Petition for Original Episode Music

Reported by: PPMB user candy_darling

We are all grateful that MTV decided to put Daria on DVD for everyone to have
and view forever. However, they did one thing... They removed most of the original
music from the episodes. How is one supposed to enjoy the scene from the episode
Road Worriers where Trent says "This is like that R.E.M. video, except you can't read
anyone's mind." without "Everybody Hurts" playing in the background? Or, one of my
favorite scenes from "The Daria Hunter" where Quinn is sighting up Sandi in the sights
paintball gun withouth having The Beastie Boys song "Looking Down the Barrel of A
Gun" playing? Or did you notice a couple of scenes were missing here and there?

Well, now there is a petition going around that requests that MTV restore Daria to
its original glory, with all the music and scenes intact!

Head over to the petition and check it out for yourself!