"Mole? Somebody get me a dermtologist!"
a Daria/Mole crossover by Belle Book

Chapter One

Scene 1: The Pacific Coast Highway, not far from the Malibu State Beach, California, 8:00 AM.

A woman's voice is heard over mysterious music.

Woman's voice: A mole. It often refers to a small-thick bodied animal that burrows underground. Because it is an underground creature, that may explain another meaning of the word "mole": an infiltrator, a spy, even a saboteur.

(As she speaks, we see a car pull up just off the side of the highway. A small, brown-haired, grey-eyed teenaged girl gets out of the car, which rolls off into the distance.)

Woman's voice (continued): It is this second type of mole that we are going to meet on our journey with 10 people.

(A motorcycle pulls up during the following speech, drops off a passenger, and pulls away. The passenger now takes off his helmet, revealing a relatively tall young man with curly black hair, brown eyes, and a street-smart look. He clearly looks like a Latino. He goes to join the first arrival. Meanwhile, the music changes to James Bond-type music.)

Woman's voice (continued): 10 contestants vying for a jackpot of up to 1 million dollars.

(A taxi pulls up, depositing a boy with orangey-red hair and dark blue eyes, who joins the other two.)

Woman's voice (continued): Five men, and five women.

(A bus pulls up, depositing a girl with bouncy golden blonde hair, and sky-blue eyes. She joins the other three, but the red-haired boy stares at her nervously.)

Woman's voice (continued): One of these 10 contestants has been hired by the producers to play the part of the Mole.

(A rental car parks in the Malibu State Beach. The first person out of the car is Daria. The second is Tom. They begin walking and soon reach the other four contestants.)

Woman's voice (continued): But which one of these 10 contestants is the Mole? That is what the other nine have to find out.

(A motorcycle pulls up, and a young man with light blond hair, grey eyes, and a rather intense manner joins the growing group.)

Woman's voice (continued): Every few days the contestants will take a quiz. The one who knows the least about the Mole will be executed, and have to leave the game immediately.

(A taxi pulls up, and a strikingly attractive girl with coppery red hair and bright green eyes steps out of the taxi and joins the group.)

Woman's voice (continued): This continues until three contestants are left -- two genuine players and the Mole.

(A bus pulls up, depositing a tall, black-haired, brown-eyed girl with the facial features of a Native American. She joins the ever-growing group.)

Woman's voice (continuing): The jackpot will go to the one who answers the most questions correctly about the Mole.

(A third car arrives, dropping off a young man with light brown hair and green eyes.)

Woman's voice (continuing): So join our 10 contestants on the journey to answer this question: Who is the Mole?

As the woman continues, we are shown pictures of each contestant, to the sound of more James Bond-type music.

Woman's voice (continuing): Is it Fern, a 17-year old senior from Riverdale, California? (The brown-haired, grey-eyed girl is shown.) Is it Raul, an 18-year old recent graduate from New York City? (The Latino boy is shown.) Is it Peter, a 17-year old senior from Boulder, Colorado (the boy with orangey-red hair and dark blue eyes is shown.) Is it Ann, a 17-year old senior from Tampa, Florida? (The blue-eyed blonde girl is shown.) Is it Daria, an 18-year recent graduate from Lawndale? Is it Tom, another 18-year old graduate from Lawndale? (First Daria, then Tom are shown.) Is it Keith, an 18-year old graduate from Tyler, Texas? (The grey-eyed blond boy with the intense manner is shown.) Is it Heather, an 17-year old senior from Dunmore, Pennsylvania? (The red-headed girl with green eyes is shown.) Is it Violet, a 18-year old recent graduate from the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in South Dakota? (The Native American girl is shown.) Or is it Mark, a 17-year old senior from Seattle, Washington? (The boy with light brown hair and green eyes is shown.)

We see the credits on the screen as the contestants are all now greeting each other. Now, Daria speaks up.

Daria: Being a contestant for Teen Mole wasn't my idea. I was tricked into applying, and I think that surely means that I can back out, now that I'm here.

Tom: Daria, don't you want to embrace the nightmare?

Daria: Definitely not.

Tom: I'll pay you 25 bucks to stay until and unless you're eliminated.

Daria: 100 bucks.

Tom: 50 bucks.

Daria: Done. (Tom takes money out of his wallet and pays Daria. Meanwhile, Keith has been watching this byplay with definite suspicion in his grey eyes.)

Suddenly, two large vans pull up. Driving the first one is a woman, about 20, with long black hair and grey eyes. As she gets out of the van, the name Abby Carmichael appears in white lettering. Once she speaks, it's clear that she was the one doing the introduction.

Abby: Well, how are our contestants? Ready for the journey to begin?

Daria: No. But it appears I have no choice.

Tom smirks, while Abby looks confused initially. Then, apparently seeing Tom's expression and gathering that there's no real problem, she speaks.

Abby: Right. We're off to Topenga Canyon for our first challenge. Hop in, everybody. (Everybody, even Daria, gets into the vans.)


Scene 2: Topenga Canyon, just outside of Los Angeles. There are some helicopters on the top of the canyon walls. Abby is at the bottom of the canyon, while the others are near the helicopters.

Abby (using a microphone): Okay, here's how the game works, for those of you who haven't watched the show. During each round, you will have to do various tasks. For each task that's completed, varying amounts of money will be added to the pot. The money will be small at first, but will increase with each round. You can earn up to a million dollars, but only one of you will win that money in the end. Also, if you disobey certain rules, you can be penalized money. Understand?

Everyone nods. Daria then speaks.

Daria: Of course, we won't earn a million dollars. The Mole will make certain of that, if we don't do so ourselves.

Abby: Smart girl. So, here's our first challenge. Each one of you has to be hooked up to this bungee cord (she points to a bungee cord, which is hooked up to a device that can reel people in) and bungee-jump off the cliff. (Daria swallows a little at this. Only Tom seems to notice.) Each person who jumps wins 5,000 dollars for the jackpot, so if all 10 people do it, that means you win 50,000 dollars. Any questions?

Daria: Can I go last? (Tom looks intently at her.)

Abby: If that's what you wish. Who wishes to go first?

Ann: I do!

As she is strapped into the bungee cord, we hear Abby's voice.

Abby (voice-over): This cord has been tested numerous times with stunt men who are far bigger and heavier than our tallest and heaviest contestant, Keith. It has not broken so far, so it's safe for our contestants.

Now we see Ann standing on the top of the wall, ready to bungee-jump down.

Abby: Ready, Ann?

Ann: Ready!

Abby: Go!

Ann takes a running leap and bungee-jumps off the edge, screaming in delight all the way down. She reaches the ground unhurt. We then switch to her doing a confessional.

Ann (confessional): If bungee-jumping is just the first scene, I can hardly wait to see what other scenes are in store. Let the play begin.

Abby: Who's next?

Heather: I am! (She goes, and soon joins Ann at the bottom of the canyon, where they hug.)

Heather (voice-over): That was cool! I've always wanted to bungee-jump, and this was my big chance.

Abby: Next?

Keith (confidently): I'll go next! (He jumps and joins Heather and Ann at the bottom of the canyon.)

Raul: If no one wants to go, I will. (Nobody wishes to just yet, especially Daria, who's edging closer to the helicopters as each one goes; so Raul goes next. He lands safely.)

Abby: Who's next?

Tom: Mind if I go? (No one does, though Daria tries to look unconcerned. Tom goes and Daria goes to look down and see if Tom's all right. When she sees him land safely and wave up at the remaining contestants, she retreats to safety.)

Tom (confessional): Daria definitely seemed worried about doing the bungee-jump. It could mean anything.

Violet: I'm going next. (Like everyone before her, she lands safely.)

Peter: My turn! (He soon joins the other contestants on the ground.)

Fern (to Mark): Shall I go, or shall you?

Mark: Ladies first. (Fern goes, followed soon after by Mark. Both land safely. All the time, we're seeing the amount of money in the jackpot growing.)

Abby: Daria, you're last to go!

Daria (from up above): I'm not that insane! There's enough money in the jackpot. I'll pass.

Keith (stunned and angry): What?!

Abby (voice-over): But Daria remained firm on that, and we had to accept her decision. So we earned 9,000 dollars for the jackpot. (We get a glimpse of Keith talking quietly to Peter as the nine contestants go back up to the top of the canyon to rejoin Daria.) But that wasn't the end of the matter.


Commercial break. We see a conversation between Peter, Keith, and Daria, which gradually includes Tom and Heather as the conversation gets uglier.


Scene 3: At the van, Topenga Canyon

All the contestants have arrived back at the vans. Daria seems normal, although those who know her best might be able to detect a slight air of relief that the challenge was over.

Abby: Nice job, everyone. You got 45,000 dollars for the jackpot.

Peter: True. However, we didn't get the full amount. And we have Daria to thank for that.

Everyone turns to Daria.

Daria: Excuse me? I see no reason to look foolish or to risk breaking my neck just to win 5,000 for a jackpot that I might not even win -- especially since the other nine won more than enough money for the jackpot.

Keith (initally sarcastic): Oh yeah. Sure. You're a perfectly sensible and reasonable Mole! (The last word he spits out.)

Daria (in her normal monotone): Sure. I'm the perfect Mole candidate. Sarcastic, non-conforming, and perfectly sensible. And that makes me a suspect, * especially * to possible jerks and airheads.

Keith (infuriated): * What * did you call me?

Tom (stepping in): Keith, calm down. You started it. And so did you, Peter, for focusing attention onto Daria.

Peter: Keith told me he believed Daria backed out of the bungee-jumping contest because she was the Mole. And wouldn't sabotaging things by losing money be right up the Mole's alley?

Tom: Maybe sometimes, but not necessarily all the time. Also, not every refusal to back down from a challenge means you're the Mole. Did either of you consider the possibility that Daria might've been afraid of heights as well?

Peter looks sheepish. Obviously he hadn't considered that possibility.

Heather: Also, isn't it in your best interests to pretend to be the Mole if you aren't the Mole? You can't jump to conclusions. You have to examine all the evidence.

Tom: Indeed. I don't think the Mole would've made a move this early on in the game, anyway. (Daria's the only one who seems to notice this.)

Peter (embarrassed): Guess you're right, Tom, Heather. Sorry I suspected you, Daria.

Daria (after a moment's thought): Well, you're no jerk, Peter, so I suppose I could forgive you. Just don't jump to conclusions from now on.

Peter (clearly relieved): All right. (He offers Daria his hand, and she shakes it after a moment's pause.)

Keith is fuming during all this, and now he stomps off.

Daria (under her breath): Jerk.

Fern (confessional): I don't know what to make of Daria's refusal to bungee-jump. Could she be the Mole? Could she be trying to make us think she's the Mole? Or was she just scared of heights, as Tom suggested? And what about Keith? Right now, I'm thinking he's a jerk, but he could be the Mole -- or trying to make us think he's the Mole.

Peter (confessional): Keith came up to me and revealed to me his suspicions of Daria. He said that it was the job of the Mole to lose money for the pot by sabotaging challenges. At the time it sounded like a great idea, but when Heather and Tom pointed out other possibilities, I had to reconsider.

Abby: I have something for all of you. (She hands out a number of journals.) These are your journals. They will help you track the Mole's every move. (Everyone grabs a journal. We see that Ann's journal is #1, while Mark's is #6.) It's time for us to go to our next stop -- the Los Angeles International Airport. Come on, everyone.


Scene 4: On the way to the Los Angeles International Airport

The contestants are travelling in the vans on their way to the Los Angeles International Airport. Abby is driving the first van, and Daria, Heather, Peter, Tom, and Violet are with her. In the other van are Ann, Fern, Keith, Mark, and Raul.

Daria: This must be my lucky day. My first day on Teen Mole, and I already know there's a jerk in the group.

Tom: If he's not the Mole himself.

Violet: Yes. That would be a good strategy. Throwing off suspicion by focusing it on an innocent contestant.

Daria: Let's just hope there's no more jerks on the trip. Or airheads either.

Heather: I doubt the producers would pick any airheads. And only time will tell if we have more jerks.

Peter: Still, maybe Keith's not the Mole at all. I remember watching The Mole when it was first run. Kathryn Price turned out to be the Mole, and she was the fourth person to arrive. And I noticed Ann was the fourth person to arrive. Could she be the Mole?

Violet: Another good possibility. Still, I doubt the producers would have the fourth contestant be the Mole a second time. We'll just have to wait and see who the Mole turns out to be.

Violet (confessional): Right now Daria and Keith are the ones that stand out the most as being Mole suspects. Which could mean that they're * not * the Mole! Boy, does this game mess with your head!

Meanwhile, in the second van --

Keith: I can't believe nobody believes me! Daria's the Mole, I'm certain of that!

Mark: It's early in the game, Keith. We just don't have enough information one way or the other.

Raul: Mark's right. For all you know, I could be the Mole. And you'd be the first to go if that turned out to be the case, most likely.

Keith (paling at that): All right. I'll wait and see.

Keith (confessional): They may be right in saying that it's early in the game, but I'm * still * convinced that Daria is the Mole.

Abby (voice-over): During the ride, conversation turned from guesses about the Mole to questions about future college plans.

Peter: So you're going to Bromwell College, Tom? Isn't that where all the upper-crust people go?

Tom (somewhat uncomfortable): Well, most of them go there.

Daria: He's also going there because he's a Sloane, and the Sloanes have always gone to Bromwell, not because of his own merits.

Violet (sensing tension and deciding to ease Tom's discomfort): And what about you, Daria? Where are you going to?

Daria: Raft University.

Violet: Cool! I'm going there, too! I got a scholarship my senior year so I can major in anthropology.

Daria (sarcastically): Of course, it was solely on your own merits and not because you're a Native American woman.

Violet: Being Native American and female is part of it, but I'm still a fine student. Besides, would you want to be rejected because you're a Native American or a woman or both?

Daria (somewhat uncomfortable): Touche. I guess it's better to be favored because you're a Native American woman than rejected -- although it's not much better.

Heather: True. Once I'm done with the game, I'm going to have to get a math tutor. I need to pull up my math grades for next season.

Peter: Why? Are you a bad math student?

Heather: No, but I'm having problems with geometry, and I need to pull up my grade if I want to get a scholarship to one of the best track and field colleges around, Highwood University. I need a B, and so far I've got a C. That pulls down my grades in my other subjects.

Daria: And no doubt you got a C in geometry because the teacher there is stricter and won't give you byes just because you're on the track and field team.

Heather: Actually, Ms. Carter, my math teacher, has been trying to help me out. She was the one who suggested I get a tutor. And the only times I've ever gotten byes is if there were projects that were scheduled during an out-of-town meet. If there are tests that are scheduled during out-of-town meets, I try to complete my tests beforehand. The only other perks I get from being a track star is that I don't have to take gym class. There * is * life after athletics, after all.

Daria (sarcastically): Sure. That's what all the jocks would say.

Heather (confessional): At the time I wondered about Daria's attitude towards athletes, especially those on the track team. However, when I learned about the experiences of Daria's best friend, Jane, when she joined the track team, I understood. My coach isn't like Ms. Morris, but I fear too many coaches are like that; and too many principals are like Ms. Li, even if the principal of Dunmore High School isn't. (1)

As they arrive in Parking Lot B, we hear Abby talking.

Abby (voice-over): So, with that settled, we arrived at the Los Angeles International Airport to connect with our flight.

The vans park in the parking lot designated for flights from the Tom Bradley International Terminal. There Abby and the contestants leave the vans for two others who accompanied the group to use. They then went into the terminal to check on their flight. Keith is standing first to the left, Daria fourth, and Tom sixth.

Abby: Who wants to check the flight schedules? (First Tom, then Daria, raise their hands.) Okay Tom, Daria, you check it out.

The two go to check out the flight schedule, while Keith's eyes shoot daggers toward Daria.

Daria: Anything to get away from Keith.

Tom: Assuming Keith didn't volunteer to check it out. Which he didn't, so you volunteered to go with me. Now where's the flight schedules?

Daria: There should be a video display terminal showing departure and arrival times for the various airlines.

Tom: Good idea, Daria. (He checks the video display terminal. Soon he notices something.) I think we've found it! Look!

Daria (looking up): Mole flight, departs 10:15. (smiles her small smile) How convenient for us. How much time do we have?

Tom (looking at his watch): It's 9:15. We have one hour to get through Customs and get to the entry to the plane. Let's inform the others.

They return to the others.

Abby: Well?

Tom: We found our flight. It leaves at 10:15.

Keith: Hope Daria didn't screw things up for you.

Daria (glaring at Keith): I didn't. In fact, I suggested that we look at the video display terminal to get our information. Tom did, and he found our flight.

Ann: Let's go, then! I can't wait!

As they pick up their bags and head toward Customs, Abby can be heard speaking.

Abby: Once that was agreed on, everything went smoothly and by 10:15 AM, we were off to France. (As she speaks, we are shown a map of North America and Europe. A dot which is supposed to represent the airplane flies from Los Angeles to Paris, France, stopping off at New York City to refuel.) By 9:15 PM, we were in Paris, where we got a taxi to the Three Crowns Hotel so we could recover from our jet lag -- those of us who hadn't slept on the plane, that is.

We now see Violet doing an interview.

Violet (interview): I shared a room with Daria during our first night in Paris. Since we'd both managed to get some sleep on the plane, we stayed up until 10:30, chatting about ourselves.

Daria (interview): I tried to give as little information about myself as possible. She could be the Mole, trying to fly under the radar by being friendly. But if that's the case, then why did she admit that she had a plan when I asked her about it?

We now cut to a scene in Daria and Violet's bedroom.

Daria: You know as well as I do that this is a game, and that you and I are players in this game.

Violet: I do. And I have a plan to get myself far in the game.

Daria: And just how do you plan on doing that?

Violet: Well, I'm treating this like a chess game. I'm trying to figure out what move I should make. And what I learn from you might help me make my next move.


(We are shown a montage of Paris and it's sights while the white lettering indicates that it's Day 2. The group is then shown eating lunch.

Abby: I just want you to know that tomorrow morning, we're leaving Paris. (The contestants look at her. They all seem to have recovered from jet lag nicely). You have the option of either staying around the hotel or going out and seeing all the sights of Paris. (The contestants cheer excitedly). However, if you do go out, you have to stay together, and you have to be back at the hotel by 10:00, or you lose 10,000 dollars of the 45,000 you earned.

We see that the clock reads 12:30 as the contestants discuss it amongst themselves.

Ann: We've decided. We're going to see the sights of Paris! I always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower, anyway.

Abby: Who can read and speak French? (Daria raises her hand. Abby hands her a Parisian map.) You help the others figure out where they're supposed to go.

Keith (under his breath): Yeah, right.

At 1:00, the contestants meet in the lobby, all ready. The order from left to right is Ann, Daria, Fern, Heather, Violet, Tom, Mark, Raul, Peter, and Keith.

Keith: Well, everyone's here. Even Daria.

Mark (nervously): Keith ...

Daria: Let him simmer. It'll make his fall that much more satisfying for me.

Keith seems ready to say something, but at a look from the others, he stops and they all go out. We're treated to a montage of the group, with Daria directing them through the Paris Opera, then the Bibliotheque Nacional, then the Louvre, then across the Seine to the Notre Dame Cathedral. Shortly thereafter, they decide to have supper somewhere, as it is close to 6:00.

Fern: Where should we go?

Peter (confessional): That was one of the few times Fern spoke during the game. She could just be shy, but she could also be the Mole.

Daria: Anybody want to try French food? There's a restaurant nearby on the Blvd. de Palais and the Quai des Gds Augustins. It's called the Restaurant Cote Seine. Probably a lot like Chez Pierre back in Lawndale.

Tom: That sounds like a great place! Even if it is like Chez Pierre.

Keith: Be careful, Tom. She may be your girlfriend but in my eyes, she's also the Mole!

Daria: Actually, Tom and I broke up between the time we applied for the show and the time we got on. When I failed to get into Bromwell, I realized we were going into two different worlds. And I hurt like hell after I broke our relationship. (2)

Violet (confessional): That showed me something very interesting. First, it showed me that Daria had the guts to realize when a relationship had to end and to do it cleanly. Second, it showed me that Daria wasn't heartless, since it hurt her to do so.

They head on over to Cote Seine, then later head on to the Eiffel Tower and look out over all of Paris. Ann screams with delight at the view. Afterwards, they head back to their hotel, and it's 9:05 by the time they return. Abby's outside, waiting to greet them.

Abby: Nice job. You got back before the deadline. What do you guys plan to do now?

Ann: How about we go see the Palais de Challot?

Daria: But it's 9:05. I suggest we call it a night and go to our rooms instead.

Ann: But we might never see Paris again!

Mark: True, but do you want to risk losing 10,000 dollars? I agree with Daria -- let's call it a night. Besides, I'm a bit tired.

Everyone else agrees. Ann is outnumbered, so she agrees as well. They call it a night and go to their rooms.


Commercial: We see several contestants racing go-karts at a go-karting track somewhere in France.


Scene 5: Three Crowns Hotel, Paris

Day 3 and the contestants are eating breakfast in preparation for leaving Paris. Daria and Keith are sitting as far away from each other as they possibly can.

Mark: I wonder why you two can't simply tolerate each other.

Keith: Moles are at the bottom of my list of tolerable people.

Daria: Jerks are at the bottom of my list of tolerable people.

Daria (in interview mode): Who do I suspect of being the Mole? At this early date, just about everybody. However, Keith is very low on my list at this point. He may be a jerk, but I don't think they'd make the jerk the Mole. (Pause) Thank God. I'd also tend to be less suspicious of Ann. But everyone else is a suspect, including -- and maybe especially -- Tom. What is my strategy to win? Why, just be myself -- observe as many people as I can, and maybe trust Keith to lead the genuine contestants astray. After all, we are a team, but we're not a team. Don't know what that means? Don't worry.

Mark (in interview mode): I'm going to try to keep the other contestants together as much as possible. I'm a team player; besides, it's easier to figure out who the Mole is when you're part of a team.

The contestants are then taken to two rental vans and drive away from the Three Crowns Hotel. We then are shown a map of France and we see the vans traveling southwest to Orleans, as Abby speaks.

Abby (voice-over): Ah, Orleans, France. It's famous for its many estates and chateaux, and for its medieval buildings. However, it's most famous for a famous battle of the Hundred Years War. In the Battle of Orleans, Joan of Arc led a successful French attack to relieve Orleans from the English siege.


Scene 6: Orleans, France

In the La Capitainerie Hotel, Abby gathers the 10 contestants together. They have just finished lunch. Daria is standing first from the left, and Tom is sixth.

Abby: Here's the first part of our next challenge. Nine of you will be playing the game, "I'm going on a trip, and I'm taking -- with me --". Each person must name an item on their list, as well as that of the person before you. If you forget something, you're done, and the next person continues until we have only one person left. Meanwhile, the one person not playing the game will write down what has been chosen. Who wants to do the writing? (Daria raises her hand.) Can you write in French, Daria?

Daria: Oui.

Abby: Okay, Daria, here's a pad and paper.

The remaining nine contestants discuss things over. We see the order that they eventually decide on -- Raul, Ann, Keith, Heather, Tom, Violet, Mark, Fern, and Peter.

Abby: Okay, Raul. You're first.

Raul: I'm going on a trip and I'm taking -- with me -- apples.

Ann: I'm going on a trip and I'm taking -- with me -- apples and a bracelet.

Keith: I'm going on a trip and I'm taking -- with me -- apples, a bracelet, and -- (he thinks for a moment,) a computer game.

So it contuinues, until it's Peter's turn. He says cheese instead of computer games, and it's Raul's turn.

Raul: I'm going on a trip and I'm taking -- with me -- apples, a bracelet, a computer game, doughnuts, eggs, a flag, gingko, a hearing aid, and ice cream.

Ann tripped on gingko, while Keith in turn stumbled on doughnuts. Heather added a jersey, while Tom added a key. Violet added leg warmers, but Mark forgot a computer game. Fern added masks, but Raul stumbled on gingko. Heather added a needle, then Tom stumbled on a bracelet. Violet added olive oil, while Fern stumbled on a hearing aid. Heather added a parrot, but Violet couldn't remember anything which began with the letter q, so she forfeited her turn, which left Heather to say quiver.

Abby: Excellent! You got seventeen items. Daria, did you write all this down?

Daria: I sure did. (She showed her pad to Abby, who looked at it, then nodded.)

Abby: Excellent, Daria! You got sixteen out of seventeen correct. You misspelled gingko, but that was it. Come on, everyone -- it's time to go to our next stop, where we'll begin the second part of the challenge.

The contestants got into the vans, and soon they were off. We see on the map where they're headed towards -- Nevers, France. On the Rue du Midi, near the Hotel Diane, Abby gathered the 10 contestants.

Abby: Now that we're here, I'll tell you what the second part of the challenge will entail. All except Daria are to go to a go-karting track one kilometer away and take part in a racing challenge. You will divide into groups of three each. Each group will have a driver, a spotter, and a crew chief. The spotter's job is to check the track and see what problems the driver might face. The spotter then will relay the information to the crew chief. The crew chief's job is to relay this information to the driver. The driver will have 3 minutes to complete the course. If the driver finishes within the allotted time, $5,000 will be added to the pot. The name of the challenge is "Race to the Finish Line." Form your teams,and decide who will be the driver, the spotter, and the crew chief.

We see the remaining nine contestants huddle and decide which people will go into which group while Abby speaks.

Abby (voice-over): Eventually, Ann, Mark, and Tom formed one group; while Heather, Peter, and Raul formed the second group; and Fern, Keith, and Violet formed the third group. Ann, Heather, and Fern were the spotters; Mark, Peter, and Violet were the crew chiefs; and Tom, Raul, and Keith were the drivers. I took them to the go-karting track to send them off on their challenge while Daria remained at the Hotel Diane, waiting for me to come back and tell her what she had to do next.


Scene 7: At the go-karting track

Abby (voice-over): At the racetrack, Ann, Fern, and Heather walked the course, noting very carefully all potential trouble spots for their drivers. Meanwhile, real crew-chiefs coached Mark, Peter, and Violet how to use the radios to communicate with the drivers. At the same time, Keith, Raul, and Tom all got suited up. Once Ann, Fern, and Heather moved to the spotting stand above the race-course, I approached the three drivers, as the crew chiefs were getting information from their spotters.

Abby: Who's going to go first?

Tom: We decided along the way. Our team will go first, followed by Raul's team, and then by Keith's team.

There's a cut to Tom, getting into his race car. At the same time, we hear Tom speak.

Tom (voice-over): I like go-kart racing. One time I did it and came in second (3), so as long as Ann and Mark do their jobs correctly, I should have no problem finishing the course in the allotted time.

Starter: On your mark, get set, go!

Tom takes off. Ann has relayed her information to Mark, who instructs Tom where to go. At one point:

Mark: There's a real tricky curve coming up! Prepare to slow down so you can take it.

Tom slows down, but as he does so the back end almost gets away from him. Fortunately, Tom remembers to turn into the upcoming spin, and he avoids sliding off the course. He continues on with no further problems, eventually finishing well within the three-minute time limit. As he gets out of the car, Mark and Ann join him and they celebrate.

Abby: Congraulations, guys. You have just added $5,000 to the pot, which is now up to $50,000!

Ann, Mark, and Tom hug in sheer happiness.

Mark (confessional): Tom had a little bit of a problem at that curve, but it's a real tricky curve. Even the Mole would have a hard time with that curve. So I'm not certain that Tom's problems were the work of the Mole.

We then switch back to Nevers, where Abby joins Daria at the Hotel Diane.

Abby: Daria, your task is to go to either a local health-care store or the local pharmacy and ask for gingko in French. Here's a list of the stores which would carry gingko. (She gives Daria a list with a couple of stores and the local pharmacy on it.) If they carry gingko, you win 5,000 dollars for the jackpot.

Daria: And best of all, I don't have a jerk to bother me while I'm doing it.

Daria (confessional): This is the type of challenge I like. Only one item to ask about, and nobody to screw things up for me, * especially * a jerk like Keith. The others can have him, as far as I'm concerned. I just have to do my job and I'll earn money for the pot.

Abby: I also have an incentive for you to find the gingko quickly. If either the stores or the pharmacy carries gingko, and you find it before the others complete their challenge, you'll earn an exemption.

Daria (confessional): An exemption's just what you need at this early stage in the game. If it's offered to you, you should go for it -- unless you're the Mole, of course.

Back at the go-karting track, the second group's ready to go. Raul's strapped in his go-kart and ready to go.

Starter: On your mark, get set, go!

Raul takes off. Peter communicates the information that he learned from Heather over the radio to Raul. When Raul approaches the curve that Tom had problems with, he slows down a little more quickly than Tom does, and as a result he has no problems with the curve, or with any of the other parts of the track. Eventually, he too completes the course in a time that's just a little bit faster than Tom's time, and also well within the three-minute time limit.

Raul gets out of his car, where he's joined by a jubilant Heather and Peter. Abby comes over to them.

Abby: Wow, that was great driving, Raul! You also added $5,000 to the pot, which is now up to $55,000!

As the trio hugs in sheer happiness, Peter speaks.

Peter (confessional): Raul's a fabulous driver! He had no problems! Right now, I don't think he's the Mole.

The scene then switches to Nevers, where Daria has entered a pharmacy to find gingko. She approaches the health section, where we see a young woman behind the cash registrar. We hear Daria speaking in French, but there's an English translation for those who don't speak French (including myself).

Daria (her question translated into English): Excuse me, but does this pharmacy carry gingko?

Woman behind the cash registrar (reply translated into English): Yes, we do. Follow me.

Daria follows the woman to the section where the gingko is stored. Daria takes the gingko and goes to the cash registrar to pay for it.

Daria (translated into English): Thank you. How much does that cost?

Woman (translated into English): That will be 3.98 euros, which can be rounded to 4 euros.

As Daria pays for the gingko, we see the words, "Challenge completed. Money in jackpot: 60,000 dollars."

Back at the go-karting track, the final team are ready to go. Now it's Keith's turn.

Fern (confessional): Keith's really intense. That's good, if you can use it to your advantage. The problem with that is, you can allow such intensity to go overboard. You need to temper it in order to do well in the game. I'm not sure Keith can do that.

Starter: On your mark, get set, go!

The scene fades away as we hear Abby speak.

Abby (voice-over): When we come back, we're going to have the first quiz and the first execution.


Commercial: We see a clip of Abby explaining the rules of the execution to the contestants, and a clip of the red thumbprint appearing.


Scene 7 (continued)

Keith takes off. Unfortunately for him, it quickly becomes apparent that he's not quite as good as either Raul or Tom. Perhaps because he's going so fast, he nearly goes off the course at least twice before approaching the tricky curve Tom encountered.

Violet: Slow down, Keith! There's a really tricky curve coming up!

Unfortunately, Keith doesn't slow down nearly fast enough. The back end gets away from him, and Keith goes into a spin! The spin takes him off the course and into a gravel trap, where he's stuck.

Violet: I can see why he annoys Daria.

Keith has to be helped out of the gravel trap, and he continues on. However, his time is nearly four minutes, which is past the three-minute time limit. By the time he gets out of the car, a frustrated Violet and a disappointed Fern have joined him. The other players, including Daria, have arrived as well.

Abby: Well Keith, you did not finish within the time limit, so no money's added to the pot. The pot is now at 60,000 dollars because Daria successfully completed her mission.

Violet: Which is more than I can say for you, Keith. (Keith scowls at that.)

Keith (confessional): I don't understand why Violet is standing up for Daria. She's the Mole, for crying out loud! Doesn't she see that?

Violet (confessional): I think that of the two, I get along better with Daria than with Keith. While Daria's suspicious of me, she has every reason to be. She also has every reason to be mad at Keith. Keith has little reason to act the way he does toward Daria. I wonder if he's becoming paranoid. That's easy to do in this game.

Abby: Daria also has some interesting news for you all. Daria?

Daria: Before Abby returned to the race track to watch the rest of you compete, she made me an offer. If I found a health-care store or a pharmacy that carried gingko before the rest of you completed your mission, I would earn myself an exemption.

Abby: Daria accepted the challenge, and I learned that she finished it before you completed the "Race to the Finish Line" challenge. Therefore, Daria has earned an exemption for herself, which means she cannot be eliminated.

Peter (confessional): Interesting. While I can understand why Daria went for the exemption, it still makes her look suspicious to some people.

Ann (confessional): Only a fool or the Mole would not go for the exemption this early in the game. Try telling that to Keith, however. I really feel he's reading too much into Daria's every move. It'll get him sent out early.

Abby: However, the bad news is that the rest of you have a quiz tonight. I suggest we all return to the Hotel Diane and you can prepare for it as best you can.

Fern (confessional): Well, the only people who have really stood out in terms of being suspicious are Daria and Keith. Daria refused to bungee-jump back in California and she just earned an exemption for herself. Keith lost money for us and is acting like a jerk towards Daria.


Scene 8: the Hotel Diane. Everyone's at the dinner table, eating dinner.

Abby: How are you all feeling now?

Peter: I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm as nervous as a cat. This game plays with your mind, and while I have a top suspect, there are others who could easily be suspicious as well.

Abby: Anybody else? Violet?

Violet: I'm nervous too, but I have a strategy for getting through the first round. I just hope it works.

Abby: Well, as you all know, after dinner, you will be taking the quiz. So I hope you're prepared enough for it. Daria has earned an exemption and will not be eligible to be executed. However, the rest of you * are * eligible for execution.

Daria: Except for the Mole.

Abby: That's right, Daria. Except for the Mole. So, whoever goes tonight, it's been nice knowing you. (She lifts up a wine glass.) Let's have a toast. Cheers!

Everyone (holding up their own glasses): Cheers!

The scene then switches to a montage as Abby narrates:

Abby (voice-over): The quiz. Ten questions about the Mole. Whoever knows the least about the Mole will be executed and must leave the game immediately. Question 1: Is the Mole male or female?

Ann (voice-over): The first Mole was a female, so you'd think the producers would pick a male to be the Mole. But they might be crafty enough to pick another female.

Abby (voice-over): Question 2: In which order did the Mole jump from the top of Topenga Canyon? (We see a range of answers from "First" to "The Mole did not jump".)

Keith (voice-over): Daria's refusal to jump clinched my suspicions for me. She's got to be the Mole!

Abby (voice-over): Question 3: In which van did the Mole travel during the ride to LAX Airport? Question 4: Where was the Mole when the tickets were being picked up? (The answers are "Getting the tickets" and "Outside waiting".)

Heather (voice-over): While Daria and Tom were going to get tickets, I conversed with the other seven. It didn't take me long to figure out that Keith was a jerk. But does that mean he's the Mole as well?

Abby (voice-over): Question 5: Did the Mole have one roommate or two during our stay in Paris? Question 6: How long did the Mole stay in the "I'm Going on a Trip" Challenge? (The answers range from "First one out" to "The Mole did not compete in the challenge".)

Fern (voice-over): The first round's a real crapshoot. Your best bet is to answer as many questions as you can with the majority in mind, and to spread your answers between two people.

Abby (voice-over): Question 7: Which location did the Mole come from? Question 8: Where did the Mole go after completing the "I'm Going on a Trip" Challenge? (We see several answers ranging from "Went to buy gingko" to "Drove a race car at the Go-Kart Track".)

Peter (voice-over): I'm looking at Ann and Fern very closely. Ann was the fourth one to arrive, and she was the one who wanted to stay out longer in Paris. Fern, meanwhile, is so quiet, she fades into the background. And isn't it the Mole's goal to not stand out?

Abby (voice-over) Question 9: What did the Mole have to drink during dinner tonight? (We see several answers, ranging from "coffee" to "Pepsi".) Question 10: Who is the Mole?

Violet (voice-over): You have to play the game hard but not too hard, especially in the first rounds. Right now, I'm just going to move cautiously and hope for the best.


Scene 9 The courtyard of the Hotel Diane

There are 10 chairs for the 10 contestants. Five are in the front, five are in the back. In front of the chairs there's a desk with a computer on it. Behind the desk is Abby, ready to type in the names of the contestants. On the left side of the chairs are 10 bags, one for each contestant.

All 10 contestants come out ready to face their fate. As they seat themselves, we see Ann and Peter have chosen the seats closest to the bags, while Keith and Tom have chosen the seats farthest from the bags. Daria chooses a seat beside Tom (who is in the back row) and Violet seats herself right beside Keith.

Abby: Okay, if there are any people who haven't seen the first Mole, I'll give you the rules. I will type a name into this computer, then press the Enter key. If you get a green thumbprint, you will continue into the next round. If you get a red thumbprint, you are the Mole's first victim. You have to pick up your bag and leave the game immediately, without conversing with anyone. Does everyone understand? (The contestants nod.) I must remind everyone that Daria cannot be executed, as she has earned herself an exemption. The rest of you are eligible, however. I'll begin with Ann, since her first name comes first in the alphabet.

(She types in the name Ann, then presses the Enter button. The green thumbprint appears. Ann looks extremely excited, then relieved.)

Abby: Fern? (She types in Fern's name, then presses the Enter button.) Fern.

Fern too get the green thumbprint, and smiles in relief. Heather's next, and she too gets the green thumbprint. Heather nods, looking relatively happy.

Abby: Keith? (She now types in Keith's name, and once again presses the Enter button.) Keith.

Keith too gets the green thumbprint, and he smiles confidently, as if he hadn't expected anything else. Then it's Mark's turn, and he too gets the green thumbprint. He looks quite surprised, then relieved.

Abby: Peter? (She now types in Peter's name, and once again presses the Enter button as we see Peter looking nervous.) Peter.

The red thumbprint appears. Peter looks like he expected as much, then gets up and goes over to pick up his bag. As he leaves, sad music begins to play. The various contestants begin talking about Peter.

Keith (in interview mode): Peter was a nice guy. At least he took part in all the challenges. Unlike * somebody * I know. (We see a clip of Peter taking part in the bungee-jumping challenge.)

Tom (in interview mode): Peter was a very nice guy. Almost a bit * too * nice for his own good, since he could be persuaded fairly easily. Still, at least he didn't act like a jerk, unlike somebody I know. (We see a clip of Peter in the discussion between him, Daria, Keith, Tom, and Heather.)

Ann (in interview mode): One thing I'll say about Peter -- he definitely tried hard in every event he took part in. (We see Peter in the go-kart challenge.)

Now we see Peter walking toward a van, with Abby by his side.

Peter: Looks like I was off in my suspicions. What if Keith was right about Daria?

Abby: Maybe. Who knows if he's right or not? Still, you were a fine contestant, Peter.

Peter: Yeah. Win or lose, it's been a real blast!

He gets inside the van and is driven away as Abby's voice can be heard.

Abby (voice-over): So, Peter's gone. That leaves eight contestants -- and one Mole.


1. See "See Jane Run"

2. See "Is it College Yet?"

3. See "One J at a Time"

To be continued in Chapter 2