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Oops! List - Season Four

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Episode #401
Partner's Complaint
  • When walking with Jane after the presentations, the lockers go up to a certain number, then the numbers start all over again and repeat.

Episode #402
Antisocial Climbers
  • The clock in Mr. O'Neill's class reads 4:00, which is too early (or too late) to be holding classes.
  • When Ms. Barch puts Daria's and Jane's bags in the bus' luggage compartment, she closes the door, but when the camera switches back to her, a black space is present where the door should be.
  • The paint splotches on Jane's pants vary in number, size, color, and location throughout the episode, and disappear completely in at least one scene.
  • When Daria holds the scarf and says, "Look, it converts into a noose," she's already wearing it.
  • As the bus leaves the mountains, the door is on the driver's side, when it should be on the passenger side.

Episode #403
A Tree Grows in Lawndale
No "oops!" list entries for this episode are available at this time.

Episode #404
Murder, She Snored
  • When Jane goes to get the cyanide, a puddle is shown underneath (from leaking?), but when she poured it on Kevin's sandwich, it came out as powder.

Episode #405
The F Word
No "oops!" list entries for this episode are available at this time.

Episode #406
I Loathe a Parade
  • When Daria and Tom are talking (just before Tad gets lost), a girl standing behind them is wearing a blue outfit with a blue checkered skirt. A moment later, it changes to brown.

Episode #407
Of Human Bonding
  • The hot air balloon appeared to lack a burner.
  • Arno is worried about his "inexperienced crew," but it really only takes one person to operate a baloon once it's inflated.
  • Arno is worried about cumulus clouds, but there can't be any cumulus clouds at 5:00am (cumulus clouds form in convective currents caused by heat during the day).
  • The sandbags on the sides of the balloon disappear after the balloon takes off.
  • At the gentle speeds a hot air balloon travels, Jake wouldn't have suffered any injuries after floating into a tree, nor would he need any branches "removed."

Episode #408
Psycho Therapy
  • As Jane pans the webcam, the image on the monitor moves in the exact opposite direction of what it should be.

Episode #409
Mart of Darkness
  • While Daria and Jane are shopping, an announcement is made over the PA about it now being noon, and the sample stations were now open. Minutes later, the scene cuts to a hungry-for-samples Mr. DeMartino, where he's mumbling that it's "almost noon."

Episode #410
Legends of the Mall
  • The bow in Daria's hair (in the '50s story) disappears at one point and doesn't reappear.

Episode #411
Groped by an Angel
No "oops!" list entries for this episode are available at this time.

Episode #412
  • How could "Daria's childhood home" go up in flames when the Morgendorffers had moved to Lawndale a mere two years ago?

Episode #413
Dye! Dye! My Darling
  • Trent and Jane drive past the same houses over and over again.