The Three J's
The Three J's
Joey (left), Jeffy (center), and Jamie (right)

The Three J's -- Joey, Jeffy, and Jamie -- are the lead horses in Quinn's stable of admirers. Ever have an annoying little brother or sister who kept following you around and wouldn't leave you alone? Same here, only they probably didn't constantly buy you things and beg to do things for you. They probably never continually fought with each other for your attentions, either.

The J's are all juniors at Lawndale High and are on the football team, and their constant grovelling at Quinn's feet is pathetic to the point of sickening... not that Quinn is about to discourage it, of course! Jamie is saddled with an additional burden, in that no one can seem to remember his name. He's been called Jeremy, Jimmy, Jamiel, Jerome; any name beginning with J, he's been called it.

Status at end of series: Advanced to the senior class at Lawndale High.

Daria's guide to telling them apart: Joey is the guy with dark tresses, whom Quinn sure impresses. Jeffy is the guy with red locks, who thinks Quinn's a fox. Jamie is the one with light hair, who loves Quinn so fair.

Voices: Joey's voice is performed by Steven Huppert. Jeffy's voice is performed by Tim Novikoff. Jamie's voice is performed by Marc Thompson, who also does the voices of Kevin, Upchuck, Mr. O'Neill, and Mr. DeMartino.

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  • Joey and Jeffy's last names have never been revealed. Jamie's last name (White) was revealed in "Fair Enough" (#210).