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Song List - Is It Fall Yet?

NOTE: Nearly all of the entries in these lists apply only to episodes and movies that were originally broadcast on television, not the ones that were released on VHS and DVD (which were replaced with a "generic" soundtrack due to music licensing costs).

Song & ArtistScene
"Turn Down the Sun"
opening credits
"Nicotine and Gravy"
before Mr. O'Neill passes out PSTAT results
"Why Does It Always Rain on Me?"
Jane reminds Daria of her "budding social life"
"No More Shopping Sprees"
Ruff Endz
Daria and Tom deciding whether to go to Pizza King
"Someone Else Not Me"
Duran Duran
Daria greets David Sorenson at door
"Water Babies"
William Orbit
Jane arriving at Ashfield
"Why Didn't You Call Me?"
Macy Gray
Daniel Dotson explaining his art
"Just a Friend"
Biz Markie
the campers making lanyards
"No More"
Ruff Ends
opening shot of the Landon's Fourth of July BBQ
"Teenage Dirtbag"
at the Landon's Fourth of July BBQ
"Dear God"
Daria sees Link's painting
"Why Didn't You Call Me?"
Macy Gray
Jane and Alison having dinner
"Love is Blind"
after Daria and Tom's fight
"The Art of Storytelling"
Jane at Alison's cabin
Mr. DeMartino breaks the window at camp
"Simon Says"
Pharaohe Monch
Kevin and Brittany are fired
"Simon Says"
Pharaohe Monch
after Brittany tells Mack they were fired
"Somebody Someone"
Jane answers the door for Daria and Trent
"Don't Stay Home"
Jane and Daria at the Mystik Spiral gig
"Before You"
Chantel Kreviazuk
after Quinn answers Manifest Destiny question
"I May Hate You Sometimes"
The Posies
closing credits (TV)
"Sixteen and Confused"
Parade of Losers
closing credits (video/DVD)