Charles 'Upchuck' Ruttheimer III Full Name: Charles Ruttheimer III
Current Age: 18
Current Vocation: Graduate of Lawndale High
Season One Age: 16
Season One Vocation: Sophomore at Lawndale High
Parents: Charles Ruttheimer, Jr.
First Appearance: The Invitation

Upchuck is a person that raises being a geek to an art form. He's also sleazy to the Nth degree, and is thoroughly convinced that he's God's gift to women. Upchuck's standards are only slightly higher than his success rate (which is at absolute zero); he'd be sued for sexual harassment if he weren't such a waste of effort. His catch phrase is "Rrrrrrr, feisty!" Listen for it, and be afraid... be very afraid...

Status at end of series: Graduated from Lawndale High. Last seen in the company of Andrea, who had accepted one of his typical come-ons at Jodie's graduation party.

Daria on Upchuck: Would be the love child of Jerry Lewis and James Bond, were such a thing possible.

Voice: Upchuck's voice is performed by Marc Thompson, who also does the voices of Kevin, Jamie, Mr. O'Neill, and Mr. DeMartino.

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