Daria,, and good old fashioned deductive reasoning. In cases where information is not considered reliable, a notation of "unconfirmed" will be displayed.

Also note that links are provided to images of the voice actors where available, to satisfy the curiosity of fans who Simply Must Know. If you are someone who doesn't want to "spoil the fantasy," then I suggest you not click on the links!

Character Actor(s)
Alison (IIFY) Bif Naked
Andrea Susie Lewis (seasons 1-3)
Janie Mertz (season 4)
(aka "Lisa Collins")
Ms. Janet Barch Ashley Albert
(aka "Echo" and "Petunia")
Amy Barksdale Rita Pietropinto
Mrs. Diane Bennett Amy Bennett
Tiffany Blum-Deckler Ashley Albert
(aka "Echo" and "Petunia")
Ms. Claire Defoe Nicole Carin (unconfirmed)
Mr. Anthony DeMartino Marc Thompson
Daniel Dotson (IIFY) David Grohl
Linda Griffin Janie Mertz
(aka "Lisa Collins")
Sandi Griffin Janie Mertz
(aka "Lisa Collins")
Jeffy Tim Novikoff
Joey Steven Huppert
Jodie Abigail Landon Jessica Cydnee Jackson
Jane Lane Wendy Hoopes
Trent Lane Alvaro J. Gonzalez
Ms. Angela Li Nora Laudani
Michael Jordan "Mack" MacKenzie Delon Ferdinand (episodes #102-105)
Paul Williams (episodes #110-113 and season 2)
Kevin Daniels, Jr. (season 3)
Amir Williams (seasons 4 and 5)
Marianne Katie Kingston
Jesse Moreno Willy Schwenz
Daria Morgendorffer Tracy Grandstaff
Helen Morgendorffer Wendy Hoopes
Jake Morgendorffer Julian Rebolledo
Quinn Morgendorffer Wendy Hoopes
Mr. Timothy O'Neill Marc Thompson
Stacy Rowe Sarah Drew
Charles "Upchuck" Ruttheimer III Marc Thompson
Sick, Sad World Announcer John Worth Lynn, Jr.
Sick, Sad World Reporter Janie Mertz
(aka "Lisa Collins")
Tom Sloane Russell Hankin
David Sorenson (IIFY) Carson Daly
Brittany Taylor Janie Mertz (aka "Lisa Collins")
Kevin Thompson Marc Thompson
Jamie White Marc Thompson