Mr. O'Neill
Timothy O'Neill Full Name: Timothy O'Neill
Age: Early to mid 40's
Vocation: English teacher at Lawndale High
First Appearance: Esteemsters
Nickname: "Skinny" (from Ms. Barch)

Mr. O'Neill is the English teacher (with an occasional stint as the teacher of Lawndale High's self-esteem class). The most charitable description of him would have to be "complete and total wuss." He's a "sensitive new-age type" who is always talking about one's feelings; unfortunately, he doesn't have a very good grip on his own emotions, as he's almost always upset or distressed about something. His blood is 100% chicken (he's easily frightened by the most innocuous of things), and he can't remember a person's name to save his life. Strangely enough, he tends to have an occasional fling with Ms. Barch -- always her idea, of course, as he's the type that would never even think of having a wild night with a woman, much less with the ultra-intimidating Ms. Barch.

Daria on Mr. O'Neill: Fond of button-down shirts and trite observations. Never forgets a face... just the name that goes with it.

Voice: Mr. O'Neill's voice is performed by Marc Thompson, who also does the voices of Kevin, Upchuck, Jamie, and Mr. DeMartino.

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