Mrs. Manson
Margaret Manson Full Name: Margaret Manson
Age: Early to mid 50's
Vocation: Staff psychologist at Lawndale High
First Appearance: Esteemsters

Mrs. Manson is the Lawndale High psychologist, and is the living embodiment of everything that's wrong with "pop psychology." Her only speaking appearance to date is proof of that, as she diagnoses Daria as having low self esteem when Daria sees through her psychological mumbo-jumbo and messes with her mind (by claiming that an image of two people talking is "a herd of beautiful wild ponies running free across the plains," thereby causing Dr. Herman Roarschak to spin madly in his grave). As someone once said, Mrs. Manson is not exactly the hottest taco on the combination plate...

Daria on Mrs. Manson: Says she loves her job, but keeps having that dream where the students turn into bloodsucking bats.

Voice: Unknown.