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"Daria" MTV's Critically Acclaimed Animated Sitcom Kicks Off Second Season February 16

NEW YORK--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--Jan. 20, 1998--MTV will debut the second season of "Daria," MTV's critically acclaimed animated sitcom about a 16-year-old girl who is a little too smart and funny to fit in with the crowd, on Monday, February 16 at 10:30PM (ET/PT). "Daria" airs regularly Monday nights at 10:30PM (ET/PT).

The second season of "Daria" will see our reluctant heroine get involved in all kinds of activities she'd rather avoid, such as a school paintballing trip, a medieval fair, a family wedding, a student film program and more. She will also come down with a mysterious illness, meet an intriguing young stranger or two and continue her dogged non-pursuit of the tall, dark and narcoleptic Trent.

"Daria," which debuted in March of 1997, spins off Beavis and Butt-head's only female friend into her own show. The series chronicles the experiences of Daria Morgendorffer, a smart, funny and sardonic teenager blessed with an uncanny ability to turn potential disaster to her own advantage. Daria lives in Lawndale with her stressed-out, career-fixated parents, Helen and Jake, and her relentlessly cute and popular younger sister, Quinn. The students and faculty at the "progressive" Lawndale High School regard Daria with a mixture of curiosity, confusion, casual scorn, and -- every now and then -- respect.

In each episode of "Daria," we find our heroine in a different situation where instead of being put upon and complaining about it, she takes action. Granted it is mischievous, quasi-antisocial action, but at least it amuses her until she figures out a way to escape.

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