Episode Guide

Episode #412
Written by Peggy Nicoll

(opening theme song)

(at the Morgendorffer house)

(in the wee hours of the morning, Jake walks into the kitchen and starts rummaging through the refrigerator)

Jake - "Of course it's decaf!" Damn sadistic waiter. I should have stiffed him when I had the chance!

(grabs milk and heads to the counter; he turns on the stove and sets a pot on a burner, intending to make himself a glass of warm milk; he then proceeds to knock over the milk carton)

Jake - Damn milk!

(grabs paper towel from roll on the side of the counter, stretching it over the stove)

Jake - Grr...

(the milk on the floor causes him to slip, hitting his chin on the counter with a grunt)

Jake - Damn it! Where does Helen hide the mop?

(he heads to the utility closet, not noticing that the paper towel has caught fire)

Jake - (sniffing) Funny, I could swear I smell smoke. (screams when he sees the stove on fire) Fire! Fire!

(in the master bedroom)

Helen - (on phone, sleepily) No, Eric, it's only 1:00 a.m. Of course you didn't wake me.

Jake (O.S.) - Fire! Fire!

Helen - Oh, my God, Eric, the house is on fire! I'll have to call you back! (very slight pause) No, I don't know when! (very slight pause) No, you can't hold!

(in Daria's room)

Jake - Daria! What are you doing in bed when the house is on fire?!

Daria - (puts glasses on) Um, trying to find out if these blankets are flame-retardant?

Jake - Well, do it later! Come on! Out of the house! (grabs Daria and runs out of the room)

(in Quinn's room)

(Quinn is rummaging frantically through her dresser while talking on the phone)

Quinn (into phone) - Sandi, this is terrible! I don't even have time to pack, and I can't run out of the house looking like this!

Helen - Quinn! Come on! (grabs phone)

Quinn - But... (gets pushed out of the room)

Helen (into phone) - Sandi? She'll have to call you back. (very slight pause) No, I don't know when!

(outside, the Morgendorffers and their neighbors watch the fire department do their stuff)

Helen - Jake, leaving paper towels by an open flame? What's wrong with you?!

Daria - Mom's right. Kerosene would have been much more effective.

Helen - What were you thinking?!

Jake - Well, I remember thinking, "Damn it, damn waiter with his damn phony decaf." Then I was thinking, "I need some damn milk..."

Helen - Oh, never mind.

(later in the day, the family and an insurance adjustor inspects the damage)

Adjustor - Luckily it's mostly just smoke damage, but we'll still have to repaint upstairs and down. I'd say we're looking at two weeks.

Helen - Two weeks?

Adjustor - Meanwhile, your policy allows you to stay in a hotel on a per diem. The Dutchman Inn would be in budget.

Quinn - The Dutchman Inn? That place with the giant clog?!

(in Jake's car)

Jake - Come on, everyone, cheer up! Staying in a hotel won't be so bad.

Daria - That's what they said at the Hanoi Hilton.

Quinn - Where's that?

Helen - All I can say is, it's a good thing Le Grand Hotel is one of your clients so we could get a discount.

Daria - Although I can never forget that giant clog and what might have been.

Jake - Yeah, getting us in there kind of makes up for me almost burning down the house, you know? (chuckles) Say, wasn't there a song like...?

Helen - Just drive!

(the car pulls up to the front door of Le Grand Hotel; a bellhop comes out the door with a luggage cart just as the Morgendorffers get out of the car)

Bobby - Welcome to Le Grand Hotel. I'm Bobby, and I'm here to assist you with all your needs.

Daria - In that case, I'll have a pizza and an isolation tank.

Helen - It's been a long day. (enters the hotel)

Daria - Which promises to turn into an even longer night. (follows Helen inside)

(at the car, Jake is struggling with the luggage)

Bobby - Please, let me get that for you.

Jake - Thanks, fella!

Quinn - Yeah, thanks!

(Bobby grabs Quinn's luggage and heads for the entrance, leaving Jake to struggle with the large suitcase)

Jake - (grunting) Lousy... damn... (screams as he's pinned to the ground by the heavy bag) Bobby?

(Bobby escorts Quinn to her room)

Bobby - You know, my uncle's the manager of this hotel.

Quinn - Really?

Bobby - Yeah, so if there's anything you need anything at all, just let me know.

Quinn - You mean, like, say, if I wanted a soda...

Bobby - I'll get you a case.

(in Helen and Jake's room)

(Jake sets down his suitcase with a grunt as the bellboy sets down the others)

Jake - Look, Helen, a dimmer switch!

Daria - That'll make her forget the fire.

Helen - Jake...

Jake - Oh, yeah! Hey, thanks, pal! Don't spend it all in one place! (hands the bellboy a dollar)

Bellboy - Thank you for your generosity, sir. (leaves, with Daria right on his heels)

Jake - (sitting on bed) You know, hotel living could be a nice change of pace.

Helen - Unless you burn this place down, too.

Jake - Damn it, Helen, it was an accident!

(Helen starts dialing the office on her cellphone)

Jake - Of course! Now that you've finished raking old Jake over the coals, it's time to ignore him all night by talking about some big case. Well, just go ahead!

Helen - Oh, and I suppose you have something better in mind?

(they stare at each other for a moment, then Helen tosses the phone over her shoulder and leaps into Jake's arms)

(in Quinn's room)

(Bobby continues to preen over Quinn)

Bobby - ...and there are 25 different movies to choose from. Do, um, you and your boyfriend like to watch movies?

Quinn - Actually, I don't...

(Quinn turns to see Daria entering the room, followed by the bellboy)

Daria and Quinn - We have to share?!

(at the Lane house)

(Tom and Jane are sitting on the couch, trying to decide on a movie)

Jane - How about Screecher II? I heard those blood-sucking eyeballs look really cool when they burst.

Tom - Actually, I'm kind of in the mood for a movie with a plot. Hey... Daria left me a message about a Fellini film festival.

Jane - Oh, yeah? You gave Daria your number?

Tom - You did. So we could go rescue her from "mother/daughter bonding day"?

Jane - Right, right, right.

Tom - I guess she remembered the debate we got into on Fellini's symbolism.

Jane - I do, too -- one of the best naps I ever had.

Tom - Hey, the cinema can be more than bursting eyeballs.

Jane - "The cinema?"

Tom - Look, do you want to see La Dolce Vita?

Jane - I think I'll pass.

Tom - Fine.

(Jane grabs the remote and turns on the TV; there's a distinct chill in the air between her and Tom)

SSW Announcer - Is there really a secret underwater railroad smuggling flounder to freedom? Get on board the sole train, tonight on Sick, Sad World!

(at the hotel, in Quinn and Daria's room)

(Daria is flipping through the TV channels while Quinn is on the phone with Sandi; she lands on the hotel's promotional channel)

Narrator - ...or sharpen your golf game on one of our three 18-hole courses.

Quinn - Yeah! And they have the satiny padded kind of hangers so your clothes won't get hurt!

Daria - In fact, it's the same satiny padding that's inside my head.

Sandi (on phone) - Who was that?

Quinn - Oh, um, just the maid. (sets receiver down on bed and picks up wall phone) Maid, you can hang up the other phone now. Oh, wait! (hangs up wall phone and grabs phone inside bathroom) Maid, dear! Hang up the other phone, please! (phone clicks off) Guess where I am now, Sandi?

(knock on door)

(Daria opens the door to see Bobby holding a room service tray; his face falls when he sees it's not Quinn)

Daria - Relax. She's in the bathroom, marveling at its many wonders.

Bobby - Cool! (sets tray on table and removes lid) Hey, is Quinn, you know, seeing anyone?

Daria - Just a dermatologist for that rash.

Bobby - Hi, Quinn!

Quinn - Hi.

(Daria hands Bobby a tip)

Bobby - Oh, no, I couldn't.

Daria - (takes money back) Well, bye, then.

Bobby - See you around, Quinn. (leaves)

(Daria starts to eat her hamburger)

Quinn - Eww! You're not really gonna eat all that fat, are you?

Daria - No, I'm going to stick it in my boots 'cause I love the squishy, squishy feeling 'round my toes.

Quinn - Eww! Daria, you're making me nauseous!

(with a sigh, Daria starts to pack her suitcase)

Quinn - What are you doing?

Daria - Going to stay at Jane's.

Quinn - Like Mom and Dad would let you do that. Of course, for $20...

Daria - Ten.

Quinn - Fifteen, but that's my final offer.

(phone rings; Daria answers)

Daria - Hello. Quinn's sister speaking.

(Quinn practically leaps the entire length of the room in order to grab the phone from Daria's hand)

Quinn - Fine! Just go.

(Daria leaves as Quinn continues talking)

Quinn - ...no, that was the maid. I think she got into the mini-bar. Hey, did I mention they have melba toast?

(at the Lane house)

(Daria knocks on the door; Jane answers)

Jane - Daria?

(Daria follows Jane into the living room; Tom and Trent are lounging on the couch)

Tom - Hey, Daria.

Daria - Hey, Tom. Trent.

Trent - Hey, Daria.

Jane - Let me guess...

Daria - They made me share a room with Quinn.

Jane - They tried to break you, damn it!

Daria - I'm okay. I got out before she applied the eyelash curler. Look, do you mind if I stay here tonight? I'm afraid if I go back, I'll make a lethal weapon out of the complimentary corkscrew.

Jane - Um, sure. Why not?

Tom - Hey, why don't the four of us get some pizza?

Daria - I am low on vitamins.

Trent - Can't. Practice starts at 7:00.

Jane - Trent... it's 9:00.

Trent - Hmm. I better head out. (leaves)

Jane - Okay.

Tom - See you.

Daria - See you later.

Tom - Ready?

Jane - Excuse me, did I say I wanted to go out for pizza?

Tom - Um, but you do, right?

(Jane crosses her arms)

Daria - On second thought, you kids go. I've had enough excitement for today, what with losing my childhood home and all.

Jane - Well, let me show you to your suite.

(Jane and Tom escort Daria to Penny's old room; it's decked out in various art things)

Tom - Nice wind chime.

Jane - Actually, it's a "room" chime. One of Penny's brainstorms. Speaking of Wind, I'd put you in his room but I'm afraid he'd turn up in the middle of the night in tears, asking your advice on marriage.

Daria - And if I mistook him for a burglar and shot him, what kind of guest would that make me?

(Tom laughs; Jane quickly grabs his arm to lead him out of the room)

Jane - Anyway, we won't keep you. See you in the morning!

Daria - Thanks.

Tom - Bye, Daria.

(Jane shuts the door as they leave, causing the "room chime" to fall to the ground)

Daria - I know exactly how you feel.

(back in the living room, Jane heads to the door while Tom sits on the couch)

Jane - I thought you wanted pizza.

Tom - Actually, I'm not that hungry after all.

Jane - (quietly) Okay, guess I've lost my appetite, too.

(at school)

(in Mr. O'Neill's class)

Mr. O'Neill - Now, as you mull over the title, The Red Badge of Courage, who besides me hears the Cowardly Lion in your head singing "If I only had the noive?" (laughs) Oh...

(bell rings)

(in the hallway)

Jane - So, shall we expect you back at Casa Lane tonight?

Daria - I'm hoping Quinn's calmed down about the free Q-Tips by now and I can settle back in at the hotel.

Jane - Well, if you think so...

(Quinn rushes up to Daria)

Quinn - Daria, I just wanted to be sure you're not coming back to the room. The Fashion Club will be holding emergency meetings all week on faux-tanning lotions and I don't want you to do anything embarrassing, like show up.

Daria - Wait a...

(Quinn spots the Fashion Club rounding the corner)

Quinn - Um... sure! I'll be happy to give to your charity, out-of-town volunteer worker. Just put me down for my usual amount. Bye! (leaves)

Daria - (sighs) Can I stay with you a couple more nights?

Jane - Um, sure. No problem. No problem at all.

(at Le Grand Hotel)

(a waiter starts to bring a menu to a couple, but spots Tiffany and goes to her instead)

Woman - Hey!

Waiter - Hi, Tiffany, what can I get for you?

Tiffany - Hmm... fruit cup or fruit plate...?

(a waiter starts to bring an umbrella to a heavyset woman, but spots Stacy and goes to her instead)

Waiter - Hi, Stacy.

Stacy - Hi!

Woman - Hey! That's supposed to be my umbrella!

Sandi - Excuse me, but some people should not go out of the house without a muumuu.

Quinn - I know! It's like she's not even worried about offending us.

Tiffany - Oh....talk about offensive...

(in the pool, Helen is cheering Jake on)

Helen - Go, Jakie!

Jake - Bottoms up! (does a cannonball off the high dive)

Helen - Yay!

Fashion Club (in unison) - Eww!

Stacy - Quinn, isn't that your parents?

Quinn - It looks like them in this haze, doesn't it?

Tiffany - Haze?

Quinn - Bobby!

(Bobby arrives, carrying a room service tray)

Bobby - I thought you and your friends could use some refreshments so I pulled a few strings in room service.

Quinn - Bobby, that is so sweet.

Bobby - I'll see you around?

Quinn - Sure.

(Bobby leaves)

Stacy - Quinn, he is so cute!

Tiffany - Yeah... cute...

Sandi - Well, sure... if you like that bellboy look.

(at the Lane house)

(Daria enters Jane's room to the sound of loud drilling: Jane working on a wooden sculpture)

Daria - Hey! (drilling stops) Feel like getting something to eat?

Jane - Another time. I want to finish this sculpture before Tom gets here. That crazy kid just doesn't appreciate the whir of a high-speed drill.

Daria - I guess he's never had a good root canal. Mind if I hang out?

Jane - Be my guest. Oh... by the way, uh, thanks for leaving that message on Tom's machine about La Dolce Vita.

Daria - Hey, watching a dead fish wash up on shore always puts me in a good mood.

Jane - But you know, you don't have to go to all the trouble of calling Tom. I'm always happy to pass messages along.

Daria - Sure. I just...

(Jane resumes drilling; Daria gets the hint and leaves)

(later, someone knocks on the door to Daria's room)

Daria - Come in.

(Tom enters)

Tom - Hey, The Prince. Planning on taking over a country?

Daria - Well, not now that you've ruined the surprise.

Tom - It's just as well. You go to all the trouble of plotting a revolution, quelling the masses, and brutally killing your enemies, and what does it get you?

(Trent walks past the door and hears Tom and Daria talking)

Daria - A glass coffin surrounded by tourists and necrophiliacs?

Tom - I knew you'd find the upside.

(both laugh)

(at Le Grand Hotel)

(the Fashion Club, wearing robes, is walking back to Quinn's room, when Bobby intercepts them)

Quinn - Bobby! What are you doing here?

Tiffany - I think he works for the hotel.

Bobby - Have I got a surprise for you! (pulls out a room key)

(Bobby lets them into a large suite)

Bobby - Welcome to the Presidential Suite -- your new home away from home.

Quinn - Wow, Bobby, it's really cute and all, but I don't think the insurance company will pay for this.

Bobby - No problem. My uncle says this room won't be booked for another two weeks, so I've upgraded you for free.

Quinn - Gee, how can I ever repay you?

Bobby - How about letting me take you out to dinner Saturday night?

Quinn - Well... okay!

Bobby - Great. I'll see you later. (leaves)

Quinn - Let's check out the makeup mirrors!

Stacy - Oh, yeah, let's! I bet they're huge!

(as the three girls head to the bathroom, they notice that Sandi has stood her ground)

Quinn - Sandi? What's wrong?

Sandi - Gee, Quinn... you know that I would never say anything to upset you, but you're my friend and I worry about your safety. And if I were in your position, I'd want to know if I were being stalked.

Quinn - Oh, Sandi, I'm not being stalked.

Sandi - Oh, no? Then how come Bobby always knows where you are? It's like he's watching you with binoculars or something.

(Stacy and Tiffany gasp)

Quinn - Sandi, Bobby is not a stalker.

Sandi - Oh... okay.

(at the Lane house)

(Daria and Tom are still talking)

Tom - Personally, I always had a soft spot for Stalin. Any dictator who changes his name from Dzhugashvili to "Man of Steel" has my vote, so to speak.

Daria - Come on, you and I both know he only did it so his name would fit on his luggage tags.

(Tom laughs as Jane enters the room; she's less than pleased)

Jane - There you are! I was just about to call your house to see where you were.

Tom - Because I'm ten minutes late?

(Tom looks at his watch as Jane clears her throat)

Tom - Wow, 7:00. Sorry. Guess I lost track of the time.

Jane - What was so fascinating?

Daria - We were talking about The Prince's influence on Lenin, Trotsky, and Ms. Li.

Jane - Sorry I asked.

Tom - Hey, did you know Stalin had Trotsky killed with an ice pick to the skull?

Daria - Good thing they didn't put him in a glass coffin.

(both laugh, then Tom clears his throat when he catches the look on Jane's face)

Jane - Anyway, Tom, I'll be down the hall whenever you guys are finished with morgue chat. (leaves)

Tom - I'd better go.

Daria - Yeah.

(as Tom leaves, Daria steals a glance over her shoulder)

(at school)

(the Fashion Club is walking down the hall)

Quinn - ...and I can't figure out if I should wear a mauve shell with my silk capris, or a silk shell with my mauve capris...

Sandi - I guess that depends where the stalk... Bobby is taking you.

Quinn - I think he said C'est La Veal.

Stacy - Wow! That place overlooks the lake! It's so romantic!

Tiffany - Yeah... romantic.

Sandi - Yes. Say, I just had a funny thought. Have you ever noticed that that big cliff there would be the perfect place to dump a body?

(Quinn chuckles uneasily)

(in Ms. Defoe's class)

(Jane is stabbing the canvas with her brush)

Ms. Defoe - Jane, while art is a time-honored way to give expression to strong emotions it shouldn't be at the expense of your canvas.

(Jane makes one final stab that punches through the canvas, which she follows up with a jagged diagonal slash)

Jane - What?

Ms. Defoe - Um... never mind. (walks away)

(Jodie approaches and looks at the shredded canvas)

Jodie - Bad week?

Jane - Why is it your business?!

Jodie - It's not. (leaves)

Jane - Hey, wait! (runs after Jodie)

(in the hall)

Jane - Tom and I were meant for each other. We'd sit in front of the TV, make fun of whatever we saw -- it was the perfect relationship.

Jodie - You're just joking when you say that, right?

Jane - But when he and Daria start debating and going on about all that stuff they've read... all of a sudden, it's like he's from a different planet.

(Kevin, Mack, and the Three J's run down the hall)

Mack - Okay, go for a long one!

Kevin - Yo! I'm open!

Jodie - I know the feeling.

Jane - You ever worry that you and Mack are drifting apart?

Kevin (O.S.) - Over here, Mack daddy!

Mack (O.S.) - Quit calling me that!

Jodie - With all my extracurricular activities, I don't see him enough to drift apart.

(the boys crash into a wall)

Jodie - All in all, not a bad system.

(Jane spots Daria rounding the corner)

Jane - Um, I need to stop in here. See ya! (quickly ducks into a classroom)

Jodie - Bye.

(at Le Grande Hotel)

(Quinn is talking to Helen and Jake, who are relaxing by the pool)

Quinn - ...so I said we can't just start thinking every guy who follows us around is a stalker, because the whole Fashion Club philosophy is built on getting guys to follow us around. And Sandi said... (imitating) "Gee, Quinn, I never knew stalking was in the eye of the beholder."... but I think she got stalkers mixed up with peeping Toms, which is like a whole other thing altogether, right? (pulls sunglasses off Helen's head) Right?!

Helen - Stalker? You have a stalker?

Quinn - Mo-om, I said he's not a stalker, he's just enthusiastic!

Helen - Oh, okay. Jake, did you hear that? (pulls Jake's sunglasses off) Honey? Quinn says she doesn't have a stalker.

Jake - Stalker? Hmm... I hope it's not one of those cannibal guys with the moths. Maybe we should all go into the house. Where's Daria? Where's the house?

Helen - It's being painted, Jakey, remember? Where is Daria?

Quinn - Um, she said she was going to be at that friend of hers' working pretty late on that project. Anyway...

Helen - Oh, that's nice... what project is that?

Quinn - Mom! I can't know everything. I'm not my sister's beeper!

(Helen and Jake put their sunglasses back on and resume their relaxation)

(at the Lane house)

(Jane walks into her bedroom and sees Daria standing in the middle of the room)

Daria - Jane?

Jane - Hey, Daria!

Daria - What's going on?

Jane - What do you mean? Nothing.

Daria - Right. You always duck into empty classrooms when you see me coming.

Jane - So you finally noticed, eh? (pause) Okay. Um, I'm happy you and Tom have been hitting it off so well. Really. But, see, Tom and I aren't hitting it off so well, and whether you mean to or not, you're making things worse.

Daria - What do you mean, "whether I mean to or not?"

Jane - Come on, Daria, you gotta admit you have a tendency to monopolize his time.

Daria - Excuse me?

Jane - Like the other day, when you kept him in your room half the night.

Daria - Hey, I didn't keep Tom in my room. He stopped by and we started talking.

Jane - He stopped by, or you ran into him in the hall? Because Penny's room is at the opposite end of the house from mine.

Daria - So?

Jane - So... the only way he could have "stopped by" is if he went that way to see you before he came this way to see me. (pauses as her brain catches up to her mouth) Oh...

Daria - Look, he probably heard you drilling and didn't want to disturb you.

Jane - (sighs) Right. Damn it! When did I become a third wheel in my own relationship?

Daria - Hey, come on, don't even say stuff like that. And don't make me responsible for whatever's going on between you two. Weren't you having problems before I got here?

Jane - Well, if you insist on being accurate about it.

Daria - Anyway, the house will be finished in a couple of days and I'll be out of here. Unless you want me to go back to the hotel tonight.

Jane - No, of course not. I overreacted. I hate being this way. This jealousy crap... it's not me at all.

Daria - Don't worry about it.

Jane - You'd never do anything to hurt me.

Daria - Not unless you grew long red hair and began keeping a lip gloss database.

(at Le Grand Hotel)

(a robed Jake and Helen are having a sunset meal, courtesy of room service)

Jake - Say, honey... you don't think we should be worried about this stalker guy, do you?

Helen - Quinn says he's just a nice young man who wants a date and the rest of it's in her friend Sandi's head... improbable as that sounds.

(both laugh)

Jake - Man, this hotel living's got me so relaxed... I can't remember when I've felt so good!

Helen - It's good to feel good, isn't it?

Jake - Oh, yeah...!

(phone rings)

Helen - Hello? Detective? Oh, my God, Quinn!

Jake - Gaaaah!

(in the hotel security office)

(Quinn is prattling on while the two hotel detectives try to appear interested)

Quinn - ...and I think the best detective outfits were in the '60s like that what's-her-name in The Mod Squad and the Avenger lady. I mean, Cagney & Lacey, what's that about?! Oh, hi, Mom and Dad!

(Helen and Jake enter the office)

Helen - Thank heaven you're all right.

Jake - Where's the stalker?! I'll rip his eyes out! Um, he is all handcuffed and stuff, right?

Detective - Mr. and Mrs. Morgendorffer, we were just asking your daughter about some recent gifts she's received from a hotel bellboy, one Bobby Stuart.

Quinn - Let's see... he gave me a lobster platter, although I didn't eat it because lobster is so messy, a pair of those cute little plastic sandals you get in the spa that massage your feet when you walk...

Jake - I love those!

Helen - Jake!

Quinn - Oh, yeah, and an upgrade to the Presidential Suite. Look, maybe you should talk to Bobby's uncle, the hotel manager or whatever. He's the one who said it was okay to give me this stuff since no one else was using it.

Detective - Miss Morgendorffer, Mr. Stuart has no uncle at the hotel. He's been billing your parents' account for all these items, only to delete the charges later by breaking into the hotel's computer system.

Quinn - (gasps) You mean... I... almost... went out with...

Detective - That's right.

Quinn - ...a computer geek?!

(Helen, Jake, and Quinn exit the office; Helen and Jake are furious)

Quinn - Aren't bellboys weird?

Helen - Where's Daria?

(at the Lane house)

(someone knocks on the door to Daria's room)

Daria - Come in.

(Trent enters)

Trent - Hey, Daria. Have you seen Janey? I think one of us was supposed to give the other one a ride somewhere.

Daria - She's probably over at Tom's, avoiding me.

Trent - Oh... or making sure Tom does.

Daria - (exasperated) Oh, no, not you, too. Look, Trent, there's nothing going on between me and Tom.

Trent - If you say so.

Daria - What?

Trent - Come on, Daria. I'm a musician. I'm very sensitive to shifts in mood.

Daria - (frowns) Then your senses must be going into overdrive about now.

Trent - Hey, I've seen you together. Guys can always tell when other guys are into someone. You know, ethereal transference.

Daria - Trent, even if what you just said made sense, I think I would know if Tom were "into" me... and he's not.

Trent - Okay. I should go. (starts to leave)

Daria - (sighs) I'm sorry, Trent. It's just that I don't exactly know what's going on.

Trent - Well, whatever it is, no one said you meant for it to happen.

Daria - Yeah. Okay. Thanks.

Trent - But there's no use playing dumb, right?

(doorbell rings)

Helen (O.S.) - Hel-looo?

(in Jake's car)

Helen - Daria, running off to Jane's without even asking us first!

Jake - Dammit, you didn't even give us a chance to say no!

(Daria doesn't answer; she's too distracted by the voices in her head)

Trent (V.O.) - Guys can always tell when other guys are into someone.

(depressed and confused, Daria puts her head on her arms and stares out the window)

Helen - Pay attention, Jake!

Jake - I was paying attention!

Helen - You mean like when you set the house on fire?!

Jake - Oh, great, just never let me forget that, will ya?!

Quinn - Da-ad! Would you watch the road?!

Jake - Not you, too?! Go on, Daria, why don't you chime in?! Daria?

(Daria, lost in thought, still doesn't answer)

(closing credits)