Episode Guide
Song List - Is It College Yet?

NOTE: Nearly all of the entries in these lists apply only to episodes and movies that were originally broadcast on television, not the ones that were released on VHS and DVD (which were replaced with a "generic" soundtrack due to music licensing costs).

Song & ArtistScene
"College Try (Gives Me Blisters)"
opening credits
"Learn to Fly"
The Foo Fighters
Daria and Jane at Pizza King
"Strange Little Girl"
Tori Amos
Daria at home, waiting for the Sloanes
"You Know What's Up"
Donnell Jones
Jodie talks to her dad about college
after Daria's Bromwell interview
"Young, Fresh, and New"
Daria looks angrily out the Sloanes' car window
"Get This Party Started"
at Lindy's party
"I Do!!"
Brittany and the cheerleaders talking
"I Do!!"
Mack tells Jodie he got into Vance
"Wasting My Time"
Tom calls Daria to say he got into Bromwell
"Fill Me In"
Craig David
Andrew Landon in his office
Lindy reaches for her hip flask at the movie theater
Lindy seats people who just show up
Lindy's boss finds her screwdriver
"Every Other Time"
Daria and Tom at pizza place
"Breaking Up the Girl"
Daria breaks up with Tom
"Woman's Worth"
Alicia Keys
after Daria breaks up with Tom
"For Nancy ('Cos It Already Is)"
Pete Yorn
Mr. O'Neill discovers Mr. DeMartino's note
"You Got Me"
The Roots
Trent giving Jane his car keys
"You Got Me"
The Roots (featuring Erikah Badu)
Jodie in her room
"Formal Invite"
Ray J
Stacy mixing and serving Sandi's "cure"
"Good Souls"
Lindy working on her computer
"I'm a Thug"
Trick Daddy
Jane drags Daria to Jodie's party
"Praise You"
Mary Mary
at Jodie's party
"I'm Real"
Jennifer Lopez and Ja Rule
Jane tells Daria that she made it into BFAC
"It's Over"
Kurrupt feat. Natina Reed
final scene at pizza place
closing credits (1st half)
"Time to Go"
closing credits (2nd half)