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TV Guide
July 24-30, 1999

The episode "Speedtrapped" was featured in a "Close-Up" article for Wednesday, July 28, 1999:

Speedtrapped: "Daria and Quinn try to rescue Jane, Trent and the band from jail time in this delightfully droll episode. Things start on a positive note for Daria when she passes her driver's test. But her rite of passage soon turns sour when Jane calls from a police station to announce that she and Trent's band have been busted for driving over a double-yellow line in a backwater town, and are unable to cough up the $100 fine. Cautiously, Daria drives off with Quinn, who quickly blows the cash on a singing hitchhiker. So, broke and miles from home, the Morgendorffer girls must take some creative steps to save the band."