Control Room

A Direct Route
Has Been Opened!!!

In the struggles we have been having with the control room crew that are spoiling our weekday fix of "Daria" at 3pm Pacific/Eastern, we now have new and powerful allies amongst the production team on "Daria." They have been painfully aware of these continuing problems and are in contact with MTV National Operations Center about it. However, they need PROOF to bring to them, and some of the best proof they can deliver are bug reports with as much detail as possible.

We now have a new form available on the site. It will email your bug report directly to my email address, and I can then turn around and forward the email to the "Daria" production offices for their bug report files.

As well as this new strategy, there is no reason to let up on the SNAILMAIL campaign. Remember, emails and phone calls are ignored. SNAILMAIL, on the other hand, makes network executives sit up and take notice. Here again is the procedure:

If you are as fed up as I am about this, here's what you do. Go into your favorite word processor. It could be MS Word, it could be ClarisWorks, it could be WordPerfect, it could be StarOffice for Linux, it could be Applixware For Linux, it could be Notepad or SimpleText for all I care. But go in. Write a letter, as if you were writing an email or posting to a newsgroup or a message board. Don't use insulting or profane language. Say your peace. Then print it out, sign it, shove it into an envelope, seal the envelope, stick a stamp on it and give it this address:

MTV Networks, Inc.
1515 Broadway
NYC, NY 10036

According to the receptionist I spoke to today at MTV, "Attention: Network Operations" will suffice to route the letter to the correct hands. Use "Ladies and Gentlemen" as the salutation rather than "To Whom This May Concern" because the former is a weensy bit more polite.

Yes indeed, the battle has been joined. But it isn't over yet.

Updated December 18th, 1998