In the Media

CBS Early Show
January 21, 2002

To promote "Is It College Yet?", Daria is interviewed by CBS Early Show anchor Jane Clayson. Here is the transcript of the interview, courtesy of fan Jessica Gonzalez:

Jane Clayson: Since making her debut in 1996, viewers have watched the very animated Daria Morgendorffer deal with the pressures of being a high school student. All of that comes to an end tonight when MTV airs its second Daria movie, "Is It College Yet?" She recently stopped by our studio for a one-on-one chat.

(Cuts to a scene from "Is It College Yet?": Daria being interviewed by Lisa Goldwin, the admissions officer from Bromwell University)

Lisa: Daria, now that you've had a chance to "drink in the campus," so to speak, what are your impressions?

Daria (voice-over): Talk about the atmosphere. No, that's frivolous. Talk about resources. No, she'll think I mean money. The campus. No, shallow. Oh no, inappropriately-long pause. Talk. Say anything.

Daria: Um, I like the campus. The dorms, and um, libraries. The learning... feeling?

(Cuts back to the Early Show studio, with JC in a chair on the right, and Daria in a chair on the left. This part of the interview was first filmed with JC talking to an empty chair, and then Daria was animated in afterwards.)

JC: Through the magic of television and technology, Daria is here.

Daria: Good morning, Jane.

JC: Nice to see you. For those that may not be familiar with all your hard work, describe who you are -- describe yourself.

Daria: I'm just your average American teenager, interested in the same things as other teenagers: reading long Russian novels, being alone for weeks at a time, and issuing a continuous stream of subtly contemptuous remarks.

JC: Mmhmm. Sounds pretty normal. Did you expect the show to last?

Daria: Not really. Our show isn't your typical MTV fare, in that the characters frequently speak in complete sentences. So I didn't expect it to have such a long life. I suppose MTV just couldn't deny its quality. Either that or MTV forgot it was on.

JC: (chuckle) This film chronicles the process of you, uh, getting into college. How difficult was that?

Daria: Not so difficult. I just slightly misspelled Morgendorffer as Rockefeller on the application and dropped a few hints about contributing a new football stadium.

JC: What was the hardest part about the process?

Daria: The hardest part about getting into college was spending four years in high school. If I had to do it all over again, I would've applied directly from kindergarten.

JC: So what did you expect?

Daria: I expected to be judged by my academic achievements and willingness to work hard. (face drops) As opposed to high school, where I was judged by my nails.

JC: (chuckle) A little bit like life, huh? Um, are you going to miss your family and friends, Daria?

Daria: I don't know. But I'm really looking forward to putting enough distance between us to find out.

JC: Once you're in college, do you think that you'll find the happiness that has eluded you for, really, all your life?

Daria: (frowns) Why do people assume I'm unhappy just because I mope around all the time, saying snide things in a deadpan voice? I find that very judgmental. (pause) But in answer to your question: God, I hope so.

JC: You made your debut, Daria, on the MTV show Beavis and Butt-head. Do you still keep in touch with those guys?

Daria: I'd like to. But first, they have to figure out that when the telephone makes that funny sound, you're supposed to pick it up and say hello.

JC: So this film is really the end of an era for you. Are you going to miss television?

Daria: I'm not necessarily leaving television. In fact, I'm talking to HBO about a project right now. It's pretty much the same as my current show, except I curse my head off and sleep around like crazy. And, oh yeah, I'm in the Mafia.

JC: Just details, details, right? Maybe a reunion show then, perhaps?

Daria: I'd say that depends on whether anyone from MTV is watching this interview. (turns to camera, pleading look) I was taken out of context, I swear. (smirks)

JC: (chuckles) Well, good luck to you, Daria. We'll look forward to the movie. Let's see if I can shake your hand. (leans forward)

Daria: (shakes hand) I've never done this with one of you three-dimensional people before. Weird.

JC: Daria Morgendorffer. Thank you.

Daria: Thank you. (smiles)