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Oops! List - Season One
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Episode #101
  • In the opening scene, Jake's seat belt is missing when he says, "That's not what I meant."
  • The Rubik's Cube on Mrs. Manson's desk has two orange middle squares. There can only be one middle square of each color in a normal cube.
  • The poster of the duck behind Mrs. Manson is blank when she says, "Very good, Quinn."
  • The glasses of the boy in the self-esteem class keeps changing colors from clear to black.
  • When Quinn was talking to the boy next to the lockers, there's a shot of them standing on the right side next to the door, then there's a shot of them on the left side of the lockers, then there's a shot of them by the door again.
  • When Jane and Daria are walking down the hallway towards Quinn, there is a shot of a girl standing next to a locker on the right side of a cross-hallway. In the next shot, where Jane and Daria pass the cross-hallway, the same girl is shown walking past them from the other side of the cross-hallway.
  • When Jane and Daria are walking past Quinn in the hallway, the sign behind them on the door says "Self Esteem Class 3:30." But in the next scene when Daria and Jane are at the self esteem class, the clock above the door says 10:00.
  • When Daria and Jane are taking the test, the bridge of Daria's glasses is missing.
  • When Quinn leaves the kitchen, the cupboards in the center of the room only come up to her knees (instead of to her hips as in later episodes).

Episode #102
The Invitation
  • The mirrors in Quinn's room don't seem to pick up anything besides Quinn; things behind her don't reflect in the mirrors.
  • When Daria and Jane are walking up to the guard, it looks like they're a foot away from the booth, but they keep walking by the wall for a few seconds as if the booth is suddenly further away.
  • At the party, there's a kid with shaggy blond hair and a light green shirt sitting on the couch while the blonde girl is talking to Sandi and Tiffany about who's popular and who's not. But whenever there's a shot of Daria and Jane, that same kid is standing in front of the three girls.
  • When Quinn is about to go to bathroom, the first clock she passes says 8:55, and the second clock she passes says 8:30.
  • When Daria was standing against wall waiting for Jane, Sandi was dancing next to a couch in the other room, but when Jane came out, Sandi was gone, and then Sandi was standing exactly were they were standing when they were walking away.
  • When Daria and Jane left the party and were quizzing motorists at the entrance to "Crewe Neck", Jane's tights disappear and then reappear.

Episode #103
College Bored
  • When the teacher first holds up the "personal goals and aspirations" sheet, it appears blank. Later on, you can see some writing on it.
  • When they are first in the classroom, there is a girl in the back of the room wearing black with a piece of hair dangling in her face. A couple of seconds later, her outfit becomes yellow.
  • Jake is no longer wet about five seconds after he gets hit with the water balloon.
  • Daria appears to look at the back of the page of Heather's term paper.
  • Helen's shoes change from light blue to brown when Jake runs up to her and says, "Police... good... missing daughters... bad."
  • After the trip is over and Daria and Quinn were back in the classroom, the American flag had red, white, and blue stripes instead of just red and white stripes.
  • At the end, when Daria and Jane are eating pizza, Jane is not wearing her black tights, but in the last shot she suddenly is wearing her tights.

Episode #104
Cafe Disaffecto
  • There's a sheet of paper on Kevin's desk that disappears on the close-up of him.
  • The plant in the dining area moves from one side of the table to the other and back when Daria was threatened with music camp.
  • When Mr. O'Neill started talking about the tragedy at alt.lawndale.com, there was nothing on his desk. But when he got Kevin's name wrong, there were seating charts and a book on his desk.
  • When Daria is trying to convince Jane to sell chocolate with her, Jane is painting a lavender blotch, but the paint on the brush is white.
  • When Kevin and Brittany are trying to sell wrapping paper to Mr. DeMartino, his door is blue, then yellow, then blue, then yellow.
  • In the same scene, the tree in the background behind Kevin continually disappears and reappears.
  • When Daria and Jane are attempting to sell chocolate bars to Mrs. Johannsen, Daria mentions she has "... about two boxes, that's twenty-four," but in all the shots, she is only holding one box and a second box is nowhere to be seen.
  • At breakfast, Quinn takes Jake's plate away twice, but when she brings him his coffee, his plate is still there.

Episode #105
  • A pitcher appears out of nowhere in front of Daria while the family talked.
  • The guy with the grey sweater and pink shorts is sitting in the front and back of the bus at the same time.
  • When Upchuck is talking to Daria and Jane on the bus, there are two people sitting in the seat behind them. A moment later, the seat is empty.
  • When Jane is holding the coupons, she has three, but she should have two, because she said she got one for herself and one for Daria. And when Jane had the coupons in her hand and reads off what she got, she was reading it off of the one that she gave Daria.
  • While Daria was talking about traffic patterns in the food court, the bridge between her glasses disappeared and then reappeared.
  • The food court has several Fries 'n Things places. Usually when malls have several of the same store, they aren't this close to each other.
  • When Quinn is talking to Daria and Jane, right around the time she turns to talk to the Fashion Club in the food court, the smile on her shirt disappears for a couple seconds.
  • The sign at the Scizzor Wizzard said "no appointment," then a few seconds later it said "no appointments."
  • When Daria and Jane go into the Doo-Dad Shop, Jane goes in first, but then when the employees run out and sing, it looks like Jane is walking into the store again.
  • In the picture in the Doo-Dad Shop window, Daria was wearing a large hat, but when the picture was taken earlier in the episode, Daria wasn't wearing a hat.

Episode #106
This Year's Model
  • Before Claude and Romanica come into the classroom, Brittany was seen wearing her usual cheerleading outfit. After they came into the classroom, Brittany was wearing a brown trench coat, with a long pink dress underneath.
  • When Claude and Romanica are talking to Brittany, the pouffy side of her bangs and the side with barely any bangs switch from left to right, especially when you see her in a profile shot.
  • When Daria, Jane, and Jodie were sitting in the cafeteria, Jodie's hair clip disappeared and then reappeared.
  • When Helen is talking to Romanica on the cordless phone, the handset of the phone is also clearly sitting in its cradle on the kitchen counter.
  • The floor in Daria's room is grey, but in most episodes, it's a dark rose color.
  • Brittany runs off after getting angry with Kevin, but in the next shot of the audience, she is sitting there, listening attentively to the general.

Episode #107
The Lab Brat
  • The peephole on Daria's front door kept disappearing and reappearing; the first time there was no peephole, the next time there was a peephole, then there wasn't a peephole, and then there was. (In "The Big House," there was no peephole.)
  • The door opened with the hinges on the right side. (In "The Big House," the hinges were on the left side.)
  • The part in Brittany's hair is on the wrong side in the scene where she shoved the bag of groceries into Upchuck's arms. It is on the proper side in the shots before and after.
  • At Pizza King, Jane's hair is parted on the wrong side (exposing her rarely-seen right ear) when she and Daria are first talking to Kevin.
  • When Jane and Daria are talking to Brittany at Pizza King, Jane's ear disappears.

Episode #108
Pinch Sitter
  • In Quinn's bedroom, when Helen comes in with Quinn's laundry, the board on the wall has a pink square in the upper-right hand corner with some yellow papers next to it, but then there's a shot of it where there is a big L next to the little pink square.
  • When Daria gets to the Gupty house, the mail box is on her right, but then there's a shot of it on her left.
  • The announcer on the Forecast Channel said there would be a low of 41 degrees, but the five day forecast doesn't have any "lows" less than fifty.
  • The scheduled time for discussing current events was 8:15 but the clock on the wall said 7:20. Also, when Daria moves snack time to 8:15, the clock in the kitchen says 9:00.
  • When Jane was reading to the Gupty kids "The Little Engine That Could" (in her own version), her tights disappear and then reappear.

Episode #109
Too Cute
  • Sandi made fun of Quinn's usual outfit, so Quinn said "But you helped me buy it!" But Quinn was wearing that outfit in the first episode, before she ever met Sandi.
  • At the RX Plex, Quinn and Daria pass The Butt Hutt and several other stores twice while walking to Dr. Shar's office.

Episode #110
The Big House
  • The rules on the two tablets kept switching places.
  • In "family court," Helen says something about being proud of the girls, and then the girls say "But..." at the same time, yet Quinn's lips don't move.
  • Judgment is spelled wrong ("judgement") on one of the tablets.
  • When Daria picks up The Iliad, there's another copy of it underneath.
  • Quinn asks Daria if The Iliad has a horses in it, and Daria says "There's a great big one," but The Iliad doesn't even cover the Trojan Horse at all. The book ends a good couple of months before the Trojan Horse tactic is even conceived.
  • In the second scene with Quinn pacing while Daria is reading, the pile of books disappears after the scene cuts back from Quinn to Daria.
  • When Daria was playing Monopoly with her parents, Jake rolled the dice and landed on Park Place, but the color of the property was red instead of blue, it went for $400 instead of $350, and Park Place with a hotel would cost $1500 in rent, not $1600. Also, Jake is playing with the bulldog piece, but there is no bulldog piece, only a Scottish terrier. Finally, the word "Monopoly" that appears in the center of the board typically is diagonal. (These are probably related to Parker Brothers copyright issues.)
  • When Mr. DeMartino lights a cigarette after doing hanging-from-his-ankles pull-ups, he holds the lighter upside down, and the flame shoots downward. Fire being what it is, it should have shot upward and burned his hand.
  • When Quinn looks down at Daria after brushing Tommy off, the shot looks out of proportion.

Episode #111
Road Worrier
  • If the windows on the van can't open, how does the bee get in? Also, how does Jesse have his arm hanging out the window with breeze in his hair (during the "Everybody Hurts" scene)?
  • Trent doesn't play a "G" chord when he says he does.
  • Trent's goatee sometimes disappears when he's talking to Daria.
  • When Daria and Jane are getting into the van, the side door is open, yet you can look out the rear side window. The sliding door should have covered it.
  • Jane has to duck to get in the van, but later on, she is seen standing up inside the van.
  • When Jane and Daria are about to get in the van for the first time and Trent explains that there is no room up front, it appears that the front and the back are divided by a green wall. When they get in, there is no green separating wall.
  • The van has a sideways anarchy symbol pointing to the right, but later in the show it is pointing up and a bit towards the left.
  • When Jane and Daria are in the bathroom, the reflections of Daria's and Jane's hair in the mirror appear as they do normally (they should be mirror images).
  • Jane's glue gun has a plug sticking out of it when she offers to fix Daria's glasses, but at the beginning and at the end, the glue gun doesn't have the plug.
  • When Daria got into the van, she hit the top of her head, then rubbed the left side of her head, but had a bruise on the middle of her forehead.
  • When the van broke down and the Fashion Club drove by, Stacy's face had no color. Two seconds later, her face returned to its normal color.
  • When Daria asked Trent to crack a window, Trent says he wish he could but all of the window knobs are missing. A couple minutes later, Jesse had his window open.
  • In the scene where Stacy starts hyperventilating, Jeffy's shirt has two red stripes, where it normally only has one red stripe.
  • Before Stacy started to hyperventilate because she thought she was wearing stretch pants, there was nothing on the window behind her. After Sandy convinced her that she was wearing leggings, the window behind her said "steaks."
  • When Jane and Daria went down to the basement to complain about the noise, Jane's tights disappeared and then reappeared.
  • When Daria was talking to Trent, his tattoo kept disappearing and reappearing.
  • When Trent and Jesse pick up Daria and Jane, the license plate on "The Tank" is 12 NU. Later, when Jane and Jesse go for help, the plate says 3C---.
  • Trent pronounced Maori wrong. It is pronounced "MOW-ri," not "may-OR-i."
  • During dinner, everyone has food in front of them, but When Quinn shows everyone her temporary tattoo, it disappears. Then, only Daria has a plate in front of her. Finally, everyone has a plate at the end of the scene.
  • When Daria falls off the box, the sandwich that she ends up sitting in isn't on the floor where she landed.

Episode #112
The Teachings of Don Jake
  • When Jane is packing, the blue paint blotch on her lamp disappears and reappears.
  • When on the plane, Trent's necklace kept disappearing and reappearing.
  • When Jane and Trent are at the "Sloatstown International Airport," the sign first says OPEN, then the guy turns over the sign and now it says CLOSED. Then it shows Trent and Jane again and the sign says CLOSED, but after Aunt Bernice drives by, if you look at the sign closely it now says OPEN.
  • When Jane is packing in her room, she is packing a suitcase. Later on, at the airport, she and Trent are carrying duffel bags.
  • When jake is running around in the forest, his hair has twigs in it. In the helicopter, the twigs are gone.

Episode #113
The Misery Chick
  • When Brittany is talking to Daria about how she feels bad about not feeling worse, the part in her hair is always to the right, but once is on the left.
  • When Tommy is talking to Kevin and Mack, a locker behind them is open, but then there's a shot of it closed.
  • When Daria goes up to Jane's room and sits on a green chair, part of the back is black with green in the middle, then it is green with black in the middle, then it's all black... and it keeps switching.
  • When Daria and Jane are talking to Tommy Sherman, the picture of the Hindenburg on Daria's locker door changes throughout the scene. In the first shot of it, it's in the air. In the second shot, it's on fire. In the third shot, it's crashed.
  • When Tommy Sherman is leaning on Daria's locker, the locker number keeps changing.
  • At the beginning of the scene in Mr. O'Neill's classroom, the seat to the right of Daria and behind Jodie is empty. At the end of the scene, Jane is sitting there.