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Yui Daoren
Category: Miscellaneous

Daria! Jane! Aerial combat! Chaos! Destruction! Jane dies! Ho-hum, just another day...
Consequences of a Parade
Category: Miscellaneous

Daria has a hard decision to make when Jane discovers her feelings for Tom.
Doctor Who Gives a Damn
Category: Crossovers & Parodies

A strange man and woman appear in Lawndale, taking Daria and Jane on a galaxy-spanning, deadly adventure! Based on the venerable BBC television series "Doctor Who."
The Emancipation of Stacy Rowe
Category: Miscellaneous

Stacy's life is turned on its ear when a handsome new member of the Lawndale Lions makes her the center of his attention.
Identity Crisis [Artwork]
Category: Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror

During a European vacation, Daria meets a strange woman who calls herself a sorceress. When Daria's appearance begins to change after being enchanted, will she still be the same Misery Chick we all know and love?
Life's Meandering
Category: Miscellaneous

Life's good - then it takes some bad turns for Daria, with positive consequences.
Not Your Average Jane
Category: Miscellaneous

Jane tries to put her life back together after a few blows to her confidence in her identity. Takes place after "Is It Fall Yet?" but before "Fizz Ed."
Out On Vacation
Category: Miscellaneous

Daria and Jane admit to something while on vacation, and it tears Daria's family apart.
Shipping Charges Apply
Category: Miscellaneous

Helen and Jake's marriage is crumbling, and Quinn can't take it! What's a 17-year-old cynic to do? Take up a martial art?
Smoke and Ashes
Category: Miscellaneous

Daria, Jane and Quinn survive a school shooting. Their losses take a greater toll, and Daria wonders if she did enough.