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Richard Lobinske

The Daria Temporal Analysis Project

Attempting to discern the time frame of the series and/or individual episodes can be difficult because time references within the show are often contradictory. This occurs for either trying to tell dates within the confines of the episode, or to place it into the wider world.

Conventional dating for seasons 1-4 has each season roughly representing half a year. Thus, Season 1 is the fall of Daria's sophomore year and Season 4 the spring of Daria's junior year. The movie Is It Fall Yet? represents the summer between Daria's junior and senior year. Because of some last season 1 dating issues, you could argue that Season 1 represents Sophomore year and summer (perhaps with a spring move to Lawndale) and Seasons 2 - 4 junior year (though that makes for a busy junior year). Season 5 apparently mostly represents spring of Daria's senior year, though some episodes more logically would occur in the fall. The movie Is It College Yet? probably overlaps most of Season 5 and covers most of senior year spring.

I have attempted to list time references shown or said in each episode. The books and movies are included with the associated preceding season. This list is not necessarily complete and corrections or additions welcome.

Pilot: Sealed With a Kick:

Season 1

The Esteemsters:
Mr. Demartino's history class is not Daria's first scheduled class of the day because it occurs after the intro tour and Manson's interview.
Mr. Demartino's class is covering Manifest Destiny and the Mexican War. For a U.S. History class, this would indicate a time several weeks into the school year.
Daria asks to borrow the car, implying she has at least a learner's permit.
May 12 on calendar in the Morgendorffer kitchen.
Clock inside room during first Self Esteem class reads 10:00 the first 2 times shown. No hands are visible on it the third time the clock is show.
Sign on door says Self Esteem Class 3:30.
Daria and Jane test out after the first week of class, with three weeks left.
Ms. Li specifies the class is after school.

The Invitation:
Kevin says Brittany's birthday was last month, implying a fall birthday.
Jane took life drawing the previous summer.
The grandfather clock in the Taylor's house says 8:55, the wall clock near the bathroom 8:30.

College Bored:
Middleton College was established in 1776, and is within a weekend driving trip of Lawndale
Helen says her age is forty-se---three.
Clock in college prep classroom says 10:00 (hour hand is very short).
Daria has to get some 'college work' to the shipper by 9:00 PM.

Café Disaffecto:
Daria, Jane, Kevin, Brittany and Jodie are in O'Neill's second period (by seating chart).
Jake ran over Daria's flute in fifth grade, two years after she stopped playing it.
Mr. O'Neill's clock says 12:20 when Daria 'volunteers' to work on the coffee shop project.
Mr. DeMartino says "The holidays are not for months."
Daria's story mentions being at the dawn of a new century.

Jake says the Morgendorffer house is five minutes from a mall.
Helen says Quinn has spent enough for this quarter.
Clock face in Ms. Bennett's classroom is blank.
Students are told to meet back with Ms. Bennett at 2:45.
Daria gets Quinn to do her household chores for one month.

This Years Model:
Jane says she wishes there had been a schizophrenic shut-in that lived at her house before they moved in, possibly indicating that the Lanes moved into the Howard Drive home after Jane was born.
Jodie says she ate during student council, implying the meetings are before lunch.
Helen agrees not to talk about redecorating Daria's room for 12 months.
Jane asks Trent if Mom and Dad know he left the house voluntarily. Is this one of the rare times both are home?
Brittany tells 'decoy' girl about Kevin, "All right, he's yours now, but I'll always be his first. You can't take that away from me." Blond behind says, "But I can."

The Lab Brat:
Clock in Ms. Barch's room says either 12:05 or 1:00.
Ms. Barch's husband left after 22 years.
Project is planned to take 1 week.
Brittany wants to see the new Whitney Houston movie (only movie was 1992 The Bodyguard).
Kevin asks if the game is opposite the World Ser… (probably trying to say World Series).

The Pinch Sitter:
Clock in Mr. Demartino's room reads 10:00.
The Morgendorffers have been in Lawndale long enough for the Gupty's to be a 'regular' babysitting job for Quinn.
Quinn says Skylar's family has a boat…"it's almost summer" and later she complained that she could spend the summer on a public beach, implying this is during spring.
Flashbacks show Daria with glasses when Quinn is still a baby being fed in a high chair, estimate Daria at most 3.
Daria is supposed to discuss current events at 8:15, when Tricia complains, the clock says 7:15.
Clock shows 9:00 just before Daria calls Jane, who's an hour late.
Quinn's planner-long term plans says September - break up with Skyler.

Too Cute:
Banner on medical building says, "1997 Adjustable Bed Show."
The farmer's market is open, so locally available crops are in season (though I wonder about the bananas).

The Big House:
When Jake asks Quinn about when she got home, he said he went to bed at 11:45 and realized Quinn wasn't home then.
Mr. Demarinto had a heart attack and emergency angioplasty the year before at the roller hockey game.
Daria and Quinn are grounded for a month.
Grounding starts at 7:00 PM.
Kitchen clock reads 7:00 when Helen orders Quinn off the phone.
During Daria's plea bargain, the kitchen clock says 1:50.
Daria must call in if she's to be later than 7:00 PM.
Jake tells Daria to come home late, 10:30, when she starts to play the harmonica.

The Road Worrier:
Daria first hears Trent practice, meets Jessie, and hears the name of the band is Mysik Spiral.
Clock in diner says 12:25 (or 5:02).
Curtis Delano when to high school with Trent and Jessie.

The Teachings of Don Jake:
Helen complains that she has vacation coming, and Eric says to use it or lose it.
Berries are in season (normally late spring to fall).

The Misery Chick:
School pictures, possible proofs, Daria's comment to Quinn on how to fill out the order form, though Quinn already has two sheets of smaller prints.
Trent went to school with Tommy Sherman.
Clock in Mr. O'Neill's class reads 12:20.

Daria Diaries:
O'Neill's writing assignment due 3/20.
McGrundy's Pub schedule lists Mystik Spiral playing on Sundays
Muck and Rage review of Mystik Spiral's performance on April 16, this is a Sunday in 2000.
Jake and Helen's wedding was June 26, 1975.
Sun sign for Jake is Capricorn (December 22-January 19) and Helen, Cancer (June 22-July 22).
Daria without glasses at age 1, with glasses by the time Quinn begins to walk.
Alternapalooza advertisement says the concert is Aug. 15-17 (Fri-Sun in 1997).
Jodie's editorial ends with Have a great summer!
Morgendorffer family datebooks run from Sunday, October 19 to Saturday, October 25 (these dates match 1997). Quinn's Teen Runner could indicate this is after Pinch Sitter.
On the faculty bulletin board, the faculty picnic in October (page covered).
Postcards from Lane family have 25 cent postage.
The Fashion Club minutes are for February and March
Mr. Demartino's age is given as 48 in his personals ad.

Season 2

Through season, unless otherwise noted, O'Neill's clock is at 12:20

Daria Days Marathon (from Outpost Daria transcript)
Daria and Jane's ages given as 16, Quinn as 14.5 and Trent as 21.

Arts 'N Crass:
Poster contest 'Student Life at the Dawn of a New Millennium'.
Morgendorffer clock says 7:00.
Ms. Li's clock says 12:50.
One student poster has '2000' written on it.

The Daria Hunter:
Clock in Mr. Demartino's class says 10:00
Helen says to Ms. Li, "Do I look forty si-four?"
'Great White' was allegedly killed two months earlier, after starting its rampage during the 'height' of tourist season.

Quinn the Brain:
Morgendorffer kitchen clock has no hands.
Quinn says she skipped Science to talk with Daria during Daria's lunch.
Quinn tells the Fashion Club that O'Neill let her out of class early to go to lunch.

I Don't:
Erin is 21.
Banner in LHS gym reads "Bridal Expo '98".
Paul Mierson became a vice-president at 29.
Amy says "I thought when I hit thirty; I'd stop feeling out of place at these things."
Brian gets to the bowling alley before Daria and Amy.

That Was Then, This is Dumb:
Helen and Jake have not seen the Yeagers in 25 years.
Helen, "That can't be Leary; he'd be almost thirty by now."
The dog is Leary number three.
The Yeagers have been selling hand-knotted hammocks by mail for 12 years.
Morgendorffer kitchen clock says 7:45 during dinner.
Later, clock says 8:00 just before Daria calls to say she's staying at Jane's.
Trent and Jesse wake Jane and Daria up at 6:00 AM.
Upchuck is after a 1985 California Raisin eraser set.
Clock in Morgendorffer's kitchen at breakfast has no hands, and the food looks the same as dinner.
On the phone, Helen tells Eric she can be there in 20 minutes.
Guy in flea market has a 1962 issue of Eyeful.
Daria asks Helen, "Why did you spend a night in jail in Boulder Colorado in August 1969?"

In the home movies, baby Quinn blows out three candles on Daria's birthday cake, who already has glasses.
The poster behind Kevin says that Sakarinski's Last Meal is showing on Friday.
Morgendorffer kitchen clock handless.
Quinn's yoga session clock says 4:00.
Daria and Jake talk at 4:00AM and watch his childhood movie.

The New Kid:
Morgendorffer kitchen clock says 8:15 when Quinn takes cash from Jake.
First scene of yearbook room, clock face is blank.
Ted read Orpheus in the Underworld at age six.
Yearbook room clock says 12:00 when Mr. Demartino announces the page cuts.
Yearbook room clock says 12:10 when Daria apologizes about the necklace.
Yearbook room clock says 12:50 or 1:50 before the 'angry villagers' appear.
Yearbook room clock says 12:15 when Kevin confronts Ted seconds later.
Yearbook room clock says 12:20 when Ted sits back down.
Yearbook room clock says 8:13 when Ms. Barch pays Mr. Demartino a visit.
Yearbook room clock says 9:25 when Mr. Demartino tells Daria that the changes are out.
Quinn's laptop displays the time as 9:05.

Ms. Barch's clock says 10:00.
Sandi and Quinn plan to 'escape' at 11:00.

Morgendorffer clock with blank face.
Daria's alarm goes off at 7:00.
Jake says he can pick up Daria in eleven minutes.

Fair Enough:
Helen says her labor with Quinn was 2 hr, 20 m.
Linda returns a comment about giving birth is risky for women over 35.

See Jane Run:
Track is normally a spring sport.
Jane says about Penny, "That's why she's spent the last ten years out of the country."
The Morgendorffer clock face is blank.
Daria is home late from making up gym, and finds Jake and Helen already home?
Evan says, "I guess you can be born in the '80s and still stuck in the '50s."

Pierce Me:
Jane's birthday. If using half-year per season, she has a spring birthday. (either this is her 16th birthday and the marathon stated age was premature, or she is a year behind her classmates and turning 17 as a sophomore).
During the phone conversation, Trent says he didn't think 7:00 was too late to call.

Write Where it Hurts:
Quinn says, "Tiffany says a cold front is coming through. Has anyone seen my really cute fuzzy pink sweater?"
Morgendorffer kitchen clock says 12:15 or 3:00 (in 2 different views) when Helen talks to Daria.
Morgendorffer kitchen clock says 2:00 in Daria's story.

Daria Database:
Helen and Jake are in the Middleton class of '72.
They celebrated their 23rd anniversary with a party (1998).
Daria's excuses 11/11 (cousin's wedding-Erin?), 11/14 (tutor Kevin), 12/18 (Grandma's visit), 3/10 (Helen company picnic), 3/16 (TV guide). 5/22 (remove trip wire), 6/1 (family island vacation).
Jodie's application is to a summer program.
Bones Medical Teaching supplies letter dated September 8, 1998.
Taylor ages: Brian 10, Steve 46, Ashley-Amber 26, Brittany 16, Vivian 44.
Thompson ages: Doug and Charlene 35, Kevin 17.
Griffin ages: Tom 45, Linda 43, Sandi 16, Sam 12, Chris 10.
Landon ages: Andrew 50, Jodie 16, Rachael 11, Michele 42, Evan 6 mos.
Mystik Spiral's Carter County tour, 3/12, 3/13, 3/20, 3/28-29, 4/19, 4/20, 4/23, 5/2, 5/3, 5/16-17, 6/16, 6/19. The travel times indicate either Lawndale isn't in Carter County, it is the size of many states, or the Tank travels at a walking pace.
The August calendar in the Jim's Paintball Jungle flyer matches 1998.
Photo essay for Mr. O'Neill was due 1/23.
Teacher's Lounge-coffee pot empty since 1994.
New Year's resolutions.
The 'end of season' speeches by Mack and Kevin.
In letter, Ms. Li mentions that Gov. GW Bush has had 59 prisoners executed, urges him to run for president in 2000.
Quinn excuses 11/11-11/16.
Daria's email to Boris, 12/12.
Time capsule (what life was like at the turn of the century, 2000 A.D.), videotape of Lawndale Lions 1998, Jane Lane sculpture, "Milton, King of the Earth, 1999".

Season 3

Through season, unless otherwise noted, Mr. O'Neill's clock is at 12:20.
Through season, unless otherwise noted, Morgendorffer kitchen clock is at 7:30.

Through A Lens Darkly:

The Old and the Beautiful:
Mr. Demartino's chalkboard has 'Welfare Reform 1996 New Law' on it.

Depth Takes a Holiday:
Clock during 'cake' scene in Morgendorffer kitchen says 2:00.
Cupid notes the unsold Halloween candy and the toys that won't be bought for Christmas.
Proms are normally in spring.

Daria Dance Party:
Ms. Li speaks into microcassette recorder, "10:25, Defoe leaves post without clearance for personal business."
Dance is in 2 weeks.
Morgendorffer clock bounces between 7:30 and 5:40 in same scene.
Starts snowing at end of episode.

The Lost Girls:

It Happened One Nut:
Counseling room clock 3:00.

Happens during hurricane season and when class in session, so late august/early September to end of November time frame.
Helen and Jake's bedroom clock says 7:00.
Clock in Helen's office says 11:10
Morgendorffer kitchen clock says 1:50 when Jake arrives.
Morgendorffer kitchen clock from 2:20 - 2:25 during "Manly."

Lane Miserables:
Jake says, "I just don't get it, if BC's a caveman how can he celebrate Ash Wednesday?" could indicate that the episode occurs near the beginning of Lent, usually February or March (from Malevolent Turtle).
The TV in the Lane living room has been broken for 'about 2 years'.
Daria's age is seventeen.
Trent says it's warm in the Morgendorffer's house, and that the Tank gets cold at night.
In morning, Morgendorffer clock says 9:00, and then 7:30.

Jake of Hearts:
Morgendorffer kitchen clock blank, and then 7:30.
Jake wanted a GI Joe (first marketed in 1964).
Jake has lived longer than his father.

Daria has taken the driving test, and failed parallel parking, many times.
The frozen cake that Jane had "since the first time you took the test" was not in the refrigerator in Jake of Hearts. (from Malevolent Turtle)

The Lawndale File:

Just Add Water:
None (transcript only).

Jane's Addition:
Multimedia project takes 2 weeks.
Mystik Spiral second set scheduled 1 hour after first.

Season 4

Through season, unless otherwise noted, Mr. O'Neill's clock is at 12:20.
Through season, unless otherwise noted, Morgendorffer kitchen clock is at 7:30.

Partner's Complaint:
Ms. Bennett's clock says 1:20
Mack overdrawn on allowanced since third grade.
When Jane and Brittany were looking at new cars, the price sticker Wally removed said '99 Vexer'.

Antisocial Climbers:
Quinn's Hot-A-Rondack catalog is 1998 or 1999 (my tape was a little fuzzy).
There are flowers growing in the mountains and the trees and grass are green, but everyone is dressed for cold and there is a blizzard.

A Tree Grows in Lawndale:
Football season.
Daytime games.
Marked calendar behind Upchuck in announcer booth says Spring/Fall Schedule.

Murder, She Snored:
Mr. Demartino's clock says 1:20.
Daria's alarm goes off at 7:30.

The F Word:
At beginning, Teen Fashion Extravaganza is 5 days, 2 hours…away.
Football season, with game early in the week.
Teen Fashion Extravaganza is on the weekend (implying the episode occurs from Monday to Saturday).
Daria and Jane visit O'Neill the day before the Teen Fashion Extravaganza.

I Loathe a Parade:
Daria agrees to get the toilet paper to Jake in 30 minutes.
Clock in drug store says 6:05.
After looking at clock, Daria complains she has ten minutes to get back.
Homecoming night parade for football, usually in fall.

Of Human Bonding:
Jake says he will wake Daria up at 4:30.
Arno complains that he sold his soul to a billionaire and somebody else was the first to balloon around the world. (March 1999 Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones are the first team to balloon around the world).

Psycho Therapy:
Helen says her 7:00 appointment was canceled and then finds out it is back on and she was late.
Kitchen clock says 7:25 at one point.
Pocket watch used by counselor says 12:05.
Reference to the movie Face/Off (1997 release)/

Mart of Darkness:
Sample stations open at noon.
Jesse has not had a bath in a week.
Mr. Thompson asks the 3 J's if they watched the game last Sunday, and that the Cowboys kicked ass.

Legends of the Mall:
"Rattling Girl" dance banner "Spring Dance 68".
"Metalmouth's" alarm clock reads 5:00.
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (1983) plays from Metalmouth's dentures.

Groped by an Angel:
Tom will be gone for a week.
Brian Taylor had a party a month before.
Taylor clocks (grandfather and mantle top) say 8:00 or 8:05 when Mystik Spiral starts set.
Taylor clocks say 8:35 when crystal bullhorn presented.

Helen says it is 1:00 AM when the fire starts.
2 weeks to repair house.
Penny's room poster "Santa Fe Craft Fest 98".
Tom notices it is 7:00 when Jane reminds him he's late.
It is either sunrise or sunset when Jake and Helen are told about Bobby and Quinn.
When Helen asks about Daria, clock says 1:00.

Dye! Dye! My Darling:
Helen says it is 5:00 AM when she is preparing for work.
Clock in the Sloane living room says 1:22 or 4:08.
Far shot of a clock in Sloane house says 12:00 when Jane arrives.
The Settlement established 1921.
Jane says, "Why not? It's what you've been doing all year."

Is it Fall Yet?
Jane says she will be at the art colony for two months, starting the next weekend (right after the end of school).
The morning of the last day of school at LHS, Jake notes the frozen waffles had an expiration date of May 2, and it was June.
Daria has already been out on several dates with Tom before he meets Jake and Helen.
Helen opens the curtain on Daria sleeping at 1:00 pm.
Daniel Dodson says Paper Plate Genocide was unveiled in 1991.
Party at Jodie's is for July 4.
During phone call, Tom says he will be leaving for the Cove in a week, and gone for a month.
Kay says the Starry Night Ball is September 8. Helen says it is the weekend of the office retreat. Sept. 8 is on a Friday in 2000 and Saturday in 2001.
Daria tells Link that at age 12, she was really into reading George Orwell. Implication that Link is 12.
Tom says the Van Gogh exhibit left the museum a year ago.
When Daria says, "Tell Aunt Mildred tomorrow when you get to your private island," this is immediately before Tom leaves for the one-month stay at the Cove.
Quinn tells David they have time for at least two dates before he leaves for college.
Mack worked one week longer in the ice cream truck to earn money to take Jodie out to Chez Pierre.
When asked to come back by Daria, Jane says, "It's just another two weeks, and then we're back in school."

Season 5

Through season, unless otherwise noted, Mr. O'Neill's clock is at 12:20.
Through season, unless otherwise noted, Morgendorffer kitchen clock is at 7:30.

Fizz Ed:
Tax referendum defeated, normally these are in November general elections.
Jodie does a report on the conflict in Chechnya.
Ms. Barch tells the class to find Orion in the night sky, a winter constellation.
The school review meeting is on "the 30th", which is Superbowl Sunday. This matches January 30, 2000 and Superbowl XXXIV.
Football continues in Lawndale for more than 4 weeks after.
Colder weather in Lawndale, jackets and coats are worn by characters, vegetation is a mix of green and bare trees and shrubs.

Sappy Anniversary.
Quinn declares the six month anniversary of Tom and Daria's first date. "Let's say we ignore the instance of sleazy backstabbing, so that means... (flips through calendar from May 5 to 12) Wow, it's your six-month anniversary this week! How are you going to celebrate?"

Daria and Tom clearly had dates before Jodie's July 4 party in IIFY?, therefore the six-month anniversary should be prior to January 4, possibly as early as late November if the first date after Dye, Dye My Darling was in late May. Alternatively, if we use Mike Yamiolkoski's suggestion that Quinn's comment, "Let's say we ignore the instance of sleazy backstabbing," to mean that the entire set of dates prior Daria and Tom's breakup in IIFY? is ignored, then the six month anniversary of dating after their make-up would be in February or March after they resumed dating at the end of summer and IIFY?.
Quinn tells Daria the day after the day after tomorrow is her anniversary.
Tom tells Quinn it's Tuesday when she says she forgot what day it was.
The lunchroom clock at Buzzdome says 12:10.
The Buzzdome storyline works best if occurs before the tech stock bubble burst in fall 2000.
Characters wear cold weather clothes outside.

Fat Like Me:
Occurs over a long enough time for Sandi to heal a broken leg (at least 4 weeks), plus loose weight after.
Wall calendar says May 12 in scene when Daria convinces Quinn to help Sandi.

Camp Fear:
Five year reunion of Camp Grizzly. If the actual 5 year date was the prior summer (during IIFY?), Daria would have been 12 at camp (makes most sense if episode occurs in fall), if the approaching summer (post IIICY?), Daria would have been 13 (makes most sense if episode occurs in spring). Helen taking the book, Animal Farm, away from Daria could imply she was still 12 (based on the IIFY? conversation with Link that she liked to read George Orwell at that age).
The garage was fairly clear in The Lab Brat, so most of the objects must have accumulated after that, including all the objects for the missed vacations.
There is a Christmas tree in the garage when Helen and Jake are cleaning it.
Jake mentions a Caribbean vacation they learned to SCUBA dive for and had to cancel, maybe it is the 'family island vacation' listed in Daria's excuses in Daria Database.
Jake mentions that they didn't go on a camping trip; this must have been planned after Teachings of Don Jake.

The Story of D:
Helen says to Rita that it's a new millennium.
Daria tells Jane she can read the story next leap year.
Story occurs over enough time for story to be rejected by Musings magazine.
Sloane's clock still has same time as IIFY?

Lucky Strike:
Ms. Li's clock says 11:52
Daria teaches for at least 4 days

Art Burn:
Jane mentions the movie Waterworld (1995).
Trent tells Jane the workers are supposed to have something by 2:00.
Jane tells Trent and workers she wants the gazebo done in 4 hours.
The "Naming Gazebo". For the story to be believable, the Lanes either lived at the house when Wind was born, or he is incredibly gullible.
Tiffany alludes to the television show, Sopranos (first aired 1999).

One J at a Time:
Helen suggests that they sue UNICEF right after Halloween, when they are flush with money.
Joey has football practice, and the weather is warm enough to make Quinn worry.
Daria says she attends all of Tom's luge races (an outdoor, winter sport).
Quinn's phone conversation with Jamie lasts from 6:30 to 11:49.
The dinner occurs on Sunday.

Life in the Past Lane:
They go to the abandoned drive-in on a Friday night.
When Upchuck appears stuck in the locked trunk, Ms. Li says the Singles Scientologists will be using the auditorium in less than an hour.

Aunt Nauseam:
ATC motors case lasted 8 months.
Eric will be "resting" for 28 days.
Erin is 24. Since she was 21 when she was married in season 2's I Don't ('spring' of Daria's sophomore year), this episode must occur after Erin and Brian's second wedding anniversary, and Erin's birthday must be soon after for her to be '3' years older.
Rita arrives on Sunday
Stacy and Tiffany can't return the dresses because it has been more than 2 weeks.
Rita's first marriage was 6 months before Jake and Helens (therefore, roughly late December 1974 or early January 1975
Amy lives within a couple hours drive of the Morgendorffers.
Amy mentions Helen holding a grudge for 40 years.

Prize Fighters:
Helen says a scholarship will look good at college application time. Therefore, there still must be a lot of Daria's senior year left, if she hasn't started to send out applications.
Upchuck starting a dot com company looks most impressive if before the fall 2000 tech stock decline.

My Night at Daria's:
Daria's alarm clock goes from 10:30 to 4:07, when Tom wakes up at in her room.
Daria and Tom agree to meet in his room on Saturday.
He starts waiting in his room at 7:30 for the 8:00 date with Daria and continues to 9:00.

Boxing Daria:
O'Neill tries to recruit Daria for freshman tours. These commonly are at the end of the school year.
Daria tells Quinn she remembers having a refrigerator box when Daria was 5 or 6.
Morgendorffer clock says 7:00 when Daria and Helen talk.
Quinn remembers she was 3 or 4
Child Daria interviewed by a school counselor, so she is already in school, and knows how to read (shown reading Black Beauty after parent's fight).
Daria asks if Helen and Jake had a big fight when she was 6.
Helen says she was trying to resume full-time work and raise two daughters.
Jane asks about the fight "eleven years ago", since Daria is 18, this would imply the incident occurred when she was 7.
At 6 Daria decides she doesn't need to interact with other children.
At 12 Daria tries Shakespearean insults
At 15 Daria writes violent revenge fantasies to get attention

Is it College Yet?:
Must occur over a fairly long period of time and overlap other Season 5 episodes.
Opening scene has Daria and Jane discussing where they have applied for college. At least in my day, students were doing this in late fall or just after the winter break. Following scenes include more students discussing college applications.
Helen reminds Jake that military school is a Morgendorffer family tradition (did Mad Dog go?).
Stacy's birthday early in movie.
Mr. O'Neill feels that Kevin already will be unable to graduate.
Fifth anniversary of Ms. Barch's divorce.
Before Daria's trip to visit colleges, she says "If I'm not back in Lawndale in four days, don't send anyone out looking for me."
Kay complains about Tom's year-old shoes.
Quinn starts work at Governor's Park while Daria is visiting colleges.
Kay was a sophomore at Bromwell when she met Angier as a senior at a free Carpenter's concert. This would likely have been in the early 1970s.
Tom's interview at Bromwell lasts from 3:00 to 3:45, Daria's from 3:45 to 4:00.
Sandi loses her voice after Quinn starts at Governor's Park.
Prof Woods went to college with Angier.
He recommends a 7:30 AM breakfast, says they can get to Boston by noon.
Prof. Woods shows up at 8:00.
They leave Bromwell at 9:30 and Kay expects to be in Boston by 1:00 and they arrive at 4:30.
Quinn begins her FC sabbatical while Daria is away.
When Kay suggests staying on an extra day, Daria reminds her that the admission's office won't be open on Saturday.
Note tells Mr. O'Neill to go to the "Liquid Dinner" at 8:00.
Brittany is reminded that football season is over.
When Mack and Jodie are discussing getting into Vance, Turner and Crestmore, there is a plaque in the trophy display case behind them that says 'LHS 59'.
Poster on wall in "Liquid Dinner" might be a Dale Earnhardt memorial (died Feb. 2001).
Mack visits Andrew Landon at 8:00, and thanks him for "fitting me in before school". The view outside Andrew's office window is of a major urban area with high-rise buildings.
When Daria asks Jane about sending her portfolio to BFAC, it is too late for regular admission, but not for mid-year enrollment.
Simultaneously, Kevin knows he won't graduate and asks Brittany if she will still be his babe.
Poster on the wall of Lindy's apartment says "Cyber Doo 2001 Film and Multimedia".
Lindy's college is still in session, she has a paper due the day after Quinn visits
Daria and Tom's breakup occurs close to the end of the school year.
Jodie tells Mack that she will be going to Turner on the last day of school.
Mr. Demartino talks Mr. O'Neill into avoiding the wedding with Ms. Barch on the last day of school
Lindy visits Quinn at about the same time.
Jane doesn't expect her parents back from the Azores until monsoon season is over.
After Daria and Tom's final conversation, Helen asks Daria "How was the last day of school?"
Jodie's party is between the last day of school and the graduation ceremony.
Quinn quits Governor's Park after paying off her credit card bill, "And I mean, who works during the summer?"
Sandi's voice returns by Jodie's party.
Jane found out she got into BFAC on the day of Jodie's party.
Demartino's eye is still bruised from Barch's punch at the graduation ceremony.

Thumbnail Timelines:

Fixed times:
December 22, 1949 to January 19, 1950: Jake born.
June 22 to July 22, 1950: Helen born.
May-June 1968: Jake and Helen graduate high school.
August 1969: Helen spent night in jail in Boulder, CO.
December 1969: Jake attends concert at Altamonte CA.
May/June 1972: Jake and Helen graduate college
Late December 1974-early January 1975: Rita Barksdale's first marriage.
June 26, 1975: Jake and Helen married.

Sliding Timelines (By Daria and Jane's graduation year):

1999 Graduation Timeline:
1948 - 1949: Demartino born.
1972: Last time Coyote and Willow saw Helen and Jake.
1972: Ms. Barch married.
1975: Trent born.
Spring 1975: Erin born (Rita would have been pregnant with during wedding).
October 23-November 21 1980: Daria born (B&B reference to her a Scorpio).
Spring 1981: Jane born.
Spring 1982: Quinn born.
1985: Yeagers begin selling hand-knotted hammocks.
1985 - 1987: Helen and Jake's fight over Daria (Boxing Daria, if age 5 or 6).
1988: Helen and Jake's fight over Daria (Boxing Daria, if "11 years ago").
Summer 1993 or 1994: Daria and Quinn at Camp Grizzly.
May/June 1994: Ms. Barch divorce finalized.
Fall 1995: Daria and Jane start high school.
Fall 1996: Season 1.
Spring 1997: Season 2.
Fall 1997: Season 3.
Spring 1998: Season 4.
Summer 1998: IIFY?
Fall 1998 - Spring 1999: Season 5 (some episodes out of sequence, or spring was very busy).
Spring 1999: IICY?

2000 Graduation Timeline:
1949 - 1950: Demartino born.
1973: Last time Coyote and Willow saw Helen and Jake.
1973: Ms. Barch married.
1976: Trent born.
Spring 1976: Erin born.
October 23-November 21 1981: Daria born.
Spring 1982: Jane born.
Spring 1983: Quinn born.
1986: Yeagers begin selling hand-knotted hammocks.
1986 - 1988: Helen and Jake's fight over Daria (Boxing Daria, if age 5 or 6).
1989: Helen and Jake's fight over Daria (Boxing Daria, if "11 years ago").
Summer 1994 or 1995: Daria and Quinn at Camp Grizzly.
May/June 1995: Ms. Barch divorce finalized.
Fall 1996: Daria and Jane start high school.
Fall 1997: Season 1.
Spring 1998: Season 2.
Fall 1998: Season 3.
Spring 1999: Season 4.
Summer 1999: IIFY?
Fall 1999 - Spring 2000: Season 5.
Spring 2000: IICY?

2001 Graduation Timeline:
1950 - 1951: Demartino born.
1974: Last time Coyote and Willow saw Helen and Jake.
1974: Ms. Barch married.
1977: Trent born.
Spring 1977: Erin born.
October 23-November 21 1982: Daria born.
Spring 1983: Jane born.
Spring 1984: Quinn born.
1987: Yeagers begin selling hand-knotted hammocks.
1987 - 1989: Helen and Jake's fight over Daria (Boxing Daria, if age 5 or 6).
1990: Helen and Jake's fight over Daria (Boxing Daria, if "11 years ago").
Summer 1995 or 1996: Daria and Quinn at Camp Grizzly.
May/June 1996: Ms. Barch divorce finalized.
Fall 1997: Daria and Jane start high school.
Fall 1998: Season 1.
Spring 1999: Season 2.
Fall 1999: Season 3.
Spring 2000: Season 4.
Summer 2000: IIFY?
Fall 2000 - Spring 2001: Season 5.
Spring 2001: IICY?

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