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Oops! List - Season Three

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Episode #301
Through A Lens Darkly
  • In the first overhead shot of Daria driving, there's no stop sign at the approaching corner.
  • The bone poster is missing when Helen opens Daria's bedroom door.
  • Daria tells Quinn that she was walking by her room and saw her light on, but in the previous exterior shot of the house, Quinn's bedroom window (above the garage) is dark.
  • The pompoms in Quinn's room are green, not the Lawndale High school colors.
  • The phone in Daria's room is a different color than it was in "Pierce Me."
  • When Amy stands up, her earrings abruptly change color at one point.
  • The clock in Mr. O'Neill's classroom reads 5:05, which is either too early to begin school or too late to have that class.
  • Daria has her glasses on in the beginning of Mr. O'Neill's class, when she's already wearing her contact lenses.
  • The school lockers are again out of order, and Daria and Jane pass some of the same lockers as Kevin and Brittany, even though they're coming toward each other.
  • Daria's collar changes to the same shade of green as the rest of her jacket when she's talking to Kevin about glasses making her too smart.
  • The positions of the hamburger and the drink on Daria's tray switch places.
  • When Jane holds up two fingers to Daria in the cafeteria, the glass on her tray moves.

Episode #302
The Old and the Beautiful
  • Jane points out that there is only one slot left for the art workshop, but she writes her name on the list Daria later signs for reading to seniors.
  • The clock in the Morgendorffer kitchen has hands in one shot, but in the next shot, the hands disappear.
  • The outside of Brittany's house is slightly different from "The Invitation" (#102).

Episode #303
Depth Takes a Holiday
  • Cupid doesn't move his mouth when he says it's his turn to convince Daria to help. (This mistake was fixed in later airings of the episode.)
  • Daria's keyboard and the notes on her desk disappear and reappear.
  • In "The Daria Diaries," the headboard of Jake and Helen's bed contained a bookshelf. Here, it's a plain wooden headboard.

Episode #304
Daria Dance Party
  • When Kevin is telling the football players not to ask Brittany to the dance, their football jerseys are all slightly different shades of yellow.
  • The nightstand with the gumball machine and the posters next to Quinn's bed disappear in the close-ups of Tiffany and Stacy.
  • When Kevin is talking to Daria and Jane in the hallway, the hinges on the lockers are on the right side, and the locks are on the left. When Kevin starts walking away, the lockers are back to normal.
  • When Quinn walks into Mr. O'Neill classroom, the clock shows 1:20, but in the close-ups of her, the clock shows 11:30. Also, the images of the lockers seen through the doorway are backwards during Quinn's close-ups.
  • When Brittany gets up from her booth to sit with Jodie, the pizza and sodas are still on the table, but when she gets up to leave, they're gone.

Episode #305
The Lost Girls
  • The table in the faculty lounge is supported by a single center pole. In "The Daria Database," it's supported by four wooden legs.
  • The Morgendorffer dining room is a physical impossibility. The door in the kitchen next to the sliding door leads directly to the garage, and the only place the other kitchen door can lead to is under the stairs. Plus, no other wall on the main floor can explain the window behind Jake's dining room chair (the other walls are in the living room, kitchen, and garage/front door). It's very unlikely that the dining room would be upstairs, so where does it fit in?
  • When chatting with the reporter, several students are behind Val, including an African-American boy. In the scene where Val and the reporter are in the same shot, the boy is behind the reporter and the other students are scattered.
  • In Mr. O'Neill's class, a shot from behind shows a boy with a green elbow. In the shot from the front, the same boy is wearing a blue outfit.
  • In the wide-angle shots of Jane's lunch, her glass is on the right. In the close-up shots, her glass is on the left.
  • Val's chair and purse are left behind in Ms. Li's office when she leaves to make a phone call. In the next side shot, both are gone.
  • When Daria chews out Val, Val has her makeup case in front of her, her phone behind her, and her eyeliner on the table next to the couch. When she grabs her bag to leave, all of the items are gone.
  • Before the SSW promo, there is no remote control to be seen, but after the promo, Jake shuts the TV off with the previously missing remote control.

Episode #306
It Happened One Nut
  • In the counseling scene, the clock appears to be at 2:55. In the close-up, it's 3:00 (which then clicks to 3:01). In the next shot, it's back to 2:55 again.
  • The sign on the gerbil cage in the pet store has the name "Ned" listed twice.
  • When Kevin walks into the nut stand, he's wearing a suit, but after the commercial break, he's wearing his football uniform. (Presumably, it's the same day, so how -- and why -- did he change clothes?)

Episode #307
  • When Brittany stops making out with Kevin and turns to greet Daria and Jane, both hers and Kevin's hair and clothes are disheveled. In the next shot, their hair and clothes are back to normal.
  • In "The Invitation," Kevin said that Joey, Jeffy and Jamie were on the football team, but here they participated in the pep rally as audience members, not as part of the team.
  • The team jerseys are slightly different from Kevin's jersey.
  • The part in Ms. Li's hair switches sides when she turns her head.
  • When Kevin knocks the peg out of the door, it changes positions on the floor.
  • Helen's day planner and other items disappear from her desk while she is singing "I Can't Leave Yet."
  • During the split-screen shot of Helen and Quinn singing "I Can't Leave Yet," the tops hanging by Quinn's head are off-white, but are green in every other scene.
  • Near the end of "Gah, Gah, Damn It!" Jake says he's approaching his turnoff. He runs off the road, but there is no actual turnoff.
  • The water tank shack on the roof of Lawndale High was not present in previous shots of the roof.
  • Helen's checklist and hurricane book disappear in some camera angles.
  • Trent's duck phone didn't quack in "Arts 'N Crass."
  • The torn knee on Trent's pants switches sides when he's drinking cocoa.
  • Jake's mug and the spilled cocoa disappear while he's singing "Manly."
  • In earlier shots of the kitchen, the calendar by the phone is blank, but during "Manly" it displays the month of May.
  • The couch in the Morgendorffer living room is missing when Jake and Trent first enter, then reappears moments later.
  • Jane and Daria's backpacks disappear in the third act.
  • Andrea (we "think" it's Andrea) has blonde hair and a white T-shirt in the crowd scene in the finale.
  • The colors on the rainbow change places between the rooftop scene after the hurricane and the final shot.
  • It was never explained how Daria, Jane, Kevin and Brittany got down off the roof.
  • The leggings on Jane's legs disappear at the point where Quinn sings "So you've found my sis at last" (during the reprise of "Morning in the 'Burbs").
  • When Brittany swings her arms while singing "They Must Be Worried," Daria's shirt switches colors.
  • Tiffany says that Sandi's shirt "makes her highlights pop," but Sandi's hair doesn't have any highlights.
  • The rainbow that appears when the storm passes has only five colors, when it should have seven (blue and indigo are missing).

Episode #308
Lane Miserables
  • When Helen cuts the lasagna in the opening scene, it's in six pieces, then in the next shot, it's in nine pieces.
  • In the opening scene, Quinn is not wearing a bracelet when she's reading "Waif." In the next shot, when she's responding to Daria's comment, she's wearing one.
  • Trent said that their father was photographing Celtic rock formations, but there are no such things. Possibly, what was meant was Celtic rock "art."
  • The TV remote disappears and reappears while Jake and Helen are talking on the couch.
  • When Daria and Jake are sitting in the living room just before Jane arrives, the large bay window is missing from the wall behind Daria.
  • In the breakfast scene, the clock changes from 11:45 to 7:30.
  • When Jane tells Daria that she's only picked two Scrabble letters, there are actually three in the tray. Then, in the close-up, there's only two.
  • The square window in Quinn's bedroom (over the garage) is not lit when Daria, Jane, and Quinn are actually in the room.

Episode #309
Jake of Hearts
  • When we see a full-length shot of the doctor, one leg is orange and the other is pink.
  • The bridge on Daria's glasses is missing in the shot of her just before Grandma Ruth comes back into the room to give Jake a sponge bath.
  • When Daria, Jane and Jodie were talking about Upchuck and the bumper sticker, Daria's backpack was gone, but when the Spatula Man came to talk to her, it reappeared.
  • When Tiffany was talking into the microphone, her lipstick kept changing into different shades.
  • Daria is right-handed, yet she was writing on the message pad with her left hand.
  • Helen is right-handed, yet she was cutting the piece of fish with her left hand.

Episode #310
  • Throughout the episode, Quinn alternates between wearing and not wearing her seat belt from one shot to another.
  • Jane implies that Daria's celebratory cake has been in the freezer for a long time, yet in "Lane Miserables," the freezer is shown to be completely empty (except for the red mystery stain, which is there in both episodes).
  • When Daria is sitting on the couch, the TV remote is next to her. When she picks up the phone, her book is in its place. After Jane hangs up, nothing is there.
  • Trent's songbook disappears after Daria hands it to him.

Episode #311
The Lawndale File
  • Jane's bed keeps switching sizes throughout the entire episode.
  • After Mr. O'Neill's flashlight is found, it appears from Daria's perspective that everyone has turned off their flashlights. However, in the next shot, Mr. O'Neill's flashlight is still on.
  • When Jane opens the door, the shadow on Artie's face goes opposite the way the door is opening.
  • The poster above Jane's bed is missing until after the "Sick, Sad World" interview with Artie.
  • Helen's necklace disappears during her conversation with Daria and Quinn, but it's back by the end of the scene.

Episode #312
Just Add Water
  • Jodie's hair clip disappears when she first approaches Daria and Jane in the cafeteria.
  • The locks on the lockers appear to be on the top when Ms. Li is on the P.A. system, but in the next shot, they're on the bottom.
  • When the Fashion Club members are doing their make-up, the mirror doesn't reflect anything other than themselves.
  • Quinn gets highlights in her hair, but they are never seen.
  • At the poker and roulette tables, the game chips keep changing color.
  • When the "fog" rolls in, it looks like it has reached Daria, but in the close-up shot, it has not.

Episode #313
Jane's Addition
  • If Jesse is the rhythm guitarist of Mystik Spiral, why is he playing a bass guitar?
  • When Tom is looking at Jane, two things are posted behind him. When he comes over to her, they're gone. When the wall is shown again, they're back.
  • At the Zen, a single table is behind Daria when Jane and Tom leave. When Trent comes up to her, there are four tables.
  • When Trent drives Daria home, we see houses. When she and Jane walk to Jane's house later, the same houses are in the same order, even though the two girls are headed in a different direction.
  • When Jane and Tom leave, there are papers on the men's restroom door. When Trent and the band walk past the restroom, the papers have been moved around.
  • When talking on the phone with Jane, Daria is seen with the fridge behind her. In the next shot, Daria is going through the fridge and she grabs a soda. In the next shot, Daria is back where she was.
  • When Jane answers the door, her hair is a mess, but after Tom arrives, her hair is back to normal.
  • When Daria came to Jane's house the first time, she and Jane walked into the kitchen, and there was no couch in the living room. The next time, when Trent called them over to listen to his MIDI music, a couch is suddenly there.
  • Jane takes a bite out of her pizza, and yet when we see it again, it's as if she never touched it.
  • When Jane demands that Trent finish the music, a close-up shows there are no earrings in his ear, only small spaces where the earrings should've been drawn in (but weren't).
  • When Daria looks over to Jane's table, the table next to it has people sitting at it. When the screen pans out before the credits, the table is empty, but no one was seen leaving.
  • When Daria sits down with Jane and Tom, there's a half-eaten slice on the table in front of her. In the next shot, Daria is eating a whole slice, and the half-eaten slice is gone.