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MTV New Year's Eve 2002
December 31, 2001

MTV's annual New Year's Eve show typically features lots of music and lots of commentary from artists and MTV personalities. The 2002 event featured a short appearance by Daria, introduced by Total Request Live host Carson Daly (David Sorenson from "Is It Fall Yet?"), reciting several New Year's resolutions and plugging "Is It College Yet?". The following is a transcript of that appearance.

(Carson Daly, microphone in hand, is at his TRL perch overlooking the streets at 1515 Broadway in New York City)

Carson Daly: We have a guest tonight who usually puts moments like this in proper perspective. In fact, Daria has a great personality, and she's got some great New Year's Eve resolutions that I'm sure she'd like to pass along to you. Let's check in with Daria right now.

(cut to Daria, decked in her usual outfit but with a garish flashing "2002" crown-hat on her head, standing in the middle of one of MTV's side-party areas; people are milling around, drinking and conversing)

Daria: Well, I think everyone should resolve to be nicer to their neighbors, except for those of us who live next door to relatives. Eat less and exercise more, unless that doesn't appeal to you, in which case you should eat more and exercise less. Be kind to animals, because you never know when they're going to take over. And finally, let's try to make this the best year ever, or at least the least suckiest. Oh, and don't forget to watch my new movie, "Is It College Yet?", January 21st on MTV. Yikes, almost forgot the plug! Anyway, back to you, Carson, and Happy New Year.

(cut back to Carson Daly)

Carson Daly: Well, thank you, Daria. Happy New Year to you. It's that award-winning personality we've grown to love over the years.