Tiffany Blum-Deckler Full Name: Tiffany Blum-Deckler
Current Age: 17
Current Vocation: Senior at Lawndale High
Season One Age: 15
Season One Vocation: Freshman at Lawndale High
First Appearance: The Invitation

Tiffany is the Coordinating Officer, charged with making sure that the Fashion Club members do not wear clothes that clash with each other (she also appears to be the accessorizing expert). Her unofficial role, however, is that of "yes man," as she will always side with either Sandi or Quinn, depending on who happens to be winning at the time. She is also pathologically insecure about her looks and her weight -- if one day she simply dried up and blew away, she'd still consider herself to be "too fat" -- and if her speech patterns are any indication, she's either learning-disabled, heavily medicated, or really hard pressed to keep up with the world around her. How she manages to get through the day is a mystery; a stint as Fashion Club president (when Sandi resigned when she gained weight after breaking her leg) showed that she's hard-pressed to think of anything other than herself.

Status at end of series: Advanced to the senior class at Lawndale High. Took a permanent sabbatical from the Fashion Club after Quinn and Stacy did likewise, with Sandi following suit, which essentially caused the Fashion Club to dissolve (though the girls continue to be friends and hang out with each other).

Daria on Tiffany: Purse on her shoulder. Little on her mind.

Voice: Tiffany's voice is performed by Ashley Albert (aka "Echo" and "Petunia"), who also does the voice of Ms. Barch.

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  • Tiffany's last name was mentioned in "The Invitation" (#102), though it was never officially associated with her (it was one of the various Tiffanys attending Brittany's party). It was also revealed on one of the various incarnations of MTV's Daria site.
  • During the first three seasons, Tiffany wore a solid light blue dress with a necklace. Starting with season four, she wore the outfit shown above.
  • At the beginning of the series, Tiffany's voice had a "Valley Girl" quality to it, and she spoke normally. By season three, it had assumed its current glacially-slow, "vacant airhead" quality.